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Stratford 1886 Commercial Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1886

Stratford 1886 Commercial Traders index

The nature of Stratford and its population rise leads me to split the indexes of the Commercial Traders for 1886 into individual pages, roughly alphabetical.

Commercial  Traders

Cairns Thomas Henry, grocer, 3 Market Place, Vicarage Lane
Campbell Peter & Co, dyers etc, 130 The Grove
Canham Robert, baker & post office, 64 High Street
Cannings Matthew, baker, 22 Chatsworth Road
Cannock Chas Watkyn, fly proprietor, 102 Chobham Road
Cardo James & Sons, boot makers, 38 Broadway
Cardoza John Isaac, builder, 67 Chobham Road
Carlish Charles, tailor, 34 Broadway & 174 The Grove
Carlton Ann (Mrs), grocer, 16 Globe Crescent, Forest Lane
Carter Paterson & Co, carriers, Stratford depot, Salway Road
Carter William jun & Co, copper smiths, 117 High Street
Carter Benjamin, Blue Boar PH, 328 High Street
Carter Charles, auctioneer, 51 Broadway
Carter George H, shopkeeper, Salway Road
Carter James, furniture dealer, 108 & 109 The Grove
Carter John, relieving officer for N0 1 district, West Ham union, H8 Lime Villas, Grove Crescent Road
Carter Richard, insurance agent, 6 Albert Square
Carter Sidney Charles, gasfitter, 124 Major Road, New Town
Carter William Henry, marsh bailiff, 34 Bridge Road
Cartwright William Bryan, chemist, 69 Leytonstone Road
Carver John, butcher, 2 Stanton Terrace, Crownfield Road & 127 Leytonstone Road
Casselton Bros, stone & slate merchants, Phoenix Wharf, High Street
Castellano Arthur, greengrocer, 67 Abbey lane
Catchpole Jas P, grocer 46, & greengrocer 47, Carpenters Road
Cavalier Alfred, dairyman, 47 William Street, Angel Lane
Chalmers Alexander Beaton, MB, CM, physician & surgeon, 77 The Grove
Chambers Frederick Lovell, clock & watch maker, 31 Leytonstone Road
Chambers George, saddler, 34 Martin Street
Chambers Henry, beer retailer, 26 Leyton Road
Chambers James, confectioner, 6 Devonshire Terrace, High Street
Chandler William, shopkeeper, 20 Bridge Road
Chapman James, dairy, 4 Water Lane
Chapman William, linen draper, 352, 354 & 356 High Street
Charles Edward, tailor, 14 Angel Lane
Charles William, beer retailer, 29 Waddington Road, Leyton Road
Cheffins John, builder, 34 Bridge Road
Child & Co, cheesemongers, 95 Vicarage Lane
Chown Henry, Manbey Arms PH, 19 Water Lane
Christmas William, chimney Sweeper, 56 Crownfield Road
Church Eliza (Mrs), fishmonger, 28 Windmill Lane
Churchill John, tailor, 201 Leytonstone Road
Clapp Samuel, furniture dealer, 282 & 284 High Street
Clare Benjamin, hair dresser, 61 Maryland Street, New Town
Claringbull Edwin, tobacconist, 317 High Street
Clark James, coffee rooms, 93 High Street
Clark William, linen draper, 2 Francis Street, Crownfield Road
Clark William Robert, greengrocer, 36 Martin Street
Clarke George, furniture dealer, 132 Maryland Road
Clarke Mrs, dress maker, 149 High Street
Clay & levesley, artificial manure manufacturers, temple Mill Lane
Clay Samuel, fertilizer manufacturer, Wycliffe Road, Temple Mill Lane
Claydon Jane (Mrs), fancy dealer, 17 Angel Lane
Clifton William Comyns, solicitors & commissioner for oaths, see Haynes & Clifton
Coake Thomas James, oil & colorman, 94 Maryland Road
Coates Mary Ann (Mrs), confectioner, 24 Leytonstone Road
Cockham Mary A (Miss), haberdasher, 4 Devonport Terrace, High Street
Cocks James Charles, tobacconist, 9 Leytonstone Road
Cocks Samuel, beer retailer, 94 Chandos Road, New Town
Cogswell Thomas, pawnbroker, 250 & 252 High Street
Cohen A, house furnisher, 214 High Street
Colebrooke & Co, outfitters, 340 High Street
Collinge Alfred, bill poster, 46 Angel Lane
Collinge Ashton, clog maker, 29 Angel lane
Collingridge Henry, grocer etc, 104 Gurney Road
Collins John & Son, watch makers, 46 Martin Street
Collins William, greengrocer, 48 Crownfield Street
Collyer Richard, beer retailer, 26 Abbey Lane
Collyer Richard, beer retailer, Cullum Street & 66 Crownfield Road
Colton James Robert, beer retailer, 21 East Street
Comber Henry, dairyman & cow keeper, 38 Vicarage Lane
Comerforp Michael Hy, veterinary  surgeon, 87 The Grove
Connolly Hy, plumber & gasfitter, 20 Ribchester Terrace, Chapel Street
Convent of Jesus Mary Boarding School (Mother St Paul, lady superior), Stratford Green
Cook Edward & Co, hard & soft soap manufacturers & melters & refiners of tallow, East London soap works, Bow
Cook Edward & Co, steam bone mills & manufacturers of special bone manures, Bow; City office, 9 & 10 Mark Lane, London EC
Cook James, van & cart builder, Harrow Bridge, High Street
Cook James, wheelwright, Abbey Lane
Cook Walter, furniture broker, 10 Great Eastern Road
Cooke Frederick Edward, Castle PH, 156 Leyton Road, New Town
Coolbear Samuel, plumber, 47 Cedars Road, Water Lane
Coombes Samuel George, greengrocer, 211 Leytonstone Road
Cooper & Royal, oilmen, 97 Chapel Street & 20 & 22 Rokeby Street
Cooper John, carman, Abbey Lane
Cooper John Thomas, working jeweller, 58 Chatsworth Road
Coote George, shoe maker, 51 Chapel Street
Copeland Henry, tailor, 95 Buxton Road
Corfield Frederick Matthew, coffee house, 25 Martin Street
Cottrell Henry, watch maker, 10 Bridge Road
Coutsell James Samuel, builder, 285 Romford Road
Courtney Frederick, shopkeeper, 5 Alma Street
Courtney George Henry, boot warehouse, 4 Broadway & 142 The Grove
Cowland Caroline (Mrs), shopkeeper, 55 Stanley Road
Cowles Charles, surgeon dentist, 37 Broadway
Cox Alfred, carman, 17 Waddington Street
Coyne Monarch, tailor, 266 High Street
Craddock Eliza (Miss), toy dealer, 66 Broadway
Craddock Frank, hair dresser & hosier, 46 Broadway
Craddock William, boot maker, 24  Romford Road
Craggs George Joseph, greengrocer, 111 Major Road
Cramphorn Octavius Christian, corn & seed dealer, 2 Angel Lane
Cranfield Frances (Mrs), dress maker, 17 Leyton Road
Crawford William Henry, boot maker, 134 The Grove
Creasey Susan (Mrs), beer retailer, 153 Henniker Road, New Town
Cripps Henry, oilman, 83 Leyton Road, New Town
Crispin Bros, copper smelting works, Marshgate Lane
Crofts John H, grocer, 6 Crownfield Road
Croney Thomas, grocer, 13 ward Road
Crook & Son, clothiers, 194 & 332 High Street
Cross Henry, shopkeeper, Station Street, High Street
Crossley Sarah (Mrs), fancy repository, 315 High Street
Crouch Geo, wholesale shirt manufacturer, 176 The Grove
Crow William, watch maker & jeweller, 140 The Grove
Crow William Gordon, beer retailer, 348 & 350 High Street
Cruickshank Susan (Miss), ladies school, 294 Romford Road
Cull Christopher, shopkeeper, 91 High Street
Culley John Robert, oil & colorman, 276 High Street
Culley Mrs, shopkeeper, 63 Martin Street
Cumberland William, greengrocer, 8 Water Lane
Cumbers William, carpenter, 350 Romford Road
Cunningham Robt, fruiterer & greengrocer, 87 & 89 Vicarage Lane
Curtis Charles, auctioneer, 51 Broadway
Curtis Chas Wm, oil warehouse & post office, 137 Romford Road
Curtis Maria (Mrs), shopkeeper, 92 Leyton Road, New Town
Cussans Daniel, marine store dealer, 94 Crownfield Road


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