Wigan, Manchester pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Wigan Manchester - 176
Abram Village Club,"333 Warrington Road, Abram",WN2 5RJ,Wigan
AFC Hindley Juniors,"151 Park Road, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3RX,Wigan
Albion Ale House,"12 High Street, Standish, Wigan",WN6 0HL,Wigan
All Saints Catholic Club,"High Street, Golborne, Warrington",WA3 3BG,Wigan
Amberswood,"272 Manchester Road, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2ED,Wigan
AMF Bowling (Wigan),"Miry Lane, Wigan",WN3 4AG,Wigan
Anytime Fitness,"Derby Street, Leigh",WN7 4BA,Wigan
Ashton Jubilee Club,"167 Wigan Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield",WN4 9SL,Wigan
Ashton Masonic Properties Ltd,"6 Bryn Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 0AA,Wigan
Ashton Town F C,"Edge Green Street, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 8SL,Wigan
Aspull Royal British Legion,"Sumner Street, Aspull",WN2 1YT,Wigan
Astley & Tyldesley Miners Welfare Society,"Meanley Road, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 7DW,Wigan
Astley Community Club,"Manchester Road, Astley, Tyldesley",M29 7DY,Wigan
Astley Conservative & Unionist Club,"90-94 Higher Green Lane, Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 7HZ,Wigan
Astley Labour Club,"Manchester Road, Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 7DY,Wigan
Atherton & Tyldesley Botanical Gardens,"Tyldesley Road, Atherton, Manchester",M46 9DG,Wigan
Atherton Arms,"6 Tyldesley Road, Atherton, Manchester",M46 9DD,Wigan
Atherton Conservative Club,"50 Market Street, Atherton, Wigan",M46 0DP,Wigan
Atherton Laburnum Rovers FC,"Spa Road, Atherton, Wigan",M46 9PA,Wigan
Balmoral Hotel,"31 Atherton Road, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3EA,Wigan
Bar Legion,"9 Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan",WN1 2AD,Wigan
Bar M,"Lime Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8EN,Wigan
Bears Paw,"62 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3AN,Wigan
Bedford Sports & Social Club,"Apple Street, Leigh",WN7 2EQ,Wigan
Belle Vue Inn,"210 Woodhouse Lane, Wigan",WN6 7NF,Wigan
Bickershaw Village Community Club,"Bickershaw Lane, Bickershaw, Wigan",WN2 5TE,Wigan
Bold Hotel,"161 Poolstock Lane, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan",WN3 5HL,Wigan
Brian Boru Club,"55-57 Bryn Street, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 9AX,Wigan
Brickmakers Arms,"49 Woodhouse Lane, Wigan",WN6 7LN,Wigan
Bryn Christian Community Church,"Cooke Street, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 0DL,Wigan
Church Inn,"78 Newton Road, Lowton, Warrington",WA3 1DG,Wigan
Colliers Arms,"105 Sale Lane, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8PA,Wigan
DFC Catering,"Beech Walk, Leigh",WN7 3LH,Wigan
Dog & Partridge,"155 Atherton Road, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3EE,Wigan
Dog and Partridge,"26 Wallgate, Wigan",WN1 1JU,Wigan
DW Sports Fitness,"Stadium Way, Wigan",WN5 0UN,Wigan
Earls Function Suite,"Earl Street, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2EN,Wigan
East Leigh Labour Club,"Butts Street, Leigh",WN7 3AE,Wigan
Edington Arms,"186 Ladies Lane, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 2QJ,Wigan
Einsteins,"46 King Street, Wigan",WN1 1BT,Wigan
Ellesmere Inn,"32 Lancaster Road, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3NJ,Wigan
Fairhurst Accountants Community Stadium,"Edge Hall Road, Orrell, Wigan",WN5 8TL,Wigan
Fox and Goose,"37-39 Wigan Lane, Wigan",WN1 1XR,Wigan
Freemasons Arms,"1-6 Clapgate Lane, Winstanley, Wigan",WN3 6RN,Wigan
FY Gym,"Forth Street, Leigh",WN7 2AX,Wigan
Garswood Hall Bowling & Community Club,"Nicol Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 8LU,Wigan
Gathurst Golf Club Ltd,"Miles Lane, Shevington, Wigan",WN6 8EW,Wigan
Gidlow Methodist Church,"Gidlow Methodist Church, Buckley Street, Swinley, Wigan",WN6 7HE,Wigan
Golborne Community Bowling Club,"High Street, Golborne, Warrington",WA3 3BG,Wigan
Golborne Community(Members) Club,"2 Salisbury Street, Golborne, Warrington",WA3 3BW,Wigan
"Golborne Parkside Sports & Community Club,","Rivington Avenue, Golborne, Warrington",WA3 3HG,Wigan
Golborne Sports & Social Club,"28 Stone Cross Lane North, Lowton, Warrington",WA3 2SE,Wigan
Goose Green Cricket Club,"Paris Avenue, Winstanley, Wigan",WN3 6FA,Wigan
Half Moon Inn,"115 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8FL,Wigan
Higher Fold Labour Club,"Kensington Drive, Leigh",WN7 2XZ,Wigan
Higher Ince Labour Club,"Anderton Street, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2BG,Wigan
Hindley Arms,"124-126 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3AY,Wigan
Hindley Hall Golf Club,"Hall Lane, Aspull, Wigan",WN2 2SQ,Wigan
Hindley Labour Club,"Romford Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3LW,Wigan
HINDLEY LEISURE CENTRE,"Mornington Road, Hindley Green, Hindley",WN2 4LG,Wigan
Hindley Masonic Hall,"138 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3AY,Wigan
Hogans Bar,"111-113 Railway Road, Leigh",WN7 4AJ,Wigan
Holy Family Cyms Club,"Tram Street, Platt Bridge, Wigan",WN2 5JE,Wigan
Ibiza Bar,"27 King Street, Wigan",WN1 1DY,Wigan
Ince Rose Bridge Sports & Community Club,"Pinfold Street, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2DZ,Wigan
Indiependence 2,"6 King Street West, Wigan",WN1 1BS,Wigan
Joe's Bar,"5 Arcade Street, Wigan",WN1 1DE,Wigan
Jolly Nailor,"20 Market Street, Atherton, Manchester",M46 0DN,Wigan
Jonesies Bar,"144 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3AY,Wigan
Lamberhead Green WM Club,"White Street, Pemberton, Wigan",WN5 8JW,Wigan
Last Orders,"8 Market Place, Atherton, Manchester",M46 0EG,Wigan
Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club,"Green Lane, Lowton, Warrington",WA3 1BQ,Wigan
Leigh Arms,"34 King Street, Leigh",WN7 4LR,Wigan
Leigh Bowling Club,"Pownall Street, Leigh",WN7 2HA,Wigan
Leigh Catholic Association Club,"22 Bond Street, Leigh",WN7 1AG,Wigan
LEIGH EAST SOCIAL CLUB (AR),"Ledgard Avenue, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh",WN7 4GY,Wigan
Leigh Labour Club,"Abbey Street, Leigh",WN7 1EU,Wigan
Leigh Masonic Hall Ltd,"61 Ellesmere Street, Leigh",WN7 4LQ,Wigan
Leigh Miners Welfare Institute & Recreational Grounds Ltd,"Kirby Road, Leigh",WN7 4DW,Wigan
Leigh Rugby Union Football Club,"Hand Lane, Leigh",WN7 3NA,Wigan
Lowton Social Club,"214 Newton Road, Lowton, Warrington",WA3 2AQ,Wigan
Madisen Hall,"135 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3AA,Wigan
Miners Arms,"371 Manchester Road, Astley, Manchester",M29 7DX,Wigan
Mort Arms,"235-237 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8DG,Wigan
Mortimers and Jaks,"35-45 King Street, Wigan",WN1 1DY,Wigan
New Inn,"Bentinck Street, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan",WN3 6RB,Wigan
Newtown & Central Conservative Club Ltd,"359 Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Wigan",WN5 9DD,Wigan
Newtown Working Mens Club,"Anson Street, Wigan",WN5 0TT,Wigan
Norley Hall Cricket Club,"City Road, Wigan",WN5 0BA,Wigan
Number Fifteen,"739 Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Wigan",WN5 8AT,Wigan
Oak Tree Inn,"150 Belle Green Lane, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2ET,Wigan
Orrell St James ARLFC,"Bankes Avenue, Orrell, Wigan",WN5 8HU,Wigan
Our Lady's Parish Centre,"Downall Green Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 0LZ,Wigan
Owd Kess's,"59 Victoria Road, Platt Bridge, Wigan",WN2 5DL,Wigan
Pemberton Conservative Club,"Park Road, Orrell, Wigan",WN5 8HY,Wigan
Pemberton Masonic Club,"Chapel Street, Pemberton, Wigan",WN5 8JP,Wigan
Pendle Witch Pub,"2-4 Warburton Place, Atherton, Manchester",M46 0EQ,Wigan
Plantation Bar & Grill,"35 Wigan Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 9AR,Wigan
Play and Rewind,"8-10 King Street, Wigan",WN1 1BS,Wigan
Portland Wine and Gin Bar,"Holmes House Avenue, Wigan",WN3 6JA,Wigan
Potters Bar,"Church Street, Standish, Wigan",WN6 0JS,Wigan
Powerbeck Gym,"217c Wigan Road, Leigh",WN7 5DW,Wigan
Presidential American Bar,"2 Chapel Street, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 8PB,Wigan
Prince of Wales Hotel,"202 Woodhouse Lane, Wigan",WN6 7NF,Wigan
Punch Bowl Hotel,"165 Market Street, Atherton, Manchester",M46 0DF,Wigan
Pure,"Clarence Yard, Wigan",WN1 1JU,Wigan
Queen Arms,"9 Harrison Street, Wigan",WN5 9AU,Wigan
Railway Hotel,"273 Billinge Road, Highfield, Wigan",WN5 8DF,Wigan
Railway Inn,"22 Wareing Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8HS,Wigan
Railway Tavern,"396 Westleigh Lane, Leigh",WN7 5PU,Wigan
Red Lion Hotel,"107 Westleigh Lane, Leigh",WN7 5JR,Wigan
Red Lion Hotel,"5-7 Church Street, Atherton, Manchester",M46 9DE,Wigan
Reef Bar and Terrace,"29 King Street, Wigan",WN1 1DY,Wigan
Rose Club,"Atherton Road, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3EU,Wigan
Royal Oak,"232 Wigan Road, Leigh",WN7 5EP,Wigan
Sacred Heart Parish Centre,"Swan Lane, Hindley Green, Wigan",WN2 4HD,Wigan
Sacred Heart Social Centre,"Throstlenest Avenue, Wigan",WN6 7AR,Wigan
Spring View Cricket & Recreation Club,"Spring View Cricket Club, Warrington Road, Ince, Wigan",WN1 3AJ,Wigan
St James Parish Centre & Club,"144 St James Road, Orrell, Wigan",WN5 7AA,Wigan
St Judes Parish Centre,"Poolstock Lane, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan, Wigan",WN3 5JE,Wigan
St Matthews Highfield Cricket,"Billinge Road, Wigan",WN3 6BL,Wigan
St Michaels Parish Hall,"St Michaels Hall, Shaw Street, Swinley, Wigan",WN1 2BQ,Wigan
St Oswalds Catholic Club,"6 Liverpool Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield",WN4 9LH,Wigan
St Patricks Arlfc,"Harper Street, Ince W, Wigan, Wigan",WN1 3BN,Wigan
St Patricks Parish Club,"Wellington Street, Whelley, Wigan, Wigan",WN1 3SA,Wigan
St Peters Cricket Club,"Hurst Street, Hindley",WN2 3DN,Wigan
St Peter's Pavilion,"Hurst Street, Hindley, Wigan",WN2 3DN,Wigan
St Thomas's Labour Club,"Comet Road, Norley, Wigan, Wigan",WN5 0ET,Wigan
St Williams Social Club,"St Williams Catholic Club, Patricroft Road, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2DF,Wigan
Standish Labour Club,"Standish Labour Club, Smalley Street, Standish, Wigan",WN6 0JN,Wigan
Standish Unity Club,"Cross Street, Standish, Wigan",WN6 0HQ,Wigan
Sycamore Golf Centre,"Ashton Road, Golborne, Wigan",WA3 3UU,Wigan
Tap n Barrell,"16 Jaxons Court, Wigan",WN1 1LR,Wigan
The Ale House,"25 Henrietta Street, Leigh",WN7 1LP,Wigan
The Anvil,"Dorning Street, Wigan",WN1 1ND,Wigan
The Boulevard,"19 Wallgate, Wigan",WN1 1LD,Wigan
The Britannia,"42-44 St Helens Road, Leigh",WN7 4HW,Wigan
The Centurion,"20 St Helens Road, Leigh",WN7 4HW,Wigan
The Douglas Bank,"213-215 Woodhouse Lane, Wigan",WN6 7NF,Wigan
The Fat Bull,"16 Warrington Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 9PL,Wigan
The Foundry Arms,"276 Chapel Street, Leigh",WN7 2EF,Wigan
The Gerrard Arms,"615 Bolton Road, Aspull, Wigan",WN2 1PZ,Wigan
The Goose Green,"143 Little Lane, Wigan",WN3 6PZ,Wigan
The Hawk Hotel,"Carr Lane, Wigan",WN3 5ND,Wigan
The Hingemakers Arms,"34 Heath Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 9DY,Wigan
The Lock,"6-8 Twist Lane, Leigh",WN7 4DA,Wigan
The Lounge Bar,"184-186 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8DS,Wigan
The Old Boathouse,"164 Higher Green Lane, Astley, Tyldesley",M29 7JB,Wigan
The Old Courts,"Crawford Street, Wigan",WN1 1NA,Wigan
The Shamrock,"134 Preston Road, Standish, Wigan",WN6 0HY,Wigan
The Squirrel,"146 Manchester Road, Ince, Wigan",WN2 2EA,Wigan
The Swinley,"Coppull Lane, Wigan",WN1 2LQ,Wigan
The Union Arms,"83 Castle Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8EW,Wigan
The Victoria Inn,"Haigh Road, Aspull, Wigan",WN2 1YA,Wigan
Three Crowns Hotel,"188 Chapel Street, Leigh",WN7 2DW,Wigan
Triangle Snooker Club,"379-381 Bolton Road, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan",WN4 8TH,Wigan
Tyldesley Rufc,"Astley Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8HG,Wigan
Tyldesley Subscription Bowling Club,"1 Garden Street, Tyldesley, Manchester",M29 8HD,Wigan
Waggon & Horses,"68 Wigan Road, Leigh",WN7 5AY,Wigan
Wellfield Hotel,"75 Wellfield Road, Wigan",WN6 8NQ,Wigan
Westleigh Village Club,"Westleigh Lane, Leigh",WN7 5JE,Wigan
Wheatsheaf Hotel,"298 Chapel Street, Leigh",WN7 2AP,Wigan
Whelley Ex Servicemans Club,"Vauxhall Road, Whelley, Wigan",WN1 3LU,Wigan
White Lion & Railway,"158 Whelley, Wigan",WN1 3UE,Wigan
White Lion Hotel,"6a Leigh Road, Leigh",WN7 1QL,Wigan
Wigan Bowling Green Ltd,"New Lodge, Wigan",WN1 2ND,Wigan
Wigan Central,"Arches 1 & 2 Queen Street, Wigan",WN3 4DY,Wigan
Wigan Little Theatre,"44-46 Crompton Street, Wigan",WN1 3SL,Wigan
Wigan Roller Rink,"Swan Meadow Road, Wigan",WN3 5BD,Wigan
Wigan Sailing Club,"Rushdene, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan",WN3 5HJ,Wigan
Wigan Sports Club,"Parsons Walk, Wigan",WN1 1RU,Wigan
Wigan St Cuthberts & Norley Hall Sports & Community Club,"Montrose Avenue, Wigan",WN5 9XL,Wigan
Wigan St Judes Amateur Rugby Club,"Keats Avenue, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan, Wigan",WN3 5UB,Wigan
Wigan Subscription Bowling Green Ltd,"Park Crescent West, Wigan",WN1 1SA,Wigan
Winstanley Tennis Club,"Hall Lane, Billinge, Wigan",WN5 7XN,Wigan
Worsley Mesnes Club,"Poolstock Lane, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan",WN3 5HL,Wigan

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