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The History of Romford in the Essex, East of London.

The Romford War memorial (Right Base Panel)

The Romford war Memorial exists in the Main Road, Romford, near to the Town Hall. It appears to have been updated in 1996 to list all civilians and members of H M Forces whom perished in the second world war, these are engraved around the base of the monument. The placard at the base states :

"The panels recording the names of the Townspeople of Romford who gave their lives in the Second World War were added to this War Memorial on 10 November, 1996. These names are also recorded on panels at Romford War Memorial Old Folks' Club, 21a Eastern Road, Romford."

Here is the Right Base Panel:

War Memorial Right Base Panel 

Romford War Memorial listing those who died in the second world war, both civilians and members of H M Forces - from Romford

Civilians :

Limehouse Barbara (5 Yrs)
Limehouse Beryl (11 Yrs)
Limehouse Edwin (10 Yrs)
Limehouse E (snr)
Limehouse Maud
Little A
Little Susannah
Mayes Donald A W (4 Yrs)
Mayes Edith E R
Mayes John (2 Yrs)
Minter Arthur H (10 Yrs)
Mitchell betty (16 Yrs)
Mitchell Lilian
Moorhouse Alexander
Norris A
Pearson W J
Plummer Catherine
Plummer Elsie
Plummer H
Pollard J R
Quincey David R (1 Yr)
Quincey Violetta K
Ratcliffe P
Reeks Rhoda A
Reeks Rosina R (9 Yrs)
Ridington Leslie W (10 Mths)
Roberts J E
Rycraft G B
Rycraft Kathleen M
Rycraft Peter B (15 Yrs)
Rycraft W G
Sargeant Eileen (10 Yrs)
Sargeant Emily
Sargeant G W
Sellen annie
Sharp Alice E
Simmons Elizabeth
Smith Ada
Smith Ann P (2 Yrs)
Stevens Frederick (5 Yrs)
Thomas E H
Tizzard Alice
Tracey Josephine
Tracey Margaret
Trimnell W A
Tubby C
Turner S G
Vango P A
Walker W
Wallace Queenie
Walling Carol (2 Yrs)
Walling May E
Warren J W
Warren Sarah E
Wembridge Edith
West Barbara A (14 Yrs)
West David H (7 Yrs)
West John L (10 Yrs)
White Alice M
Whiteman Lily E
Wilson Joyce (7 Yrs)
Wilson Roy S (5 Yrs)
Wilson T S
Wilson Winifred
Wood Doris H
Wood H
Wood J
Wood R

H M Forces

Fuller R A
Gardiner W C
Gardner S
Garnham L H
Garnham P W
Gatfield D H
Gay K
Gazley E F
Gilbey V
Goodman F H
Goodwin F S
Gordon D L
Gough A E
Gould R
Gover S W
Green L G
Hall E A C
Hanson R W D
Hargreaves R
Harris V
Harwood G V
Heather J R
Henderson A H
Hobrow W F
Holland A D J
Holland E
Hopton W L
Howe E F
Hunt W J
Ide G E
Illingworth P B
Isaac N
James E
Johnson G E
Jones H
Jones R S
Jupp A C
Kemp D J A
Kent S G L
Key D W
Kohring G L
Lane L C A
Leach A G
Levey C
Levey J
Lewis A
Line C H
Lintott H G
Lockyer C C
Lumley D W
Lumm J W
Markin S O
Marshall R E
Martin O
Mason D W
Maxwell H B
May A W
McSwiney J N
McTurk D
Mellers P T
Metcalf A
Millard E J
Mizon K J
Molyneux D
Moreland T
Morrissey M J
Mullett W G
Mulock E W
Newman R H
Norton G C
Nunn G E
O'Dowd P C
Oliver R D
Outten T C
Owen G W
Parker R J
Parrish J G
Pascall K M
Paul K A
Pavey D L
Payne R G
Peacock D I
Perrott A L S
Perry A F
Pidington S J
Pocock R S
Porter F E
Potter H H
Radcliffe E
Rands J H
Read A
Reid A W F
Reynolds M C
Richardson A
Rider A R
Ridgewell P A

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