Warwick, Warwickshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Warwick Warwickshire - 116
Alderson House (Warwick) Ltd,"Alderson House, 23 High Street, Warwick",CV34 4AX,Warwick
Altoria,"45 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5JX,Warwick
Alvis Sports & Social Club,"Sports And Social Club, Alvis, Green Lane, Finham",CV3 6EG,Warwick
Anchor Inn,"Anchor Inn, Warwick Road, Leek Wootton",CV35 7QX,Warwick
Ashow Village Club,"Working Mens Club, Church Road, Ashow",CV8 2LE,Warwick
Assembly,"Spencer Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3NF,Warwick
Avenue Bar,"Avenue Hotel, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3NE,Warwick
Avenue Bowling Club,"Avenue Bowling Club, Avenue Road, Leamington Spa",CV31 3PG,Warwick
Barn at Warwick University,"University Of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry",CV4 7AL,Coventry
Beausale Club,"Beausale Club, School Lane, Beausale",CV35 7NW,Warwick
Bishops Tachbrook Sports & Social Club,"Kingsley Road, Bishops Tachbrook",CV33 9RR,Warwick
Black Horse,"The Black Horse Inn, 62 Saltisford, Warwick",CV34 4TT,Warwick
Builders Arms,"The Builders Arms, 38 Lansdowne Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 4SP,Warwick
Cape of Good Hope,"Cape Of Good Hope, 66 Lower Cape, The Cape",CV34 5DP,Warwick
Case is Altered,"The Case Is Altered, Case Lane, Shrewley",CV35 7JD,Warwick
Cavern Sports & Music Bar,"Lower Basement, 10 Welton Road, Warwick",CV34 5PZ,Warwick
Clink Cellar Bar,"40 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5JS,Warwick
Copper House Club Ltd,"142-144 Albion Street, Kenilworth",CV8 2FZ,Warwick
Copper Pot,"Copper Pot, 41-43 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5JX,Warwick
Cubbington Sports & Social Club,"Cubbington Sports And Social Club, Windmill Hill, Cubbington",CV32 7LN,Warwick
Earl Clarendon,"The Earl Of Clarendon, 127 Warwick Road, Kenilworth",CV8 1HY,Warwick
Elephant & Castle,"Simple Simon, 105 Emscote Road, Warwick",CV34 5QY,Warwick
Falcon Inn,"Falcon Inn, Birmingham Road, Haseley",CV35 7HA,Warwick
Fat Pug,"23 Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa",CV32 5BZ,Warwick
Foresters Arms,"Forresters Arms, 47 Crompton Street, Warwick",CV34 6HG,Warwick
Frames Snooker Club,"140-142 Parade, Leamington Spa",CV32 4AG,Warwick
Fusilier,"The Fusilier, Sydenham Drive, Leamington Spa",CV31 1NJ,Warwick
Gauntlet,"The Gauntlet, Caesar Road, Kenilworth",CV8 1DP,Warwick
Greyhound,"Cask And Bottle, 35 Kennedy Square, Leamington Spa",CV32 4SY,Warwick
Grist Mill,"Grist Mill, Chesterton Drive, Leamington Spa",CV31 1YJ,Warwick
Guys Cliffe Masonic Rooms,"Guys Cliffe House, Coventry Road, Guys Cliffe",CV34 5YD,Warwick
Hatton Arms,"Hatton Arms, Birmingham Road, Hatton",CV35 7JJ,Warwick
Haunted,"39 Bath Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AG,Warwick
Holly Bush,"Holly Bush Inn, Holly Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 4TN,Warwick
Hope & Anchor,"41 Hill Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5XT,Warwick
Hope Tavern,"Court Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 1SH,Warwick
Hunningham Cricket Club,"Pavilion, Cricket Ground, Main Street, Hunningham",CV33 9DY,Warwick
Jephsons Bar,"Tavistock Inn, 50 Tavistock Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5PW,Warwick
Jet,"Jet And Whittle, 67 Brunswick Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 2EE,Warwick
Joiners Arms,"Joiners Arms, Shrubland Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3BD,Warwick
Kelseys,"15-17 High Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AW,Warwick
Kenilworth Abbey Club,"4 Abbey Hill, Kenilworth",CV8 1LW,Warwick
Kenilworth Cricket Club,"Pavilion, Cricket Ground, Warwick Road, Kenilworth",CV8 1FE,Warwick
Kenilworth Lawn Tennis and Squash Club,"Kenilworth Tennis And Squash C, Crackley Lane, Kenilworth",CV8 2JS,Warwick
Kenilworth Rugby Football Club,"Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth",CV8 2AJ,Warwick
Kenilworth Sports & Social Club Ltd.,"Upper Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth",CV8 2PA,Warwick
Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club Limited,"Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth",CV8 2AJ,Warwick
Khalsa Hockey Club,"10 Wise Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AP,Warwick
Lapworth Cricket Club,"Pavilion, Cricket Ground, Old Warwick Road, Lapworth",B94 6AZ,Warwick
Leamington and County Golf Club,"Leamington And County Golf Clu, Golf Lane, Whitnash",CV31 2QA,Warwick
Leamington Football Club Ltd.,"Leamington Football Club, Harbury Lane, Bishops Tachbrook",CV33 9JP,Warwick
Leamington Home Guard Club,"4 Portland Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5HE,Warwick
Leamington Lawn Tennis and Squash Club,"Guys Cliffe Avenue, Leamington Spa",CV32 6LZ,Warwick
Leamington RUFC,"Moorfields, Leamington Road, Blackdown",CV32 6RG,Warwick
Leamington Tennis Club,"50 Bedford Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5DF,Warwick
Leek Wootton Sports Club,"Pavilion, Sports Ground, Quarry Close, Leek Wootton",CV35 7QJ,Warwick
Lillington Bowling Club,"Lillington Bowling Club, Lime Avenue, Lillington",CV32 7DB,Warwick
Lillington Club,"Lillington Mens Club, Lime Avenue, Lillington",CV32 7DA,Warwick
Loft Theatre,"Loft Theatre, Victoria Colonnade, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AA,Warwick
London Midland Railway Club,"Lmrca Club, Station House, Old Warwick Road, Leamington Spa",CV31 3NS,Warwick
Lord Nelson,"Lord Nelson Inn, 31 Emscote Road, Warwick",CV34 5QE,Warwick
Monty's Bar & Grill,"Montgomery Of Alamein, Field Barn Road, Hampton Magna",CV35 8RT,Warwick
Moo,"Public House, 24 Russell Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5QB,Warwick
Murphys Bar,"Murphys, 33 Regent Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5EJ,Warwick
Nelson Club,"Nelson Club, Charles Street, Warwick",CV34 5LE,Warwick
Neon,"2 Spencer Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3NF,Warwick
New Bowling Green,"Bowling Green Inn, 13 St Nicholas Church Street, Warwick",CV34 4JD,Warwick
New Inn,"New Inn, Main Street, Norton Lindsey",CV35 8JA,Warwick
Norton Lindsey Cricket Club,"Cricket Ground, Wolverton Road, Norton Lindsey",CV35 8JL,Warwick
Oak,"The Oak, 27 Coten End, Warwick",CV34 4NT,Warwick
Oak House Sports and Social Club,"87 Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa",CV32 4JS,Warwick
Oddfellows Friendly Society,"6 Clarence Terrace, Leamington Spa",CV32 5LD,Warwick
Old Leamingtonians RFC,"The Crofts, Bericote Road, Blackdown",CV32 6QP,Warwick
Pig & Fiddle,"45 High Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 1LH,Warwick
Plough & Harrow,"Whitnash Road, Whitnash",CV31 2HX,Warwick
Punch Bowl,"1 The Butts, Warwick",CV34 4SS,Warwick
Queens Head,"Queens Head, Queen Street, Cubbington",CV32 7NA,Warwick
Racing Club Warwick FC,"Racing Club Fc, Hampton Road, Warwick",CV34 6JP,Warwick
Radford Semele Sports & Social Club,"Sports And Social Club, Lewis Road, Radford Semele",CV31 1UQ,Warwick
Railway Inn,"12 Clemens Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 2DL,Warwick
Railway Inn,"Railway Inn, 55 Guy Street, Warwick",CV34 4LW,Warwick
Rigsbys cellar bar,"3 The Holloway, Warwick",CV34 4SL,Warwick
Round for Dinner,"Alderson House, 23 High Street, Warwick",CV34 4AX,Warwick
Rowington Cricket Club,"Cricket Ground, Rowington Green, Rowington",CV35 7DB,Warwick
Rowington Social Club,"Rowington Mens Club, Rowington Green, Rowington",CV35 7DB,Warwick
Royal British Legion Club,"Royal British Legion Club, Kimberley Road, Baginton",CV8 3AQ,Warwick
Royal Leamington Spa Bowling Club,"Leamington Spa Bowling Club, Archery Road, Leamington Spa",CV31 3PT,Warwick
Royal Oak,"Royal Oak, 36 New Street, Kenilworth",CV8 2EZ,Warwick
Shades,"6a High Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AN,Warwick
Smack,"3-5 Tavistock Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5PJ,Warwick
Somerville Arms,"4 Campion Terrace, Leamington Spa",CV32 4SX,Warwick
Sports Pavilion,"Sports Pavilion, University Of, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry",CV4 7AL,Coventry
Star and Garter,"Star And Garter, 4-6 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5LL,Warwick
Stoneleigh Village Club,"Village Club, Vicarage Road, Stoneleigh",CV8 3DH,Warwick
Talisman Theatre Company,"Talisman Theatre, Barrow Road, Kenilworth",CV8 1EG,Warwick
The Drawing Board,"Newbold Bar And Brasserie, 18 Newbold Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 4HN,Warwick
The Green Man,"The Green Man, 114 Tachbrook Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 2BQ,Warwick
The Hod Carrier,"Hod Carrier, 102 Coppice Road, Whitnash",CV31 2LT,Warwick
The Oak,"The Oak, Coventry Road, Baginton",CV8 3AU,Warwick
Tiltyard Public House,"The Tiltyard, 25 Leyes Lane, Kenilworth",CV8 2DE,Warwick
TJ's Bar and Grill,"Thomas James Hotel, 45-47 Bath Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AG,Warwick
Town House,"The Town House, 2 George Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 1ET,Warwick
Trinity Guild RFC,"Trinity Guild Rfc, Rowley Road, Baginton",CV8 3AL,Warwick
Victoria House Bar,"Masonic Rooms, Willes Road, Leamington Spa",CV32 4PT,Warwick
Warwick Boat Club Ltd.,"Warwick Boat Club, 33 Mill Street, Warwick",CV34 4HB,Warwick
Warwick Conservative Club,"Conservative Club, 11 Swan Street, Warwick",CV34 4BJ,Warwick
Warwick Golf Driving Range,"The Golf Centre, Hampton Street, Warwick",CV34 6HW,Warwick
Warwick Real Ale,"13b Smith Street, Warwick",CV34 4JA,Warwick
Warwick Sports Club,"Warwick Sports Club, Hampton Road, Warwick",CV34 6HX,Warwick
WCC Sports Pavillion,"W C C Sports Ground, Myton Road, Warwick",CV34 6PS,Warwick
Wheatsheaf,"163 Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa",CV31 3BE,Warwick
Whitnash Sports & Social Club,"Whitnash Sports And Social Clu, Heathcote Road, Whitnash",CV31 2NF,Warwick
Windmill Inn,"Windmill Inn, Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa",CV31 3DD,Warwick
Wisla Delikatesy,"8 High Street, Leamington Spa",CV31 3AN,Warwick
Woodland Tavern,"Woodland Tavern, 3 Regent Street, Leamington Spa",CV32 5HW,Warwick
Woodloes Tavern,"Woodloes Tavern, Woodloes Avenue South, Woodloes Park",CV34 5RN,Warwick

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