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Stratford 1855 Post Office Directory

History of Stratford in 1855

Stratford History index

Commercial Traders

Alexander Frederick John, surgeon, Grove Terrace
Alexander Horace, architect & surveyor, Rokeby House, Broadway
Anderson Robert, assistant overseer & vestry clerk, Rokeby House, Broadway
Ashdown Charles, poor rate collector & registrar of marriages, Rokeby House, Broadway
Astley Peter Hyde, tailor, Broadway
Atkin Charles, beer retailer, Forest gate
Ault Henry, boarding school for gentlemen, Grove House, Forest Lane
Austin Thomas, upholsterer, High Street
Avery Thomas, straw hat maker, Broadway
Baber Charles, master of National school, James Place, High Street
Backler George, boot & shoe maker, 1 Dorset Place, Stratford New Town
Bailey Joseph, boot & shoe maker, Broadway
Baker Thomas, butcher, Forest Gate
Barber John, cook & Confectioner, Broadway
Barker Joseph, paperhanger, Broadway
Barnes John, cheesemonger, Broadway
Barsham William James & Co, patent emery & glass cloth & black lead manufacturers; & at 34 Threadneedle Street, City
Bates Charles, beer retailer, High Street
Bates George, straw bonnet maker, Broadway
Battley Joseph, grocer, Essex Place, High Street
Bayley John, basket maker, High Street
Beckwith George, plumber & gasfitter, High Street
Beckwith William, farrier & veterinary surgeon, Bow Bridge
Beecham William, marine store dealer, Waddington Place
Beger John David, Castle Inn & livery stables, Angel Lane
Bell & Black, wax vesta camphorated patent Congreve
manufactuirers; & at 15 Bow Lane, Cheapside
Benbrook Charles John, beer retailer, High Street
Benham Henry, carman, High Street
Biddle George, tailor, High Street
Bigg Thomas, Cart & Horses
Bigg William, market gardener, Forest Lane
Biggs William, cutler & tool maker, Broadway
Billings Benjamin, beer retailer, Broadway
Bird Joseph John, Harrow
Bish George, smith & engineer
Bish Henry, smith & farrier, Chapel Street
Blake Joseph, Angel Inn, Broadway
Blinkhorn Thomas, herbalist, 2 Essex Place, High Street
Bloomfield Mary (Mrs), beer retailer, Broadway
Bone William, farmer, Forest Gate
Boyce Charles, furniture broker, rag & phial dealer, 21 Turnpike Road, High Street & Albert Place
Brand John, boot & shoe maker, 12 Waddington Place, Stratford New Town
Bressey John, pawnbroker, High Street
Briggs & Garford, seed crushers
Brooks George, butcher, High Street
Bugg William, Two Brewers
Bullock Thomas, baker & corn chandler
Bunney George Hockley, nursery seedsman & florist, Maryland Point; & Bedford conservatories, Covent Garden
Burford Ephraim & Son, stocking & glove dyers, Printing grounds
Burford T, linen draper, silk mercer etc, 17, 18 & 19 Broadway
Burling George, coal & timber merchant, St Michaels Wharf
Burton James William, corn chandler, agent to the Sovereign
life assurance company, Broadway
Burton John, cooper & basket maker, Broadway
Burton Martha (Miss), stationer & toy dealer, Broadway
Burton William, farmer, Charlton Place
Butler William, corn chandler, High Street
Carpenter William, miller, St Thomasís Mills
Carr James, cheesemonger, Broadway
Carr William, dyer, Bridge Road
Carter William & Co, coppersmiths & brassfounders
Carter Joshua, fly proprietor, Angel lane
Catchpole James, Three Pigeons, Stratford Green
Clark William, corn & coal merchant
Clay Thomas Frederick, surgeon, High Street
Cleghorn Elizabeth (Mrs), leather seller, High Street
Close John, baker & confectioner, agent to the Times life assurance & guarantee company, High Street
Cobb William Simms, Railway Tavern
Coleby William, corn chandler, High Street
Collins James, tailor, Broadway
Combs George, master of boys British school, Little North Street
Coolbear James Thomas, beer retailer, Stratford New Town
Cooper Eliza, shopkeeper, Buxton Terrace,  Stratford New Town
Cooper John, miller, Abbey Mills
Copeland Sophia (Mrs), pork butcher, 6 William Street, Angel lane
Cossington John, lighterman
Cowland Joseph, Yorkshire Grey, High Street
Cox Henry, grocer & cheesemonger, High Street
Craddock george, wood turner, undertaker & sexton, Surinam Terrace
Craddock James, tobacconist & agent to the National freehold land society, Broadway
Craddock John, hair dresser, Broadway
Craddock William Edward, tailor, Broadway
Crane James, furniture broker, Grove
Curtis Edward, builder, broadway
Curtis Robert Leabon, surveyor & architect, agent to the Northern fire & life assurance company, Broadway
Dalton John, oil & colorman, High Street
Dalton Louisa (Miss), mistress of infant school, Forest Gate
Dangerfield Thomas, tailor, High Street
Davey Charles Gabriel, Swan Inn & livery stables, Broadway
Davis John Samuel, confectioner, West Ham lane
Desson Charles, timber dealer, High Street
Debney Thomas, locksmith & bell hanger, Broadway
Demaid Robert, builder, West Ham lane
Dewan William, boot & shoe maker, 27 Turnpike Row
Dodwell Spencer, beer retailer, Waddington Place, Stratford New Town
Downie & Norman, cooks & confectioners, 1 William Street, Angel Lane
Dudridge William, tailor, Forest Gate
Duncumb George, tobacconist, High Street
Dyer John, builder, Forest Gate
Dyer Thomas, beer retailer & carpenter, Forest Gate
Dyson Charles, architect & surveyor, Grove
Eacock Elizabeth (Mrs), hatter, High Street
Easton & Helmore, veterinary surgeons, High Street
Edgar john, stationer, news vendor & circulating library, Broadway
Edwards Joseph, butcher, High Street
Edwards William, pork butcher, Waddington Road, New Town
Elliot & Macmeikan, surgeons, Stratford Green
Elliott Henry, greengrocer, Waddington Road, New Town
Elliott William, MD surgeon, 10 Vicarage Terrace, Stratford Green
Ellis James, omnibus proprietor, Albion Wharf
Evennett James, tailor, 3 Essex Place, High Street
Farnes Joseph, Bird in Hand, High Street
Farrant George, coach builder & wheelwright, High Street
Fisher John Tulloh, auctioneer & surveyor, Rokeby House, Broadway, Stratford & Plaistow
Fisher Thomas, builder & undertaker, Stratford Green & Maryland Point
Ford Rhoda (Mrs), tobacconist, High Street
Fordham James, retail brewer, High Street
Fordham John, coach Builder & wheelwright
Fowler Thomas, Window glass cutter, High Street
Francis Elizabeth (Mrs), greengrocer, Broadway
Freeman Joseph, boarding & day school, Maryland Point
Gardiner Joseph, baker, 17 Waddington Place, Stratford New Town
Garvie William, nursery & seedsman, Maryland Point
Gee Sarah (Mrs), butcher, Broadway
Geere Thomas & Son, timber merchants, High Street
Gentry John, baker, Grove
Gerrard John, tailor, 22 Bridge Place
Gidney William, beer retailer & timber dealer, Chatsworth Street
Gilbert Richard, hair dresser, High Street
Gillman Wm John Knight, tailor, Surinam Terrace, Broadway
Gilson Henry, plumber etc, Forest Gate
Glover Phillip, furniture broker, Broadway
Glover Richard, dining rooms, Broadway
Gocher James, butcher, Matthews Terrace
Godden Benjamin, King of Prussia, Broadway
Godfrey Joseph, baker, Langthorn Street
Golledge Richard, watch & clock maker, agent to the Atlas assurance company & parish clerk, Surinam Terrace
Gooch Thos, beer retailer, 8 Waddington Road, Stratford New Town
Gore William, plumber, Grove
Gowar (Stphen) & Hicks (James), carriage & harness manufacturers, Broadway
Gower Joseph, beer retailer, 1 Loader Terrace, New Town
Graham Joseph, manufacturing & agricultural chemist, & Jamaica Coffee House, St Michaels Alley, Cornhill
Graves geo, greengrocer, Charles Buildings, Maryland Point
Gredley Edmund, baker, Broadway
Gregory George, beer retailer, High Street
Groscombe Wm Thos, hair dresser, High Street & Bow, Middlesex
Grout William, cooper, High Street
Hammond George, beer retailer, New Town
Harmsworth Henry, Fox & Hounds
Harris Charles, furnishing ironmonger, Broadway
Hart Richard, hatter, Broadway
Hatherhill William, tobacconist, Broadway
Hayes James, hairdresser, Grove
Hayward Charles, oilman & grocer, High Street
Heath Robert, builder, High Street
Hemmings James, pork butcher, High Street
Henden Benjamin, hatter, High Street
Hersom Samuel, painter & glazier, 2 Obed Place, Angel lane
Hickling Thomas, butcher, 10 Farringdon Place
Hicks Richard Turner & Son, linen drapers & silk mercers, High Street
Hill Clara (Miss), mistress of National school, James Place, High Street
Hill John, chemist, High Street
Hitchcock Joseph, greengrocer, Oxford Terrace
Hodson Harry & Co, colour, varnish & printing ink manufacturer
Holland George, shopkeeper, Forest gate
Hopcraft Robert, boot & shoe maker, Broadway
Howards & Kent, manufacturing chemists
Howell Charles William Henry, surgeon, Surinam Terrace
Hubbard Henry, plumber, painter & glazier, & agent to the Era assurance company, Broadway
Hunt Thomas Williamatt, grocer & cheesemonger, High Street
Hunter Sarah (Miss), boarding school for ladies, Stratford Green
Ibbetson Samuel, farmer, Chobham Farm
Ingleton Edward, butcher, Broadway
Jackson William John, currier & leather seller, High Street
James George Edward, chandlers shop, 6 Prospect Place, Stratford new Town
Jay Wm, beer retailer, Charles buildings, Maryland Point
Jeune Frederick Charles, India rubber manufacturer & waterproofer (from 10 Ĺ Globe Road, Mile End)
Johnson Charles, greengrocer, Albert Place
Johnson Charles, watch & clock maker, West ham lane
Johnson Francis, fancy repository, High Street
Johnson George, oilman, High Street
Johnson Joseph, corn chandler, Broadway
Keeys Thomas, harness maker, 2 West Ham Lane
Kennedy Angus, physician
Kent George, engineer, West ham lane
King Charles, basket maker, Maryland Point
King Edward, baker, High Street
Kinghorn Margaret (Mrs), ladies school, Surinam Terrace
Knight John, poulterer, West Ham Lane
Langton Richard, boarding & day school, West Ham lane
Lea John, chemist & druggist, & agent to British Empire assurance company, Broadway
Leach Charles, watch & clock maker, Broadway
Lee William & Son, lime merchants, Stratford Wharf
Levick Christopher, surgeon, West Ham Lane
Lockwood James, corn chandler, Broadway
Lord Richard, grocery dealer & butcher, 1 Buxton Terrace, Stratford New Town
Lorking George, tailor, High Street
Lowdell george, painter & glazier, Two Brewers Passage
Loxley William, baker, Castle Terrace, Stratford New Town
Lushey John, boot & shoe maker, Forest gate
McCash William, baker & confectioner, & agent to the Scottish Equitable life assurance company, Broadway
Mackness John, baker, High Street
Maguire Benjamin, clothier & hosier, Broadway
Maguire Elizabeth (Mrs), glass & china dealer, Broadway
Maguire James, tobacconist, Grove
Maple James, agent to the London Mutual life & guarantee society, 8 Somerset Place, Langthorpe Street
Martin Frederick & son, upholsterers & cabinet makers, & agents to the Royal Exchange assurance co, Broadway
Martin Ann Elizabeth (Miss), mistress of British school (girls), Bridge Road
Martin Frederick Samuel, timber merchant, Broadway
Martin Thomas, cattle salesman, Woodgrange Road, Forest gate
Martin Wm, shopkeeper, 1 Prospect Place, Stratford New Town
Matthews William, furniture japanner, 16 Bridge Place
May William, Blue Boar, High Street
Maythorn & Clapton (Misses), straw hat makers & milliners, High Street
Meeson Richard & Edward, coal merchants, lime burners & cement manufacturers, Bow Bridge
Meggs John, carpenter & ladder maker, Bridge Place
Miles John, tailor, Harrow Bridge
Miles William Washbourn, tinman & brazier, Broadway
Millard Thomas, watch maker, 4 Colchester Terrace, Angel Lane
Miller Richard, grocer & cheesemonger, High Street
Moase James & Son, harness makers, High Street
Moore George, grocer & cheesemonger, High Street
Morgan James, staymaker, High Street
Morris Mary (Mrs), tobacconist, news vendor & circulating library, Broadway
Morris Septimus, bookseller & stationer, & agent to the County Assurance company & actuary of the savings Bank, High Street
Morter James, Chatsworth Arms, & builder, Forest lane
Morton George, chemist, & agent to the Western life assurance company, Broadway
Moulin Charles, glass & china dealer, 1 Station Place, West Ham Lane
Montague David, cement manufacturer, brown stone potter & tile maker,; A Leigh, near Rochford
Mugliston George Thomas William, surgeon, West Ham Lane
Mounton William, grocer & cheesemonger, 10 reform Terrace, Stratford New Town
Murphy James Patrick & Son, turpentine distillers & seed crushers
Murray James, boot & shoe maker, Forest gate
Newbold Jas, dairyman, 3 Waddington Road, Stratford New Town
Newton George, beer retailer, High Street
Newton William Henry, builder & undertaker
Nichols Mary (Mrs), pork butcher, Broadway
Nicholson John, surgeon, Stratford Green
Noakes Henry, haberdasher, Waddington Place, Stratford New Town
Noble Thomas, baker, Forest Gate
Norman Richard Fletcher, beer retailer, Forest Gate
North Charles, shopkeeper, Langford Street
North Samuel Eli, omnibus proprietor & licensed to let post horses, West Ham Lane
Norton Thomas, carpenter, 1 Albert Place
Notman John, Yorkshire Grey, Maryland Point
Oakes mary Ann & Emma Rebecca (Misses), ladies school, Stratford Green
Offen Edward, shopkeeper, Langthorn Street
Offer William, shopkeeper. 3 Chatsworth Street, Forest lane
Oldridge Chas, beer retailer, 1 Waddington Terrace, Stratford New Town
Otway John, solicitor, Grove
Page George, corn chandler & baker, High Street
Page George, ironmonger, Broadway
Pain Mary Ann (Mrs), baker & confectioner, Broadway
Palmer John, umbrella maker, High Street
Papmeau William & Co, chemical manufacturers
Peck Richard, omnibus proprietor, Stratford Green
Perkins William, shopkeeper, Windmill lane
Phillips Phillips sanders, pawnbroker, High Street
Pilkington James, builder, Bridge Road
Pipe John, butcher, Forest gate
Poole Robert, Green Man, High Street
Porter Samuel, baker, 2 Prospect Place, Stratford New Town
Pound George, coach maker, Albion Wharf
Prentice Emma (Miss), beer retailer, Angel Lane
Presland Mary Ann & Son, boot & shoe makers, 20 Broadway
Quelch William, grocery dealer, China Row
Ransom Robert, wheelwright, Forest Gate
Rawlings John, butcher & grocery dealer, Prospect Place, Stratford New Town
Rayner Stillingfleet, grocery dealer, Angel Place, Stratford New Town
Reed Alexander Thomas, builder, Romfrod Road
Reed Alfred, builder & undertaker, High Street
Reed Charles, beer retailer, High Stret
Reeve William, Kings Head, Broadway
Reynolds Jeremiah, boot & shoe maker, 31 Langthorn Street
Ritson William, supervisor to Excise office, West Ham lane
Rivett George, builder & undertaker, Stratford New Town
Rivett James, builder, undertaker & estate agent, High Street
Roberts Emily (Miss), preparatory school, 1 Railway Terrace, Forest Gate
Robinson Andrew Augustus, slate merchant & slater, & agent to the Northernassurance company, Bow Bridge slate works
Robinson Richard James, Eagle & Child, Forest Gate
Rogers Richard, carver & gilder, 9 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate
Rosenbrook Claus, Waddington Arms, Waddington Road, Stratford New Town
Rowe John, beer retailer, 1 Pleasant Place, Stratford New Town
Rowett John, fruiterer, High Street
Rudall Samuel, line  draper, Forest Gate
Ryan John, physician, Forest lane
Sadler Henry & William, boot & shoe makers, Grove
Sales George, wheelwright, West ham Lane
Sampson John, tailor, Bridge Road
Saul Charles, butcher, High Street
Sayer Mary (Mrs), saddler & harness maker, High Street
Scott John, grocery dealer, Stratford New Town
Scott William, beer retailer, West ham lane
Scott James, collar & harness maker, High Street
Seekings George, beer retailer, Waddington Street, Stratford New Town
Shales William, tailor, Broadway
Sharples John, grocer & cowkeeper, Forest gate
Shean John, barge builder
Shipston Thomas W, butcher, High Street
Showell James, carpenter & builder, Angel Lane
Showell James sen, stationer & toy dealer, & post office & money order office, Broadway
Shrimpton William, marine store dealer, High Street
Sivyer James, grocer & cheesemonger, High Street
Sizer Thomas George, clothier, High Street
Skinner William, boot 7 shoe maker, High Street
Slade John, tailor, West ham Lane
Smart James, boot & shoe maker, High Street
Smith Emma (Mrs), farrier, Grove
Smith Isaac, beer retailer, High Street
Smith John, baker, 23 Bridge Place
Smith Joseph, paperhanging manufacturer
Smith Richard, grocer & cheesemonger, Broadway
Smith Robert James, beer retailer
Smith Thomas, beer retailer, Stratford New Town
Smith William, grocer, High Street & high Street, Poplar; Three Colt street, Limehouse & Lower road, Stepney
Snow James, tailor, Forest gate
Stepto Daniel, clothier, High Street
Stevens Edwin Henry, commission agent, Stratford Green
Stevens James, beer retailer, West ham lane
Stimson Frederick, baker, High Street
Stirling William, slate merchant & slater, High Street
Story Christopher, hat manufacturer, Broadway
Stubbs Richard, grocer & cheesemonger, Maryland Point
Sunshine Mary Ann (Mrs), chemist, High Street
Surry Elizabeth (Mrs), baker, Stratford Green
Swaffiled Joseph, zinc worker, 2 Station Place, West ham lane
Tanner Charles Wm, corn & coal merchant, Stratford Wharf
Taylor A J, agent to Accidental Death insurance company,6 Waddington Place, Stratford New Town
Taylor Charles, chemist, Waddington Place, Stratford New Town
Taylor William, grocery dealer
Tennant William, printer & stationer, & agent to the Scottish national life assurance company, Broadway
Theobald Ephraim, retail brewer, Broadway
Thompson John, beer retailer
Thorman Edward Henry, plumber & gas fitter, agent to General Life & Fire assurance company, Broadway
Thornton Francis, George Inn, Broadway
Threadwell John, mathematical rule maker, High Street
Threlford Thos, furniture dealer & tarpaulin ma, Broadway
Thurston James, boot & shoe maker, 7 Buxton Terrace, Stratford New Town
Trott Elias, grocer & baker, 1 Somerset Place, Langthorn Street
Trow Charles, dining rooms, Broadway
Tubbs John, greengrocer, Grove, Stratford Green
Tyler Joseph, tailor, Maryland Point
Ulph Henry Hix, cattle salesman, Forest gate
Unger Sarah Ann (Mrs), ladies school, 3 Villas, Grove
Upton John, butcher, High Street
Vale Ann (Mrs), Old Bull, Broadway
Vale George, wheelwright, Bow Bridge
Valentine John, shopkeeper, High Street
Vallance James Thomas, physician & registrar of births & deaths etc
Vandrant Charles, fancy repository, Stratford Green
Verguson John, brewer, 6 Albert Place
Verrier George, furniture broker, Grove
Vickers William Henry, butcher, Broadway
Vincent & Nicholson, surgeons, Stratford Green
Viner Thomas, pork butcher, Broadway
Volckman John & son, wholesale confectioners, High Street; & at Bishopsgate Street, City
Wagstaff John, corn chandler, Broadway
Wallis Jemima (Mrs), ladies boarding school, Stratford Green
Walton James, grocer, Broadway
Watkins John, chemist & druggist, Broadway
Watkins Thomas, beer retailer, Chapel Street
Watkinson Thomas, British Lion, West ham Lane
Wayland Henry John & James, watch & clock ma. High Street
Wayland Ann (Mrs), haberdasher & milliner, Turnpike Row
Wells Ann (Miss), mistress of infant school, Bridge Road
Wells George, general salesman, Broadway
West Thomas, candle manufacturer & oilman, Broadway
Whaley Thomas, Coach & Horses, Broadway
Whenn Robert, baker, Maryland Point
White Mary & Son, coal & corn merchants, Phoenix Wharf, High Street; & Globe Wharf, Wapping
White William, grocer & cheesemonger, High Street
Whitta Solomon, line draper & silk mercer, Broadway
Wickens Edward, linen draper, High Street
Wiles William, ironmonger, High Street
Wilson George, beer retailer, Stratford New Town
Wilton John, tallow chandler & melter, Broadway
Winmill Richard James, butcher, High Street
Wiseman Benjamin, fruiterer, High Street
Woods (Miss), preparatory school, 8 Vicarage Terrace

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