Warrington, Cheshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Warrington Cheshire - 196
147 Snooker Club,"Evans House, Norman Street, Warrington",WA2 7HW,Warrington
75 Engineer Regiment,"Peninsula Barracks, O'leary Street, Warrington",WA2 7QS,Warrington
A Monks Sports Club,"Hillock Lane, Warrington",WA1 4NF,Warrington
Alder Root Golf Club,"Alder Root Golf Club House, Alder Root Lane, Warrington",WA2 8RZ,Warrington
Ale Shack Ltd.,"Warrington Temporary Market, Time Square, Academy Street, Warrington",WA1 2LH,Warrington
Alford Sports & Social Club,"Manchester Road, Warrington",WA1 3NJ,Warrington
Apartment Bar,"1 Bold Street, Warrington",WA1 1DN,Warrington
Appleton Thorn Hall Bar,"Stretton Road, Warrington",WA4 4RT,Warrington
Babylon,"65 Bridge Street, Warrington",WA1 2HH,Warrington
Bar Twenty/10,"University Of Chester Padgate Campus, Crab Lane, Warrington",WA2 0DB,Warrington
Barley Mow,"29 Old Market Place, Warrington",WA1 1QB,Warrington
Bear and Bottle,"90-92 Mersey Street, Warrington",WA1 2BP,Warrington
Birchwood Leisure & Tennis Centre,"Benson Road, Warrington",WA3 7PQ,Warrington
Black Horse,"272 Old Liverpool Road, Warrington",WA5 1DZ,Warrington
Blue Bell,"27 Horsemarket Street, Warrington",WA1 1TS,Warrington
Bridges,"115 Bridge Street, Warrington",WA1 2HR,Warrington
Bridgewater Club,"Whitbarrow Road, Lymm",WA13 9AP,Warrington
Bulls Head,"33 Church Street, Warrington",WA1 2SX,Warrington
Burtonwood Catholic Club,"Phipps Lane, Warrington",WA5 4HQ,Warrington
Cait & Jens Pub Ltd,"95 Buttermarket Street, Warrington",WA1 2NL,Warrington
Cat & Lion,"Tarporley Road, Warrington",WA4 4NB,Warrington
Causeway Hotel,"233 Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington",WA4 6QE,Warrington
CBCA The Farm Club,"Perth Close, Warrington",WA2 0SF,Warrington
Chapel House,"Chapel Lane, Warrington",WA5 4PS,Warrington
Chapelford Farm Pub Restaurant,"Chapelford Farm Pub Restuarant, Chapelford Village Centre, Santa Rosa Boulevard, Warrington",WA5 3AG,Warrington
Chat Moss Hotel,"207 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA3 5LL,Warrington
Cherry Tree,"The Cherry Tree, 35 Common Lane, Warrington",WA3 4EX,Warrington
Cheshire Cheese,"654 Knutsford Road, Warrington",WA4 1JQ,Warrington
Comfortable Grill,"458 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA3 5QX,Warrington
Costello's,"Unit 3, 23 Walton Road, Warrington",WA4 6NL,Warrington
Croft Village Memorial Hall,"Mustard Lane, Croft",WA3 7BG,Warrington
Cromwells,"120 Bridge Street, Warrington",WA1 2RU,Warrington
Crosfields Recreation Club Community Interest Group,"Hood Lane North, Warrington",WA5 1ET,Warrington
Crown & Cushion,"Farnworth Road, Warrington",WA5 2RZ,Warrington
Crown Inn,"15 Booths Hill Road, Warrington",WA13 0DJ,Warrington
Culcheth Sports Club,"Charnock Road, Warrington",WA3 5SH,Warrington
Culcheth Village Club,"The Village Club, Wigshaw Lane, Warrington",WA3 4LY,Warrington
Dick's Bean Bar,"17 Winwick Street, Warrington",WA1 1XR,Warrington
Dog & Partridge,"Manchester Road, Warrington",WA1 3TZ,Warrington
DV8,"100-104 Bridge Street, Warrington",WA1 2RU,Warrington
Eagle Sports Club,"Thornton Road, Warrington",WA5 2SZ,Warrington
Famous King & Queen,"147 Padgate Lane, Warrington",WA1 3SN,Warrington
Farmers Arms,"Fearnhead Lane, Warrington",WA2 0BE,Warrington
Feathers Hotel,"94 Bridge Street, Warrington",WA1 2RF,Warrington
Ferry Tavern,"Fiddlers Ferry, Warrington",WA5 2UJ,Warrington
Fiddle i'th Bag,"Alder Lane, Warrington",WA5 4BJ,Warrington
Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club,"The Lock, Station Road, Warrington",WA5 2UJ,Warrington
Friar Penketh,"4 Barbauld Street, Warrington",WA1 1EX,Warrington
Friars Court,"Barbauld Street, Warrington",WA1 1EX,Warrington
General Elliot,"51 Lord Street, Warrington",WA3 7DE,Warrington
George & Dragon,"291 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA3 5LF,Warrington
Goodwin's,"1430 Park Boulevard, Warrington",WA1 1PR,Warrington
Grange Sports and Social Club,"52 Grange Avenue, Warrington",WA4 1QH,Warrington
Grappenhall Cricket Club,"Broad Lane, Warrington",WA4 3ER,Warrington
Grappenhall Ex Servicemens League,"Chester Road, Warrington",WA4 2QG,Warrington
Grappenhall Village Sports Club,"Stockton Lane, Warrington",WA4 3HQ,Warrington
Green Dragon,"2 Mill Lane, Warrington",WA13 9SB,Warrington
Harvester Apollo,"Unit 1, Apollo Park, Warrington",WA5 7YA,Warrington
Hawthorne Hotel,"40 Orford Lane, Warrington",WA2 7AF,Warrington
Hoop and Mallet,"Callands Road, Warrington",WA5 9RJ,Warrington
Horseshoe Inn,"Smithy Lane, Warrington",WA3 7HQ,Warrington
Howley Hotel,"46 Parr Street, Warrington",WA1 2JP,Warrington
Jolly Falstaff,"The Jolly Falstaff, Blackbrook Square, Warrington",WA2 0SP,Warrington
Jolly Tanner Inn,"Statham Avenue, Warrington",WA2 9EF,Warrington
Jolly Thresher,"Higher Lane, Warrington",WA13 0RN,Warrington
Juniper Farm,"Manchester Road, Warrington",WA3 6DR,Warrington
Kings Club,"Kings Club, St Mary Street, Warrington",WA4 1BH,Warrington
Kings Head Hotel,"Winwick Street, Warrington",WA2 7TU,Warrington
Level Bar,"2 Rylands Street, Warrington",WA1 1EN,Warrington
Libertys,"25-27 Common Lane, Warrington",WA3 4EW,Warrington
Little Manor,"The Manor, Bell Lane, Warrington",WA4 2SX,Warrington
London Bridge,"163 London Road, Warrington",WA4 5BG,Warrington
Lord Rodney,"67 Winwick Road, Warrington",WA2 7DH,Warrington
Lymm Cruising Club,"Lymm Cruising Club, The Square, Warrington",WA13 0HX,Warrington
Lymm Golf Club (Catering),"Lymm Golf Club House, Whitbarrow Road, Warrington",WA13 9AN,Warrington
Lymm Lawn Tennis Club,"Lymm Tennis And Croquet Club, Brookfield Road, Warrington",WA13 0PX,Warrington
Lymm Oughtrington Park C.Club,"The Pavilion, Oughtrington Lane, Lymm",WA13 0QY,Warrington
Lymm Rugby Football Club,"Lymm Rugby Football Club, Crouchley Lane, Warrington",WA13 0AT,Warrington
Marquis of Granby,"53 Church Street, Warrington",WA1 2SZ,Warrington
Miller & Carter Steakhouse,"Gemini Retail Park, Westbrook Crescent, Westbrook",WA5 8WF,Warrington
Mulberry Tree Inn,"Grappenhall Road, Warrington",WA4 2AF,Warrington
Nelsons Quarter Deck,"Admirals Road, Warrington",WA3 6QA,Warrington
Old Malt Ltd,"76 Sankey Street, Warrington",WA1 1SG,Warrington
Orford Hotel,"175 Gorsey Lane, Warrington",WA2 7RX,Warrington
Orford War Memorial Recr.Club,"School Road, Warrington",WA2 8PL,Warrington
Oughtrington Bowling Club,"Crown Green, Oughtrington",WA13 9JG,Warrington
Padgate Village Club,"Ash Villa, Station Road South, Padgate",WA2 0QS,Warrington
Pear Tree,"1 Collins Green Lane, Warrington",WA5 4EQ,Warrington
Penketh & Gt Sankey Conserv C,"Penketh And Great Sankey Conservative Club, Meeting Lane, Warrington",WA5 2BG,Warrington
Penketh Tennis Club,"Hall Nook, Warrington",WA5 2HR,Warrington
Pewterspear Green Sports Pavilion,"Pewterspear Green Sports Pavilion, Beamish Close, Warrington",WA4 5RJ,Warrington
Pickering Arms,"Bell Lane, Warrington",WA4 2SX,Warrington
Plough,"Mill Lane, Warrington",WA2 0SU,Warrington
Porters Ale House,"78 Buttermarket Street, Warrington",WA1 2NN,Warrington
Postern Gate,"Postern Gate, St Austins Lane, Warrington",WA1 1HE,Warrington
Poulton Park Golf Club - Catering,"Poulton Park Golf Club House, Dig Lane, Warrington",WA2 0SH,Warrington
Rag n Bone,"Rusgan House, Barbauld Street, Warrington",WA1 2QZ,Warrington
Rams Head Inn,"Church Lane, Warrington",WA4 3EP,Warrington
Raven Inn,"341 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA3 5LA,Warrington
Red Lion,"164 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA5 2LZ,Warrington
Red Lion,"58-60 London Road, Warrington",WA4 6HN,Warrington
Reef,"96-98 Bridge Street, Warrington",WA1 2RF,Warrington
Richmond Rec & Social Club,"Richmond Street, Warrington",WA4 1NS,Warrington
Ring O Bells,"131 Church Street, Warrington",WA1 2TL,Warrington
Ring O' Bells,"Northwich Road, Lower Stretton",WA4 4NZ,Warrington
Roosters,"5 Liverpool Road, Warrington",WA5 1AE,Warrington
Rope & Anchor,"Manchester Road, Warrington",WA1 4HJ,Warrington
Rose Inn,"Hood Lane South, Warrington",WA5 1EJ,Warrington
Royal British Legion Club Ltd,"Stockport Road, Warrington",WA4 2TB,Warrington
Royal Oak Branch,"44 Knutsford Road, Warrington",WA4 1AG,Warrington
Rylands Recreation Club,"Rylands Recreation Club, Gorsey Lane, Warrington",WA2 7RZ,Warrington
Saracens Head,"381 Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington",WA4 6RS,Warrington
Skymaster,"Charon Way, Gemini Retail Park",WA5 3AX,Warrington
Sloop Inn,"Liverpool Road, Warrington",WA5 1DP,Warrington
Slug and Lettuce,"1-2 Victoria Square, Warrington",WA4 6LG,Warrington
Sportsmans Arms,"181 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA5 2EN,Warrington
Springbrook,"Stockport Road, Warrington",WA4 2WA,Warrington
St Benedicts Parish Centre,"Rhodes Street, Warrington",WA2 7BQ,Warrington
St Josephs Parish Centre,"Meeting Lane, Warrington",WA5 2BB,Warrington
St Michaels Parish Hall,"St Michaels Parish Hall, Chapel Lane, Warrington",WA5 4PY,Warrington
St Oswalds Parish Centre Club,"Padgate Lane, Warrington",WA1 3LB,Warrington
Star Inn,"64 Star Lane, Warrington",WA13 9LN,Warrington
Stocks,"Station Road, Warrington",WA2 0QS,Warrington
Stockton Heath Lawn Tennis Club,"Delphfields Road, Warrington",WA4 5BY,Warrington
Stretton Fox,"Spark Hall Close, Stretton",WA4 4NU,Warrington
Tetley Walker Sports and Social Club,"Long Lane, Warrington",WA2 8PU,Warrington
The Albion,"94 Battersby Lane, Warrington",WA2 7EG,Warrington
The Auction Rooms,"16 Legh Street, Warrington",WA1 1UG,Warrington
The Barn Owl Inn,"Warrington Lane, Agden Wharf",WA13 0SW,Warrington
The Black Swan,"Manchester Road, Warrington",WA3 6LA,Warrington
The Blackburne Arms,"Orford Green, Warrington",WA2 8PL,Warrington
The Borough Arms,"120 Buttermarket Street, Warrington",WA1 2NZ,Warrington
The Box Works,"Evans House, Norman Street, Warrington",WA2 7HW,Warrington
The Brewery Tap,"18 Bridgewater Street, Warrington",WA13 0AB,Warrington
The Brooklands,"120 Lovely Lane, Warrington",WA5 1PQ,Warrington
The Bulls Head,"32 The Cross, Warrington",WA13 0HU,Warrington
The Butchers Arms,"Liverpool Road, Great Sankey",WA5 3NB,Warrington
The Chapel House,"380 Liverpool Road, Warrington",WA5 1RU,Warrington
The Church Green,"Higher Lane, Warrington",WA13 0AP,Warrington
The Cross Bar,"6 Lovely Lane, Warrington",WA5 1NF,Warrington
The Culcheth Arms,"1 Church Lane, Warrington",WA3 5DL,Warrington
The Golden Fleece,"41 The Cross, Lymm",WA13 0HR,Warrington
The Greenwood Hotel,"158 Greenwood Crescent, Warrington",WA2 0EQ,Warrington
The Grey Horse,"106 Warrington Road, Warrington",WA3 5LZ,Warrington
The Hatter,"26 Lovely Lane, Warrington",WA5 1NE,Warrington
The Hatton Arms,"The Hatton Arms, Hatton Lane, Warrington",WA4 4DB,Warrington
The Hop Pole,"49 Horsemarket Street, Warrington",WA1 1TS,Warrington
The Imperial Hotel,"145 Bewsey Road, Warrington",WA5 0LG,Warrington
The Irish Club,"83 Orford Lane, Warrington",WA2 7AL,Warrington
The Laurels Country Club,"Arbury Court, Townfield Lane, Warrington",WA2 8TR,Warrington
The Looking Glass,"41-43 Buttermarket Street, Warrington",WA1 2LY,Warrington
The Lounge,"6 Springfield Street, Warrington",WA1 1BB,Warrington
The Lower Angel,"27 Buttermarket Street, Warrington",WA1 2LY,Warrington
The Maltings,"Bewsey Old Hall, Bewsey Farm Close, Warrington",WA5 9PB,Warrington
The Manna House,"The Manna House, Warrington Road, Warrington",WA5 2EN,Warrington
The Millhouse,"Ballater Drive, Warrington",WA2 0LX,Warrington
The Original Wire,"2 Orford Lane, Warrington",WA2 7AB,Warrington
The Pack Horse,"53-55 Church Lane, Warrington",WA3 5ET,Warrington
The Palmyra,"3 Springfield Street, Warrington",WA1 1BB,Warrington
The Parr Arms,"Church Lane, Warrington",WA4 3EP,Warrington
The Peacock,"Benson Road, Birchwood",WA3 7PG,Warrington
The Plough Inn,"Heath Lane, Warrington",WA3 7DS,Warrington
The Poacher,"Gorse Covert Road, Warrington",WA3 6UG,Warrington
The Poplars,"The Poplars, Cotswold Road, Warrington",WA2 9SG,Warrington
The Seven Woods,"Westbrook Crescent, Warrington",WA5 8TE,Warrington
The Showbar,"15-17 Friars Gate, Warrington",WA1 2RR,Warrington
The Spread Eagle,"Eagle Brow, Warrington",WA13 0AG,Warrington
The Stonemill @ Warrington,"Sandy Lane West, Warrington",WA2 9SA,Warrington
The Swan,"Golborne Road, Warrington",WA2 8LF,Warrington
The Tavern,"25 Church Street, Warrington",WA1 2SS,Warrington
The Tavern,"99 Greystone Road, Warrington",WA5 2DS,Warrington
The Thorn Inn,"Grappenhall Lane, Warrington",WA4 4QX,Warrington
The Venue,"Thirlmere Lodge, Rectory Lane, Warrington",WA13 0AQ,Warrington
The Warrington Golf Club (Bar/Halfway House),"High Warren, London Road, Warrington",WA4 5HR,Warrington
The Wheatsheaf Inn,"269 Higher Lane, Warrington",WA13 0SD,Warrington
The Wine Bar,"101-103 London Road, Warrington",WA4 6LG,Warrington
The Winwick Quay & Premier Travel Inn,"Woburn Road, Winwick",WA2 8UH,Warrington
The Wire Gymnastics Club,"Unit E3 Oak Court, Trident Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington",WA3 6AX,Warrington
Three Pigeons,"35 Tanners Lane, Warrington",WA2 7NL,Warrington
Toby Carvery Warrington,"Winwick Road, Warrington",WA2 8QA,Warrington
Trigger Pond,"Liverpool Road, Great Sankey",WA5 3LD,Warrington
Turf & Feather,"Glover Road, Warrington",WA3 7PH,Warrington
Voodoo,"10 Friars Gate, Warrington",WA1 2RW,Warrington
Walton Arms,"148 Old Chester Road, Warrington",WA4 6TG,Warrington
Warrington & District Society for Deaf,"13 Wilson Patten Street, Warrington",WA1 1PG,Warrington
Warrington Club,"7 Bold Street, Warrington",WA1 1DN,Warrington
Warrington Conservative Club,"6 Dial Street, Warrington",WA1 2NX,Warrington
Warrington Sports Club,"Warrington Sports Club, Walton Lea Road, Warrington",WA4 6SJ,Warrington
Warrington Town Football Club,"4 Cantilever Park, Warrington",WA4 2RS,Warrington
Waterside & Premier Travel Inn,"1430 Park Boulevard, Warrington",WA1 1PR,Warrington
White Hart,"56 Sankey Street, Warrington",WA1 1SB,Warrington
Winmarleigh House,"15 Winmarleigh Street, Warrington",WA1 1NB,Warrington
Winwick Parish Leisure Centre,"Myddleton Lane, Warrington",WA2 8LQ,Warrington
Woodlands,"362 Liverpool Road, Warrington",WA5 1RU,Warrington
Woolston Social Club,"50 Manchester Road, Warrington",WA1 4AD,Warrington
Ye Olde Red Lion,"516 Manchester Road, Warrington",WA3 6JT,Warrington

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