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Romford 1882 Kelly's Directory

 History of Romford

Private Residents P - Y

Palmer Miss, 2 St Marys terrace, London Road
Palmer John, 2 Tregenna terrace, Victoria Road
Palmer Mrs, Wellesley villa, South Street
Palmer Wm, Bury House, London Road
Paterson Mrs, Park Lane, Brentwood Road
Peacock John Pickering, Ripton cottage, Hare Street
Pears Mrs, Dalcoath terrace, Victoria Road
Pelcher John, 5 Bellevue place, London Road
Pemberton Robert, Hare Hall, Hare Street
Penton George Henry, Cecil House, St Edward’s Square
Phemister James, Carlton villas, Victoria Road
Phillips Frederick William, The Laurels, Eastern Road
Pierce Samuel, Eden villas, Victoria Road
Pink John Thomas, Laurels, Western Road
Pisk Edgar, 7 Osborne terrace, Carlisle Road
Platten Thomas, Junction Road
Porter Charles, Brentwood Road
Poston Mrs, South Street
Potter Charles, North Street
Potter John, 1 Sion terrace, Western Road
Potter Joseph, 4 Bellevue place, London Road
Price Ralph George, JP, Marshalls Park
Purssell Mrs, Arnsby villa, London Road
Ralph Simon, Primrose villa, Victoria Road
Ramsey John, Gidea Hall
Ray John, St Edwards Square
Revill George Fredercik, Tindall villas, Brentwood Road
Rich Geo jun, The Lymes, Brentwood Road
Richards Mrs, Parkside villa, Victoria Road
Roberson Benj, The Cottage, London Road
Rook Jas, Lamorna terrace, Victoria Road
Rotton Chas, Gothic cottages, Carlisle Road
Russell Wm, Russell House, Squirrels Heath
Rust Mrs, Gothic cottages, Carlisle Road
Ryle Thos, Sydney villas, Brentwood Road
Sands John, Priory, Noak Hill
Seymore Robert, Squirrels Heath
Shepherd Horation, Tregenna terrace, Victoria Road
Simmons Thomas, Cavendish villas
Skilton Rev Wm James, MA [rector of St Andrew’s & surrogate], St Edward’s Square
Smith G A, The Ferns, South Street
Smith Henry, Woodland cottage, London Road
Smith James, 3 Woodbine terrace
Smith Joseph, Hill House
Smithl Mrs, 4 Eastern villas, Eastern Road
Solomon Mrs, Camden villa, Eastern Road
Spencer John, Western Road
Stankowski Alphonse, 1 Eastern villas, Eastern Road
Stannard Richard, Chelmsford villa, Victoria Road
Starbuck Charles, Narboro House, Victoria Road
Steven Rev Jas McLaren [Baptist], St Edwards Square
Stephenson John Robert, Chelmsford villa, Victoria Road
Stowell A J, High Street
Sully Joseph, May villas, Victoria Road
Surridge North, Hare Street Road
Sweet Rev Frederick [Congregational], The Manse, Western Road
Tasker Mrs, Myrtle villas, Victoria Road
Tavener Mrs, Primrose villas, Victoria Road
Taylor Joseph, Lawn, Collier Row
Thompson D Charles, Manor House, Squirrels Heath
Thompson Geo Jn, Park Villas, Hare Street
Thornton James Henry, Howfield villa, Western Road
Tozer Richd, Swinburn villa, Eastern Road
Trott James John, The Pavement
Tucker John, Squirrels Heath
Turnbull Frederick, Roche villas, Victoria Road
Turner Mrs, Clyde villas, Eastern Road
Turpin Thomas William, London Road
Viall Mrs, Lamorna terrace, Victoria Road
Wakeford George, Holly Lodge, Eastern Road
Walker Wm, Wetern House, London Road
Walters Robert, Holme Lodge, London Road
Watson James, Penrose terrace, Victoria Road
Way William, High Street
Webb James, The Ferns, Eastern Road
Wells Fredk, Emma villa, Shaftesbury Road
Wells Joseph, The Elms, Eastern Road
Westgate Frederick, Market place
Whittingham Matthew, Noak Hill
Whitmore Henry, Victoria Road
Wilkinson Wm, 2 Sion terrace, Western Road
Williams Joseph William, 2 Sion terrace, St Edwards Square
Williams Thomas, Squirrels Heath
Williams William Preston, Arden cottage, Junction Road
Wilson Frederick, The Retreat
Winmill Field, Chestnut cottage, Hare Street
Winn James, Noak Hill
Wood Henry, Rose cottage, London Road
Woodhouse Mrs, Hornchurch Road
Wright Alfred, The Lodge, South Street
Wright Isaac, 4 Penryn terrace, Victoria Road
Wright Mrs, Belmont villas, Victoria Road
Young William Johnm Squirrels Heath
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