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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

(Established 1870)
Goods, Toys, Stationery & Needlework
5 South Street, Romford

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers, Furniture
Removers, Blinds, Cornice Poles & Linoleums
Market Place, Romford

Proprietors: F. T. & E. L. COATES
Holliday's Stores
Gift, Hardware and Grocery Department
18 & 20 Mawneys Road, Romford

J. B. ARCH (Late F. E. MEDWAY)
Boot & Shoe Warehouse, China & Earthenware,
Grocery & Provisions
Market Place, Romford

Poultry and Eggs, Pork Sausages
9 and 11 South Street, Romford

Builders, Undertakers and Monumental Masons
Mawneys, Romford

Plumber and House Decorator
84, 65 and 67 High Street, Romford

MRS. DANBY, Florist
4 South Street, Romford

Furnishing and General Ironmonger
Market Place, Romford

Cowkeeper & Dairy Farmer
19 North Street, Romford

Saddle, Collar & Harness Maker
Market Place, Romford, and
High Street, Hornchurch

Wine and Spirit Merchant, and
South Street, Romford

Flour Milling
Victoria Flour Mills, Romford
Branches: Broadway, Barking and High Road, Goodmayes

The Cash Chemist
Corner of South Street and High Street, Romford

House Furnishers
Phone: Ilford 321

Family Butchers
52 and 54 High Street, Romford

IND, COOPE'S Local Agencies:
Green's Stores, South Street
The "Marlborough" Stores, Mawneys Road
C. W. STROWLGER, George Street Stores
T. E. TAYLOR, Victoria Street
MEADMORES, High Street

Painters and Decorators
Works & Wallpaper Showrooms: 117 Victoria Road, Romford
Office: "Woodlands", Oak Street, Romford

Hygienic Steam Bakeries
90 Brentwood Road, and
48 and 50 Albert Road, Romford

TIDMARSH (Est. 150 Years)
Baker, Pastrycook & Confectioner
High Street, Romford
(Opposite the Brewery)

Local Newspaper, Printing & Stationery
No Address

L. F. STONE (Established 1864)
The Household Linen House
Market Place, Romford

ROMFORD TELEPHONE DIRECTORY - List of Subscribers in the Romford District
including Upminster, Hornchurch, Havering and Harold Wood

C.O. Exchange & No:
Chadwell Heath Post Office, Market Place, T.S.O., Romford 30 and 25
Crane, Henry G., The "White Hart Hotel," Romford 20
G.E.R., Romford Station, Romford 38
G.E.R., Chadwell Heath Station, Romford 61
G.E.R., Squirrels Heath Station, Romford 554
Green's Stores, Hare Street, Gidea Park, Romford 132
Gross, C., The Pavement, 66 South Street, Romford 15
Hornchurch Post Office, Romford 60
Post Office, Brentwood Road, Romford 57
Romford Head Post Office, Romford 115
T.S.O., Victoria Road, Romford 573
Luff, Harry, High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 585
Upminster S.O. (Post Office). Romford 579
Y.M.C.A., Y.M.C.A. Hut, Hare Hill Camp, Gidea Park, Romford 142

Romford Nos:
Adams, S.W., Ltd., 7 Market Place, Romford 511
Arch, J. B., 40 Market Place, Romford 564
Artists' Rifles, No. 15 Cadet Battn., Romford 37
Atkinson, Thomas Renell, Cardigan House, Chadwell Heath. Romford 53
Axon, H., 76 High Street, Romford 39

Bacon, Percy C. Haydon, "Priests", Romford 526
Bailey, William, "Harefield," Romford 530
Beard, R. W., High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 571
Bennett, J. H. and R., "Iona," Hornchurch Road, Romford 596
Binks, Arthur, 51 Junction Road, Romford 117
Boots' Cash Chemists (Southern, Ltd.), 32 South Street, Romford 129
Boyer, William & Sons, Chadwell Heath Station. Romford 104
Brewster, J., Beacontree Heath, near Romford. Romford 580
British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., 76 Eastern Road, Romford 580
Brock, H. N., Mawneys Road, Romford 1
Brock, H. N., "The Cannons," North Street, Romford 112
Brooks, Charles, Hornchurch Road, Romford 509
Brown, John, M.B., Ch.B., "Birkendene," Balgores Lane, Romford 111
Butterfield, James & Co., Oak Street, Romford 110
Candler, C., 1 Lindon Street, Romford 69
Carter, E., 125 George Street, Romford 69
Clark, E., "Meadowbrook," Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford 216
Clarke, R., "Mawney Arms," Romford 136
Clements, Henry V., "Fairfield," Western Road, Romford 548
Comber, E. E., High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 589
Cooke, J. F., Hare Street, Gidea Park. Romford 66
Cooper, Ida, 7 Elm Walk, Gidea Park. Romford 563
County Welding Works Co., South Street, Romford 87
Cowles, H. C., Gobions House, Chase Cross, Havering, Romford 119
Craig, James Andrew, "Tredinnock," Main Road, Romford 26
Craig, J. J., 66 Market Place, Romford 506

Daldy & Co., Romford 515
Dare, Richard, "White Hart Hotel," High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 50
Davey & Makings, 22 North Street, Romford 108
Dorey, Frank William, "The Lawn," Collier Row, Romford 501

Romford Nos:
Dowsing & Davis, "Mawney," Romford 500

Electrical and Engineering Supplies Co., "Thornsette," Fitzwilliam Avenue,
Romford 501
England, H., "Roselands," Osborne Road, Romford 143
Essex Education Committee, 71 South Street, Romford 599

Farrow, E.F., The Crossways, Gidea Park, Romford 587
Fitch, Charles Frederick, "Elm Hurst," Romford 24
Franklin, Richard, "The Homestead," 22 Heath Drive, Gidea Park. Romford 152
Fraser, J.A., Western Lodge, Romford 509
Fraser, W. J. & Co., Engineering Works, Dagenham. Romford 222/3

Gardner, Thomas, Dury Falls, Hornchurch. Romford 546
Gay, A. R., Coxes Farm, Romford 592
Gay, I. M., The Warren, Chadwell Heath. Romford 144
Gidea Park Club, Old Gidea Hall, Gidea Park, Romford 74
Gidea Park Limited, Romford Garden Suburb, Hare Street, Gidea Park. Romford 48
"Golden Lion Hotel," Romford 71
Gostling & Hosegood, Victoria House, Brentwood Road, Romford 502
Great Eastern Railway, Romford Factory, Squirrels Heath. Romford 67
Great Eastern Railway Co., Romford Station. Romford 538
Green, A. W., Upminster. Romford 579
Green, Charles David, M.D., The Ferns, Romford 504
Grieve, William Henry, "Rokewood," Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford 503
Guardians of the Romford Union, Clerks Office. Romford 595
Guardians of the Romford Union, Home for Children, Laurie Square. Romford 533
Guardians of Romford Union, 214, Victoria Road, Romford 64
Guardians of Romford Union, Workhouse, Romford 19
Guardians of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, The Cottage Homes, near Hornchurch. Romford 6

Hall & Co. (Croydon), Ltd., Gravel Pits, Manor Road. Romford 90
Hammond & Son, Market Place, Romford 508
Harris, W. & Co. (Romford), Ltd., 23 Victoria Road, Romford 138
Harris, W. J., Salem House, Collier Row, Low Shoe Lane, Romford 141
Harrison Barber & Co., Ltd., 37 Market Place, Romford 521
High Grade Dairies, Ltd., Merton Hall Farm, Romford 156
Hobday & Son, 81 South Street, Romford 545
Hope, Mrs., Havering Grange, Romford 86
Hornchurch Brewery, Hornchurch. Romford 547
Humphrey, C. W., 9 and 11 South Street, Romford 72
Hunt & Hunt, South Street, Romford 516
Hunt, Frank J., Reede Lodge, Junction Road, Romford 551

Ind. Coope & Co. (1912), Ltd., Romford 41

Kemsleys, Corn Exchange, High Street, Romford 17
King, D. J., 9 North Street, Romford 577

Lasham, J. W., 1 High Street, Romford 505
Laurie Cinema, Market Square, Romford 113
Law, Edward, Lindsley House, Osborn Road, Romford 565
Leggett, T., "Rosedale," Heath Park Road, Romford 210/1/2
Lewis, W. A., The "Star Hotel," Romford 583
Living, Robert, High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 32
Lloyd, George, Gidea Park Garage, Hare Street, Romford 137
Lloyd & Upton, 13 Market Place, Romford 46
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., Market Place, Romford 3
Lockwood, Robert, J.P., D.L., Rose Court, Romford 165
London Clothing Co., The, 19 and 19a South Street, Romford 44
London County Westminster and Parrs' Bank, Ltd., Romford 73
London Provincial and South Western Bank, Ltd., South Street, Romford 127
Lovely, F. C., Rev., "Reedcroft," Reed Pond Walk. Romford 118

Mallinson, R. & Sons, New Hall, Romford 167
Mather, G. S., 58 Western Road, Romford 559
Matthews, James & George H., The Mills, Harold Wood. Romford 107
May, Arthur, "Tawstock," Gidea Park. Romford 549
May, Thomas, "Vallance," Chadwell Heath. Romford 49
Met. Adademy of Music, 35 Eastern Road, Romford 512
Michell, Henry B., "Eastbury," Romford 553
Minister of Munitions, Store No. 50, c/o Ind. Coope & Co., Romford 45
Moger, C. H., "Shenfield," Reed Pond Walk, Gidea Park. Romford 59
Morris, E. J., "Highfield," Harrow Drive, Hornchurch. Romford 62
Mullis, F., 34 South Street, Romford 11

National Service, Ministry of, 22 Eastern Road, Romford 123
New Zealand War Contingent Asscn., The Mahntonga Club, New Zealand Military Convalescent Camp, Hornchurch. Romford 125
Newton, Charles Edward, 15 Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford 582
Norris, Arthur L., Chase Cross, Romford 557
Norris, Frank, The "Swan Hotel," Market Place, Romford 578

Page, Calnan & Co., Ltd., Goods Station, Romford 558
Page, Calnan & Co., Ltd., High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 544
Page, Robert Henry, "Holm Lodge," London Road, Romford 518
Palmer, R., 29 Oldchurch Road, Romford 124
Palmer, Mrs. R., High Street, Romford 40
Parlby & Bescoby, 81 South Street, Romford 98
Parrish, C. D., "Frizlands," Dagenham. Romford 65
Parrish, J. A., Heath Farm, Beacontree Heath nr. Romford. Romford 540
Patridge, A., Bros., Acacia Walk, North Street, Romford 16
Pearce, Thomas & Son, High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 543
Pink, John T., 10 High Street, Romford 513
Poels, Ltd., Rising Sun Yard, Romford 531
Poole, William, Squirrels Heath, Romford 99
Porter, Arthur, Bank House, Romford 541
Posten Brothers, 52 High Street, romford 586
Prior, C. L., Dagenham Priory, Noak Hill, Romford 126

Recuperative Hostel No. 2, Marshalls Park, Romford 580
Registrar, The (A. Partington), Romford County Court, Romford 8
Reynolds & Finch, 25 Market Place, Romford 5
Rhodes, B. & Son, Queen Street, Romford 95
Ritchie, F. C., "St. Monica," Kingston Road, Romford 510
Ritchie, F. C., 10 South Street, Romford 63
Robertson, R. M. F., "Lone Oak," Reed Pond Walk, Gidea Park, Romford 556
Romford Employment Exchange Agency, The Armoury, 33 Market Place, Romford 159
Romford Gas and Coke Co., Ltd., Nursery Walk, Romford 507
Romford Golf Club, 14 Heath Drive, Gidea Park. Romford 7
Romford Isolation Hospital, Rush Green, Romford 77
Romford Motor and Carriage Works, Ltd., 31 London Road, Romford 542
Romford Police Station, South Street, Romford 79
"Romford Recorder" (Offices), 12 South Street, Romford 54
"Romford Recorder" (Works), North Street, Romford 91
Romford Rural District Council, 16a South Street, Romford 28
Romford Urban District Council, Market Place, Romford 135
Romford Victoria Cottage Hospital, Romford 528
Roneo, Ltd., Hornchurch Road, Romford 55
Rowntree, Arthur Percival, "Bryn-Alan," Harrow Drive, Gidea Park. Romford 169
Rushen, Herbert Ed., 14 South Street, Romford 572
Ryan, Dr, Mawneys Road, Romford 597

Sainsbury, J., 30 South Street, Romford 591
Sankey, J. H. & Sons, Waterloo Road, Romford 12
Sibthorp, A. G. & H., High Street, Hornchurch. Romford 544
Smith, Mrs. John, Wallace Lodge, Chadwell Heath. Romford 52
Smith, F. G., "Hillcrest," Gilbert Road, Romford 532
Smith, John J., The Bower House, Havering. Romford 9
South Essex Recorders, Ltd., North Street, Romford 91
South Essex Waterworks Co., Hornchurch Road, Romford 539
Spooner, J. C., 30 Cromer Road, Romford 43
Steeples, W. S., 28 Market Place, Romford 97
Sterling Telephone & Electric Co., Ltd., Sterling Works, Dagenham. Romford 161/2
Stewart, J. W., "Peoria," High Road, Chadwell Heath. Romford 536
Stone, J. H., Major, Lower Bedfords, Romford 105
Stone, L. F., 62-64 Market Place, Romford 594
Stratford Co-operative and Industrial Society, Ltd., 82 South Street,
Romford 529
Symons, Albert Henry, 67 South Street, Romford 209

Tanton, E., "Granton," Osborne Road, Romford 570
Tarry, H., Haveringwell House, Hornchurch Road, Romford 13
Thorpe, Charles G., Hove House, Chadwell Heath. Romford 581
Turner, Sir Montagu, "Bedfords," Havering. Romford 22
Twine, T. J., "Hainault," Oak Street, Romford 110

Upward, Harold, "Edfu," Romford 588

Valuation Office, Grays, 23 Eastern Road, Romford 51
Vellacott, W. H., "Elmsleigh," Junction Road, Romford 523
Verlyck, George L. M., The Pines, Whalebone Lane, Beacontree Heath. Romford 593
Vincent, Phillip, 10 Western Road, Romford 537

Wackett, John, Bell House, Romford 566
Wade, Edward George, "White Horse Hotel," Chadwell Heath. Romford 524
Wallis, Benjamin, 48 Market Place, Romford 10
Warden, R. C., 8 Risebridge Road, Gidea Park. Romford 121
Warren, F. & Co., 6 The Pavement, South Street, Romford 36
West, E.S., Mrs., "Canberra," Gidea Park, Romford 561
Westgate & Hammond, 10 South Street, Romford 535
Wheatley, O., 20-22 Market Place, Romford 114
Whitmore, Henry, Ltd., Victoria Mills, Romford 522
Whittenbury, R., "Redwood," Gidea Park. Romford 146
Williams, W. Varco, "Langtons," Hornchurch. Romford 27
Wilshaw, E., "Tree Tops," Heath Drive, Gidea Park. Romford 103
Wilson, Murray, 27 Heath Drive, Gidea Park. Romford 75
Wilson & Whitworth, Ltd., "Essex Times" Office. Romford 2
Winmill, A. E., Longfield House, Hornchurch Road. Romford 568
Wright, Alfred, "Mount Sorrel," Romford 78
Woolley, W. H., "The Limes," Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath. Romford 158
Wright, E. A., The Lodge, Romford 527
Wright S. R., Ditchett, Romford 534

Y.M.C.A., Y.M.C.A. Hut, Hare Hall Camp, Gidea Park. Romford 3
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