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Stratford 1855 Post Office Directory

History of Stratford in 1855

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Adams Mrs, Stratford Green

Allem Mr John, Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Allen Mr Wm, 2a Globe Terrace, Forest lane

Anderson Mrs, Woodgrange Villas, Forest gate

Archer Mrs, the Grove

Baker Henry esq, 3 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

Barrett Mr James, 6 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Bell Samuel Alexander esq, Epping Villa

Blaikie Benjamin esq, Stratford Green

Bourne John esq, the Grove

Bowman Miss, 1 Vicarage Terace

Boyle Richard esq, Romford Road

Brady Antonio esq, Forest Lane

Broadhurst Alfred esq, 2 Woodgrange Place, Forest Gate

Bromley John E esq, Stratford Green

Browning Mr Robert John, 16 Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Buckingham Richard esq, the Grove

Burford Mrs, Broadway

Burgess James esq, Grove

Burghes Jas Mouat esq, Stratford Green

Burness James esq , Grove

Burt Mr Robert, Woodgrange Villas, Forest Gate

Carpenter William esq, Stratford Green

Carson Fredk esq, Elm Cottage, Upton Place

Catterton Francis esq, 4 Cornfield Place, Leytonstone Road

Chatfield Mrs, 6 Vicarage Terrace

Clarke Mr John, Woodgrange Villa, Forest Lane

Clutterbuck Miss, Stratford Green

Cobbett Daniel A esq, Maryland Villas

Costiker Samuel esq

Curtis Thos esq, Salway House, Grove

Dacre George esq, Stratford Green

Davis John Poole esq, the Grove

Dexter John Creed esq, Stratford Green

Dixon Peter esq, Caroline Villa, Maryland Point

Dodds Mrs, Stratford Green

Dyson Charles esq, Grove

Edwards George Wm esq, Stratford Green

Elliott Dr William, 10 Vicarage Terrace

Ellis Robert esq, Stratford Green

Essex Robert esq, Forest Lane

Farey Samuel esq, Stratford Green

Faulkner Mr David, 4 Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Fell Captain Edward, Stratford Green

Fishbourne Rev George William, Stratford Green

Forster Mr Matthew, 7 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Freeman Mrs, West Ham lane

Geikie John esq, Maryland Point

Getting David esq, Stratford Green

Gladding Mr John, 11 Globe Terrace, Forest gate

Gladding Mr Robert, 10 Globe Terrace, Forest gate

Gough Mr John, Woodgrange Villas, Forest Gate

Gowar Raven Richard esq, Surinam Terrace

Gowar Stephen esq, Grove

Griffiths Charles esq, Maryland Point

Hadden Mrs Elizabeth, Upton Place

Harris Capt Alex RN, Stratford Green

Harris Mrs, Maryland Point

Hartley Fountain esq, 5 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

Harverson Mrs, Grove

Hasluck Frederick esq, Romford Road

Hasluck Robert esq, Romford Road

Hasluck Samuel esq. Stratford Green

Hewetson Mrs, Stratford Green

Higden Mrs, Forest Lane

Hill Rev John, 2 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Hill Thomas esq, 3 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Hilleary Gustavus Edward esq, Stratford Green

Hilleary Robert George Augustus esq, Broadway

Holloway Rev William, Grove

Horace Mr Alex, 5 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Hudswell Robt Wm esq, Stratford Green

Isborne Mr Charles, 4 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Kalvo Andrew, MD, Grove

Kempster Thomas esq, Caroline Villas, Maryland Point

Kennard Mrs, Grove

Kennedy Dr Angus, Stratford Hall

Kilner Mrs, Forest Lane

Kuck Peter esq, 1 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

Larman Mr Geo, Woodgrange Villa, Forest Gate

La Roche Thomas John esq, Leytonstone Road

Lart John esq

Lart Mrs, Stratford Green

Layard Rev Charles Clement, Stratford Green

Legg Jabez esq, Stratford Green

Lemark William esq, Grove

Loxley John esq, Stratford Green

Lyon Mrs Edward Thomas, 12 Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Marshall Miss, Maryland Point

Mason Alfred Rich esq, Stratford Green

Mason Edward esq, Stratford Green

Meeson John esq

Meeson Thomas esq

Meredith William esq, Maryland Point

Moore Rev John

Morgan David esq, Stratford Green

Oakes Miss, Stratford Green

Oddy Mr James, 17 Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Oliver Thomas esq, West Ham lane

Packman John esq, Maryland Point

Pedley Samuel esq, Stratford Green

Perry Frederick esq, Maryland Villa

Pinchin Jas esq, Alfred Villa, Forest lane

Pinder William esq, Forest Lane

Potter Mr Wm, 8 Globe Terrace, Forest gate

Prior Samuel esq, 1 Woodgrange Place

Rake Thomas esq, 7 Vicarage Terrace

Raymond Oliver esq, Maryland Point

Richardson Frederick George esq

Richardson Mrs, Grove

Rowe John esq, Caroline Villas, Maryland Point

Sandham Elijah esq, Sarah Cottage, Forest Lane

Schroder Joseph Hen esq, Stratford Green

Scott Joseph esq, Grove

Scott Samuel esq, Forest Gate

Sedgwick George esq, Stratford Green

Sedgwick Richard esq, Maryland Point

Shackel Thos Wm esq, West Ham Lane

Sheppard Joseph esq, Forest Gate

Simms Richard esq, Leytonstone Road

Slee Henry esq, Water Lane

Smith Henry esq, Woodgrange Place, Forest Gate

Soames Mrs, Stratford Green

Soames George esq, Maryland Point

Staines Richard esq, Stratford Green

Stair Thomas esq, Surinam Terrace

Stallebrass Rev Thomas Edward, Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Stanton William esq, Stratford Green

Stebbings Benjamin esq, Romford Road

Still Mr William Grimwood, 11 Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Stevens John esq, Grove

Stokes Mr Samuel, Woodgrange Villas, Forest Gate

Stranack Fredk Wm esq, Stratford Green

Sturges Miss, 6 Woodgrange Place, Forest Gate

Thompson Mrs

Thompson Mr John, 12 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Thornhill Mrs, Stratford Green

Thwaites Mr Alexander, Woodgrange Villas, Forest Gate

Tijou Mr Wm, 13 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Tipping William esq, Caroline Villas, Maryland Point

Todd Alexander esq, Stratford Green

Trevithick Frederick henry esq, 2 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

Tucker Stephen esq, West Ham lane

Uloth Mr Henry, 7 Edmiston Road, Forest Lane

Vallance James Thomas MD, Grove

Van Putten James esq, 3 Vicarage Terrace

Waldo Rev J P

Warner Charles esq, Stratford Green

Weston Capt, 3 Woodgrange Place, Forest Gate

White Ednnd esq, Maryland Villa

Whiter Thomas esq, 5 Vicarage Terrace

Wicks William esq, 5 Woodgrange Place, Forest Gate

Wilkinson George Horatio esq, Stratford Green

Willett Benjamin esq, Crownfield House, Leytonstone Road

Williams David esq, Stratford Green

Willis Mrs, 2 Vicarage Terrace

Willis Mr Thomas, 14 Globe Terrace, Forest Gate

Wilson Geo Wm esq, Stratford Green

Winmill Mrs, Stratford Green

Wormsley Albert esq, 6 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

Wormsley Robert esq, Stratford Green

Yeomans Mrs, Grove

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