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History of Stratford in 1874

Stratford History index

Commercial Traders

Abbott George, Beer Retailer, 121 High Street
Abrahams Joseph, gas fitter, 58 Gurney Road, New Town
Adams & Glynes, farmers, Plashet Hall, Romford Road
Ager William, shoe maker, Henniker Road, New Town
Akers John, tailor, 31 Broadway
Alderson John, rope & twine ma, Marsh Gate Lane, High Street
Alexander Frederick John, MD surgeon, Alexander Place, The Grove; & Margery Hall, Margery Park
Allen & Hosking, photographers, 50 Grove
Allen James, boot & shoe maker, Chapel Street, High Street
Allen William, house decorator, 98 Maryland Road, New Town
Alment Ed & Co, manufacturing & brewers chemists, High Street
Amos Richard, book seller, Leytonstone Road
Andrews Charles, mason, The Grove
Andrews John Gamble, corn dealer, 9 Leyton Road, New Town
Angelo Vincent, tobacconist, 232 High Street
Armer Joseph, shoe maker, Gurney Road, New Town
Armes Charles, baker, Leyton Road, New Town
Ash Margaret (Mrs), haberdasher, Leyton Road, New Town
Ashby Frederick, boot & shoe maker, 303 High Street
Ashdown Charles William, house & estate agent, Lime Cottage, Gurney Road, New Town
Ashton & Green, London works, Bow Bridge, & Farringdon Wharves, Stratford; shipping & home wharf, Victoria (London) docks e; Welsh works, Festiniog; slate depots, Port Madoc, Bangor & Carnarvon Slate & slab merchants, quarry agents & manufacturers of roll ribbing, cisterns, baths, urinals, lavatories, pickling tanks, brewers vats;
proprietors of the "Permanent Green" slates & manufacturers of special designs of red ridge tiles & blue Staffordshire goods. Also manufacturers of every description of marble & enamelled slate chimney pieces, inscription tablets, stoves, ranges, kitcheners, rain-water goods etc etc; patentees of the "Lorne" cottage kitchener, "Coutts" model dwellings range; ventilating grates made for the Metropolitan Asylum; the "Osborne" patent swinging panel ventilating grate. The "Abbotsford", the "Harleston", the "Wharncliffe", & other patent hot-air economising register grates. Prize medal awarded, Paris exhibition, 1867. Trade with shippers & dealers specially cultivates. Architects, engineers & builders & shippers are invited to inspect show rooms at 14 & 15 Bury Street, St Mary Axe, Leadenhall Street ec ; head offices for all communications.
Astley Peter Hyde, tailor, 32 Maryland Point, Leytonstone Road
Austin Lewis Henry, furniture dealer, 23 Angel Lane, Broadway
Axten George, grocer, 5 Maryland Point
Ayley Dorretta, Commercial Hotel, Martin Street
Bacchus George, insurance agent, Chapel Street, New Town
Badwell Henry Thomas, butcher, 2 Maryland Point
Baines Thomas Robert & Son, dairymen, The Grove
Baker Edward & Son, black lead manufacturers, 135 High Street
Baker & James, coal merchants, Harrow Bridge Wharf
Baker George, tobacconist, 1 Bridge Road, High Street
Baker William, baker, 318 High Street
Balding Thomas, cabinet maker, The Grove
Baldock John, engineer, 1 Beatrice Cottages, Gurney Road, New Town
Bane Robert Bond, beer retailer, Maryland Road, New Town
Banes Thomas & Son, cow keepers, Romford Road
Bannerman James, confectioner, 17 Maryland Point
Bansback David Charles, Princess Alice, Romford Road
Barber John, confectioner & wine & spirit merchant, Broadway
Barber John, cow keeper, 83 High Street
Barber John, pig dealer, Marshgate Lane, High Street
Bareham Charles, beer retailer, Francis Street, New Town
Barker Isaac, dealer in building materials, Martin Street
Barnett Hiram, fruiterer, 39 1/2 Broadway
Barry du Barry & Co, millers, Marshgate Lane, High
Battley Joseph, grocer, 239 High Street
Bear Edwin Henry, tobacconist, 393 High Street
Beckett William, fishmonger, 60 High Street
Beckwith Fanny (Mrs), farrier, 294 High Street
Belcher Charles, shopkeeper, Chandos Road, New Town
Bell & Black, manufacturers of wax vestas in plaid & tin boxes for exportation 7 patent safety matches; also the "Household", "Standard" & "Magic" matches; cigar lights & spring lid metal pocket boxes containing wax vestas (estab 1839), High Street & 15 Bow Lane ec
Beresford Charles, beer retailer, Brydges Road, New Town
Berkshire Henry & George, iron plate workers, 307 High Street
Biggs William, cutler, Broadway
Biles Henry, confectioner, 1 Maryland Road
Binden George, boot & shoe maker, 45 The Grove
Bish George, smith & engineer, 123 High Street
Blease William, builder & contractor etc, Manbey Street, Grove
Blindley James, boot & shoe maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Boake & Co, manufacturing chemists, Warton Road
Boardman Clement, linen draper, 16,17,18 & 19 Broadway
Bodilly Ralph Hacker & Co, grocers, 382 High Street
Bond Clarrissia (Mrs), grocer, Leyton Road, New Town
Bond Samuel. linen draper, 9 Maryland Point
Bone William, tailor, Martin Street
Boreham William, harness maker, 8 High Street
Borrett Charles & Co, oil, grease & bone works, High Street; & manure works, Dagenham
Bosonworth Joseph, beer retailer, 25 Waddington Road, New Town
Bourne Henry, fisherman, 320 High Street
Brabazon George, Harrow Inn, 84 High Street
Bradstock Edward, beer retailer, 395 High Street
Brayshaw Benj, pawnbroker, 14 Windmill lane, New Town
Breeze Louis, herbalist, medical botanist & vapour bath proprietor, High Street
Brenchley Elizabeth Ann (Miss), dress maker, 6 Westbury Road
Bressey John & Son, pawnbrokers, 326 High Street
Brittain Henry, relieving officer, Vicarage Lane, Green
Broadway Elizabeth (Mrs), beer retailer, Buxton Road
Brooke George, dairyman, 257 High Street
Brooks George, butcher, 37 Broadway
Brooks George jun, butcher, 366 High Street
Brooks John, butcher, Leytonstone Road
Brown James, colector of rents, B Alma Cottages, Gurney Road, New Town
Brown Thomas, grocer, 24 Maryland Point
Buck John, earthenware dealer, 13 Broadway
Bull John, beer retailer, New Street, High Street
Burbridge William Hy, shopkeeper, Windmill Lane, New Town
Burford Ephraim, dyer, Burford Road, High Street
Burling James, marine store dealer, South Street
Burn Jane (Miss), confectioner, 3 Maryland Point
Burningham Henry, berlin wool repository, 14 Broadway
Burridge Alfred, undertaker, 233 High Street; 4 North Woolwich road, Canning Town
Burrows Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 4 Bridge Road, High Street
Burrows Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 32a Broadway
Burton John, cooper & basket maker, Broadway
Burton Wm, hosier & outfitter, 330, 332 & 334 High Street
Bushby William, fishmonger, Leyton Road
Butler William, baker, 60 Leyton Road, New Town
Butten John Hy & Co, oil merchants, Burford Road, High Street
Caldwell Sarh Ann & Ruth (Misses), beer retailers, Maryland Road, New Town
Campbell Peter & Co, dyers etc, The Grove
Campion Robert, veterinary forge, 103 High Street
Cardo James, shoe maker, 20 Westbury Road
Cardozo John Isaac, builder, Brydges Road, New Town
Carey Stephen, animal charcoal manufacturer, Plashet Lane, Romford Road
Carr James, painter etc, 2 Broad Street
Carter William jun & Co, coppersmiths, brass founders & worm makers, High Street
Carter James, furniture dealer, The Grove
Cater William James, plumber etc, 6 Bridge Road, New Town
Cartwright William Bryan, chemist, Leytonstone Road
Caselton Bros, stone & slate merchant, Harrow Bridge, High Street
Caswell & Co, tobacconists, Leyton Road, New Town
Ceres Nitro-Phosphate Co, manure manufacturers, Warton Road
Chandler William, shopkeeper, 20 Bridge Road, High Street
Chapman Henry, shoe maker, 82 Windmill Lane, New Town
Chapman Richd John, greengrocer, Chobham Road, New Town
Chapman William, linen draper, 354 to 356 High Street
Charlton & Martin, builders, Leytonstone Road
Cheffins John, builder, Bridge Road, High Street
Cheffins Hellen (Miss), shopkeeper, 8 Green, Romford Road
Church Edward, beer retailer, Chandos Road, New Town
Clapp Samuel, upholsterer, 282 & 284 High Street
Clapton & Pope Misses, milliners, 4 Broad Street
Claringbull Edwin, marine store dealer, 317 High Street
Clark Charles, shoe maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Clark James, coffee rooms, 23 High Street
Clarkson Frederick, ornamental painter, 29 Maryland Point
Clayden John, Essex Arms, Leytonstone Road
Clogg William, carpenter, Martin Street
Clubb Henry, beer retailer, 33 High Street
Clutterbuck Charles Edmund, glass stainer, 18 Maryland Point, Leytonstone Road
Coake Thomas James, oil & color man, 8 Dunmore Place, Maryland Road, New Town
Cobbett John, grocer, Maryland Road, New Town
Cole William & Co, cheesemongers, 389 High Street
Collinge Ashton, clog maker, 17 Angel Lane, Broadway
Collings John, steam saw mills, Frederick Street, High Street
Collins James, watch maker, Martin Street
Colton James Robert, beer retailer, East Street, High Street
Colwill Charles, draper, Chobham Road, New Town
Comber Henry, dairyman, Vicarage Lane green
Connolly Charles, ginger beer maker, 206 High Street
Connolly Charles, shopkeeper, Union Street, North Street
Connolly Henry, plumber & gas fitter, Chapel Street
Convent of Jesus Mary, Park House, The Grove
Cook Edward & Co, steam bone mills & artificial manure manufacturers, Bow
Coote George, shoe maker, Chapel Street, High Street
Copland Henry, tailor, Buxton Road
Corbishley Gertrude (Mrs), ladies school, 7 Dora Terrace, Buxton Road, New Town
Cornell William, shopkeeper, Leytonstone Road
Corney William, baker, Alma Street
Cornwell Chas, beer retailer, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Cornwell Mark Jas, beer retailer, 12 Upton Place, Romford Road
Cottrell Henry, watch & clock maker, 10 Bridge Road, High Street
Cottrell Thomas, beer retailer, 14 Bridge Road, High Street
Courtney George Henry, boot & shoe maker, Broadway
Cox Alfred, greengrocer, 20 Waddington Street, New Town
Cox Joseph, beer retailer, 377 High Street
Cox Robert, oilman, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Craddock Eliza Ann (Miss), dress maker, Broadway
Craddock Frank, hair dresser, Broadway
Craddock George, undertaker, 20 Broadway
Craddock Henry, boot maker, 6 Langthorne Place, Romford Road
Craddock Vaughan Clarke, tailor, 1 Surinam Terrace, Broadway
Crane Sarah (Mrs), furniture broker, The Grove
Cripps Henry, haberdasher, 23 Upton Place, Romford Road
Crispin William Henry, smelting works, Marshgate Lane, High Street
Croft Wm, boot & shoe maker, 6 Market Place, New Town
Cropper Sarah Ellen (Miss), beer retailer, Maryland Road
Cropper Sarah (Mrs), beer retailer, Falmouth Street, New Town
Croscombe William Thomas, hair dresser, 355 High Street
Cross Henry, shopkeeper, Station Street
Crow S E & Co Limited, chemicals works, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Crickshank Susan (Miss), ladies school, 23 Upton Place
Crutchfield James, beer retailer, 222 High Street
Culley George, tin plate worker, Martin Street
Culley John Robert, tinman, 371 High Street
Curtis Maria (Mrs), shopkeeper, Leyton Road, New Town
Dace James, pianoforte warehouse, 5 Alexander Terrace, The Grove
Dale David, job master, Frederick Street, High Street
Dale David, livery & bait stables, Martin Street
Dallenger Frank, beer retailer, 4 Windmill Lane, New Town
Dane James & Co, printing ink manufacturers, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Dangerfield Thomas, tailor, 310 High Street
Daniel Joseph, tobacconist, Martin Street
Davey John & Co, manufacturers of vegetable black, grease, mineral oil etc, Marshgate Lane; & Gainboro Road, Hackney Wick
Davies David, watch maker, 150 Leyton Road, New Town
Davis Alfred, marine store dealer, Chapel Street, High Street
Davy David, corn & flour dealer. 68 High Street
Davy John, blacksmith, Well Street, Maryland Point
Day William, wine & spirit merchant, Broadway
Day Zillah (Miss), ladies school, 19 Upton Place, Romford Road
Daybell George, beer retailer, Henniker Road, New Town
Diamond Fuel Co, fuel manufacturers, Marshgate
Deason Charles & Son, timber merchants, 231 High Street & Maryland Road
Debney Charles, engineer, Leytonstone Road
Denford Henry, Falmouth Arms, Falmouth Street
Dewhurst Ann (Mrs), fishmonger, Leyton Road, New Town
Dickins John, Royal, Leytonstone Road
Dickinson Robert, chemist, 35 Broadway
Dicks Robert & James, boot & shoe makers, 272 High Street
Dilworth H John, dairyman, 5 Maryland Road
Dipple Richard, Railway Hotel, Martin Street
Dodwell Frederick, baker, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Dorton John, Railway Tavern, Angel Lane
Dow Mary (Mrs), beer retailer, 8 Waddington Street, New Town
Dowley Thomas Woolgar, draper, Leytonstone Road
Druitt Jabez, stone merchant, 72 High Street
Drysdale Alfred James, Coach & Horses, 39 Broadway
Duncan Thomas, clothier, Broadway
Duncombe John George, news agent, 196 High Street
Dunn Robert, wardrobe dealer, Waddington Street
Dyas Emma (Mrs), draper etc, 7 Grove Terrace, The Grove
East London Water Works (Walker Alfred & John Charles Stocken, collectors), Forest Cottage, Buxton Road
Easy Edwin James, dining rooms, 304 High Street
Ebdon Henry Francis, baker, 383 High Street
Edwards James H, greengrocer, Leyton Road, New Town
Elliott & Drake, surgeons, Romford Road
Elliston William E, beer retailer, 8 Angel Place, New Town
Erback Peter, baker, 126 Leyton Road, New Town
Essex Artillery Volunteers (Third) (Hon Col Thomas White; Lieut-Col William Thomas makins), head quarters, Romford Road
Essex Times & Romford Telegraph (Wilson & Whitworth, proprietors), Broadway
Evans John, hair dresser, 18 Angel lane, Broadway
Evans William, coffee rooms, 237 High Street
Evennett Charles & Son, tailors, 2 Bridge Road, High Street
Evennett Charles, tailor, 3 Market Place, New Town
Eyre Annie Maria (Mrs), shopkeeper, 52 Waddington Road
Farnham John, marine store dealer, 224 High Street
Farrant Abraham, baker, Chobham Road, New Town
Felton Thomas, leather seller, 322 High Street
Fenn William, earthenware dealer, 363 High Street
Fewcett John, grocer, 10 West Street, New Town
Field William, undertaker, Prospect Cottage, Romford Road
Fielder Robert, Lord Henniker, The Grove
Finegan James, zinc & galvanised iron worker, 20 Albion Street
Finley James, Albion, Bridge Road
Fisher Anne (Miss), ladies school, Thornton Villas, Romford Road
Fisher Mary Ann (Miss), dairy, Leytonstone Road
Fisk Sydney Thomas & Co, grocers, 2 Maryland Road
Flack Jas Chas, oil & color man, 1 Alexander Terrace, The Grove
Flack John, cheesemonger, Broadway
Fleet Wm. commercial traveller, Gurney Lodge, Gurney Road
Fleming & Co, wax vesta makers, 268 High Street
Findell William, butcher, 275 High Street
Folkeard John, provision dealer, 4 Freemason Terrace, Romford Road
Ford Charles, clogger, 297 High Street
Ford Wm, marine store dealer, 6 Waddington Street, New Town
Fordham Henry, wheelwright, 2 High Street
Fordham John, wheelwright, 133 High Street
Foreman Lewis, shopkeeper, 1 Lavender Street, Grove
Forrow Francis, beer retailer, Chapel Street, High Street
Forster Dorothy (Miss), seminary, 3 Langthorne Place
Forster Richard, shoe maker, 325 High Street
Foster Jas, coach builder & wheelwright, Angel Lane, Broadway
Fowler Thomas, glass cutter, 244 High Street
Fox John, greengrocer, 299 High Street
Fox William Albert, chemist, Leyton Road, New Town
Foyer Thos Wallace, surveyor of taxes, 3 Maryland Point
Frampton Ebenezer, coffee rooms, Leytonstone Road
Franchi A G, auctioneer, 4 Grove Terrace, The Grove
Freeman Joseph, Stratford House school for young gentlemen, Romford Road
Freiensener Philip, baker, 38 Windmill lane, New Town
Frith James, corn & flour dealer, 208 High Street
Fuller Frederick, hosier, 4 Maryland Point
Funnell William N, shopkeeper, 70 Angel Lane, Broadway
Gadsby William, basket maker, 87 Windmill Lane, new Town
Gailey George, coach painter, 204 High Street
Gardner Rebecca (Mrs), dress maker, 2 Beatrice Cottages, Gurney Road
Gas Purification & Chemical Co Limited, manufacturing chemists, Wharton Road
Geere Thomas & Walter, timber merchants, High Street
Gentry John, baker, 42 The Grove
Gibson James, Bay Tree, Vicarage Lane green
Gilbert Richard, hair dresser, 240 High Street
Gilman Thomas, beer retailer, Romford Road
Gladwin William, shopkeeper, Channelsea Street
Gleed Thomas, cheesemonger, 367 High Street
Glover Jane (Mrs), omnibus proprietor, Broadway
Gobbett John, shopkeeper, Leyton Road, New Town
Goedicke Franz Wilhelm Edward Reinhold, surgeon, Prospect House, Romford Road
Golding George, shopkeeper, 28 Angel Lane
Gomm Wm Francis, surveyor, 5 Gurney Terrace, Gurney Road
Gore William, plumber etc, 43 The Grove
Govier Albert, boot & shoe maker, 4 Alexander Terrace, The Grove
Gowar Jane A (Mrs), carriage builder, Broadway
Grainge Alice (Miss), fishmonger, 28 Upton Place, Romford Road
Grays Chalk Quarries Co Limited (Alfred W Channer, sec; John Meeson, manager), High Street
Great Eastern Railway Engine & Locomotive Works (William Adams, locomotive engineer; Alfred Andrew Langley, civil engineer), Station Street, Angel Road
Great Eastern Railway Goods & Passenger Agent (Henry Clark Francis), Angel Lane
Great Eastern Railway Mechanics Institution (William Taylor, sec; William Brooks & Edward Stevens, hon secs), Angel Lane, Broadway
Greaves John jun, boot & shoe warehouse, 361 High Street
Green Godfrey, clothier, Leyton Road, New Town
Green Thomas, ivory turner, 36 High Street
Gregar William, builder, High Street
Greives William, shoe maker, 28 Windmill Lane, New Town
Grogono Walker Atkins, surgeon, 216 High Street
Grover William, butcher, 358 High Street
Grunbaum Herman, dentist, William Street, Angel Lane
Gundlach John, baker, 7 West Street, New Town
Haines George, fruiterer, 228 High Street
Halford Vincent John, beer retailer, 273 High Street
Hall Henry, shirt maker, 40 Windmill Lane, New Town
Hallett John, dining rooms, 86 High Street
Halligan Mary (Mrs), dress maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Hallom William, boot & shoe maker, 11 West Street
Hamilton John B, surgeon, 34 Maryland Point
Hammond Wm Hy, tailor, 2 Alexandra Place, The Grove
Handley John, pork butcher & poulterer, 26 Broadway
Handley Thomas, Canteen, Vicarage Lane green
Hanney Rayner John, greengrocer, 20 Maryland Point
Harle Ezra, surgeon, Broadway
Harman Godfrey, dyer etc, 3 Bridge Road, High Street
Harmer Anthony, printer, Leytonstone Road
Harmer Hannah (Mrs), milliner, 2 Alexander Terrace, The Grove
Harmsworth Charles William, carman, 30 High Street
Harper Joseph, beer retailer, 108 Leyton Road, New Town
Harris Edward, hatter, 6 Angel Lane
Harris Jesses, boot maker, 23 Maryland Point
Harris Joseph William, coffee rooms, 40 High Street
Harris Louisa (Mrs), hatter, Broadway
Harris Thomas, pork butcher, Broadway
Harris Thomas, pork butcher, 22 Maryland Point
Harvey & Neville, rice starch manufacturers, 85 High Street
Harvey John, tallow melter, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Haslam James & Son, barge owners & lightermen, 4 High Street
Hatcher John, linen draper, 33 Broadway
Hatcher John, milliner, 51 Grove
Hay Joseph, Fox & Hounds, 18 High Street
Haycock William Thomas, greengrocer, 381 High Street
Haydn Albert, linen draper, Leyton Road, New Town
Hayes James, hair dresser & tobacconist, 44 The Grove
Hayes John, furniture dealer & grocer, Leytonstone Road
Haynes Elizabeth (Miss), coffee & dining rooms, 5 Bridge Road, High Street
Hayward Chas, provision dealer & post office, 271 High Street
Heath William, beer retailer, Union Street, North Street
Heighton & Co, fire light ma, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Helmore William, veterinary surgeon, 1 St Johns Terrace, Romford Road & 339 High Street
Hemmings George, boot maker, Manbey Road, Grove
Hemmings James, pork butcher, 369 High Street
Herbert George, oil & color man, Leyton Road, New Town
Herrman Edward, fishmonger, Leyton Road, New Town
Herson Samuel, plumber etc, Leytonstone Road
Hester Henry, confectioner, 192 High Street
Hill Elizabeth (Mrs), chemist, 360 High Street
Hill William, shopkeeper, Burford Road, High Street
Hills George, poulterer, Broadway
Hills George, shopkeeper, Chobham Road, New Town
Hillyer Henry, grocer & cheesemonger, Martin Street
Hillyer Henry, oilman, Martin Street
Hillyer Henry jun, tobacconist, Martin Street
Hinchley Henry, dyer, 15 Leyton Road, New Town
Hitchcock Joseph, greengrocer, 80 Windmill Lane, New Town
Hodson Hary & Co, color manufacturers, Sugar House Lanem High Street
Hoffman Edward James, oilman, Buxton Road
Holbrook Richard, engineer & machinist, Martin Street
Holford Thos Constantine, surgeon & dentist, 342 High Street
Holford Thomas Constantine, chemist, 344 High Street
Holland William, dairyman, Maryland Road
Holliday Hy Benjamin, pawnbroker, Leyton Road, New Town
Holloway Eliza A (Mrs), King of Prussia, Broadway
Holloway George, hosier, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Holmes Robert, fishmonger, 33 Angel Lane
Horn Margaret (Mrs), shopkeeper, Henniker Road, New Town
Hosford John Stroud, physician, The Grove
Hosking George John, builder, 38 Manbey Street, Grove
Hougham Josias, boot maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Housden Charles, scale & weight maker, 48 High Street
Housden Joseph, grocer, 70 High Street
How Edward, beer retailer, Vicarage Lane green
Howards & Sons, manufacturing chemists, High Street
Howes Henry William, draper, 78 High Street
Hoy Thomas Henry, tobacconist, Leyton Road, New Town
Hudson John, architect & surveyor, Green, Romford Road
Hudswell John, greengrocer, 3 Freemason Terrace, Romford Road
Hughes, Sanders & Co, wine merchants, 49 The Grove
Hulme Thomas, baker, 13 Bridge Road, High Street
Humm George, general dealer, Leyton Road, New Town
Humpfreys Thomas, coal dealer, Alma Street
Hunt Frederick James & Co, soap makers (hard & soft), Bow Bridge Soap Works, High Street
Hunt Jared Terrett & Son Limited (Alfred T Hunt, managing director), bone merchants, crushers, importers of foreign bones & guanos; superphosphate of lime manufacturers & sole agents for the sale of phospho-guano, Bow Bridge works
Hunter John, engineer, 1 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town
Hurry William, undertaker, 82 Angel Lane, Broadway
Huskisson John, butcher, Broadway
Hymas Edward, shopkeeper, Vicarage Lane green
Ibbetson James & Co, grocers, Broadway
Iles & Taylor, naptha & benzine distillers & petroleum merchants, Magnet Chemical works, Marshgate Lane
Imperial Chemical Co Limited (Emmens Brothers & Co, managers), manufacturing chemists, Marshgate Lane
Ireland George, George, Broadway
Itchius Sarah (Mrs), milliner, 2 Grove Terrace, Grove
Ivimey Joseph, pianoforte tuner, 2 Market Place, Leytonstone Road
Iyan Robert, cab proprietor, 12 Angel Lane
James Benjamin, cowkeeper, 22 Angel Place
James George Edward, baker, Leyton Road, New Town
James George, Three Pigeons, Romford Road
James William, shoe maker, Waddington Road
Jaques Robert, marine store dealer, Henniker Road, New Town
Jarman Henry, butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Jarvis William Edmund, tailor, Manbey Road, Grove
Jenkins Hannah (Mrs), oilman, Leyton Road, New Town
Jenson & Nicholson, varnish manufacturers, Warton Road, High Street
Jeremy Emma Maria (Mrs), ladies school, 40 Manbey Grove
Jermy Thomas, boot & shoe maker, John Street
Jervis Thomas, saw maker, 218 High Street
Jessop Mary Ann (Mrs), dress maker, 26 Manbey Street, Grove
Jeune J & Co, cork carpet workers, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Johnson & Cumber, printing ink makers, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Johnson George & Son, oil & color men, 379 & 405 High Street & 16 Maryland Point
Johnson Francis, Yorkshire Grey, 337 High Street
Jones Jas Cornelius, tinman & brazier, Leyton Road, New Town
Keen Robert, shopkeeper, Waddington Street
Keen Robt, news vendor & tobacconist, Leyton Road, New Town
Kemp Alfred, painter, 279 High Street
Kemp Henry, bird dealer, 277 High Street
Kennedy Alfred & Sons, surgeons, Broadway
Kennedy Augus MD, surgeon, Stratford Hall, Romford Road
Kennedy John Blydestyn, surgeon, 5 Surinam Terrace, Broadway
Kerey Frederick Henry, tailor, Leyton Road, New Town
Keys William, tobacconist, 364 High Street
Kibby William, ironmonger, 34 Broadway
Kincey Robert & John, Kings Head, Broadway
King John, chimney sweep, 85 Windmill Lane, New Town
King John, shopkeeper, Chobham Road, New Town
Kipping Charles, wholesale & retail fruiterer, Broadway
Kirby George Foster, boarding school, 4 The Grove
Kirkby George, grocer, 324 High Street
Kirkman Charles William, gun maker, 13 Windmill Lane, New Town
Kitchen Hellen & Phillis (Misses), fancy repository, Leytonstone Road
Knacks Joshua, beer retailer, Francis Street, New Town
Knight & Dustow, builders, Falmouth Street, New Town
Knightbridge Charles, butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Knightbridge William, butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Knock William, beer retailer, 227 High Street
Land Alfred, gas fitter, 2 Surinam Terrace
Lanham William, carman, Martin Street
Lawford J & Co, asphalte makers, High Street
Lawrance Francis Burdett, Yorkshire Grey, 8 Maryland Point
Layfield George, beer retailer, Leyton Road, New Town
Lazarus Joseph, tobacconist, 308 High Street
Lee William, Son & Co, grey stone lime works, Stratford Wharf, High Street
Lee John, linen draper, Leytonstone Road
Lee William, beer retailer, 302 High Street
Leete William Alexander, baker, 84 Angel Lane
Lemere James, oil & color man, Broadway
Lemere James, oilman, Leyton Road, New Town
Lemon Tom Summer, pawnbroker, 14 Maryland Road
Lepingwell George Bickerton, coal & coke depot, Leyton Road, New Town
Levey Edward & Samuel, pawnbrokers, 250 & 252 High Street
Lewis David, wholesale & retail tea, coffee & provision merchant, opposite Town Hall, Broadway
Lidbury Edmund, fishmonger, 401 High Street
Lidstone William, grocer, Leyton Road, New Town
Lincoln Rebecca (Mrs), shopkeeper, Francis Street, New Town
Line Richard, beer retailer, 24 Maryland Road, New Town
Ling David, cab proprietor, Frederick Street, High Street
Lingley George, cheesemonger, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Linn John, builder, 7 Atherstone Terrace, Buxton Road, New Town
Linn John, greengrocer, 27 Angel Lane
Little Philip Thomas, stationer, 372 High Street
Lock Alfred, fruiterer, 276 High Street
Lockwood Jas (Mrs), dress maker, 10 Manbey Street, Grove
Lomas Edward, Lion & Lamb, Chapel Street, High Street
Lomas Sarah (Mrs), tarpaulin manufactory, 210 High Street
London & County Bank (branch of), bankers, Broadway
Lord Frederick James, tobacconist, 327 High Street
Lott John jun, farmer, Chobham Manor Farm, Chobham Road, New Town
Lucas Emma (Mrs), laundress, Chandos Road, New Town
Lucas Thomas, wire worker, 238 High Street
Ludbrook Thomas, tobacconist, Leytonstone Road
Lunniss William, hair dresser, Leytonstone Road
Lyne George, beer retailer, Henniker Road, New Town
McCarthy, fishmonger, Windmill Lane, New Town
McCash William, steam bread & biscuit maker, wine & refreshment rooms, Broadway
MvGovarin Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 11 & 12 Bridge Road, High Street
McMarney Thomas, Waddington Arms, Waddington Street
McNess James, shoe maker, 7 Windmill Lane, New Town
McNess James, shoe maker, 44 Windmill Lane, New Town
McSweeney Dennis, boot maker, 248 High Street
Maddiss John, beer retailer, Major Road, New Town
Maguire Benjamin, hosier, 376 High Street
Major John, boot maker, 303 High Street
Malyon David, confectioner, Leyton Road, New Town
Manning George, shopkeeper, Leyton Road, New Town
Mansfield Robert, boot maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Markwick Labourn, tailor, 75 Windmill Lane, New Town
Marney John, contractor & carman, Romford Road
Marriage Louisa (Miss) boys school, Bridgend Villas, Gurney Road, New Town
Marsh William, boot & shoe maker, 61 High Street
Marshall Charles James, plumber, Leytonstone Road
Marshall Joseph G B, engineer & surveyor, Martin Street
Martin Richard, Stratford furniture depository, upholsterer, cabinet maker & funeral furnisher, established 1809, Grove Villas & Romford Road
Maskell William, Eagle Tavern, Chobham Road, new Town
Mason George, butcher, 226 High Street
Mason Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, East Street, High Street
Mason William George, linen draper, 8 Maryland Road
Matthews William, window blind manufacturer, 49 High Street
Maw James, lime, cement, tile, drain pipe & fire brick merchant, white & red suffolk facing bricks, depot for red & blue staffordshire terra-metallic ridges, stable & other pavings, vitrified blue bricks, tiles etc; agent for Jackson & Garside's patent roofing tiles, Harrow Bridge Wharf, High Street
May J Pearson, solicitor, Nethell House, Romford Road
May Stowers Carter, Blue Boar, 328 High Street
Mayers Edward, Dorset Arms, Leyton Road
Mayfield Myers, herbalist, Leyton Road, New Town
Mays Robert, carpenter, Martin Street
Meggs Elizabeth (Mrs), ladder maker, 47 High Street
Mein Andrew, smith & engineer, Station Street
Merry William, greengrocer, 62 High Street
Merry William, shopkeeper, Chapel Street, High Street
Metcalfe Emma (Miss), ladies school, 2 Atherstone Terrace, Buxton Road, New Town
Meyer Wm & Son, varnish manufacturers, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Millard Thomas, watch & clock maker, 26 Maryland Point
Miller Richard, grocer, 335 High Street
Mills Alonzo, greengrocer, 3 Maryland Road, New Town
Mills Charles Philips, Two Brewers, 295 High Street
Mills David, Chobham Arms, Chobham Road, New Town
Milne Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 8 Manbey Grove
Moore Samuel, photographer, Leyton Road, New Town
More George, architect & surveyor, 3 Harley Terrace, Gurney Road
Morewood Edmund & Co, manufacturers of rolled tin, Bridge Road, High Street
Morley John, Swan Hotel, Broadway
Morris & Isaacs, clothiers, 234 High Street
Morris John Stephen, painter, Chobham Road, New Town
Morrow John, watch maker, 58 Windmill Lane, New Town
Moss Alfred, stationer, Broadway
Mott Emily (Mrs), ladies school, Foxley House, Romford Road
Mounier Charles, beer retailer, Maryland Road, New Town
Moy Thomas, coal merchant, Angel Lane
Murphy James, linen draper, Broadway
Nall John, cooper, 81 Windmill Lane, New Town
Nash Charles, glass & china dealer, 24 Broadway
Nash William, pork butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Nash William James, tobacconist & stationer, 346 High Street
Needham James, shopkeeper, 19 Angel Lane, Broadway
Newins James, tailor, 11 Waddington Street, New Town
Newland George William, hair dresser, 348 High Street
Newland John J, hair dresser, 86 Windmill Lane, New Town
Newman James, greengrocer, Chapel Street, High Street
Newman John, baker, 12 Maryland Road
Newstead Henry, clothier, 316 High Street
Newstead Henry, wardrobe dealer, 357 High Street
Newton George, beer retailer, 253 High Street
Newton George R, coach builder, 219 High Street
Newton Wiliam, furniture dealer, Leyton Road, New Town
Nice Henry, cheesemonger, 397 High Street
Nice William, coal dealer, Gurney Road
Nicholas William, fruiterer, 95 High Street
Nicholls Josiah, Manbey Arms, Manbey Street
Nichols John, butcher, Chapel Street, High Street
Nicholson & Buchan, surgeons, Romford Road
Nickelson Thomas, baker, Henniker Road, New Town
Norman George, Freemason Hotel, Romford Road
North Metropolitan Tramway Co (George Henry Smith), Surinam Terrace
Norton Thos & Son, builders & contractors, Frederick Street, High Street
Oakley Richard, shopkeeper, 9 Bridge Road, High Street
Offley Alexander, greengrocer, West Street, New Town
O'Grady Henry, news agent, 241 High Street
Oliver Joseph, tailor, Leyton Road, New Town
Otway John, solicitor, The Grove
Ough Henry, architect, 9 Maryland Point, Leytonstone Road
Ovenden William, beer retailer, 17 Waddington Street, New Town
Overton William, wheelwright, Martin Street
Owen Roger James, chemist, Leyton Road, New Town
Palmer & Co, candle manufacturers & oil merchants & refiners, Victoria Works,, Warton Road
Palmer Misses, preparatory school, Montpelier House, 2 The Grove
Palmer Elizabeth & Catherine (Misses), ladies school, The Hermitage, Romford Road
Pamplin John, umbrella stick mounter, Gurney Road, New Town
Pannell John, beer retailer, 221 High Street
Parks henry Thomas, shopkeeper, 12 Waddington Street
Parsons Thomas, shopkeeper, Henniker Road, New Town
Pash Daniel & Co, boot & shoe makers, Broadway
Patent Ink & Stationery Co, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Payne Thomas, shoe maker, 235 High Street
Peacock Benjamin Richard, insurance agent, 6 Lansdown Terrace, Gurney Road, New Town
Peck mary (Miss), dress maker, Buxton Road
Peebles Edwin, house agent, 220 High Street
Penny Samuel Hy, corn dealer, 5 Market Place, Leytonstone Road
Perry & Co, builders, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Phillips Edward, news agent, 19 Leyton Road, New Town
Phillips Jane (Mrs), pawnbroker, 384 High Street
Philpot John, coffee rooms, 300 High Street
Pittman Henry, boot maker, Romford Road
Platten William, asphalte manufacturer, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Plummer Robert, clothier, 7 Bridge Road, High Street
Pokin Allen, furniture broker, 2 Windmill Lane
Ponder William, picture frame maker, The Grove
Ponsford George, beer retailer, 7 Maryland Point
Poole Frederick, Green Man, 194 High Street
Poole Thomas, tailor, Leyton Road, New Town
Poupard Charles, emery cloth manufacturer, Marshgate lane, High Street
Price Joseph, coffee rooms, 280 High Street
Priddy Samuel, linen draper, Broadway
Pridmore Thomas Henry Robert, boys school, 3 Gurney Terrace, Gurney Road
Priest Edward, tailor, Leyton Road, New Town
Privet Richard, shopkeeper, New Street, High Street
Proctor Thomas, Castle Inn, Leyton Road, New Town
Purdue William E, insurance agent, 19 Buxton Road, New Town
Quelch William, cheesemonger, 32 High Street
Quick John, baker, 373 High Street
Ramuz George, wine merchant, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Rawlins John, butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Rawlins Joshua, confectioner, Chapel Street, High Street
Read George, butcher, 25 Maryland Road, New Road
Read Samuel, marine store dealer, Leyton Road, New Town
Reddington Anthony, grocer, Francis Street, New Town
Reed William, shopkeeper, Martin Street
Reeve Charles, woollen draper, 290 High Street
Reeves Thomas, chandlers shop, 51 Bridge Road, High Street
Reynolds John, beer retailer, Plashet Lane, Romford Road
Richardson & Son, chemists, Leytonstone Road
Rickett, Smith & Co, coal merchants, Angel Lane, Broadway; Barking Road, Canning Town; Stations, Leyton & North Woolwich
Rickett Thomas, coal merchant, 1 Gurney Villas, Gurney Road
Ridpath Andrew, fruiterer, 198 High Street
Ritchie William & Son, jute spinners & power loom linen manufacturers, Carpenters Road, High Street; city office, 148 1/2 Fenchurch Street EC
Ritchie William & Son, merchants, jute spinners & manufacturers, The London Spinning Mills; office, 148 1/2 Fenchurch Street EC
Rivett James, funeral furnisher, 312 High Street
Rivett William James, builder, contractor & horticultural builder, 312 High Street
Roberts & Johnson, wharfingers, Rowatts Wharf, High Street; city office, 38 Great St Helens, Bishopsgate within EC
Roberts Henry, grocer & cheesemonger, 32 Manbey Street, Grove
Roberts John Reynolds, linen draper, 29 & 30 Broadway
Robbins Alfred, sign writer, 31 Ingham Place, Leytonstone
Robinson Lance, dyer & scourer, 28 Broadway
Robinson Robert, shopkeeper, Chapel Street
Rodger Agnes (Mrs), dress maker, 3 Chobham Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town
Rogers Emma (Miss), school 6 Chobham Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town
Rogers Richard William, cabinet maker, 374 High Street
Rogers Samuel, shopkeeper, 94 High Street
Rowe Edwin Samuel, dyer, 4 Angel Lane, Broadway
Rowsell Ethelbert James, grocer, Major Road, New Town
Ruddick James, grocer, Leyton Road, New Town
Rule Deborah (Mrs), dairyman, 13 Waddington Street
Russell & Co, carpenters, High Street
Sackett Richard, zinc & tin plate worker, 92 High Street
Sadler Sarah (Mrs), dress maker, Buxton Road
Saffell Robert, blacksmith, Chapel Street, High Street
Salter Jemima (Mrs), beer retailer, Leyton Road, New Town
Sargent Rebecca (Mrs), beer retailer, Henniker Street, New Town
Saunders Henry, wine merchant, Broadway
Savage Betsy (Mrs), tobacconist, 8 Langthorne Place, Romford Road
Savill Brothers, ale & porter brewers (india pale ale for exportation), Stratford Brewery
Sayer Caroline(Mrs), saddler & harness maker, 292 High Street
Schleicher Otto, oil & grease manufacturer etc, Warton Road
Schmeiden Jacob, chandlers shop, 91 High Street
Scotchner John, tobacconist, 46 High Street
Scott William & Thomas & Co, Crown Sulphur Works, Marshgate Lane, High Street
Scott Henry, greengrocer, Chapel Street
Scott William, shopkeeper, 6 Maryland Road
Scott James, harness maker, 242 High Street
Scutts William Nicholas Mercer, solicitor, The Grove; & Darnley Terrace, Rosherville, Kent
Seabourne George, bone boiler, Marsh Gate Lane, High Street
Searle Benjamin, beer retailer, Angel Place, New Town
Searle Benjamin, beer retailer, Leyton Road, New Town
Searles Henry, marine store dealer, 35 Angel Lane
Sedgwick George Alfred, vestry clerk & solicitor, Town Hall & 27 Leadenhall Street, City ec
Self Jeremiah, clerk to the school board & to the burials board, 4 Surinam Terrace
Sharp Robert, cowkeeper, Chapel Street, High Street
Shaw Samuel, oilman, 305 High Street
Shaw William, hatter, 274 High Street
Shaw Joseph, rag merchant, 333 High Street
Shead James, marine store dealer, Falmouth Street, New Town
Shean John, boat builder, High Street
Shrimpton William, rag merchant, 365 High Street
Sibley Henry, hair dresser, Broadway
Simlick Conrad, chemical cigar light manufacturer, Martin Street
Simpson Henry, blind maker, 236 High Street
Simpson James, tailor, 2 Angel Lane, Broadway
Skinner Thomas, coal merchant, Thurlow House, Romford Road
Slade William, butcher, 26 Windmill Lane, New Town
Slater Louisa (Mrs), shopkeeper, Henniker Road, New Town
Slee G E & Co, coal merchants, Leyton Road
Slee Geo E, auctioneer & estate agent, Rokeby House, Broadway
Smart Henry, gas fitter, Leytonstone Road
Smart Martha (Miss), cork manufacturer, 80 Angel lane
Smith Brothers & Co, tar & grease manufacturer, Marsh gate Lane, High Street; office, 101 Leadenhall Street EC
Smith & Garrett, beer retailers, Well Street, Maryland
Smith & Wescombe Misses, fancy repository, Romford Road
Smith Alfred John, hair dresser, Leyton Road, New Town
Smith Augustus, brush & mat manufacturer & patent fibre mills, Marsh Gate Lane, High Street
Smith Charles, corn dealer, Harrow Bridge, High Street
Smith Charles, plumber, 25 High Street
Smith Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 81 Maryland Road
Smith Frederick, corn chandler, 336 High Street
Smith James, leather seller, 399 High Street
Smith John Moore, architect, land agent & surveyor, Rokeby House, Broadway
Smith John, printer etc, 31 Angel Lane, Broadway
Smith Richard, grocer, Broadway
Smith Stephen, beer retailer, 21 Angel Lane
Smith William, grocer & cheesemonger, 1 Market Place, New Town
Smith William Henry, coffee rooms, 1 Angel Place
Snowden James, oil & color man, 278 High Street
Sorrell Thomas, engineer, Chapel Street, High Street
Spencer George, carpenter, 25 Maryland Point
Spencer Holdsworth & Co, engineers, Marsh Gate Lane, High Street
Spencer Wm, Cart & Horses, Leytonstone Road, New Town
Spendslow Joseph, fishmonger, Falmouth Street
Spier James, dairyman, Henniker Road, New Town
Spinks Richard, hair dresser, 11 Leyton Road, New Town
Springall John, engineer, hot water apparatus manufacturer for heating churches, green houses etc & iron founder, Harrow Bridge Iron Works, High Street
Springer Clarasse (Mrs), ladies school, Victoria Villa, Manbey park Terrace, Grove
Sprolding George, fishmonger, 10 Maryland Road
Staines George, baker & beer retailer, Chant Street, Broadway
Stead Charles, firewood dealer, High Street
Steer Thos Geo, master mariner, 1 Belgrave Terrace, Buxton Road
Stibbard Martha (Mrs), stay maker, 3 Alexander Terrace, The Grove
Stimson Frederick, baker, 265 High Street
Stock William, stationer, 24 Upton Place, Romford Road
Stockdale Charles, harness maker, 375 High Street
Stockdale Chas Wm, boot maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Stockdale George sen, boot & shoe maker, Leyton Road & Henniker Road, New Town
Stocker Misses, establishment for young ladies, Globe House, Romford Road
Stonard Jane (Mrs), tobacconist, Chapel Street, High Street
Storey Thomas Bland, grocer, Vicarage Lane green
Strains Samuel, gas fitter, Martin Street
Stratford & Commercial Loan Company (William Wallington, proprietor), Bridge Road & High Street
Stratford Co-operative Society (John Parsons, sec), 60a Maryland Street, New Town
Stratford Dye & Color Co (The), manufacturers of aniline dye & other colors, High Street
Stratford Express (Wilson & Whitworth, proprietors & publishers), published on Saturday, Broadway
Stratford Times (Wilson & Whitworth, proprietors & publishers), published on Wednesday, Broadway
Stubbings William, beer retailer, 403 High Street
Stubbington Clay, grocer, 387 High Street
Sutherland John, beer retailer, Leytonstone Road
Sweden Jacob, shopkeeper, 80 High Street
Sweeting Rich, surgeon, 1 Maryland Villas, Leytonstone Road
Tanner Charles Wm, corn & coal merchant, 351 High Street
Taylor Charles, plumber, Broadway, Stratford
Taylor Thomas, oil merchant, see Iles & Taylor
Taylor William, dining rooms, Martin Street
Taylor William Poole, surveyor & architect, 18 Water Lane, Manbey Park
Temple & Co, general furnishing ironmongers, 359 High Street
Tenham Richard, fishmonger, Leyton Road, New Town
Theobald Ephraim, beer retailer, Frederick Street, High Street
Thompson Catherine (Mrs), haberdasher, 64 High Street
Thorogood Henry, livery stables, Vicarage Lane green
Threadwell George, photographer, 288 High Street
Threlford Thomas jun, cabinet maker, Broadway
Thurston George, butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Thurston James sen, shoe maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Thwaites Mary (Mrs), grocer, 52 High Street
Tillett William, beer retailer, Major Road, New Town
Tilley James, chimney sweep, Burton Court, High Street
Tilly Alfred, french polisher, 311 High Street
Tindale & Co, tobacconists, 378 High Street
Tingey Henry, cabinet maker, Romford Road
Toas Thomas, Marsh Gate, 66 High Street
Tomlinson William, blacksmith, 3 Manbey Park Villas, Manbey Park Terrace, Grove
Trench Wm, Turkish bath proprietor, Lovett Road, New Town
Trott Robert, baker, Chapel Street, High Street
Trovell Emma (Miss), ladies school, 2 Alpha Cottages, Gurney Road, New Town
Trow & Sons, dining rooms, Broadway
Tubbs John, seedsman, 48 The Grove
Tucker Harriet (miss), professor of drawing, 4 Maryland Point
Tucker William, drawing academy, 4 Maryland Point
Tuckwell Thomas G, oilman, Leyton Road, New Town
Tuffin Charles, butcher, 15 Maryland Point
Turbyfield William, umbrella maker, 32 Broadway
Turner Arthur, tailor, 267 High Street
Turner Charles, Old Black Bull, Broadway
Turner George, hatter, 362 High Street
Turner Marlton William, stone & marble mason, 60 Maryland Street, New Town
Tyler Edward, butcher, Leytonstone Road
Tyler Joseph, tailor, Manbey Park Terrace, Grove
Tyler William Charles, Lion, 74 Angel Lane
Uffelman Frederick, Angel, Broadway
Underwood James, baker, 67 High Street
Vallance Thomas James, surgeon & registrar of births & deaths for Stratford District, Grove
Van de Wall & Co, lamp black ma, Marshgate Lane, High Street
Varcoe Ralph O, builder, Mangrove
Vardell Joseph William, btcher, Broadway
Verrier George, carpenter, The Grove
Volckman Wm & Chas, wholesale confectioners, 338 & 340 High STreet
Vracey John, shopkeeper, Leyton Road, New Town
Wade William, beer retailer, Leyton Road, New Town
Wademan Mary Grace (Miss), ladies school, Lime Cottage, Green, Romford Road
Wait James, Bird in Hand, 314 High Street
Wait Robert, beer retailer, Francis Street, New Town
Wakefield Francis, boot & shoe maker, 25 Broadway
Walker Elizabeth (Mrs), cheesemonger, 385 High Street
Walker Thomas, shoe maker, 43 Manbey Street, Grove
Walmsley George Sackett, licensed maltster, High Street
Walsh Fanny (Mrs), milliner, 8 Bridge Road, High Street
Ware Fredk, steam boiler & tank manufacturer, 117 High Street
Warne Joshua, tailor, 75 High Street
Warren Fredk & Co, coal merchants, Angel Lane & Martin Street
Warwick William, boot & shoe maker, 76 Angel Lane
Watson George, beer retailer, 29 Angel Lane
Watson William Hurrell, clothier, Broadway
Watt Alfred, marine store dealer, 38 High Street
Watters Edward Francis, butcher, Broadway
Waugh Charles, baker, Chapel Street, High Street
Wayland Ann (Mrs), hosier etc, 329 & 331 High Street
Wayte Mary Ann (Mrs), chandlers shop, 125 High Street
Webb & Smith, brewers & wholesale wine & spirit & bottled beer merchants, 27 Maryland Point, Leytonstone Road
Webb James, builder, Brydges Road, New Town
Webb Jas, builder, 1 Chobham Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town
Weekes Thomas, manufacturer of Portland & romans cement & gray & chalk lime, Burford Road, High Street; works, Halling, near Rochester, Kent; London depots, Phoenix Wharf, Church Road, Battersea
Welch Henry, plumber, Martin Street
Wells Caleb, beer retailer, Leyton Road, New Town
Wells James & Co, grocers, Broadway
Wells Wm, Carpenters Arms, 17 Carpenters Road, High Street
Wells Wm. fancy repository, Maryland Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Wenninger George, butcher, 58 High Street
West Ham Conservative Club (R T Wragg, hon sec), 6 Surinam Terrace, Broadway
West Ham Gas Works (James Madge, sec; Edward Henry Thorman, manager), Union Street, High Street
West Ham Local Board of Health (Frederick Edward Hilleary, clerk; Lewis Angell, district surveyor; Thomas Drake, medical officer; Robert Everest & William Allen, inspectors of nuisances), Town Hall, Broadway
West Ham, Stratford & South Essex Dispensary (Richd John Carey, resident surgeon), The Green, Romford Road
West Mary A (Mrs), tallow chandler, 27 Broadway
West William, baker, Martin Street
Whenn Robert, baker, 6 Maryland Point, Leytonstone Road
Whinn John, news agent, Leyton Road, New Town
White John, ginger beer maker, Martin Street
White John, Telegraph, Leyton Road, New Town
Whitehouse Thomas Gill MD, surgeon, 7 Maryland Point
Whybro David, Rising Sun, Romford Road
Whymark Wm, shopkeeper, 40 Maryland Road, New Town
Wilbourn William, beer retailer, 350 High Street
Williams George William, corn & flour merchant, Whitelands, Leytonstone Road
Williams Maria ann (Miss), teacher of the pianoforte, 1 St Katherine Cottages, Gurney Road, New Town
Williams Wm Alfred, corn & flour merchant, 409 High Street
Wilmott Joseph (late of Tottenham Court Road), New Imperial veneer, timber & deal saw mills, Bow Bridge
Wilson & Whitworth, printers, Broadway & William Street
Wilson Ann (Mrs), preparatory school, 1 Ellen Cottages, Chobham Road, New Town
Wilson George Henry, painter, Manley Grove
Wilson Mary (Mrs), carpenter, Alma Street, New Town
Wilson Samuel, professor of music, 174 High Street
Wilton John & Sons, steam candle works, Broadway
Winstone Benjamin, tar & creosote works, Sugar House Lane, High Street
Witherick Harriet (Miss), ladies school, Lovett Road, New Town
Wood Alfred, shoe maker, Leyton Road, New Town
Wood Alfred, watch & clock maker, 23 Broadway
Wood Edward, brush maker, Leytonstone Road
Wood Hubert, solicitor, 3 Vicarage Terrace, Romford
Wood William, butcher, 4 Market Place, Leytonstone Road
Wood William, Engineers Arms, Alma Street
Woodfield Joseph, butcher, Leyton Road, New Town
Woolmore Richard, greengrocer, 8 Broad Street
Working Men's Hall & Club Room (Benjamin Berry, secretary), West Ham Lane
Wright Thomas, shoe maker, 10 Waddington Street, New Town
Wright William W, bazaar, 21 Broadway
Young William, lead & glass merchant, gasfitter & paper hanging warehouse, 36 Broadway

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