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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Foulsham, Robert, No. 1
Marks, Marionne, No. 3 (as is)
Thimbleby, Agnes, No. 3
Hancock, Edward Charles, No. 5
Jeffrey, William Nelson, No. 5
Moss, George Henry, No. 7
Moss, Joseph Ebenezer, No. 9
Hollingsworth, Richard, No. 15
Cooper, Walter Charles, No. 17
Halstead, Francis, John, No. 19 (as is)
Pouter, William, No. 21
Vale, William, No. 23
Cook, Alfred William, No. 25
Carter, John, No. 25
Cox, William John, No. 27
Kittle, Lily, No. 29
Cornell, Alfred, No. 31
Wheatley, William Edward, No. 41
Nixon, Herbert, No. 41
Flack, John William, No. 43
Mann, John William, No. 45
Kittle, Frank Henry, No. 47
Bush, Charles, No. 49
Chipperfield, William, No. 71
Hanson, Dick, No. 73
Smith, Ernest Hugh, No. 75
Fletcher, Walter, No. 77
Dearman, George, No. 79
Miller, Samuel Overton, No. 81
Parker, Arthur Horace, "Glenholme"
Goodwin, Alfred Thomas, "Speedwell"
LeDieu, George Ernest, "Syringa"
Mason, William Montague, Norman Villa
Clark, Philip Henry, "Clifford"
Steel, William John, "Staverdale"
Gale, William Philip, "Meadow Croft"
Gale, Fanny Anne, No. 52
Blowers, George, No. 50
Sherlock, James, No. 48
Payne, Kate, No. 46
Hall, Frederick, No. 44
Charles, William, No. 40
Palmer, James, No. 20
Pattenden, Arthur Boorer, No. 18 (as is)
Dove, Thomas Jesse, No. 16
Oliver, James Henry, No. 14
Gilbert, James John, No. 12
Butler, Douglas Grey, No. 10
Richardson, William Charles, No. 8
Yull, Albert Edw., No. 6
Rowbury, May, No. 6
Winter, Nathan John, No. 4
Coulson, Frederick, No. 2

Parker, Ernest, No. 2
Cooper, Edward, No. 4
Bysouth, Charles John James, No. 6
Barker, John Henry, No. 8
Yeldham, William, No. 10
Smith, Ebenezer, No. 12
Emery, Ingram, No. 14
Bishop, George, No. 16
Ainsworth, Arthur William, No. 18
Fox, George, No. 80
Fisk, George Edw., No. 22
Birdseye, Ernest Victor, No. 24
White, William Henry, No. 30
Littlechild, William, No. 32
Rathmann, Louise, No. 34
Blindell, William, No. 36
Vale, Afred John, No. 38
Rondeau, George Samuel, No. 40
Warman, Frederick, No. 42
Buggs, William, No. 44
Walford, William, No. 46
Garrad, Frederick Edw., No. 48
Luck, Henry Edw., No. 50
Thomsen, Peter, No. 52
Young, Sidney Arthur, No. 54
Twyford, Thomas Waters, No. 56
Cook, John, No. 58
Day, Mary Victoria, No. 58
Calvert, Lucy, No. 60
Gentry, Edith, No. 62
White, John William, No. 64
White, Thomas, No. 66
Bell, Henry David, No. 68
White, Joseph, No. 70
White, Joseph, Rose Nurseries
Bradshaw, Albert Mayfield, No. 5
Rea, George Alfred, No. 7

Sreeves, William George, No. 9 (as is)
Bradley, William, No. 11
Edwards, Ellen Rosetta, No. 13
Hammond, Marianne, No. 15
Phillips, Daniel, No. 17

Sibthrop, Joseph, Park Lodge
Craig, James Andrew, "Tredinack"
Shirley, William, "Highlands"
De Ste. Croix, Gautur William Betram, "Kingswood"
May, William David
Hammond, John George, "Firs"
Paxton, James, Golf Lodge
Haverson, Arthur Charles Chappell, "Yverdon"
Reynolds, John, No. 1 Rose Cottages
Theobald, William David, No. 2 Rose Cottages
Sparrow, Annie, No. 3 Rose Cottages
Woodley, George Edward, "The Unicorn"
Fox, Ernest Alfred James, The Ship Cottages
Deibel, John Adam Charles, "The Ship"
Crook, Arthur, Shop
Cutler, William John, No. 1 Winmills Cottages
Perry, Harry John, No. 2 Winmills Cottages
Bridges, Walter George, No. 3 Winmills Cottages
Cooke, John Frederick Edwin, Nos. 5-6 Winmills Cottages
Finch, Herbert, No. 1 Smith's Cottages
Peatfield, Leonard, No. 2 Smith's Cottages
Willis, James, No. 3 Smith's Cottages
Bishop, Sidney Hubert, "Orthey"
Creasey, Harold, Romford Lodge
Cornell, Arthur
Harrold, Edward
Dobson, Fred Mortimer, Adelaide Cottage
Fry, Mary Ann
Edge, John, "Park Villa"
Rich, George James, "Plumpton"
Skilton, William Grant, Repton Cottage
Crew, William, Shop
Kingerley, Henry George, Shop
Trebeck, Gertrude Eliza, Shop
Peter, William James, No. 1 Meech Cottages
Moore, Kathleen Maud, No. 2 Meech Cottages
Adams, Alfred William, No. 1 Meadowcroft Cottages
Dowsett, William, No. 2 Meadowcroft Cottages
Holland, Robert, No. 3 Meadowcroft Cottages
Cooper, David, No. 2 Gage Cottages
Ratford, Walter Charles, No. 3 Gage Cottages
Miller, George, "St. Athens"
Mead, Edward, "Chestants"
Stevens, Emma, Nos. 1 and 2 Tibbs Cottages

Gledhill, Albert Edward
Parkinson, James Edward, School
Wheeler, Ernest Bostock
Harrill, Henry Albert

Snape, James, Parkside Hotel
Brown, Annie Jane, East House
Rudkins, John Bernhard
Lloyd, Ephraim Charles, "Hazelhurst"
Guymer, Robert Walter Robie, "Ivydene"
Coupe, Geoffrey, "Hainault"
Stevens, Jane Eliza, "Hainault"
Page, Ernest John, "Charleroi"
Adams Stephen Hamblyn, No. 1 Thorpe Villa (as is)
Adams, Frederick, No. 2 Thorpe Villa
French, Albert Valentine, No. 1 Millicent Villa
Sheward, Arthur Roe, No. 1 Reginald Villa
Brightwell, Walter, No. 2 Reginald Villa
Holden, Charles. Alfred, "Runnymead" (as is)
Bassett, William Walter, "Windermere"
White, Samuel, The Cottage
Newman, James, No. 1 Woodville Cottage
Adams, George, No. 2, Woodville Cottage
Moore, William Robert, Keston House
Bucknall, Elizabeth Eunice, Norfolk Villa
Smith, Thomas Dryden, No. 1 Ivy Villa
Bentley, Laurence, No. 2 Ivy Villa
Gozzard, James, No. 1 Oak Villa
Kemp, Charles, No. 2 Oak Villa
Hobday, Emily, Southfield
Roughton, George Frederick, No. 1 Parkview Villa
Jory, Arbina Grey, No. 2 Parkview Villa
Haydon-Bacon, Percy Charles, "Priests"
Oliver, Henry George, Priests Lodge
Peacock, James, Hill Foot Farm
Bradbrook, Arthur, Nos. 2-3 Lowlands
Vale, James, Glebe Cottage
Rich, Alfred, Land
Patrick, Alfred John
Tyler, William
Rider, Joseph Benjamin, "The Oaks"
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