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Romford 1874 Post Office Directory

 History of Romford

Private Residents A - L


March Thos, 1 Rosebank villas, Victoria Road
Marsh Josiah, Western Road
Marsh Mrs, Victoria Road
Marshall William Julius, Gidea Hall
Martin Alfred, High Street
Mashiter Octavius, Priests, North Street
Mashiter Thomas, Priests, North Street
Mashiter William, the Elms
Mathew Richard William, North Street
Matthews Charles Peter, Bower House, Havering
Matthews John Gould, South Street
Medcalf Mrs, Western Road
Medcalf Mrs, Western Road
Medcalf Ralph, Victoria Road
Merrett Mrs, London Road
Mills Miss, Brooklands, North Street
Morley William, South Street
Mundy George, High Street
Mull Mrs, 5 St Edward’s Square
Neave Sir Arundel, bart, Dagnams
Newton Mrs, St Edward’s Square
Palmer Eusebius Shaw, South Street
Palmer Wm, 3 Rosebank villas, Victoria Road
Pemberton Robert, Hare Hall, Hare Street
Penton George henry, St Edward’s Square
Phillips Frederick, Western Road
Phillips William, Shrubbery, London Road
Pink John Thomas, Western Road
Porter Henry, Wellersley villas, South Street
Poston Chas, Bellevue House, London Road
Poston Mrs, South Street
Potter Charles, North Street
Preston Muss, Eastern villas, Eastern Road
Purssell Mrs, Arnsby villa, London Road
Quennell Alfred, St Edward’s Square
Rawlings Charles Joseph, Market Place
Rayner William, High Street
Regan Charles, Western Road
Richardson Frederick George, High Street
Robson Thomas, London Road
Roffey Mrs, North Street
Sands John, Priory, Noak Hill
Seddon William, The Cedars, Eastern Road
Shakespear John Henry, Arden cottage, Junction Road
Shakespear Thos , Arden cottage, Junction Road
Sheave Joseph, Market Place
Skilton Rev Wm James, MA [rector of St Andrew’s], St Edward’s Square
Smith Henry William, Crichton villas
Smith Joseph, Hill House
Sorrell Mrs, Market Place
Southey Samuel, Laureate cottage, Como Street
Spencer Mrs, Western Road
Springham Charles, London Road
Springham Charles jun, London Road
Starbuck Charles, Narbon House, Victoria Road
Sully Joseph, May villas, Victoria Road
Surridge North, Romford Hall
Sweet Rev Frederick [Independent], Western Road
Talbot Edward, London Road
Tasker George, Victoria Road
Taylor Joseph, Lawn, Collier Row
Thompson Henry, Eastern villas, Eastern Road
Trott James John, Market Place
Turnbull Frederick, Victoria Road
Turner Mrs, Eastern Road
Turpin Thomas Webb, The Retreat, Market Place
Vice John, Western Road
Von Sieger Alexander, Western Road
Walker Wm, Wetern House, London Road
Walker Mts, Junction Road
Waller Mrs, 3 Park cottages, North Street
Webb John Whitmarsh, Victoria Road
West Mrs, Eastern villas, Eastern Road
Whittingham Matthew, Home Park, Noak Hill
Williams Joseph Wm, 2 St Edwards Square
Willsmer George Turner, Albert Road
Wontner Leslie, Junction villas, Eastern Road
Wright Alfred, South Street

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