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Stratford 1839 Pigots Directory

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Stratford, West Ham, Plaistow and neighbourhoods

Trades People  - Builders to Curriers

Bantock John, Broadway
Curtis and Son, Broadway, and at Barking and West Ham
Fisher John H & Son, High Street
Fisher John Holwill, Plaistow
Rivett Jas, Chapel Street & at west ham
Woodcock John, High Street

Bright Edward, Plaistow
Butcher Robert, High Street
Ferguson William, Chapel Street
Gee Joseph, Broadway
Gee William, Broadway
Gibling william, West ham
Herbert William, Waterworks Row
Hurley Abraham, High Street
Lowe Thomas, East Street
May abraham, Broadway
Mee Samuel, Waterworks Row
Pipe John, Prospect Place, West Ham
Robinson William, Broadway
Shipston Francis, Broadway
Vause Robert, Plaistow

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers
Hawkins John, Broadway
Maddison Cahrles, Broadway
Martin Frederick, Stratford Grove

Carpenters & Undertakers
Bantock John, Bromley
Dalby James, West Ham
Devenish, Plaistow
Dowsett __, Plaistow
Dyer John, West Ham
Dyer Thos ( & Turner), Prospect Place, West ham
Fisher John H and Son, High Street
Gosling John, Waterworks Row
Mitchell James, High Street
Rivett James, Chapel Street & at West Ham
Tovey John, High Street
Turner Richard, Plaistow
Underwood William, East Street
Wenham William, High Street

(See also Grocers and Tea Dealers)
Avery Thomas, High Street
Barnard James, Broadway
Batley Joseph, High Street
Hudson Anthony, High Street
Moore Thomas, Broadway
Prime Benjamin, Broadway
Rowlay John, Broadway
Wilson Henry and Co, Broadway

China, Glass Etc Dealers
Churchland Edward, Broadway
Hatherill elizabeth, Broadway
Maguire William, Broadway
Newton William, High Street

Chemists and Druggists
Huxley John Holden (operative dispensing), High Street
Kennedy Angus, Broadway
Moss Joseph, Broadway
Nicholson Samuel, High Street
Rees Joseph, Broadway
Scatton Samuel, Plaistow
Chemists - Manufacturing
Boughlinval & Nyren, Marshgate Lane
Crane Henry Samuel, and at Tom's Coffee House, Cornhill, London
Howard, Gibson & Co
Neuman John Paul, High Street
Pitchford John & Co

Clothes Dealers
Donnithorn William, High Street
Ife John, Plaistow
Levy Hyman, Allens Buildings, Broadway
Stepto James, High Street
Williams david, West Ham Lane
Worley Charles, High Street

Coach Builders
Farrant and Son, High Street
Gowar Stephen and James H (and harness makers), Broadway
Hancock Walter (steam), High Street

Coach Proprietors
Bish Henry Stratford
Covell Samuel, plaistow
Crump George, West ham lane
Hancock Walter, High Street
Neale William henry, Langthorne Place

Coal Dealers
Carter James, West Ham Lane
Grant Christopher, High Street
Staines Samuel, High Street
Woodland Benjamin, Plaistow

Coal Merchants
Bigg Thomas, Maryland Point
Burling James, High Street
Gibson John Ralph, High Street
Meeson Thomas and Richard, near Bow Bridge
Tanner Charles William, Stratford Wharf, High Street

Colour & Varnish Manufacturers
Harrison, Layman & Co (& patent ink and blacking manufacturers), Stratford; color works, near Bow Bridge, London
Hopcraft Robert (colour), Stratford

Confectioners & Pastry Cooks
Barer John, Broadway
Brickell Elias, High Street
Volckman John & Sons (wholesale), High Street

Burton John, Broadway & West Ham
Franks Edward, High Street
Siveyer JOhn, West Ham Lane

Corn Dealers
Clark William, High Street
Coleby William, High Street
Dee William, Broadway
Gentry John, Broadway
Gwalter Richard, Plaistow
Mayhew Philip, Plaistow
Moss Francis, High Street
Pain Oliver, Broadway
Surry Timothy, Plaistow
Tanner Charles, Broadway
Tanner Charles William, Stratford Wharf, High Street
Woodland Benjamin, West ham

Curriers and Leather Cutters
Crossley Jonas, High Street
Jones Charles (and grindery warehouse), High Street
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