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Romford 1848 Whites Directory

History of Romford


Marked 1 are in High street; 2, Hornchurch lane; 3, Market place; 4, North street; 5, Waterloo road, or New Romford; 6, in Hare Street; 7, London road; 8, Collier Row; 9, Romford terrace; 10, Prospect place; and 11, at Squirrel Heath.

Miscellany of Gentry, Partners in Firms, and others, not arranged under the succeeding Classification of Professions and Trades.

4 Acott Jno Henry, supervisor
3 Adams Oswald, schoolr, and actuary of Savings' Bank
Andrews Wm, Esq, Gothic Lodge
Arnott Rev Samuel, BA, curate
3 Attwell Mary Ann, hosier, etc.
1 Axon John, potatoe dealer
2 Baily Mrs Sarah || Beale Mrs S
2 Bell Geo Mattin, manager Gas Works
Black Mrs Alice, Gidea Hall
Blomfield Rev Jas Chas BA, curate
4 Bourne Thos solcitor's. clerk, & clerk to
commissioners for paving and lighting the town, etc.
4 Boyce Mrs Elizabeth
5 Boyce Thos, omnibus propr, etc.
3 Brotherhood Thos, gentleman
1 Brown Mary Ann, tripe dresser
Burbrow Thos, surveyor, Bellevue
Carlisle Rev Saml H (Indpt.)
4 Carter John, millwright, & Mr Jas
1 Chappel Jno, currier & leather cutter
1 Clifton Henry, dyer, etc.
Collier Mrs. Mary, London road
Collier, Stpn, sen, gent, London road
3 Cooke Wm, railway clerk
4 Cox Wm, excise officer
Coope Edw Octavius and George, brewers, (Ind & Co) h. London
Dalton Mrs Margt. Romford terrace
1 Davis Rev Ebenezer, (Baptist)
Davies Robt, wire worker, Mawney Lane
1 Day William, house agent
6 Day Benj Wm Esq, Warrens
4 Delamare Jno, inspr. of weights, etc
3 Delamare Peter, toll collector
Dickinson Mrs Eliza, London road
Dodds Mr Joseph, London road
4 Donkin Rev Tho,. BD, bdg school and chaplain to the Union
Eley Mrs Mary Ann, Romford terrace
1 Ellis Wm, insurance agent
1 Finch John, railway police
5 Flood John, news agent
Fox Wm, toll-bar keeper
Francis Fdk, solicitor; h Upminster
1 Fredman Issac, tobacconist, etc.
Gardner Mr John, London road
Gordon Mr Wm, London road
Grant Ven. Anthy DCL. archdeacon of St Albans, and vicar of Romford, Vicarage
Graves Col Benjamin, London road
Hamilton Alfred, gent, Gidea Hall
1 Harvey Mrs Hannah
1 Havers Richard, bank manager
5 Haydon John, police inspector
6 Heard William, land surveyor, etc Harold's Wood House
1 Ind, Coope, & Co. brewers & maltsters
7 Ind Edward Esq, brewer; h. Eastbury Lodge
1 Ind Edmund Vipand, brewer
Ingram Mr Charles, London road
3 Jones Mrs E || 4 Knox Jas, bailiff

Kershaw Edw, carrier, Station
4 Last Mr Jph. || 3 Langham Mrs E
3 Lawrence Mr Hy || 1 Ledger Mathw.
7 Love Mr Wm || 4 Linney Wm
Lucas Chas Jno, piano-forte maker and tuner, 1 Bosworth buildings
Luxford Henry, carrier, High street
1 Lyon John Ronald, draper
Mackintosh Hugh, gent, Marshalls
Malleson John, solicitor; h. London
Martin Mrs Hester, Victoria Cottage
Mashiter Thos Esq, Hornchurch Lodge
Mashiter Octavius, Esq, Priests
7 Merrett Alex. bank clerk
Mosley Thos, gent. || 2 Nash Mrs Ann
1 Morison Rev Jph, (Indpt.)
Mull Wm, gent, Whalebone House
Neave Mrs A E, Gidea Hall
Neave Sir Ths, Bart, Dagenham Park
Neave Sheffield, Esq
3 Nichols Mr John and Mrs Thos
6 Orbell Mrs Eliz, and 4 Mrs Mary
1 Orbell Henry, horse dealer
1 Parker Richard, relieving officer
3 Perkins Mrs Ann || 7 Prater Mrs S
4 Prior Mr J R || 8 Reed Wm, hay dlr.
6 Reynolds Rd, gentleman
1 Robinson Mr Stephen
9 Rowland Mrs Mary
1 Sackett Rev Edw (Wesleyan)
1 Sage Edward, dep steward of the manor of Barking
3 Shea John, blacking manufacturer
3 Smith Jas, currier and leather cutter
3 Smith Jph, umbrella maker, etc.
Sellars Tunnard, master of Union Workhouse
3 Southey Samuel, bailiff, Goal
1 Stammers Mr. Dnl || 5 Spencer My A
Strutt Hy, tobacco pipe maker
3 Sturdy Wm, statuary mason
Surridge North, solicitor and clerk to Orsett Union; house High Street
Tipper John Ely, organist, etc.
Tolbutt Edward, station master
Tolbutt Wm Hy, gent., Stewards
Truston Mrs Ann, Haveringwell
7 Tucker Benj, clerk || Turner Ann
Tweede Mrs. Mary, Romford Lodge
Tyler Mrs Susanna
2 Wadeson Saml Jas, Esq, solr & registrar of wills, etc. for the Liberty
5 Walden John, music professor
2 Waller Miss Sarah
3 Ward Jno Rootsey, clerk to Savings' Bank & Essex Provident Society
Warren Wm Esq, Hampton House
2 Wedlake Mary, iron founder and agrl implement etc manufacturer
2 Wedlake & Thompson, iron founders and agrl implement etc mfrs

4 Clifton Wm. Hy. (coroner & clerk to magistrates for the Liberty, and Union clerk)
1 Flower William, (and London)
1 Griffin Edm (supt regr.) h Ilford
Rawlings Benj Wm, Romford House
Smith William, (and London)
1 Surridge and Francis
2 Wadeson and Malleson
3 Ward Alfred, (clerk of the peace, etc)

1 London & County, (draw on the head office, London) Richard Havers, manager
3 Savings Bank, Oswald Adams, actuary, (open Wed. 12 to 2)

6 Bodger Wm, Repton Cottage
Cowper Rowland, (land agent) Cheese Cross
Ffitch George, East House
George Cphr, Romford Lodge
Gibbon Henry, Hare street Grange
Hawes Thos Waters, Bell-house
Heard Wm, Hare street
Jones Lewis || 2 Bell G M
Jutsum Edward || Jutsum Samuel
4 Knox (farm bailiff)
Lee John, Squirrel Heath
Lee Thomas, Padnells
Leigh Thos, London road
Pemberton Robt, Valewood Lodge
Podd Geo sen & jun || Podd Jno
Roach James, Noke Hill
Sawyer Thomas, Mawbery
6 Stones James, Goosehays
Sweeting George Hare Street
Yull George Manor Farm

Fire and Life Offices
1 Agricultural Cattle, J Thurlby
3 Alliance, William Cook
4 British Commercial, Thos Bourne

3 Clerical and Medical, Alfred Ward
3 County Fire and Provident Life, William Ellis
1 Corptn of London, Joseph Scruby
3 Essex Economic, W H Attwell
3 Essex and Suffolk Equitable, John Higgs
1 Guardian, Alex. Merrett
Licensed Victlrs, J W Borrowdale
3 Natnl Loan Fund, B W Rawlings
3 Norwich Union, James Macarthy
4 Pheonix, John Bartlett
1 Royal Exchange, S Collier
7 Royal Farmers, T W Twyford
4 Sun, John Delamare

Inns and Taverns
Bell, Edw Lawrence, Collier row
3 Blucher's Head, Mary Hammond
3 Bull Inn, John Sorrell
1 Coach and Bell Inn, Richd Carter
3 Cock and Bell, Sarah Potipher
1 Compasses, Edward Finch
3 Dolphin Inn, John Jas Baker
2 Fox and Hounds, Joseph Spurge
1 Golden Lion Inn, Noah Dunnett
3 King's Arms, Peter Read
3 King's Head Comcl Inn, Hy Orbell
3 Lamb Inn, Wm Mathew
5 Liberty Arms, John Rich, (drover)
1 New Mill, Eliza & Louisa Hunsdon
2 Rising Sun, Andrew Kerr
6 Ship, Mary Woodfine
1 Star, William Suckling
1 Sun Inn, John Willis Borrowdale
3 Swan Inn, Jph Saml Hammond
6 Unicorn Inn, Geo Sweeting
1 White Hart Inn, George Ashton Taverner (posting)
1 White Hart Tap. Wm Halstead
White Hart, Rd Sharp, Hare Street
White Hart, Jno Higgs, Collier row
3 Windmill and Bells, Wm Sawyer
1 Woolpack, Eliz Holdaway

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