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Romford 1886 Kelly's Directory

 History of Romford

Commercial Traders R - Y

Ralph Simon, school board officer, Victoria Road
Rawlings Brothers, florists, Old Church
Read Samuel, saddler, Market place
Redington Henry, coffee house, High Street
Reed George, cabinet maker, St Andrews Road
Reeves Charles, butcher, Victoria Road
Revill George Frederick, inland revenue officer & inspector of corn returns, Tindal villas, Brentwood Road
Reynolds Emily (Mrs), earthenware dealer, Albert Road
Reynolds Peter, Golden Lion Hotel, High Street
Reynolds Rebecca (Mrs), general dealer, High Street
Reynolds Walter Edmund, boys school, Market place
Rich Charles, Bull inn & cattle dealer, Market place
Rich George, cattle dealer, Rose villa, The Pavement
Rich George sen, cattle dealer, Victoria villa, Victoria Road
Rich George jun, cattle dealer, The Lymes, Brentwood Road
Rich John, cattle dealer, Beech villa, Victoria Road
Richards Brothers, tailors, South Street
Robinson Emma (Miss), confectioner, South Street
Robinson __ (Misses), ladies school, High Street
Robinson Sarah (Miss), ladies school, St Andrews Road
Robinson Thomas, stationer & book seller, High Street
Romford Gas & Coke Co Limited (William Daniel Child, manager), South Street
Romford Gymnasium & School of Arms (Henry Jessett), Drill hall
Romford Liberal Association (Francis Allen, sec)
Rooke Elizabeth (Miss), stay maker, Market place
Rooke James, stay maker & glass cutter, South Street
Roughton George, fishmonger, 4 Bedford villas, Victoria Road
Roynon John, auctioneer & estate agent, Cavendish villa, South Street
Ruffle Richard, grocer, High Street & Victoria Road
Rushen Samuel, fishmonger, South Street
Sabine Thomas, sec to Young Mens Christian Association, Blacks villa, Albert Road
Saggers George, New Mill Inn, London Road
Sapsford Thomas John, shoe maker, 2 Bedford villas, Victoria Road
Sawyer Thomas, blacksmith, Lamb yard
Scruby Joseph, wholesale & retail grocer & tea & provision dealer & wine & spirit merchant, High Street
Seabrook John & Philip, farmers, Crowlands
Sheave Joseph, fancy bazaar, Market place
Silcocks Edward, plumber, High Street
Silkstone Colliery Co (William Caswell, man), South Street
Simpson Peter, travelling draper, George Street
Singer Manufacturing Co (George Shipman, manager); depot, Market place
Slipper William Thomas, coach builder, North Street
Slocombe William, oilman, Victoria Road
Smee Edward, boot maker, Albert Road
Smee Mary Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, High Street
Smith William Dykes & Sons, basket makers, North Street
Smith George, carpenter, Claremont Road
Smith James, seedsman, High Street
Smith John, butcher, High Street
Smith John Bevous, currier, Market Place
Smith Richard, shopkeeper, Market place
Smith William, clerk to the guardians of Romford union Romford School board & to Lambourne united district school board; to the governors of Ford’s charity, Dagenham; to the rural sanitary authority; treasurer to the Liberty of Havering ate Bower & superintendent registrar, North Street
Snashall James, basket maker, Eastern Road
South Henry, farmer, Great Garden Farm
Spencer John & Son, wholesale grocers & tea dealers & wine & spirit merchants, & agents for W A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants,Market Place
Spry john, FS SC, grammar school
Spurge James, pork butcher, South Street
Stebbings Robert, hair dresser & cutler, Market Place
Steel George, leather merchant, Market place
Steward George, brick layer, 1 Laurel villas, Shaftesbury Road
Stone Denny, draper, Market Place
Stromeyer Fredk William, professor of music, Western villa, South Street
Tarrant Anna Maria (Mrs), dress maker, alexandra villa, Victoria Road
Taylor & Robbins, printers, publishers & proprietors of the ‘Essex Weekly News’, the ‘Essex independent & Farmers’ Gazette’ & the ‘Braintree & Bocking Advertiser’, South Street; & High Street, Chelmsford etc
Taylor Edward William, Victoria Inn, Victoria Road
Taylor Henry, linen draper & clothier, Market place
Taylor Sidney C, practical tailor, hatter * juvenile outfitter, The Blue house
Taylot Thomas Crux, estate agent, Market place
Thimbleby Marianne (Miss), dyer etc, South Street
Thompson Samuel, fishmonger, South Street
Thorogood George, carpenter, Waterloo Road
Thorogood Josiah, carpenter, London Road
Thorogood Louisa (Miss), shopkeeper, 23 Waterloo Road
Towns William, grocer, Victoria Road
Tozer Richard, supervisor of inland revenue, Swinburn villa, eastern Road
Turner James, cabinet maker, Queen Street
Turpin Thomas, shopkeeper, 1 Waterloo Road
Turvey Jonas, inspector of nuisances & surveyor to Romford local board, Market place
Underwood Charles, blacksmith, White Hart Yard
Underwood Elijah, blacksmith, Market Place
Vale Joseph, grocer, Shaftesbury Road
Vale Joseph John, fishmonger, Albert Road
Wade & Co, tailors, Market place
Waghorn Frederic George, baker & grocer, St Andrews Road
Walden Albert, cooper, North Street
Wallace Charlotte (Mrs), Sun, London Road
Wallis & Cane, drapers & carpet warehousemen, South Street
Wallis Benjamin, grocer, Market place
Washington Alfred, grocer, London Road
Watling Richard, timber dealer, Shaftesbury Road
Watts William, brick layer, 38 Waterloo Road
Webb Robert, shopkeeper, London Road
Wedlake Thomas William & Co, agricultural implement makers, South Street
Wells Frederick, assistant clerk to the justices for the half hundred of Becontree, Emma villa, Shaftesbury Road
Westgate Frederick, family draper, Market Place
Wheatley Edward Grey, boot maker, Market Place
White Frederick & Son, chemists, Victoria Road
White Emma (Miss), preparatory school, Western Road
White Thomas Benjamin, shopkeeper, Albert Road
Whitmore Henry, miller & corn merchant, Victoria Steam Mills
Wiffen John, Fox & Hounds, South Street
Willsmer Samuel, saddler, High Street
Wilson & Whitworth, printers & publishers of the ‘Essex Times’, High Street
Wood Edward, plumber, Market place
Woodhouse Alfred, boot maker, High Street
Woodward Thomas, earthenware dealer, Victoria Road
Woodyard Frederick, shopkeeper, Mill terrace
Wraight Thomas, draper, Victoria Road
Wright & Smith, surgeons, South Street
Wright & Co, bicycle manufacturers, Market place
Wright Alfred, surgeon & medical officer of health to Urban & Rural Sanitary Authority & public vaccinator, 2 district, South Street
Wright Charles, lathe & tool maker, George Street
York Frederick William, fancy repository, market place
Young Mens Christian Association (Thomas Sabine, sec), Market place
Yull Alfred Samuel, plumber, Market place
Yull James Edward, Liberty Arms, Waterloo Road

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