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Stratford 1886 Commercial Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1886

Stratford 1886 Commercial Traders index

The nature of Stratford and its population rise leads me to split the indexes of the Commercial Traders for 1886 into individual pages, roughly alphabetical.

Commercial  Traders

McCandlish Alexander, furniture dealer, 70 Leytonstone Road
McCarthy Michael, shopkeeper, 1 Carpenters Road
McCarty John Winspeare MD surgeon, 36 Chobham Road
McDonald & Smith, cheesemongers, 162 Maryland Road
McGovarin Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 121 Leytonstone Road
McHaffie Brothers, grocers & cheesemongers, 60 Crownfield Road
Macleod Malcolm & Co, cement merchants, Marshgate Lane
McNess James, shoe maker, 7 Windmill Lane, New Town
Maddiss John, beer retailer, 94 Major Road, New Town
Maguire Benjamin, hosier, 376 High Street
Maidment Isaac, china & glass dealer, 19 Buckingham Road, Forest lane
Maidment James Geer, grocer, 39 Vicarage Lane
Malby & Harverson, printers, Avenue Works, Manbey Street
Malcolm John, hair dresser, 81 Leytonstone Road
Mann Thomas, greengrocer, 44 Vicarage Lane
Manning & Hulbert, greengrocers, 73 Chatsworth Road
Mansell James, house agent, Crownfield House, Leytonstone Road
Mansfield Cornelius, builder, 42, Chobham Road
Mansford Mary (Mrs), tailoress, 51 Broadway
Marking Richard, hosier, 188 The Grove
Marrable William, greengrocer, 134 Leyton Road, New Town
Marrable William, shopkeeper, 12 Warton Road
Marriage Amelia (Miss), preparatory school, 45 Gurney Road
Marsh Ebenezer John, oil & colorman, 63 Chobham Road
Marshall Charles Jas, plumber & gas fitter, 13 Leytonstone Road
Marshall Joseph Gilbert Blair, engineer & surveyor, Martin Street
Marshall Sybilla (Miss), haberdashery, 34 Lett Road
Marson Elizabeth (Mrs), oil warehouse, 20 Borthwick Road
Martin, Harriss & Co Lim, match manufacturers, Carpenters Road
Martin Edward, machinery dealer, Sugar House lane
Martin Joseph W, wheelwright, 34 Chandos Road
Martin Thomas, greengrocer, 16 major Road
Masini Henry Thos, beer retailer, 8 & 9 Angel Place, New Town
Mason George, butcher, 226 High Street
Mason George Nicholson, umbrella maker, 29 Buckingham Road, Forest Lane
Mason Hebblewhite, vegetable salesman, 2 Stratford market
Mason Thomas, boot maker, 5 Devonport Terrace, High Street
Massie Frederick, grocer, Great Eastern Road
Masters Charles James, watch maker, 81 Vicarage Lane
Mattey George Bevan, linen draper, 116 & 118 The Grove
Matthews James & John, hatters, 146 The Grove
Matthews Edward, window blind manufacturer, 49 High Street
Mattock George Wm, shoe maker, 31 Howards Road, Forest Lane
Maw James, lime, cement, tile, drain pipe & fire brick merchant, white & red Suffolk facing bricks, depot for red 7 blue Staffordshire terra-metallic ridges, stable & other pavings, vitrified blue bricks, tiles etc, agent for Jackson & Garsides patent roofing tiles, Harrow Bridge Wharf, High Street
May Elizabeth (Mrs), grocer, 289 Romford Road
May Thomas, Commercial Hotel, Martin Street
Mayes William, carpenter, 53 Western Road
Medcalf Ralph, butcher, 84 & 86 Leyton Road, New Town
Medcalf Walter, butcher, 9 & 12 Angel Lane
Meggs Elizabeth (Mrs), ladder maker, 47 High Street
Meiklejon John Bean, linen draper, 42 & 127 & 129 Leyton Road, New Town
Mein William & Co, smiths & engineers, Station Street, High Street
Melbourne Lewis, hosier, 166 The Grove
Mellon James, shopkeeper, 16 Carpenters Road
Mergenthaler Frederick, hair dresser, 89 High Street
Merrell George, shopkeeper, 12 Cruickshank Road, Forest Lane
Merrett Henry, harness maker, 51 High Street
Merry William, greengrocer, 62 High Street
Messer Thomas, dairyman, 13 Buckingham Road, Forest Lane
Metcalfe Emma (Mrs), ladies school, 9 Buxton Road
Meyers Albert, grocer, 45 Leyton Road, New Town
Meyrick William, iron founder, Chatsworth Road
Middleton George, fishmonger, 36 Leyton Road
Midwinter William, fishmonger, 36 Leyton Road
Miell Frederick, coffee rooms, 91 Angel Lane
Miller George, confectioner, Martin Street
Millist James, tobacconist, 40 Windmill Lane & French polisher, 1 William Street
Mills George & Co, pianoforte warehouse, 102 Vicarage Lane
Milroy Robert, draper etc, 56 Leytonstone Road
Minter W J & Co, music warehouse, 75 Leytonstone Road
Moll Frederick Samuel, perfumery manufacturer, Carpenters Road
Moore Edwin, boot maker, 1 Stanley Road
Moore Sarah (Mrs), Harrow Inn, 84 High Street
Moore Susan (Mrs), upholstress, 23 Vicarage Lane
Moore Thomas, Lion PH, 74 Angel Lane
Moorhouse Emma (Mrs), Lion & Lamb, 37 Chapel Street
More George, architect, 267 Romford Road
Morgan James A, grocer, 26 Windmill Lane
Morhall Amos, photographer, 190 High Street
Morris George, chemist, 215 Leytonstone Road
Morris George, ham, beef & tongue dealer, 70 Broadway
Morris Tom Frederick Geo, boot & shoe maker, 208 High Street
Morter James, builder, contractor, timber & stone merchant; offices and works, Chatsworth Road; stone saw mills, Albert Road, Forest Lane
Mortimer Edward (Mrs), The Green Man PH, 196 High Street
Moss & Co, provision merchants, 52 Broadway
Moss Abraham, clothier, 234 High Street
Mott Emily (Mrs), ladies school, 25 Romford Road
Moy Thomas, coal, lime, cement, brick & tile & slate merchant, Angel Lane
Mudd James, tobacconist, 52 High Street
Mullen John, tailor, 80 High Street
Mulley John James, deputy supt registrar for West Ham union, 22 Water Lane
Mumford Jacob, shopkeeper, 5 Burford Road
Munns Richard, butcher & cheesemonger, 1 & 3 Angel Lane



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