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Stratford 1886 Commercial Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1886

Stratford 1886 Commercial Traders index

The nature of Stratford and its population rise leads me to split the indexes of the Commercial Traders for 1886 into individual pages, roughly alphabetical.

Commercial Traders

Page George, greengrocer, 11 Warton Road
Page Henry, dairy, 3 Crownfield Road
Page John, clothier, 14 Broadway
Page Joseph, builder, 263 Romford Road
Palmer Elizabeth & Catherine (Misses), ladies school. 96 Romford Road
Palmer & Co, Victoria oil & candle works, Warton Road
Palmer George, coal merchant & contractor, West Ham Lane
Palmer Joseph, boot maker, 56 High Street
Palmer Thomas William, solicitor, 55 Broadway
Palmer William John, grocer, 1 Devonshire Road
Pannell John, beer retailer, 221 High Street
Parker, Skeels & Co, vegetable salesmen, 17 Stratford Market
Parker Richard E, beer retailer, 128 Downall Road
Parkin William Henry, cart & van builder, Burford Road
Parsons George, beer retailer, 6 Howards Road
Parsons Robert, confectioner, 335 High Street
Parsons Thomas, shopkeeper, 126 Henniker Road, New Town
Patent Ink & Stationery Co (Benjamin Winstone & Sons, proprietors), Sugar House Lane
Patent Victoria Stone Co (H Rogers, manager), 284 High Street
Patrick William, stationer, 30 Bridge Road
Patten Albert, saddler, 6 Angel Lane
Patterson James & Co, engineers, Albion Street
Payne Alfred John, perambulator manufacturer, 248 High Street
Payne Joseph, marine store dealer, 20 Waddington Street
Payne Thomas, shoe maker, 235 High Street
Peacock John, potato salesman, 73 Burford Road
Peacock William, potato salesman, 4 Stratford Market
Pearce Henry, coffee house, 82 Windmill Lane
Pearce Thos (Mrs), shirt & collar dresser, 9 Great Eastern Road
Pearson John Robert, picture frame maker, 76 High Street
Pell Stephen, coffee rooms, 123 Leyton Road, New Town
Pensotti Charles, dairy, 53 Chatsworth Road
Perry Arthur T, butcher, 1 Leytonstone Road
Peters Frederick, tobacconist, 287 High Street
Pfisterer Christof, pork butcher, 47 Leyton Road
Philbrook John, tobacconist, Station Street, High Street
Phillips Edward, stationer, 19 Leyton Road, New Town
Phillips James, dairy, 38 Leyton Road, New Town
Phillips William Edward, dairy, 11 Idmiston Road, Forest lane
Pick henry B, tobacconist, 138 The Grove
Pigott Edmund, Dorset Arms PH, 58 Leyton Road, New Town
Pim Mary Ann (Mrs), tool dealer, 31 Leytonstone Road
Pinxton Colliery Owners (Jn Hy Barlow, manager), 2 High Street
Pittman Charles, brush maker, 72 & 74 Chapel Street
Pitman Henry, boot maker, 7 Romford Road
Platten Henry, asphalte manufacturer, Sugar House Lane
Plummer Robert Clough, clothier, 7 & 8 Bridge Road & tailor, 132a The Grove
Polley John & Co, pharmaceutical chemists, 360 high Street
Polley Robert, Waddington Arms PH, 31 Waddington Street, New Town
Ponder William, picture frame maker, 115 The Grove
Ponsford George, beer retailer, 11 Leytonstone Road
Poole John Edward, baker & corn dealer, 35 Leyton Road
Popkin Allen, furniture dealer, 2 Windmill Lane
Portbury Joseph, oil & color man, 191 Crownfield Road
Porter & Beech, van & cart builders, Burford Road
Porter James R, milliner, 363 High Street & 26 Leytonstone Road
Porter Thos, coal merchant, Burford Road & Stratford Market
Potter Walter Thos, provision dealer, 48 Leyton Road, New Town
Poupard Charles George, boiler composition manufacturer, 271 Romford Road
Powell William, shopkeeper, 31 High Street
Pratt Charles, shopkeeper, 46 Lett Road
Pratt James, baker, 7 Alma Street
Pratt James Edward, umbrella maker, 22 Martin Street
Pratt Walter, bird dealer, 34 Leyton Road, New Town
Preston John, cow keeper, 71 Carpenters Road
Preston Richard, beer retailer, 136 Vicarage lane
Preston Stanley Richard, solicitor & commissioner for oaths,  Great Eastern Road
Price fanny (Mrs), draper, 59 Chobham Road
Price Robert, shopkeeper, 30 St Jamesí Road, Forest Lane
Priddy Samuel, draper & hosier, 22 Broadway
Pridmore Samuel, grocer, 146 major Road, New Town
Priest John, cabinet maker, 84 Vicarage Lane
Prinet Eugene, plumber etc, 42 Crownfield Road
Prior David Matthew, pianoforte tuner, 69 Buxton Road
Prior Thomas, confectioner, 58 High Street
Procter Walter, pork butcher, 2 Market Place, Vicarage Lane
Provident Dispensary (The) ( C F Stovin MD), 1 Romford Road
Pryer & Middleton, linen drapers, post & money order office & savings bank, 133 Leytonstone Road
Pryke & Mills, fancy drapers, 50 Crownfield Road
Pryke Isaac John, station master, Bridge Road
Puxley Charles, oilman, 158 Major Road, New Town
Puzey & Co, Angel, 30 Broadway
Quelch Eliza (Mrs), cheesemonger, 32 High Street
Quick Edwin, oil & color man, 149 Leyton Road, New Town

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