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Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Vale of White Horse Oxfordshire - 135
8 Bells Bar O,"The Eight Bells, Eaton, Abingdon, Oxon",OX13 5PR,Vale of White Horse
Abbey Sailing Club,"Wilsham Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5LD,Vale of White Horse
Abingdon & District Conservative Club Ltd,"59 Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5AG,Vale of White Horse
Abingdon Arms,"87 Grove Street, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 7BH,Vale of White Horse
Abingdon Royal British Legion Club,"25 Spring Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 1AH,Vale of White Horse
Abingdon Squash & Racketball Club,"Abingdon Squash Club, Northcourt Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 1GG,Vale of White Horse
Abingdon United Football Club & Social Club,"Northcourt Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 1PL,Vale of White Horse
Beckett House Bar,"Beckett Hall, Defence Academy Of The UK, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8LA,Vale of White Horse
Bell Inn,"Main Street, Grove, Wantage",OX12 7JT,Vale of White Horse
Bourton Club,"Bourton, Swindon",SN6 8HZ,Vale of White Horse
Bowyer Arms,"Foxborough Road, Radley, Abingdon",OX14 3AE,Vale of White Horse
Carswell Golf & Country Club,"Carswell Golf Club, Buckland, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 8PU,Vale of White Horse
Challow And Childrey Cricket Club,"Vicarage Hill, East Challow, Wantage",OX12 9RR,Vale of White Horse
Challows Royal British Legion Club Ltd,"Flat, The Royal British Legion, Letcombe Hill, East Challow, WANTAGE",OX12 9RP,Vale of White Horse
College Oak,"Peachcroft Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 2SB,Vale of White Horse
Comrades Club,"Newbury Street, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8DJ,Vale of White Horse
Cumnor Cricket Club,"Appleton Road, Cumnor, Oxford",OX2 9QH,Vale of White Horse
Drayton Hall,"Drayton Village Hall, Lockway, Drayton, Abingdon",OX14 4LF,Vale of White Horse
Drayton Park Golf Club,"Steventon Road, Drayton, Abingdon",OX14 4LA,Vale of White Horse
Eyston Arms,"High Street, East Hendred, Wantage",OX12 8JY,Vale of White Horse
Faringdon Bowling Club,"Gravel Walk, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7JN,Vale of White Horse
Faringdon Town Football Club,"Tucker Park, Park Road, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7BP,Vale of White Horse
Fox And Hounds,"High Street, Uffington, Faringdon",SN7 7RP,Vale of White Horse
Fox Inn,"Fox Lane, Boars Hill, Oxford",OX1 5DR,Vale of White Horse
Frilford Heath Golf Club,"Oxford Road, Frilford Heath, Abingdon",OX13 5NW,Vale of White Horse
George and Dragon,"4 Church Street, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon",OX14 4NJ,Vale of White Horse
Grove Rugby Club,"Cane Lane, Grove, Wantage",OX12 0AA,Vale of White Horse
Hacketts Outside Catering,"Oxford Sailing Club, Cumnor Road, Farmoor, Oxford",OX2 9NS,Vale of White Horse
Hanney Royal British Legion 66 Club Ltd,"Mill Orchard, East Hanney, Wantage",OX12 0JH,Vale of White Horse
Harwellian Club,"Harwell Royal British Legion Club, Westfield, Harwell, Didcot",OX11 0LG,Vale of White Horse
Hendred Sports Club,"Pavilion, Mill Lane, East Hendred, Wantage",OX12 8JS,Vale of White Horse
JSCSC Cormorant Bar,"Defence Academy Of The UK, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8TS,Vale of White Horse
JSCSC Henderson Bar,"Defence Academy Of The UK, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8TS,Vale of White Horse
JSCSC Sports Pavilion,"Sports Field, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8LA,Vale of White Horse
Just Jacks,"26A Market Place, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7HU,Vale of White Horse
King Alfreds Head,"31 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8AH,Vale of White Horse
Kings Arms,"39 Wallingford Street, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8AU,Vale of White Horse
Kings Head & Bell,"10 East St Helen Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5EA,Vale of White Horse
Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor Bowls Club,"Oxford Road, Kingston Bagpuize, Abingdon",OX13 5AP,Vale of White Horse
Kitchener Hall Bar,"Defence Academy Of The UK, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8LA,Vale of White Horse
Kitchener Hall Ladies Bar,"Defence Academy Of The UK, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8LA,Vale of White Horse
Letcombe Cricket Club,"Letcombe Sports and Social Club, Bassett Road, Letcombe Regis, Wantage",OX12 9LJ,Vale of White Horse
Lord Nelson,"78 Charlton Road, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8HL,Vale of White Horse
Marcham Sports & Social Club,"Morland Road, Marcham, Abingdon",OX13 6BY,Vale of White Horse
Milton United Football Club,"Milton Hill, Steventon",OX13 6AG,Vale of White Horse
Morland Bowling Club,"Orchard Lane, East Hendred, Wantage",OX12 8JW,Vale of White Horse
Narrows,"25 High Street, ABINGDON",OX14 5BB,Vale of White Horse
North Star,"2 Stocks Lane, Steventon, Abingdon",OX13 6SG,Vale of White Horse
Oracle Snooker Club,"Coexeter House, 21-27 Ock Street, ABINGDON",OX14 5AJ,Vale of White Horse
Oxford Rugby Football Club,"North Hinksey Village, Oxford, Oxon",OX1 5AA,Vale of White Horse
Peachcroft Social Club,"North East Abingdon Community Centre, Lindsay Drive, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 2RT,Vale of White Horse
Plough Inn,"Church Street, West Hanney, Wantage",OX12 0LN,Vale of White Horse
Plum Pudding,"44 High Street, Milton, Abingdon",OX14 4EJ,Vale of White Horse
Prince Of Wales,"14 High Street, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8AF,Vale of White Horse
Roberts Hall Bar,"Defence Academy Of The UK, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8LA,Vale of White Horse
Ruby Jacks Ltd,"26A Market Place, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7HU,Vale of White Horse
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Recreational Society,"Building R58, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot",OX11 0QX,Vale of White Horse
Saxton Rovers F.C,"Caldecott Recreation Ground, Caldecott Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5HR,Vale of White Horse
Seacourt Bridge,"78 West Way, Oxford",OX2 9JU,Vale of White Horse
Shoulder Of Mutton,"38 Wallingford Street, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8AX,Vale of White Horse
Shrivenham Bowls Club,"Martens Road, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8AX,Vale of White Horse
Shrivenham Football Club Social Club,"Sports Ground & Pav At Recreation Ground, Highworth Road, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8BL,Vale of White Horse
Shrivenham Park Golf Club,"Pennyhooks Lane, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8EX,Vale of White Horse
Shush Ltd,"The Regent Mall, Newbury Street, Wantage, Oxfordshire",OX12 8BU,Vale of White Horse
Spread Eagle,"Northcourt Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 1PL,Vale of White Horse
Stanford In The Vale F C,"Cottage Road, Stanford In The Vale, Faringdon",SN7 8HX,Vale of White Horse
Stanford Social Club,"Sheards Lane, Stanford In The Vale, Faringdon",SN7 8LW,Vale of White Horse
Steventon Sports & Social Club,"The Green, Steventon, Abingdon",OX13 6RR,Vale of White Horse
Sutton Courtenay Football Club,"Old Wallingford Road, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon",OX14 4AR,Vale of White Horse
The Barrington Arms,"25 High Street, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8AN,Vale of White Horse
The Bay Tree,"The Green, Grove, Wantage",OX12 0AN,Vale of White Horse
The Black Horse,"Gozzards Ford, Abingdon, Oxon",OX13 6JH,Vale of White Horse
The Black Swan,"17 Bath Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 3QH,Vale of White Horse
The Blewbury Club House,"London Road, Blewbury, Didcot",OX11 9NU,Vale of White Horse
The Blue Boar,"1 Bath Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 3QH,Vale of White Horse
The Blue Boar,"Tucks Lane, Longworth, Abingdon",OX13 5ET,Vale of White Horse
The Boars Head,"Church Street, Ardington, Wantage",OX12 8QA,Vale of White Horse
The Boundary House,"69 Oxford Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 2AA,Vale of White Horse
The Brewery Tap,"Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5BZ,Vale of White Horse
The Broad Face,"30-32 Bridge Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 3HR,Vale of White Horse
The Bystander,"Besselsleigh Road, Wootton, Abingdon",OX13 6DN,Vale of White Horse
The Cellar,"Post Office Vaults, Post Office Vaults, Market Place, Wantage",OX12 8AT,Vale of White Horse
The Chequers,"Chequers Inn, Charney Bassett, Wantage",OX12 0EX,Vale of White Horse
The Cherry Tree,"33 High Street, Steventon, Abingdon",OX13 6RZ,Vale of White Horse
The Crown,"Packhorse Lane, Marcham, Abingdon",OX13 6NT,Vale of White Horse
The Crown Inn,"11 High Street, Shrivenham, Swindon",SN6 8AN,Vale of White Horse
The Eagle Inn,"The Eagle, Eagle Lane, Watchfield, Swindon",SN6 8TF,Vale of White Horse
The Eagle Tavern,"Little Coxwell, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7LW,Vale of White Horse
The Fish,"4 Appleford Road, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon",OX14 4NQ,Vale of White Horse
The Fishes Inn,"North Hinksey Village, Oxford, Oxon",OX2 0NA,Vale of White Horse
The Flowing Well,"Sunningwell, Abingdon, Oxon",OX13 6RB,Vale of White Horse
The Folly Inn,"54 London Street, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7AA,Vale of White Horse
The Fox Inn,"29 High Street, Steventon, Abingdon",OX13 6RZ,Vale of White Horse
The Fox Inn,"Fox Inn, Hyde Road, Denchworth, Wantage",OX12 0DX,Vale of White Horse
The George & Dragon,"Reading Road, Upton, Didcot",OX11 9JJ,Vale of White Horse
The Grapes,"28 High Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5AX,Vale of White Horse
The Greyhound,"Besselsleigh, Abingdon",OX13 5PX,Vale of White Horse
The King & Queen,"The King & Queen Public House, Shrivenham Road, Longcot, Faringdon",SN7 7TL,Vale of White Horse
The Lamb,"The Lamb Inn, Buckland, Faringdon",SN7 8QN,Vale of White Horse
The Lamb Inn,"59 Mill Street, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 9AB,Vale of White Horse
The Maybush,"The Maybush PH, Newbridge, Abingdon, Oxon",OX29 7QD,West Oxfordshire
The Merry Miller,"Cothill Road, Dry Sandford, Abingdon",OX13 6JW,Vale of White Horse
The Midget,"Preston Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5NR,Vale of White Horse
The Old Anchor,"St Helens Wharf, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5EN,Vale of White Horse
The Packhorse,"Pack Horse Inn, Milton Hill, Steventon, Abingdon",OX13 6AG,Vale of White Horse
The Plough Inn,"Orchard Lane, East Hendred, Wantage",OX12 8JW,Vale of White Horse
The Prince Of Wales,"60 Barrow Road, Shippon, Abingdon",OX13 6JQ,Vale of White Horse
The Punch Bowl,"6 Market Place, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 3HG,Vale of White Horse
The Radnor Arms,"32 Coleshill, Swindon",SN6 7PR,Vale of White Horse
The Red Lion,"3 Abingdon Road, Drayton, Abingdon",OX14 4JB,Vale of White Horse
The Red Lion,"3 Cornmarket, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7HG,Vale of White Horse
The Red Lion Pub & Kitchen,"Red Lion, Chapel Lane, Blewbury, Didcot",OX11 9PQ,Vale of White Horse
The Rose & Crown,"Main Street, Chilton, Didcot",OX11 0RZ,Vale of White Horse
The Star Inn,"Watery Lane, Sparsholt, Wantage",OX12 9PL,Vale of White Horse
The Swan,"1 Park Road, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7BP,Vale of White Horse
The Swan,"28 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8AE,Vale of White Horse
The Swan,"The Green, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon",OX14 4AE,Vale of White Horse
The Tandem,"Kennington Road, Kennington, Oxford",OX1 5PG,Vale of White Horse
The Trout At Tadpole Bridge,"The Trout Inn At Tadpole Bridge, Buckland Marsh, Faringdon",SN7 8RF,Vale of White Horse
The Village Thai,"THE EIGHT BELLS, EATON, ABINGDON",OX13 5PR,Vale of White Horse
The Wheatsheaf,"The Green, Drayton, Abingdon",OX14 4JA,Vale of White Horse
The White Hart,"The White Hart PH, Wytham, Oxford, Oxon",OX2 8QA,Vale of White Horse
The White Horse,"189 Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 5DW,Vale of White Horse
The White Horse,"Woolstone, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7QL,Vale of White Horse
The Woodman Inn,"The Woodman, Fernham, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7NX,Vale of White Horse
Tilsley Park,"Dunmore Road, Abingdon, Oxon",OX14 1PU,Vale of White Horse
Uffington Sports & Social Club,"Fawler Road, Uffington, Faringdon",SN7 7SD,Vale of White Horse
Village Hall,"High Street, Hinton Waldrist, Faringdon",SN7 8RN,Vale of White Horse
Vine Inn,"11 Abingdon Road, Cumnor, Oxford",OX2 9QN,Vale of White Horse
Volunteer Inn,"Station Road, Grove, Wantage",OX12 0DH,Vale of White Horse
Waggon and Horses,"Wagon and Horses, Faringdon Road, Southmoor, Abingdon",OX13 5BG,Vale of White Horse
Wantage Town Football Club,"Wantage Town Footbal Club, Manor Road, Wantage, Oxon",OX12 8DW,Vale of White Horse
Westminster Square,"Student Union Oxford Brookes, Harcourt Hill, Oxford, Oxfordshire",OX2 9AT,Vale of White Horse
Wheatsheaf Inn,"5 London Street, Faringdon, Oxon",SN7 7AE,Vale of White Horse
Wheatsheaf Inn,"Chapel Square, East Hendred, Wantage",OX12 8JN,Vale of White Horse

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