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Stratford 1886 Commercial Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1886

Stratford 1886 Commercial Traders index

The nature of Stratford and its population rise leads me to split the indexes of the Commercial Traders for 1886 into individual pages, roughly alphabetical.

Commercial  Traders

Baggs Frederick, fishmonger, 37 Angel Road
Bail John, beer retailer, 92 St Jamesí Road
Bailey Charles, greengrocer, 1 Lett Road
Baines Henry beer retailer, Francis Street, New Town
Banes Henry, dairy, 118 Romford Road
Baird William, draper, 101 The Grove
Bairstow Sarah (Mrs), coffee rooms, 5 Bridge Road
Baker Edward & Sons, black lead manufacturers, 135 High Street
Baker Amy (Miss), tobacconist, 1 Bridge Road
Baker Richard, oil warehouse, 113 Leytonstone Road
Baker Richard William, butcher, 168 Maryland Road
Baker William, house decorator, 117 Chobham Road
Bales S & Son, boot makers, 101 Leytonstone Road
Bane Jas & Fredk, gas fitters, 8 The Crescent, Leytonstone Road
Banes Caroline (Mrs), dairy & cowkeeper, 63 Broadway
Baney George, builder, 61 Chandos Road east
Banfield John Thomas, baker, 1 Archibald Terrace, Crownfield Road
Banks Jane (Mrs), toy & haberdasher, 134 Maryland Road
Barber John, pig dealer & fat contractor, 26 & 28 High Street & Marshgate Lane
Barker William, clothier, 123 Angel Lane
Barnard Jabez & Co, boiler coating composition manufacturers, 170 High Street
Barnard Henry, greengrocer, 106 Broadway
Barnes Henry, teacher & tuner of pianoforte, 93 Gurney Road
Barnes John, stay maker, 43 Angel Lane
Barrett Joseph, solicitor, 316 Romford Road
Barrett Sophia (Mrs), tobacconist, 137 Leytonstone Road
Bartlett Alfred, marine store dealer, 138 Leyton Road
Barton Frederick, shopkeeper, 90 Vicarage Lane
Bastard Segar Richard, solicitor. 198 Romford Road
Bateman Saml & Jn, vegetable salesmen, 21 Stratford Market
Bateman Francis, dairy utensil maker, 4 Well Street
Bates Alfred E, dairyman, 352 Romford Road
Batting William, corn merchant, Station Street, High Street
Battley Joseph, grocer, 239 High Street
Bauer Christian, baker, 1 Stanton Terrace, Crownfield Road
Bauer John J, baker, 75 Chatsworth Road
Baxter James, greengrocer, 87 Angel Lane
Baxter Stephen, shopkeeper, 114 Romford Road
Beacon Coffee Tavern Co, (Hy Hawkins, manager) 262 High Street
Beard Charles W, oilman, Albert Road, Forest Lane
Beck William, pawnbroker, 14 Windmill lane, New Town
Beckett William, grocer, 70 High Street
Beckwith George, baker, High Street
Beckwith Henry, farrier, 294 High Street
Beddingham Brothers, china & glass warehouse, 56 Leyton Road
Bee & Co, oil importers & chemical manufacturers, Warton Road
Beeton Elizabeth J (Miss), ladies school, 41 Ham Frith Road
Bellinger Wm John Clark, beer retailer, 75 Maryland Road
Bennett & Jenner, manufacturing chemists, Abbey Lane
Bennett John, Coach & Horses, 104 Broadway
Bennett Saml, vegetable & fruit salesman, 20 Stratford Market
Bennett Thomas, tobacconist, 28 Leytonstone Road
Bensted John, oilman, 204 High Street
Beresford Charles, beer retailer, Brydges Road, New Town
Berkshire George, iron & zinc worker, 28 High Street
Berwin George Wm, greengrocer, 100 Leyton Road, New Town
Bessant Frank, market gardener, Romford Road
Bevan Geo, greengrocer, 53 Victoria Terrace, Crownfield Road
Beverley William, coffee rooms, 279 High Street
Bickell J, carman, 90 Crownfield Road
Biddle James, greengrocer, 44 Chatsworth Road
Biggs William, cutler, 122 The Grove
Bilby George, hair dresser, 141 Leyton Road
Bish George, smith & engineer, 123 High Street
Bishop & Webb, carpenters & joiners, 30 Romford Road
Bishop Josiah, corn merchant, 93 Leytonstone Road
Bishop Richard, tripe seller, 33 Dunmow Road north
Blackmore William, tobacconist, 13 Rokeby Street
Blackwel & Co, printing ink makers, Sugar House Lane
Blackwell Francis, baker, 188 Chobham Road
Blake Rachel (Mrs), shopkeeper, 11 Buckingham Road
Blows Joseph T, baker, 110 The Grove
Boake & Co, manufacturing chemists, Warton Road
Boardman & Colledge, house agents, 74 Leytonstone Road
Boardman Clement, linen draper, 58 to 64, & furnishing warehouse 86, Broadway
Boast Jonathan, shopkeeper, 32 Manbey Street
Bocking George, general dealer, Wycliffe Road
Bocking George, horse dealer, Temple Mill Lane
Bodeker Charles, shopkeeper, 48 Manbey Street
Boman William , sign writer, 149 Leytonstone Road
Bond Samuel, linen draper, 15 & 17 Leytonstone Road
Bone John, horse dealer, 19 Chapel Street
Bone William, tailor, 37 Martin Street
Booker Sarah Ann (Mrs), tobacconist, 13 Bridge Road
Borer Richard, shopkeeper, 1 Lavender Street
Botting & Co, grocers, 99 Vicarage Lane
Boughtwood & Co, carpenters, 33 Buckungham Road, Forest Lane
Boulter William, builder, 14 Deanery Road
Bowdler Henry John, plumber, 35 Gurney Road
Bowen Charles, beer retailer, 96 Maryland Road
Bowers Charles William, shopkeeper, 74 Chatsworth Road
Bowler A & Co, grocers, 382 High Street
Bowman Chas Andrew, professor of music, 72 Leytonstone Road
Boxall Charles, butcher, 187 Leytonstone Road
Bradley Robert, boot & shoe maker, 365 High Street
Bradley William, coffee rooms, 38 Leytonstone Road
Bradshaw (Mrs), dress maker, 55 High Street
Brain Joseph, shoe maker, 120 Romford Road
Brain Samuel, grocer, post & money order office, Francis Terrace, Crownfield Road
Branson George Frederick, Marsh Gate PH, 66 High Street
Brayshaw John, house agent, 53 Leytonstone Road
Breeze John, coffee house, 22 Waddington Street, New Town
Breeze Louis, herbalist, 407 High Street
Bressey John & Son, pawnbrokers, 324 & 326 High Street
Brett Wm, boot & shoe maker, 12 Globe Crescent Road, Forest Lane
Brewis Brothers, coal merchants, Stratford Market
Brice, Shea & Co, fishmongers, 47 Leytonstone Road
Brimble Henry, tobacconist, 45 Vicarage Lane
Brion Frederick, baker, 55 Carpenters Road
Brookbank Brothers, vegetable salesmen, 1 Stratford Market
Brooks Frederick, butcher, 44  Leytonstone Road
Brown D, baker, 78 Leytonstone Road
Brown Elizh (Mrs), shopkeeper, 93 Leyton Road, New Town
Brown Fanny (Mrs), grocer, 45 Leytonstone Road
Brown Henry, shopkeeper, 89 Lett Road
Brown John, boot maker, Brydges Road
Brown Peter, shopkeeper, 13 Lavender Street & 13 park Avenue
Brown Stephen, blacksmith, 17 Chapel Street
Browne Annie (Miss), toy dealer, 107 Leytonstone Road
Bruty William, Freemasons Tavern, 342 Romford Road
Bryant George, tobacconist, 217 Leytonstone Road
Bryant George, wardrobe dealer, 9 Crescent. Leytonstone Roa
Bryett Henry, relieving officer, No 5 district & registrar of marriages for West Ham union, 44 Idmiston Road, Forest Lane
Buchan John Greig MD surgeon, 9 Romford Road
Buchan Peter MD surgeon, 9 Romford Road
Buckingham  Edward, shoe maker, 39 Chatsworth Road
Buckle Henry, tailor, 35 Leytonstone Road
Buckle William, builder, Great Eastern Road & 1 Cumberland Villas, Great Eastern Road
Bucknall William, carpenter, 60 Angel Lane
Bugg Frederick, butcher, 14 Howards Road, Forest Lane
Bullen William Samuel, tripe dealer, 8 Angel Lane, Broadway
Bullion Charles & Co, cheesemongers, 403 High Street
Bunbury William James, beer retailer, 65 Maryland Road
Burn Robert, Railway Tavern, Angel Lane
Burningham Henry, berlin wool repository, 56 Broadway
Burrell James, stationer, 233 High Street
Burridge Richard, undertaker, 87 Windmill lane
Burrows Thomas, boot maker, 76 & 90 Broadway
Burt George Edward, chemist, 313 High Street
Burton William, outfitter, hosier & baby linen warehouse, 334 & 336 High Street
Butler Edward, furniture dealer, 11 & 12 Great Eastern Road
Butterum John P, coffee rooms, 33 Broadway
Button Daniel & Frederick, stone merchants, 110 Leytonstone Road
Byne Henry Walter, Chobham Arms PH, 62 Chobham Road


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