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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Saggers, William, Collier Row Lane,
Smith, Alfred Ernest, Oak Cottages
Dyce, James, "Oakdene"
Teden, Mary Sophia Grace, No. 1
Glassock, William, no.3
Hawkins, Henry Morley, No. 5
Digby, Thomas George, No. 7
Gray, Ethel, No. 9
Crossman, Frederick John, No. 11
Pannell, Thomas Ambrose, No. 13
Rendell, Sarah, No. 15
Scarf, Alfred, No. 17
Liddel, Arthur Edward, No. 19
Camping, Clara Ann, No. 21
Campbell, Jos. Lloyd, No. 23
Richardson, Mabel Elizabeth, No. 25
Webb, Ernest Edward, No. 27
Barren, Henry John, No. 29
Healey, Maria, No. 31
Burgess, Walter Elijah, No. 33
Fisher, Charles, No. 35
Parsons, Thomas Edward, No. 37
Hayes, Frank Edwin, No. 39
Emery, Sidney, No. 41
Hoddy, Ethel Gwen, No. 43
Rainbird, William, No. 45
Davis, Ernest, No. 47
Lynch, Henry, No. 49
Roberts, John, No. 51
Burrell, Ellen, No. 53
Newson, John, No. 55
Couzens, Alice, No. 55
Belsham, Fred, No. 57
Davis, George Edward, No. 59
Patience, Henry James, No. 61
Sayer, Edmund Alfred, No. 63
Cope, James, No. 65
Thomson, John, No. 67
Wooler, Henry Walter, No. 71
Golding, Thomas, No. 73
Large, William, No. 73
Fawkes, Oliver Gilbert, No. 75
Nunn, Eliza, No. 77
Carpenter, George, No. 10
Gresty, Charles Roger, No. 18
Forbes, George Sutherland, No. 20
Wright, Arthur Henry, No. 22
Fletcher, Arthur, No. 24
Whipps, George, No. 26
Harding, John Charles, No. 28
Dee, Thomas William, No. 28
Davis, Samuel John, No. 30
Tubbs, John, No. 32
Starr, Arthur Thomas, No. 34
Barrington, Ralph, No. 36
Brewster, William George, No. 38
Clarke, Sidney, No. 40
Ketley, Jonathan, No. 42
Johnson, Herb. Edward, No. 44
North, harold, No. 46
Allen, Mabel May, No. 46
Rich, Charles, No. 48
Hitch, William, No. 50
Adams, Edward, No. 52
Adams, Edward John, No. 52
Pearce, Elizabeth, No. 54
Estlea, Frederick, No. 56
Davies, Henry James, No. 58
Milbank, William George, No. 60
Coomber, Eleanor Sarah, No. 62
Clarke, Philip Caesar, No. 64
Champness, Elijah, No. 64
Everett, Joshua, No. 66
Jarmy, William Francis, No. 68
Collard, Albert Arthur, No. 70
Aldous, William, No. 72
Adams, Annie Kate, Laundry
Hollowbread, William, No. 82
Hollowbread, Heary(?) James, No. 82
Bell, Robert William, No. 84
Clark, Robert Strathdee, No. 86
Staples, Ellen, No. 86
Pfister, Felix George Emile, No. 88
South, Frank Eaton, No. 90
Roper, James, No. 92
Hibbert, Annie, No. 92
Sharpin, Elizabeth, No. 92
Hunter, Mary Ellen, No. 94
Muir, Peter, No. 96
Sharpe, Thomas William, No. 98
Bowtell, Mary Ann, No. 98
Everitt, Sarah Ann, No. 98
Bixby, William Bernard, No. 100
Sayer, Hannah, No. 102
Paul, Howard, No. 104
Harmar, William George, No. 106
Johnson, William Wilson, No. 108
Wordley, Sergeant, No. 110
Hornsby, William, No. 112
Mansfield, Sarah Ann, No. 114
Best, Mary Ann Harriett, No. 114
Burgess, Edward John, No. 116
Cosies, Ernest, No. 118
Brooks, Thomas John, No. 120

Stares, John, No. 1 Spencer Cottages
Sutton, Martha, No. 2 Spencer Cottages
Leonard, Ernest, No. 1
Thomas, William, No. 2
Bennett, Emily Maria, No. 3
Prince, Edward, No. 4
Wood, Frederick Walter, No. 5
Bent, Matthew, No. 6
Smashall, James, No. 7
Jarvis, Harry Jack, No. 8
Sibbons, John, No. 9
Norman, Alfred, No. 10
Holgate, Alfred Stanley, No. 11
Webb, Emily, No. 12
Woskett, Peter, No. 13
Moss, Ernest Willia, o. 15
Hayward, Edward, No. 16
Dawkins, Alfred, No. 17
Harris, John Jesse, No. 18
Butcher, Robert George, No. 19
James, Harry, No. 20
Murphy, William, No. 21
Kemp, Charles Evelyn, No. 22
Perry, Edward Herbert, No. 23
Willson, John William, No. 24
Dawkins, James Robert, No. 25
Collard, Albert, No. 26
Harris, Robert William, No. 27
Lane, Frederick Charles, No. 28
Cooper, Louis John, No. 29
Haywood, Edward, No. 30
Meekings, William, No. 31
Bugbee, Charles William, No. 32
Disney, Mary, No. 33
Matthews, George Walter, No. 34
Culham, James, No. 35
Crisp, Frederick William, No. 8
Andrews, Susan, No. 9
Sherlock, Frances, No. 10
Vale, Robert George, No. 11
Ford, Arthur Beadle, No. 12
Mitchell, William John, No. 35
Matthews, John William, No. 36
Woolley, Thomas No. 37
Hockly, David, No. 38
Webster, Joseph, No. 39
Tyrell, William John, No. 40
Young, Elizabeth, No. 41
Payne, William, No. 42
Wilson, Arthur Alexander, No. 43
Dack, William Walter, No. 44
Lapwood, John, No. 45
Willey, Alfred, Sr., No. 46
Willey, Alfred, Jr., No. 46
Hall, John, No. 47
Thornton, John, No. 48
Smith, James Charles, No. 49
Copsey, William Joseph, No. 50
Mayor, Cecil William, No. 51
Swallow, Jane, No. 52
Swallow, John, No. 53
Ray, Ernest Harry, No. 54

COTTAGE PLACE (Market Place)
Holgate, Peter, No. 1
Ellingworth Elizabeth Ann, No. 2
Ruffell, Barney, No. 3
Burton, Ellen, No. 3
Mollitt, Edwin John, No. 4
Pairtt, George, No. 5
Noble, Mary, No. 5
Lewis, Emma, No. 6
Wooley, George Victor, No. 7

COTTAGE ROW (London Road)
Techner, John, No. 1
Perrin, Louisa, No. 1
Potter, Hepzibah Mary, No. 2
Friend, George Frederick, No. 3
Bellinger, Mary, No. 4
Gardner, Mary, No. 5
Horide, George, No. 6
Judd, Albert, No. 7

Chambers, John, "Homeleigh"
Bird, George Thomas, No. 4
Smith, Robert, No. 12
Green, Leonard Clisk, No. 14
Pope, George Dalton, No. 16
Gooding, Charles Alfred, No. 18
Nicholls, George Matthias, No. 20
Goldstone, Arthur Percy, No. 22
Smith, William Frank, No. 24
Bradly, Reginald Charles, No. 26
Smith, Phillip Thomas, No. 28
Wilkes, William Robert, No. 30
Spooner, John Edward, No. 32
Hawkins, Romeo, No. 34
Spooner, George, No. 36
Spooner, John Calder, No. 38
Poulton, William Frederick, No. 40
Le Maitre, Samuel, No. 42
Suffolk, William Henry, No. 44
Webb, George Henry, No. 46
Batchelor, Alexander Ernest, No. 48
Weymouth, George Guy, No. 50
Miller, Sarah Theresa, No. 52
Castor, Walter Herbert, No. 54
Biggs, Alfred James, No. 56
Page, Thomas John, No. 58
Owen, Thomas, No. 60
Heaven, Minnie Louise, No. 62
Shaw, George William, No. 64
Godfrey, John, No. 7
Heaven, Emma, No. 9
Maddocks, John Arthur, No. 11
Spooner, Edgar Percy, No. 13
Booty, Ernest George, No. 15
Potter, William, No. 17
Milbourne, William George, No. 23
Wenn, Arthur Ernest, No. 25
Spooner, Robert, No. 27
Bunn, Charles, No. 29
Williamson, Charles William, No. 43
Harrington, Edward Stafford, No. 45
Hills, James Chandler, No. 47
Sanders, Henry George, No. 49
Cullen, William, No. 51
Holby, Henry James, No. 53
Beale, Albert, No. 55
Lichfold, John, No. 55
Parkinson, Frederick B., No. 61
Moore, William James Percy, No. 63

CROSS ROAD (Mawneys)
Hopwood, William Henry, Uxbridge Villa
Dorrington, William Jane, Cottage
Want, James, Cottage
Weatherall, Frederick William, "Pentile"
Hurley, William Henry, Hope Villa
Boreham, Walter William, Maud Villas
Bayfield, George William, "Primrose"
Taylor, Edward Prior, No. 2 Lilian Villa
Jewell, Walter David, Oak Villa
Smith, George Henry, Tower Cottage
Clark, Arthur, Nursery
Myhill, George, Nursery
Sanders, William
Crisp, Alfred Stephen, "Nell Gwyne"
Ashton, Arthur

Despointes, Albert Lionel, Fellbrigg Cottage
Small, Frederick William, "Budleigh"
Softly, William George, "Redcliffe"
Mumford, Edw., "Chatton"
Alt, George, "Moyns"
Reid, Thomas, "Dalchcana"
Watling, Elizabeth Ann, Oak Cottage
Sabine, Edwin Joseph, "Arden"
Speechly, Courtency Charles, "Oakwood"
Farrow, Edward Frederick, "Herbernia"
Mascall, John Glover, "Mount Tetchet"
Jessamy, Frederick, Elm Cottage
Biggs, William John Henry, "Brendon"
Copeland, Edith Sarah, The Cottage
Dawson, Ellen, The Cottage
Cook, Charles Alfred, "Savernake"
Nisbet, Jane, "Malvern"
Langdale Herbert, "Stanhope"
Berridge, George, "Hillcrest"

Bixley, David "Crowlands"
Sarling, George, No. 1 Crowlands Cottages
Hardy, Henry Alfred, No. 2 Crowlands Cottages
Mason, Frederick, Land
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