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Stratford 1839 Pigots Directory

Stratford History index


Stratford, West Ham, Plaistow and neighbourhoods

Trades People  - Marine Store Dealers to Surgeons

Marine Store Dealers
Coster John, Ham Lane
Laney William, Frances Street, Maryland Point
Lifford daniel, West Ham Lane
Smith John, near Bow Bridge
Williams William, High Street

Cooper Jno, Abbey Mills, West Ham
Leeder James, Stratford, and at Exning, Suffolk
Sadler William, Pigeon Mills, Stratford Green

Milliners & Dress Makers
Allen Francis, Chapel Street
Asals Emma, High Street
Baker Sarah, High Street
Beck Harriet, Waterworks Row
Burford Catherine, High Street
Craddock Eliza, Broadway
Emblem Elizabeth, High Street
Fisher Mary, Maryland Point
Hudson Sarah, West Ham
Kirkham Eliza, High Street
McCormick Henrietta, Broadway
Maguire Hannah, Broadway
Nuttman Phoebe, Chapel Street
Pritchard Sarah, West Ham Lane
Read Anne, West Ham Lane
Russell Frances, Angel Lane
Wildey jane, Langthorne Place
Willis Anne, Broadway
Wing Mary Anne, Alens Buildings, Broadway

Nurserymen etc
Bigg William, West ham
Bunney George Hockley, Maryland Point
Garvie William, Maryland Point
Hill Peter, West Ham
McPherson Robert & Son, Plaistow

Oil & Colourmen
Cruxford Arthur, 12 & 13 Upton Place
Dalton John, High Street
West Thomas, Broadway

Plumbers, Painters & Glaziers
Gilson Henry, Prospect Place, West Ham
Gore William, Broadway
Greaves Robert, Broadway
Hepworth Thomas, High Street
Johnson Edward, High Street
Maywood Johannah, Plaistow
Perfect Huntley, Plaistow
Wilson John, High Street
Woodland Benjamin, West Ham

Poulterers and Pork Butchers
Knight henry, High Street
Knight John, West Ham Lane
Knight William, High Street
Nichols Henry, Broadway
Thornton James, Broadway

Saddlers and Harness Makers
Moase James, High Street
Palmer William, High Street
Sayer John, High Street
Scutt John, High Street
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & sundries
Akhurst Harriet, Church Street, West Ham
Allen Jno, Frances Street, Maryland Point
Allen Mary, Frances Street, Maryland Point
Bailey Jonathan, West Ham Lane
Barclay Elizabeth, West Ham
Bone Jane, High Street
Cable Thomas, Plaistow
Clements Anne, High Street
Cox Anthony, Farringdon Place
Ford John, West Street
Golding George, Marsh
Goodrich Thomas, South Street
Hand James, West Ham
Hawes Henry, High Street
Hayward Charles, High Street
Hope Sarah, Maryland Point
Jarvis John, Farringdon Place
Keymer Mary Annm Farringdon Place
Marrion Thomas, West Ham
Morris Thomas, West Ham
Osborn John, Angel Lane
Palmer Joseph, West Ham Abbey
Penn John, Stratford Green
Perkins George, New Street
Phripp Stephen, Chapel Street
Purser Henry, Plaistow
Rand John, Prospect Place, West Ham
Robinson Henry, Broadway
Sharples John, Prospect Place, West Ham
Taylor Richard, West Ham
Walls Anne, South Street
Weeham Elizabeth, Maryland Point
Wiseman Wm Cornelius, High Street
Wisker Wm, Prospect Place, West Ham
Wort Jane, Plaistow
Yoe Henry, Plaistow
Yoe John, Plaistow

Silk & Calico printers
Brown & sedgwick (silk), Stratford
Burford David and Ephraim (calico), Print Grounds
Tucker John (silk), West ham Abbey and 10 Trump Street, London

Catley, Cullum & Catley, Meesons Lime Wharf, Stratford
Palmer William, High Street
Pratt George, High Street

Smiths & Farriers
Beckwith William, High Street
Bish Henry, High Street
Clift James (& whitsmith), Maryland Point
Easton Thomas, High Street
Mace George, West Ham
Moss James, Plaistow
Reeves William, West Ham
Smith George, Langthorne Place

Stay & Corset Makers
McCormick Henrietta, Broadway
Maythorn and Clapton, High Street
Togers Jane, High Street
Willis Anne, Broadway

Beale John Evans, Plaistow
Kennedy Angus, Broadway
Maiden and Elliot, Stratford Green
Staines Richard, Stratford Grove
Vallance James Thomas, Broadway
Vincent Edward, Stratford Green
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