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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Porter, James Meads, No. 34
Sturgess, John James,No. 36
Haskell, Bernard William, No. 38
Bowers, William, No. 40
Shea, Henry Anthony, No. 42
Turner, John, No. 44
Bridger, George, No. 46
Ing, William Henry, No. 98
Sibthorpe, William James, No. 96
Harvey, James Burles, No. 94
Cross, Edward James, No. 92
Gooding, Charles, No. 90
Amos, Thomas George, No. 88
Davis, Edward, No. 86
Vaughan, Ann, No. 84
Dawson, Ann Clarke, No. 82
Hall, Frederick Richard, No. 80
Wyman, Joseph William, No. 78
Chilvers, Eliza Jane, No. 76
Pharoah, Herbert Alfred, No. 74
Webb, George Ernest, No. 32
Sheffield, Edgar Rhudolph, No. 30 (as is)
Dixon, Edward Albert, No. 28
Rose, Emily Elizabeth, No. 28
Hennegan, John, No. 26
Payne, Alfred Anthony, No.24
Rankin, Harry, No. 22
Wileman, Edwin Grist, No. 20
Parmenter, Henry Charles, No. 20
Hayward, Walter, No. 18
Nicholls, Arthur Ernest, No. 16
Parfitt, William, No. 14
Cooper, James Mark, No. 12
Arrow, James, No. 10
Hilton, James, Off Licence
Kettendge, William Henry, No. 15
Wilson, Thomas William, No. 17
Askew, Alfred James, No. 21
Bibbing, Thomas, No. 23
Judd, Harry Thomas, No. 25
Leach, John Austin, No. 27
Hartley, Percival, No. 29
Runacres, George Samuel, No. 31
Edgley, John Clarke, No. 33
Dye, Albert Edward, No. 37
Chapman, James, No. 41
Wedge, James, No. 43
Wedge, William, No. 43
Clayden, Charles Thomas, No. 45
Batley, Thomas, No. 47
Stringer, William John, No. 49
White, Henry, No. 91
Carman, Herbert William, No. 95
Ball, Charles Henry, No. 97
Wiseman, Walter John, No. 99
Abbott, George, No. 101
Part, Charles, No. 103
Cauldier, Carlette, No. 105
Allsop, Robert Peter, No. 107
Beach, Albert William, No. 109
Blane, Edward, No. 111
Scanlan, Hannah, No. 113
Harding, John Louis, No. 129a
Nichollas, William George, No. 129b
Hardcastle, George, No. 131a
Heath, Frederick, No. 133a
Port, Alice, No. 133b
Wilson, Albert Edward, No. 135a
Savage, William, No. 135b
Clarke, Ellen
Richardson, Henry
Outten, Joseph
Richardson, Emma
Colyer, Herbert Ernest
Wells, Samuel William, "Highfields"
Tyler, Charles William, "Field Cottage"
Jennings, Samuel, Gordon Farm

Cundell, John, No. 1
Culling, William James, No. 3
Wilson, Charles Ackrill, No. 5
Mackay, Ernest Percival, No. 7
West, George, No. 17 (as is)

Davis, Samuel, No. 1 Mawney Villas
Whayman, Ernest Edw., No. 2 Mawney Villas
Hicks, Henry, "Coniston"
Willis, Charles Reeves, "Fairview"
Joysey, Emma Arabella, "Fairview"
Porritt, William John Denham, Alpine Villa
Somerville, Richard Newman, Holly House
Watson, Alexander Strachan, Holly House
Axon, Arthur, Ivy House
Castle, John Edw., Ivy House
Parish, Alfred, "Morville"
Hards, William, "Sandyford"
Hutchens, Ellen Emily, "Sandyford"
Green, Henry Charles, The Baths
Mason, Henry, Ely House
Brock, Herbert Norman, Blouse Factory
Knowles, Edwin James, Shelton House
Todd, Daniel Hewitt, "Brokenhurst"
Bower, William Morris, "Kenmore"
Sheward, John Clark, "Darenth"
Ephgrave, Frank Percival, Matlock House
Small, Thomas Henry, Halstead House
Bassett, John "Fernleigh"
Strange, William "Christiana"
Goodwin, Frederick, "Rosina"
Pratt, Reginald Robert, "Roseneath"
Parker, Herbert Samuel, "Homestead"
Chandler, Mark, "Beechcroft"
Ashby, Francis William, "Belmont"
Orford, Charles Richard, "Dingle Dell"
Lilley, Albert, "Nieuport"
Holliday, John Richard, "Muirfield"
Frazer, Frederick Thomas, "Trefusis"
Sawyer, William, Stafford House
Briscomb, Edward Albany, "Mascot"
Corner, Alice Ashton, No. 8
Richardson, George, Nos. 10-12
Maslen, Henry, No. 14
Barrow, William, No. 16
Coates, Frederick Thomas, Nos. 18-20
Chambers, George Charles, No. 22
Stevens, William, No. 24
Dowsing, James Everett, No. 26
Dowsing, Edgar, No. 26
Smith, Reginald Harold, No. 28
Gross, Charles, No. 30
Kneen, Ernest Gilbert, Rev., No. 32
Ryan, Mary Clair, No. 34
Ryan, Kathleen Mary Joseph, No. 34 (as is)
Everard, Frank Joseph, No. 36
Parbery, Thomas, No. 38
Bailey, George Randall, No. 40
Wyatt, Arthur John, Tower House
Clarke, Richard, "Mawney's Arms"
Jones, Walter Francis, No. 2 Montrose Villas
Lawes, Edgar James, "Albertville"
Davey, Alfred Thomas
Marden, Howard, Elizabeth Villa
Ridewood, Charles Albert, "Empress"
Beck, Edward, "Ingleside"
Burrell, Llewellyn, "Allandale"
Nichols, George Frederick, Bure Cot (as is)
Lotcho, Isaac Henry, "Belaugh"
Knight, Charles John Henry, Widford Lodge
Reid, Irvine, "Laurels"
Hitch, Osmond Frank, Haydon House
Rustling, Edmund, Rev., "Holgan"
Fern, Henry Augustus, "Fernside"
Morris, Alfred Ernest, "Soham"
O'Brien, James, "St. David's"
Taylor, Peter John
Mauldice, Herbert Henry, "Melford"
Tuff, Arthur Robert, Stort House
Griggs, Harry Hammond, "St. Leonards"
Griggs, Herbert Norman, "St. Leonards"
Ball, Arthur, "St. Margaret's"
Logue, Arthur, "Waverley"
Prior, Henry, Myrtle House
Key, Percy John, "Callington"
Ashton, Albert William, "St. Bernard"
Oliver, Benjamin, "Claremont"
Walters, Arthur, "Beeches"
Long, George, Thelma House
Taylor, John Burton, Tilston House
Walford, Theodore, "Lilleshall"
Dumbreck, Alexander Lister, "Poplars"
Worrell, Henry, "Hawthorns"
Pratchett, Thomas Edward, "The Limes"
Archer, Thomas, Cottage
Carstairs, James Robert, No.1 Adelaide Terrace
Barton, Frederick John, No. 2 Adelaide Terrace
Launder, Walter Henry, No. 3 Adelaide Terrace
Cockerton, Charles, No. 4 Adelaide Terrace
Jones, Grace Mary, 4 Adelaide Terrace
Braybrook, Frederick, No. 5 Adelaide Terrace
Brennan, James, No. 6 Adelaide Terrace
Jones, Henry Thomas, Longfleet House
Carr, Edward Ralph, "River Cottage"
Pool, Herbert Frederick
Bodell, William Edward
Wyatt, Albert Edw., "Fermain"
Bousefield, Harold, "Thetford"
Friend, George William, "Branksome"
Thompson, Horace, A. N., "Mutley"
Godfrey, Charles Smith, "Cummis Coy" (as is)
Martin, Herbert Edward, "Bacton"
Maynard, Henry Samuel, "Sunnyside"
Lloyd, Lydia Jane
Puttman, Arthur William
Lloyd, George
Moore, Ernest Frederick, "The Bungalow"
Brett, Eliza Jane, "Homeland"
Kohring, Walter
Walker, Alfred
Windett, Horace Walter
Bucksey, James Richard, "Grasmere"
James, Richard John, "Inislioge"
Chivers, Thomas Stanley, "Rostrevor"
Sussams, William Charles, "Glengariff"
Ives, Charles Henry, "Westwood"
Vernall, William George
Charlton, Arthur Stanley, "Mayville"
Mayhew, Edwin Barfield, "Wroxham"
Lancaster, Thomas Edgar, "Speranza"
Jackson, Herbert Thomas, No. 2 Coming Terrace
Wilson, Albert Henry, No. 1 Coming Terrace
Couple, Frederic William, "Yarside"
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