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The History of Romford in the Essex, East of London.

The Romford War memorial (Reverse face)

The original transcriptions of those whom perished in the first world war are engraved on the faces of the obelisk structure. There are three faces of the monument that can be seen -  here is the Reverse face. The listing has been transcribed as can be seen further down the page.

Romford War Memorial - Reverse face 

Romford War Memorial listing of those who died in the first world war - from Romford

A J Harper
J E Harrington
J Hasler
C Hawkins
W Hawkins
F Haynes
W T Hearn
A Hillbourne
A Hills
H C Hills
H Hiltom
H P Hitch
C E Holby
R Hollick
T C Holmes
W J Horsman
J A J Horsnail
S T Hotsom
T L Howe
W J Howe
E W Hoy
R L Hughes
F J Humphreys
G Isbell
F G Jackson
C Jennings
C Johnson
A E Jones
H E Jones
H Kelly
J F Kewley
A King
E King
J F Kiy
A Knight
P Kronenberger
C W Lambert
F J Langstone
H W Langstone
W B Lasham
D J Laundy
E W Laundy
S J Laundy
A F Lazell
W H Leach
M Leggat
W Leggatt
T Letton
C Lewis
C Linsell
H Linsell
F J Linsell
F Locke
W Lovegrove
A A Lynch
B T Major
H Marden
P J Marden
A E Marsh
A T Matthews
S T Matthews
H W Mawer
A Mayes
F W Meekings
F A Meggy
W Meloy
A V Metson
S Mitchell
J Milbourne
F W Miller
S A Millett
A F Milton
A R Moore
K W J Moore
T W Moss
J C Mullett
R G Murphy
W R New
A V Newlin
F Norman
E Nunn
W J Nunn
C F Osman
S E Ottley
W E Owen
H Palmer
J R Palmer
S D Parker
A F Partridge
H Pasfield
J Pasfield
W Pasfield
A Pasterfield
H A Patience
J E Payne
G Peacock
F Pead
G Pead
C W Pegrum
C W Perry
R H Perry
R J Perry
S R J Perry
W Perry
B J Pewter
A J Pharoah
C E Phillips
J B Phillips
W H Phillips
F J Pond
F Ponder
H S Poole
C Pope
C J Popplewell
C G Porter
C H Porter
J Potter
D W Prentice

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