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Stratford 1882 Post office Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1882

Stratford History index

Private Residents.

Ablett John Chas, 2 Grove Crescent Road
Abrahams Robert, 169  Romford Road
Alexander Frederick John, Margery Park Road
Allen David, 14 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Allen George, 2 Batavia Cottages, Chandos Road, New Town
Allen George, 3 The Grove
Allen Mrs, 2 Batavia Cottages, Chandos Road, New Town
Allen Mrs, 8 Romford Road
Allinson Mrs, 188 Romford Road
Allman Austin Henry, 44 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Alltre Capt Wm Geo, 239 Romford Road
Alment Edward, 194 Romford Road
Anderson James, 159 Romford Road
Angell Lewis, C E , Burleigh House, The Grove
Appleton Henry, 245 Romford Road
Archer Miss, 6 Market Place, Leytonstone Road
Armstrong Edward, 10 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Ashdown Chas William, 241 Romford Road
Ashley James, 103 Romford Road
Atherton John, 199 Romford Road
Atkinson Jas, Erato Villa, Leytonstone Road
Atkinson John Wm, 143 Romford Road
Atkinson Mrs, 105 Romford Road
Badcock Mrs, 294 Romford Road
Bailey Mrs, 154 Romford Road
Bailey William, 119 Romford Road
Balding Thomas, 192 Romford Road
Ball Mrs, 20 Chobham Road, New Town
Banfield Rev J H [baptist], Edith Villa, Water Lane
Barber Mrs, 11 Deanery Road
Barber Mrs, 6 Manbey Road, Stratford Green
Barker Andrew, 178 High Street
Barlow Benjamin Irlam, 190, Romford Road
Barnard Henry, 19 Vicarage Lane
Barnes George, 304 Romford Road
Barrett Joseph, 316 Romford Road
Barrett Rt Montague, 269 Romford Road
Bartram Robert, 201 Romford Road
Bastard Richard, 198 Romford Road
Batting John, 1 Leah Terrace, Stratford Green
Baxter Fredk, 4 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Bayford Jas, 8 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Bayley Wm Chas, 6 Chobham Road, New Town
Bean Mrs, 63 Romford Road
Bear Henry, 185 Romford Road
Beard Mrs, Disraeli Road
Beardwood William, 356 Romford Road
Bearman Charles, 23 Manbey Grove
Begent Thomas, 331 Romford Road
Bell Archibald, 27 Vicarage Lane
Bennett Mrsm 125 Romford Road
Biddle George, Sidney House, Water Lane
Birch Morris, 276 Romford Road
Bishop Thomas, 312 Romford Road
Blake Mrs, 4 Argyle Terrace, Margery Park Road
Blows Joseph Thomas, The Grove
Blyth Mrs The Elms, Stratford Green
Boardman Clement, Magnolia House, Stratford Green
Borrodell Thos, 14 Leak Terrace, Stratford Green
Boulton Jas, 21 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Breeze Herbert Glengenning, 45 Chobham Road, New Town
Bremner Mrs, 135 Romford Road
Brent George, 161 Romford Road
Bressey Edward, 209 Romford Road
Brice John, 2 Cliff Terrace, Manbey Park Terrace, Grove
Brice Mrs, 2 Chobham Road, New Town
Brock Edward, 191 Romford Road
Brooks Captain William James Tayer, Milton House, Grove Crescent Road
Brooks John, 66 Chobham Road
Brown Alfred, 45 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Bryce David Raphael, 34 Chobham Road, New Town
Buchan Greigg, 9 Romford Road
Buchan Peter MD, 9 Romford Road
Budgett John Alfred Henry, The Grove
Buffham John, 5 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Buffhan Seth, 34 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Bullions Mrs, 186 High Street
Bullock Mrs, 66 Romford Road
Burford Ephraim, 3 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road
Burford James, 18 Burford Street
Burnett Robt, 19 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Burrows Henry, 1 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road
Burt Col Geo Raymond, 82 Romford Road
Burton Mrs, 140 Romford Road
Bush Frederick Augustus, Fraser House, Margery Park Road
Cameron William, 54 Margery Park Road
Canham Herbert, 277 Romford Road
Carter Albert, 4 Chobham Road, New Town
Carter James, 1 Grove Villas, The Grove
Carter John, 184 High Street
Carter William. 180 High Street
Cartwright Zachariah, 203  Romford Road
Casselton Edmund, 55  Romford Road
Catchpool Mrs, Lay Cottage, Leytonstone Road
Catley J, 80 Romford Road
Chalkley Henry George, Romford Road
Chandler Wm, 4 Park Terrace, Margery Park Road
Chapman Sampson George, 3 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, new Town
Chatwood John, 4 Beaconsfield Villas, Disraeli Road
Cheffin John, 219 Romford Road
Chester Horace, 12 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Childs Mrs, 9 Market Place, Leytonstone Road
Chubb Henry Thomas, 3 West Ham Villas, Leytonstone Road
Clark John, Inverwey House, Margery Park Road
Clarke Wm John, 195 Romford Road
Clay Mrs, 6 The Grove
Clegg Wm, 23 Chobham Road, New Town
Clements Mrs, 1 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Clifton Kenyon Edward, 69 Romford Road
Coates Nicholas Chas, 152 Romford Road
Cole Alexander, Richmond House, Romford Road
Collier Edwd, 139 Chobham Road, New Town
Collins Mrs, 32 Maryland Point
Colquhoun Robt Hy, 124 Chobham Road
Compton John, 162 Romford Road
Cook James, 7 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Cook John, 138 Romford Road
Cooper Mrs, 4 Westbury Road

Cottee Chas Rd, 15 Leah Terrace, Stratford Green
Cottee William, Stratford Green
Coulbowen Albert, 17 Vicarage Lane
Courtney Geo Henry, Rutland House, The Grove
Coward James, Holly Villa, 1 Water Lane
Cowbro Lewis, 183 Romford Road
Cowland Joseph, The Grove
Cowles Charles, 37 Broadway & West Ham lane
Cox Alf, 48 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Cox John Wm Fredk, 119 Romford Road
Cox Wm, 84 Chobham Road, New Town
Craig William 15 Vicarage Lane
Creagh Capt John K, Victoria Villa, Manby park Terrace
Creed Thomas Brittain, 2 Manbey Park Terrace, The Grove
Croney Thomas Charles, Augustus Villa, Margery Park Road
Crowley Wm Henry, 179 Romford Road
Curtis John, 148 The Grove
Cumberland Arthur, 229 Romford Road
Curtis Edwin, Mortimer Lodge, Romford Road
Curtis Mrs, 61 Romford Road
Dangerfield Frederick George, 43 Chobham Road, New Town
Davis Charles Henry, 49 Broadway
Davis Henry Louis, 108 Romford Road
Davis Pool Field, Eliza Cottage, Chandos Road, New Town
Dawson John, 2 Genista Villas, Romford Road
Dawson William, May Lodge, Leytonstone Road
Deason Mrs, 41 Chobham Road, New Town
Deason William, 1 Norris Place, High Street
Dellow Frederick, 196 Romford Road
Dexter Robert. 206 Romford Road
Dickson John Robert, 255 Romford Road
Dorton John, 6 Maryland Point, Leytonstone Road
Dowsett Jas, 10 Chobham Road, New Town
Drake Arthur John LRCP LOND, 2 Romford Road
Drake Thomas, 207 Romford Road
Duck Robert, May bank, Margery Park Road
Dutton Miss, 25 Chobham Road
Eccles George, Chestnut House, The Grove
Edenborough Clarence, 1 Northumberland Terrace, Margery Park Road
Edgington Miss, 4 Ponder Terrace, Water Lane
Edwards Geo Canning, 178 Romford Road
Edwards George Wm, 86 Romford Road
Egan Rev James [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Ellis Joseph, 1 Gurney Cottages, Leytonstone Road
Ellis William Henry, 5 Waddington Villas, Windmill Lane, New Town
Ellison Rev Columban [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Evans James, 2 Gurney Villas, Leytonstone Road
Evans John, 94 Romford Road
Evennett Edward Lawrence, 118 Chobham Road, New Town
Fairman Robert, 42 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Fenwick John, 7 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Fern Mrs, 53 Romford Road
Field Mrs, 308 Romford Road
Finch Alexander, 2 Valentine Villas, Disraeli Road
Findlay James, 270 Romford Road
Fisher Thomas, 197 Romford Road
Fitzpatrick Samuel, 2 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town
Focknell Edmund, 33 Maryland Point
Foot George Wilkinson, 338 Romford Road
Forsyth Woodford, 328 Romford Road
Forge John, 3 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road
Fox James, 244 Romford Road
Froggett Mrs, 1 Wanstead Villas, Leytonstone Road
Frost Mrs, 1 Chobham Road, New Town
Fry Charles Jas, 3 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Fuller George, 211 Romford Road
Fuller John 164 Romford Road
Gall Charles, 3 Maria Terrace, Stratford Green
Geere Thomas, 59 Broadway
Geere Walter, 175 Romford Road
Gentry John, 1 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road
Gibbs James, 2 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road
Gidney Jeremiah Wm, 200 Romford Road
Gilders George, 3 Grove Villas, The Grove
Gillham Alfred, 1 Beaconsfield Villas, Disraeli Road
Gillies Malcom, 4 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town
Girling Samuel James, 30 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Glenny Mrs, 336 Romford Road
Glover William, 10 Romford Road
Goodman William, 4 Grove Villas
Goodson William, LRCP EDIN, 3 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road
Goss James, The Cedars, Stratford Green
Gower Frederick, 168 High Street
Graham William, 115 Romford Road
Gray Andrew, Newlyn House, Water Lane
Gray Tom Edward, Fern Lodge, Leytonstone Road
Gredley Edmund, 1 Gurney Villas, Leytonstone Road
Greenwood Paul Alex, 334 Romford Road
Gregar William, 1 Grove Crescent Road
Griffiths Johnm 4 Crowndale Place, Leytonstone Road
Grogono Walker Atkins, LRCP EDIN, 216 High Street
Grunbaum Herman Albert Otto Emil, 10 William Street
Gunn Henry, 18 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Gwinn George, 7 The Grove
Habgood Charles, 7 Margery Park Road
Hall John Rodger, the Grove
Hamilton John Burnett LRCP EDIN, 34 Maryland Point
Hanscomb Robert, 202 Romford Road
Hardy Mrs, 57 Chobham Road, New Town
Hargreaves Henry, 177 Romford Road
Harmer Samuel, 4 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Harrington John, 167 Romford Road
Harris George, 116 Chobham Road, New Town
Hart John Cecil, 205 High Street
Harveston Wm, Avenue Cottage, Manbey Road
Haskew Walter Cecil, 26 Chobham Road, New Town
Hasted William, 98 Romford Road
Hawkins Frederick, 1 Valentine Villas, Disraeli Road
Hay William, 5 Grove Crescent Road
Hazell William, 51 Chobham Road, New Town
Hedington Joseph, 8 Market Place, Leytonstone Road
Henderson Thomas Mowbray MD, 172 The Grove
Herbert Joseph, 37 Chobham Road, New Town
Hetherington Thomas, 10 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Hewes Thomas, 246 Romford Road
Hill John Victor, 23 Vicarage Lane
Hilleary Frederic Edward MA ML, Bleak House, Stratford Green
Hilleary Gustavus Edward, 187 Romford Road
Hine Alfred Leonard, Eppingdale, Leytonstone Road
Hitchcock Joseph, 46 manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Hodges James, 15 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Holdsworth William, Deanery House, Stratford Green
Holdway Thomas, 102 Romford Road
Holford Thos, Constantine, 342 High Street
Hollamby James Charles, Margery park Road
Holland Mrs, 230 Romford Road
Hollingsworth Wm Thos, 56 Romford Road
Holloway Mrs, 22 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Holmden Alfred, 10 Margery park Road
Holmes Francis, Maude Villa, Disraeli Road
Holdsworth W J, 3 Grange Terrace, Stratford Green
Holtermann William, 30 Maryland Point
Hopwood James, 122 Chobham Road, New Town
Hornsey William Geo, 211 High Street
Hose Joseph, 320 Romford Road
Hosford John Stroud, LRCP EDIN, The Grove
Howell John, 6 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road
Hudson John, 36 Romford Road
Hughes William, 157 Romford Road
Huntley Hoadley Joseph, 3 Park Terrace, Margery park Road
Hussey Charles, 148 Romford Road
Hutchion William, 25  Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Imrie John, 7 Grove Crescent Road
Inkpen Wm, 19 Chobham Road, New Town
Jackson Geo, Lime Villa, Leytonstone Road
Jefferies John, 174 High Street
Jeune Frederick Chas, 106 Romford Road
Jex Robert Yaxley, Dupplin House, Romford Road
Jex Wm Orlando, 1 Clarence Villas, Deanery Road
Jobson Wm, 27 Chobham Road, New Town

Johnson William.172 High Street
Jones George, 184 Romford Road
Jones William, 249 Romford Road
Josling Mrs, 13 Deanery Road
Kall William, 40 Margery Park Road
Kennedy Jn Blydesteyn, 165 Romford Road
Kennett Hezekiah, 5 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road
King John, 2 Argyle Terrace, Margery Park Road
King Mrs, 76 Chobham Road, New Town
King Mrs, 5 Vicarage lane
Kinnard William Harrison, 1 Sycamore Villa, Leytonstone Road
Kirby George Foster, 4 The Grove
Kirk Mrs, 78 Romford Road
Kitson James, 142 Romford Road
Knaggs Rev James [congregational], 173 Romford Road
Knight Thomas, 21 Chobham Road, New Town
Kraushaar Wm Jas, 2 Margery Park Villas

Lake Wm Ed, 29 Chobham Road, New Town
Lamarque Frederick, 23 Romford Road
Lambert Joseph, 248 Romford Road
Lane Thos, 2 Wanstead Villas, Leytonstone Road
Lankester Rbt, Lawrence, 150 Romford Road
Latter John Atherton, 29 Vicarage Lane
Lee George, 268 Romford Road
Lee Henry, Fairlight House, Deanery Road
Lee James,, 3 Argyle Terrace, Margery Park Road
Lee James, 236 Romford Road
Lee Mrs, Hepburn House, Margery Park Road
Lee William Harris, 163 Romford Road
Lewis Jas, 8 Chobham Road, New Town
Line George, 35 Chobham Road, New Town
Ling Mrs, 144 Romford Road
Lintott Mrs, 296 Romford Road
Livermore Wm Chas, 250 Romford Road
Loane John, 238 Romford Road
Lockett James, 211 Romford Road
Luckin Jn, 5 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Lysnar Edward, 139 Romford Road
MacAllen George, 6 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town
McCarthey, Rev Aidan [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
McCleary John, 11 Vicarage Lane
McDonald Edwin, 16 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
McDonald George, 330 Romford Road
McDougall John, 1 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town
McDonald John, Sussex Villa, Deanery Road
McPherson George, 5 Argyle Terrace, Margery Park Road
Mainland Capt David, 8 The Grove
Mainwaring Charles, 5 Northumberland Terrace, Margery Park Road
Mansell James, Crownfield House, Leytonstone Road
Marshall Joseph Gilbert Blair, Martin Street
Martin Arthur Burnett, 256 Romford Road
Martin Frederick Samuel, High Meades House, Martin Street
Mather Robert Brodie, 1 Deanery Road
Mathieson James, 74 Romford Road
Maw James, Blenheim House, Margery Park Road
May James Pearson, 32 Romford Road
Maynard Miss, 2 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Mears Benjamin, 176 Romford Road
Meech Peter, 146 Romford Road
Meeson John, 171  Romford Road
Mickleread David, 64 Romford Road
Milne Thomas, 218 Romford Road
Mitchell Adam, 3 Wanstead Villas, Leytonstone Road
Mitchell James, Leytonstone Road
Mitchell Mrs, 1 Maria Terrace, Stratford Green
Mitcheson John, The Grove
Moore Henry, 360 Romford Road
Moore Henry Charles, 67 Romford Road
Moore Mrs, 214 Romford Road
More George, 267 Romford Road
Morley John, 302 Romford Road
Morris Benjamin Reed, 39 Chobham Road, New Town
Morris James, 1 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Morsley John Jas, Florence Vill, Water lane
Mulley John Jas, Florence Villas, Water Lane
Musson Thomas, 71 Romford Place
Nash Charles, Trent Villa, Water lane
Neat William, 1 Cornwall Villas, Margery park Road
Needham Joseph, 240 Romford Road
Newman John Thomas, 224 Romford Road
Newton George, 9 Maryland Point
Nicholas Llewellyn, 54 Romford Road
Nicholas Richard Geo, 68 Romford Road
Nicholas Thomas Black, 232 Romford Road
Nicholls henry, 6 Argyle Terrace, Water Lane
Norris Mrs, 31 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
North Chas, 1 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
North George, 3 Manbey Villas, Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
North Samuel Eli, 186 Romford Road
Oakey Geo, 5 Park Villas, Margery park Road
O’Brien Russell J MB, 272 Romford Road
Oddy Mrs, 2 Sycamore Villas, Leytonstone Road
O’Keefe Chas, 24 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Ough Henry, 62 Romford Road
Owen Samuel, 110 Romford Road
Page Joseph, 265 Romford Road
Palmer John T, 80  Chobham Road, New Town
Palmer Thos William, 51 Broadway
Paris James, 53 Margery Park Road
Parker Henry, 78 Chobham Road, New Town
Parker James, 203 High Street
Passingham George, 243 Romford Road
Paulin Thomas, 314 Romford Road
Peck Richard, 59 Romford Road
Pedley Mrs, 52 Romford Road
Perkins Thomas, 61 Broadway
Perrie William, 112 Romford Road
Perry Jacob, Stanley House, Disraeli Road
Perry Mrs, 50 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Peters Charles, 222 Romford Road
Peters Peter, Monte Christo, Romford Road
Pilkington Mrs, 43 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Pincombe David, 1 Park Terrace, Margery Park Road
Pitchford John, Manbey House, Water Lane
Pitman Mrs, 33 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Platt Mrs, 228 Romford Road
Pollard Jas, 5 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Pollard James William, 1 Argyle Terrace, Margery Park Road
Porter Mrs, 149 Romford Road
Poupard Charles Geo, 271 Romford Road
Powers Frederick, 147 Romford Road
Prendergast Rev James Fitzgerald Th AKCL, 1 Vicarage lane
Preston Stanley Richard, 142 The Grove
Price Mrs, Bertie Villa, Water Lane
Priddy Samuel, 1 Manbey Villas, Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Punnett Wm, Florence Villa, Disraeli Road
Randall Henry, 12 Deanery Road
Randall Hy, 9 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Ratcliff Robert, 208 Romford Road
Rayment Arthur, 11 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Rayner Stillingfleet, 38 Angel Place, New Town
Rea John, 114 Chobham Toad, New Town
Richards John, 318 Romford Road
Richardson Miss, 260 Romford Road
Richardson Mrs, 49 Chobham Road, New Town
Rickett James, 2 West Ham Villas, Leytonstone Road
Rivett James, 34 Romford Road
Rivett Lewis, 32 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Rix Edward, 145 Romford Road
Robbins James MM, 190 Chobhan Road, New Town
Roberts George, 215 Romford Road
Roberts  Robert, Bay Lodge, Stratford Green
Roberts Walter, 193 Romford Road
Rolfe Walter, 41 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Rosenbaum Louis, 29 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Ross Charles, 2 The Hollies, Romford Road
Ross Charles, 212 Romford Road
Rumbold William John, Plympton Villas, High Street
Russell Maurice, 2 Grove Villas, The Grove
Ryder Henry John, 141 Romford Road
Sampson William, 322 Romford Road
Sanderson Charles, 70  Romford Road
Sandys Henry Marton, 25 Vicarage Lane
Sansom John Dowding, 6 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Sansom William, 129 Romford Road
Saul Mrs, The Grange, Stratford Green
Savill Ebenezer, The Hollies, Stratford Green
Scott George Tickell, 92 Romford Road
Scott Joseph, Willow House, Stratford Green
Scovey Andrew, 287 Romford Road
Sears Miss, 2 Alma Street, Stratford New Town
Sedders Henry William, 182 High Street
Sedgwick Richard, 2 Maryland Point
Self George, Roxburgh House, 57 Romford Road
Servante Rev Charles William, Christ Church vicarage, High Street
Seseman Henry, 6 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road
Sharp George james, 2 Clarence Villas, Deanery Road
Sharp Mrs, 205 Romford Road
Sheldrick George, 51 Romford Road
Shepherd John, 47 Chobham Road, New Town
Small George William, Eva Villa, Leytonstone Road
Smallwood Miss, 3 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Smeeton James, 9 Grove Crescent Road
Smellie William, 90 Romford Road
Smith Alfred Edward, 153 Romford Road
Smith Frederick, 84 Romford Road
Smith John Moore, Rokeby House, Broadway
Spare Mrs, 3 Chobham Road, New Town
Spencer Mrs, 13 Deanery Road
Spink Wm, 4 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road
Springall John, Plymouth Villa, High Street
Springer William, 155 Romford Road
Squires Hy, 2 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road
Stafford Thomas Lee, 26 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Stevens Edward, 9 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road
Stevens John Jeaves, 254 Romford Road
Stimson Edward Charles, 176 The Grove
Stimson Frederick, 176 Grove
Stockdale Geo, 53 Chobham Road, New Town
Stocker Charles LRCP LOND, Western House, Romford Road
Stokes John Edward, 2 Beaconsfield Villas, Disraeli Road
Stollery David, Deanery Road, Romford Road
Stursburg John Peter, 358 Romford Road
Swiney James, 257 Romford Road
Symmons Edwin, 324 Romford Road
Tait Edward, 27 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Tanner Arthur, 182 Romford Road
Taplay Hy, 18 Chobham Road, New Town
Taylor Mrs, 4 Grove Crescent Road
Taylor William, 47 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Teller Thomas Joseph, 55 Chobham Road
Tharp William Hentley, 29 Romford Road
Thompson Miss, 100 Romford Road
Thorman Edwd Hy, Union Street, High Street
Thorman John, 3 Grove Crescent Road
Thornhill Mrs, The Elms, Romford Road
Thorpe Henry, 16 Chobham Road, New Town
Titford Charles, 285 Romford Road
Tindell Alexander, 204 Romford Road
Tipping Wm Robt, 31 Maryland Point
Topham Mrs, 80 Chobham Road, New Town
Towl William, 104 Romford Road
Towner Rev George Head [baptist], 9 Vicarage lane
Trimmer Francis, Eppingdale, Leytonstone Road
Tucker Robert, 2 Cromwell Villas, Margery Park
Turner Mrs, Essex Villa, Deanery Road
Upton Thomas Edward, 49 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Valder Robert, 2 Manbey Villas,  Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Vallance Thomas James MD, 27 Romford Road
Verhagen Rev Francis [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Verleyer Rev Germain [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Vernon Rev Charles [Baptist], 5 Maryland Point
Vile Chas, Holly Lodge, Leytonstone Road
Volckman Charles jun, 160 Romford Road
Walker Mrs, 20 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Ward Mrs, 65 Romford Road
Watkinson Thomas, 164 High Street
Watton Thomas, 31 Romford Road
Wayman Richards, Park Villas, manbey Park Terrace, Grove
Webb Frederick, 2 Westbury Road
Webb George Samuel, 252 Romford Road
Wesley James Frederick, 275 Romford Road
Wesley William, 290 Romford Road
West Moses Ebenezer, 3 Crowndale Place, Leytonstone Road
White Mrs, 13 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
White Mrs, 72 Romford Road
White William, 58 Romford Road
Whitehall Mrs, 12 Deanery Road
Whitehouse Thomas Gill, MD, 7 Maryland Point
Whiteman Wm, 9 Chobham Road, New Town
Whitemarsh Jn, 17 Chobham Road, New Town
Wilcox Mrs, 310  Romford Road
Wilkins Robert, Disraeli Road
Williams Wm, 242 Romford Road
Willis Thomas, 158 The Grove
Willmott Mrs, 13 Vicarage Lane
Willy Frederick, Elm Villa, Deanery Road
Wilton Leonard, 158 Romford Road
Winney Hy, Collingwood, 13 Romford Place
Wire Benj, Park House, Margery Park Road
Wood Alfred, Lynton House, Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Woodman Geo, 12 Chobham Road, New Town
Woods Samuel, 8 Grove Crescent Road
Woollett John, 6 Grove, Crescent Road
Woolmot George, 4 Maria Terrace, Stratford Green
Wrighey Rev Bede [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Wright Alfd Garred, 283 Romford Road
Wright William, 1 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road
Yates George, 8 Margery Park Road
Youdan Geo, 2 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

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