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All public house, restaurants, bars etc closed for the forseeable future on 20th March 2020, but this is a history site. But how about the landlords give their tenants a break, no business, then please charge them no rent.

Stratford 1886 Post office Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1886

Stratford History index


Private Residents.

Abrahams Robert, 169 Romford Road
Adlington George Richd, 2 Park Avenue, The Grove
Alderson Horatio, 1 Devonshire Villas, Devonshire Road
Allen David, 326 Romford Road
Allen George, 28 Chandos Road
Allen William, 37 Borthwick Road
Alltre Capt Wm Geo, 239a Romford Road
Alment Edward, 194 Romford Road
Anderson James, 159 Romford Road
Andrews Mrs William, 170 Romford Road
Angell Lewis, C E , 93 The Grove
Ashley James, 103 Romford Road
Ashton Frederick Alfred, 177 Romford Road
Atherton William, 19 Vicarage lane
Atkinson John Wm, 2 Great Eastern Road
Atkinson John Wm, 143 Romford Road
Bacon George Alex, 16 Ham Frith Road
Bailey Mrs, 154 Romford Road
Bailey William, 160 Romford Road
Bailey William Charles, 5 Eppingdale Villas, Borthwick Road
Baird Charles Burrows, 36 Ham Frith Road
Baker Edwyn, 54 Buxton Road
Balding Thomas, 192 Romford Road
Ball Walter, 312 Romford Road
Banfield Rev J H [baptist], 29 Ham Frith Road
Banner Henry, 163 Romford Road
Barber Mrs, 116 Leytonstone Road
Barclay William, 111 Romford Road
Barlow Benjamin I, 190, Romford Road
Barnard Henry, 10 Buxton Road
Barnes George, 259 Romford Road
Barrett Joseph, 316 Romford Road
Barrett Robt Montague, 269 Romford Road
Barry Edward, 21 Vicarage Lane
Bartram Robert, 201 Romford Road
Bass William, 12 Chobham Road
Bastard Segar Richard, 198 Romford Road
Batteson John, 44 Borthwick Road
Bear Henry, 185 Romford Road
Beard Rev Samuel Wesley [Wesleyan]. 28 Ham Frith Road
Begent Thomas, 231 Romford Road
Belford William, 166a Romford Road
Bendix David Carl, 1 Singeleton Villas, Caernarvon Road
Birt Col Geo Robt JP, 82 Romford Road
Blake James, 60 Romford Road
Blott Mrs, 127 Romford Road
Blows Joseph Thomas, 79 The Grove
Boardman Clement, 41 Stratford Green
Bond Thomas D, 26 Chandos Road
Bosher Alfred Charles, 181 Romford Road
Bowman Mrs, 95 Chobham Road
Bowyer William Saml, 32 Ham Frith Road
Bradbrook Frank, 13 Ham Frith Road
Brady James, 104 Romford Road
Bray Thomas John, 11 Ferns Road
Breedon Charles, 107 Romford Road
Brennan James, 22 Borthwick Road
Brereton Edward H, 40 Idmiston Road
Bressy Edward, 209 Romford Road
Bretherson Mrs, 1 Glanville Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Brice John, Park Villa, Manbey Park Terrace, Grove
Briern Charles, 139 Chobham Road
Briggs John, 46 Borthwick Road
Brill Frederick Benjamin, 56 Buxton Road
Brooks Captain William James Tayer, Milton House, Grove Crescent, The Grove
Brooks Mrs Sydney, 65 Buxton Road
Brown Mrs, 228a Romford Road
Brown Thomas, 133 Chobham Road
Buchan John Greig MD, 9 Romford Road
Buchan Peter MD, 9 Romford Road
Bullock Mrs, 66 Romford Road
Burford Mrs, 33 Burford Road
Burn Thomas Willliam Barnett, 24 Archibald Terrace, Crownefield Road
Burnett Robert, 56 Borthwick Road
Burrows Mrs, 216 Romford Road
Burrows Wm, 2 Cliff Terrace, Manbey Park Terrace
Burton Mrs, 140 Romford Road
Butler Mrs, 131 Romford Road
Butters Miss, 218 Romford Road
Butterworth Charles, 3 Gurney Road
Butti Rev Brendan [catholic], The Grove

Camp William, 132 Chobham Road
Cannock Chas Watkyn, 102 Chobham Road
Carter James, 71 The Grove
Casselton Edmund, 55 Romford Road
Cates James, 3 Elizabeth Villas, Steele Road
Cathles George, 50 Buxton Road
Chalkley Henry George, Romford Road
Chalmers Alex Beaton MB, 77 The Grove
Chandler Frederick R, 8 Romford Road
Chapman Mrs, 15 ham Frith Road
Chapman Richd J, Emma Villa, Chobham Road
Charmer Charles, 172a Romford Road
Cheffin John, 219 Romford Road
Chudleigh Hebry orchard, 12 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Clark Geo Hy, Corinium Villa, Borthwick Road
Clarke William John, 195 Romford Road
Clay John, 99 The Grove
Clayden Mrs, 2 Gurney Road
Clayton Matthew Henry, 43 Ham Frith Road
Clegg Mrs, 23 Chobham Road
Clubb Henry Thomas, 100 Gurney Road
Coates Nicholas Charles, 152 Romford Road
Cockerill William Henry, 1 Cornwall Place, Manbey Park Terrace
Codling Drewry, Cassilis Villa, Caernarvon Road
Coleman William, 10 Ham Frith Road
Coles Samuel, 103 Chobham Road
Colquhoun Robert Hy, 124 Chobham Road
Colville David, 229 Leytonstone Road
Comerford Michael H, 87 The Grove
Coney William, 32 Chandos Road
Cotterell Henry, 21 Bridge Road
Coubro Lewis P, 183 Romford Road
Couch Rev Enos MA, 25 Buckingham Road
Courtney George Henry, 85, The Grove
Couves Miss, 12 Romford Road
Cowles Charles, 37 Broadway & West Ham lane
Cox Alf, 48 Manbey Grove, Stratford Green
Cox John Wm Frederick, 278 Romford Road
Cox William, 84 Chobham Road
Crabb Simon, Blendon House, Eve Road
Craddock Vaughan C, 17 Ham Frith Road
Craig William Fras, 15 Vicarage Lane
Craske james, 142 Romford Road
Creed Thomas B, 2 Manbey Park Terrace
Crisp Robert, 281 Romford Road
Crosbie Henry, 18 Buxton Road
Crow Rev Thomas [Reformed Episcopal], Ely House, Caernarvon Road
Crowley William Henry, 179 Romford Road
Crumphorn William, 24 Borthwick Road
Cumberland Arthur, 227 Romford Road
Curtis Edwin, 3 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Curtis Mrs, 92 Romford Road
Curtis William, 366 Romford Road
Darby William, 231 Leytonstone Road
Davey David, 173 Leytonstone Road
Davies Benjamin M, 243 Romford Road
Davis Charles Henry, 49 Broadway
Davis Henry Louis, 108 Romford Road
Dawson Henry, 31 Chobham Road
Dawson William, May Lodge, Leytonstone Road
Deason William, 1 Norris Place, High Street
Defriez Henry Pelley, 40 Ham Frith Road
Denman John Flaxman, 6 Richmond gardens, Romford Road
Denne Mrs, 86 Buxton Road
D’Errico Vincent, 7 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Devey William, 235 Romford Road
Dexter Robert W. 206 Romford Road
Dickson John Robert, Bentley House, Romford Road
Dixon Elijah Marsh, 13 Water lane
Dore John, 2 Bexley Villas, Caernarvon Roa
Dorton John, 12 Leytonstone Road
Dowling Jas Lewis, 328 Romford Road
Dowsett James, 10 Chobham Road
Drake Thomas, 207 Romford Road
Druitt Theodore, 237 Romford Road
Duff James, 52 Borthwick Road
Duncan Miss, 916 Romford Road
Duncant William, Plympton Villa, High Street
Duncumbe Frederick, 174 High Street
Dundas Rev Nevilla MA, 70 Romford Road
Durrant Rev Arthur MA, 74 Romford Road
East Arthur, 26 Ham Frith Road
Edgcumbe Thos H, 20 Water Lane
Edmonds William, 2 Buxton Road
Edwards Alfred, 21 Ham Frith Road
Edwards Arthur, 86 Romford Road
Edwards E Montague, 4 Romford Road
Edwards Geo Canning, 178 Romford Road
Ellery Thomas, 49 Manbey Grove
Elliott William, 123 Romford Road
Ellis Joseph, 90 Leytonstone Road
Elvidge Thomas William, 56 Gurney Road
Erskine Geo, 2 Clarence Villas, Deanery Road
Etherington Thomas, 3 Belle Vue Villas, Borthwick Road
Evans John, 94 Romford Road
Evennett Edward L, 118 Chobham Road
Fairweather Herbert, 368 Romford Road
Felton Thomas, 364 Romford Road
Field Mrs, 308 Romford Road
Finigan James, 140 Chobham Road
Fish Mrs, 19 Chobham Road
Fisher Mrs, 197 Romford Road
Fisk Charles, 38 Chandos Road
Foote Berkley, 114 Leytonstone Road
Foord Alfred, 10 Richmond gardens, Romford Road
Foot Perry, 16 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Fossbrooke C B, 2 manbey Villas, Manbey Park Grove
Fox James, 244 Romford Road
Francis Henry Clarke, Millfield House, Grove Crescent, The Grove
Freeman James, 48 Manbey Grove
Frith George james, 72 Carpenters Road
Frost Mrs, 120 Leytonstone Road
Fuller George, 211 Romford Road
Fuller John 164 Romford Road
Fyfe david Adam, 1 Bartlett Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Gardham Amos, 77 Gurney Road
Geere Mrs, 175 Romford Road
Geere Thomas, 180 Geere Thomas, 59 Broadway
Giles William B, 100 Warton Road
Gillman Wm, Ivy Bank, Caernarvon Road
Gladding Robert, 217 Geere Thomas, 59 Broadway
Glaze William, 138 Chobham Road
Glover William, 10 Romford Road
Golledge henry, 4 Buxton Road
Goodson Wm, 58 & 60 Leytonstone Road
Gordon Christopher J, 200 Romford Road
Gotobed Robert, 25 Vicarage Lane
Gower Frederick, 168 High Street
Grave Fletcher, 232 Romford Road
Gray Andrew, 24 Water Lane
Gray Tom Edward, Fern Lodge, Leytonstone Road
Greaves james richard, 9 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Gredley Edmund, 86 Leytonstone Road
Green James, 61 Romford Road
Green Thos Fredk, 143 Leytonstone Road
Gregar William, 1 Grove Crescent, The Grove
Grogono Walker Atkins, 216 & 274 High Street & The Chestnuts, Broadway
Guest John, 15 Chobham Road
Gunner William, 17 Borthwick Road
Gunstone Mrs, 179 Leytonstone Road
Gwinn George, 97 The Grove
Gwinn George taylor, Eastbourne House, Caernarvon Road
Hadley Sydney C, 2 Cumberland Villas, Great Eastern Road
Haines james, 7 Ham Frith Road
Halcrow John Robert, 50 Gurney Road
Hale Chas Fredk, 38 Chobham Road
Hall Mrs William, 91 The Grove
Halse Frank, 5 Gurney Road
Hames Wm Thos, 102 Leytonstone Road
Hamilton John B, 63 Leytonstone Road
Hammond Charles, 137 Chobham Road
Hamshere Arthur, 17 Chobham Road
Hann John, 120 Chobham Road
Hardy Geo, Northwood, Caernarvon Road
Harrington John, 167 Romford Road
Harris Francis, 22 Ham Frith Road
Harris George, 49 ham Road
Hart Mrs, 34 Chobham Road
Harvey Samuel, 26 Borthwick Road
Hasted William, 98 Romford Road
Heckford capt Nathaniel, 25 Ham Frith Road
Hedges Miss, 174 Romford Road
Henshaw E S, 80 Romford Road
Herbert Joseph, Sydney Villa, Janson Road
Hermans Rev Thaddeus [Catholic], The Grove
Hewes Thomas, 246 Romford Road
Hewitt Robert, 39 Borthwick Road
Hicks Robert, Gordon House, Romford Road
Hill Edward, 25 Howards Road
Hill Joseph K, 73 Chobham Road
Hilleary Frederick Edward MA ML, 43 Stratford Green
Hilleary Gustavus Edward, 187 Romford Road
Hine Alfred Leonard, Eppingdale, Leytonstone Road
Holford Thos, Constantine, 342 High Street
Holland George John, 230 Romford Road
Hollingsworth Wm Thos, 56 Romford Road
Hopkins Charles C, 71 Chobham Road
Hose Mrs, 320 Romford Road
Hosford John Stroud, 121 The Grove
Howling John, 188 Romford Road
Hudson John, 36 Romford Road
Hughes William, 157 Romford Road
Hulbert Thomas Wm, 28 Borthwick Road
Hurst Mrs, 334 Romford Road
Hussey Charles, 148 Romford Road
Hussey Mrs, 12 Ham Frith Road
Hyde William, 36 Chandos Road
Hyland Ardon, 145 Romford Road
Ide William, 42 Idmiston Road
Ireland William, 12 Ferns Road
Irwin Thomas B, 64 Leytonstone Road
Ives Robert, 322 Romford Road
Jay Alfred, 42 Ham Frith Road
Jeune Frederick Chas, 106 Romford Road
Jex Robert Yaxley, 4 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Jex Wm O, 1 Clarence Villas, Deanery Road
Jolliffe Thomas, 128 Chobham Road
Jones George, 184 Romford Road
Jones John, 61 Buxton Road
Jones Thomas, 239 Romford Road
Jones William, 249 Romford Road
Kendall Joseph, 2 Singleton Villas, Caernarvon Road
Kendrick Jesse, 79 Stanley Road
Kennard Samuel, 18 Ham Frith Road
Kennedy Jn Blydesteyn, 165 Romford Road
Kennett Hezekiah, 104 Leytonstone Road
Kenney John, 11 Ham Frith Road
Kilner Josiah, 273a Romford Road
King James A, Rosebank Villa, Borthwick Road
Kingston Charles Whitsed, 8 Granville Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Kipps Mrs, 20 ham Frith Road
Kirk Mrs, 78 Romford Road
Kirton Rev Fk BA, 39 Ham Frith Road
Kitchin Henry, 27 Vicarage Lane
Kitson Frederick Charles, 14 Richmond gardens, Romford Road
Kitson James, 2 Ham Frith Road
Kitson James, 203 Romford Road
Knaggs Rev James [congregational], 162 Romford Road
Knight Thomas, 21 Chobham Road
Lamarque Mrs, 23 Romford Road
Lambert Joseph, 248 Romford Road
Lancaster Samuel C, 130 Chobham Road
Lang Frederick, 50 Borthwick Road
Lanham Alfred Thompson, 91 Chobham Road
Lankester Robert L, 150 Romford Road
Latorre Joseph, 110 Romford Road
Latta John Adam, 29 Vicarage Lane
Laundy John A, 112 Romford Road
Laundy Samuel A, 64 Buxton Road
Lawford Godfrey. 74 Romford Road
Lawrence Mrs,Victoria Villa, Manbey Park Terrace
Layton Frank A, 2 Bellevue Villas, Borthwick Road
Lee James, 236 Romford Road
Lee Mrs, 268 Romford Road
Lemay George, 171 Leytonstone Road
Lemere Mrs, 229 Romford Road
Line George, 35 Chobham Road
Ling Edward, 46 Ham Frith Road
Ling Miss, 144 Romford Road
Lingley George, Park House, Manbey park Terrace
Linnard Wm John, 189 Romford Road
Livermore Wm Chas, 250 Romford Road
Loane John, 238 Romford Road
Lockett Miss, 221 Romford Road
Longley Charles, 58 Borthwick Road
Lovegrove Joseph, 45 Ham Frith Road
Low Chas, Boston Villa, Borthwick Road
Luck walter E, 265 Romford Road
Lungley Charles, 25 Stratford Green
Macaire George, 273 Romford Road
McCarty John W MD, 36 Chobham Road
McDowall John, 165 Leytonstone Road
McLaughlin Rev Alfred [Catholic], The Grove
McLaughlin James, 113 Romford Road
Maddison William, 225 Romford Road
Madge James, 14 Ham Frith Road
Mainland Capt David, 95 The Grove
Maiser David, 29 Bridge Road
Mallett Thomas J, 178 High Street
Mallia Mrs, 52 Buxton Road
Marshall Rev John Gerald BA [curate of St John], 74 Romford Road
Marshall Joseph Gilbert B, Martin Street
Martin Allan, 168a Romford Road
Martin Arthur B, 256 Romford Road
Martin Frederick Samuel, High Meades House, Martin Street
Mason Hebblewhite, 4 Skiers Street, Bridge Road
Matthews Jacob, 2 Granville Terrace, Caernarvon Road
May David, 19 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Mead Alfred, 135 Chobham Road
Mears Mrs, 176 Romford Road
Meech Peter, 146 Romford Road
Meeson John, 171 Romford Road
Merry Walter, 60 Brthwick Road
Mickleread David, 64 Romford Road
Miles John, 310 Romford Road
Miller James, 84 Buxton Road
Miller John, 30 Chandos Road
Milligan Samuel, 30 Borthwick Road
Milne Thomas, 218 Romford Road
Mitchell Adam, 7 The Crescent, Leytonstone Road
Mitchell Thomas Jas, 129 Romford Road
Mitchell William, 178 High Street
Mitcheson John, 81 The Grove
Moll Frederick S, 9 Borthwick Road
Monk Paul, 16 Buxton Road
Moore Beaufoy, 166 Romford Road
Moore Henry, 360 Romford Road
Moore Henry Charles, 89 The Grove
More George, 267 Romford Road
Morfey Justin, 318 Romford Road
Morgan Matthew, 1 Ham Frith Road
Morley John, 302 Romford Road
Morris James, 163 Leytonstone Road
Morris Mrs, 3 Eppingdale Villas, Borthwick Road
Morsley John, 214 Romford Road
Moss Abraham, 188 High Street
Mulley John James, 22 Water Lane
Nash Charles, 18 Water lane
Needham Joseph, 240 Romford Road
Neil James, 27 Ham Frith Road
Newman John Thomas, 224 Romford Road
Newman Miss, 212 Romford Road
Nice Newman S, 151 Romford Road
Nicholas Richard, 168 Romford Road
Nicholls Frank J, 3 Ham Frith Road
Nichols Henry, 69 Chobham Road
North Samuel Eli, 186 Romford Road
Norton William, 25 Borthwick Road
Offord Mrs, 27 Borthwick Road
Ough Henry, 17 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Packer Alfred Ebenezer, 3 Cliff Terrace, Manbey park Terrace
Packman George, 226 Romford Road
Palmer Carhes Jas, 11 Borthwick Road
Palmer Jas Dampier, 199 Romford Road
Palmer John T, 80 Chobham Road
Palmer Thomas William, 55 Broadway
Paris James, 53 Margery Park Road
Parker Henry, 78 Chobham Road
Parker Samuel Winter, 1 Belle Vue Villas, Borthwick Road
Peck Richard, 59 Romford Road
Pedley Mrs, 52 Romford Road
Perkins Thomas, 61 Broadway
Perry Benj, 40 Chandos Road, New Town
Perry Mrs, 50 Manbey Grove
Peters Charles, 222 Romford Road
Peters Peter, Monte Christo, Romford Road
Pilkington Christopher, 109 Romford Road
Pinsent William, 261 Romford Road
Pither James, 37 Chobham Road
Platt Mrs, 228 Romford Road
Poole Mrs, 51 Ham Frith Road
Pople Josiah, 60 Buxton Road
Potter William, 38 Idmiston Road
Prendergast Rev James Fitzgerald Th AKCL, [curate in charge of St Thomas church] Vicarage lane
Press William B, 30 Buxton Road
Price Augustus, 57 Water Lane
Priddy Samuel, 1 Manbey Villas, Manbey Grove
Pullar John, 202 Romford Road
Purdue Wm Ernest, 28 Broadway
Raby Mrs, 6 Ham Frith Roa
Rawlings Chas Arthur, 191 Romford Road
Rawlinson Mrs, 4 Ham Frith Road
Rawson Jesse, 8 Ferns Road
Rea Mrs, 54 Gurney Road
Reed Alfred, 3 Manbey Villas, Manbey Grove
Richardson Geo Wm, 53 Buxton Road
Richardson John, 48 Borthwick Road
Richardson Miss, 258 Romford Road
Ringrose Richard, 9 Granville Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Rising James Plummer, Granville House, Romford Road
Ritchie George, 13 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Rivett James, 34 Romford Road
Robbins James MB, 190 Chobhan Road
Roberts John, 37 Stratford Green
Roberts John H, 172 Romford Road
Roberts Sydney Wherland, 10 Ferns Road
Roberts Mrs, 215 Romford Road
Robinson Matthew, 52 Gurney Road
Rolfe Philemon, 354 Romford Road
Rookwood Joseph J, 62 Buxton Road
Ross Charles, 241 Romford Road
Russell Maurice, 73 The Grove
Sansom John D, 47 Ham Frith Road
Savill Ebenezer, 11 Water Lane
Savill Walter, 2 Devonshire Villas, Devonshire Road
Scott Fredk, Albert Cottage, Caernarvon Road
Scott George, 62 Romford Road
Scott Joseph, 39 Stratford Green
Sedgwick Miss, 4 Leytonstone Road
Self George, Roxburgh House, 57 Romford Road
Servante Rev Charles William, Christ Church vicarage, High Street
Sharp Wm, 2 Richmond gardens, Romford Road
Shearer Arthur, 8 Ham Frith Road
Shelbourne John, 35 Ham Frith Road
Sheldrick Mrs, 51 Romford Road
Shepherd Brettell, 216a Romford Road
Shepherd Mrs, 253 Romford Road
Shingley James, 93 Chobham Road
Sibley Wm, 2 Bartlett Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Silver James, 340 Romford Road
Skeen John Adolphus, 362 Romford Road
Skelton George, 54 Romford Road
Skinner William, 44 Ham Frith Road
Smellie William, 90 Romford Road
Smith Frederick, 84 Romford Road
Smith John George, 15 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Smith John Moore, Rokeby House, Broadway
Smith Mrs, 66 Leytonstone Road
Smith Walter Scott, 8 Argyle Road
Spencer Mrs, 13 Deanery Road
Springall Henry, 172 High Street
Springall John, Plymouth Villa, High Street
Springer William, 155 Romford Road
Springer William henry, Salisbury House, Caernarvon Road
Stapley Andrew, 55 Leytonstone Road
Stevenson William, 2 Leytonstone Road
Stewart Mrs, 220 Romford Road
Stocker Charles Joseph, 1 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Stowey Michael, 5 Bartlett Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Stratford Thomas, 153 Romford Road
Stursburg John Peter, 358 Romford Road
Swiney Jas, Tregarthen House, Romford Road
Symmons Alfred, 13 Chandos Road, New Town
Symmons Edwin, 324 Romford Road
Tanner Howard, 182 Romford Road
Tapley Henry, 42 Borthwick Road
Taylor Thomas Willfra, 34 Ham Frith Road
Terry Stephen, 4 Eppingdale Villas, Borthwick Road
Tharp William Anthony, 29 Romford Road
Thomas Charles Henry, Linden Villa, Borthwick Road
Thomas Joseph, Roche Villa, Caernarvon Road
Thompson John, 6 Eppingdale Villas, Borthwick Road
Thompson Miss, 100 Romford Road
Thomson George, 35 Borthwick Road
Thomson Mrs, 52 Buxton Road
Thomson Mrs, 58 Ham Frith Road
Thorman Edward H, Union Street, High Street
Thorman John, 38 Ham Frith Road
Thornber Joseph Harry, 37 Ham Frith Road
Threadwell George, 57 Leytonstone Road
Thurston Jabez, 4 Bartlett Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Tindell Alexander, 204 Romford Road
Tipping William Robt, 233 Leytonstone Road
Topham Mrs, 89 Chobham Road
Topping John Philip MB, 257 Romford Road
Towl William, 30 Ham Frith Road
Treby Charles, 169 Leytonstone Road
Trent Alfred Charles, 48 Buxton Road
Trew Archibald, 170a Romford Road
Tuck Adolphus, 125 Romford Road
Underhill Joseph, 101 Chobham Road
Vallance Thomas Jas MD, 27 Romford Road
Verhagen Rev Francis [catholic], The Grove
Verleyer Rev Germain [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Vernon Rev Charles [Baptist], 10 Leytonstone Road
Vile Charles, 161 Leytonstone Road
Wallace John Henry, 1 Park Avenue
Waller Edwin, 5 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Waller William, 53 Ham Frith Road
Ward Mrs Humphrey, 65 Romford Road
Ware Alfred, 116 Chobham Road
Warth John, 19 Ham Frith Road
Waterworth Edwh Hy, Clifton Villa, Eve Road
Watkinson Edward, 13 Borthwick Road
Watkinson Mrs, 164 High Street
Watson James, 60 Ham Frith Road
Watson Mrs, 173 Romford Road
Watton Thomas, 31 Romford Road
Wayman George, 10 Marlborough Road
Weaver Eli George, 30 Chobham Road
Webb Mrs, 252 Romford Road
Weldon James H, 68 Romford Road
Wesley James Frederick, 275 Romford Road
Weniger Fritz, 75 Gurney Road
Wesley James Fredk, 277 Romford Road
West Albert, 102 Romford Road
West Alfred W, 314 Romford Road
Whigham James, 133 Romford Road
White G, 53 Romford Road
White James, 247 Romford Road
White William, 11 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
White William, 58 Romford Road
Whitehouse Thomas G, MD, 14 Leytonstone Road
Whittell Alfred, 32 Birthwick Road
Whittingham Thomas S, 52 Water Lane
Wighton Thomas, 1 Eppingdale Villas, Borthwick Road
Williams Rev Frank Richards BA [curate of St James, Forest Gate], Granville Terrace, Caernarvon Road
Williams Henry, 99 Chobham Road
Williams Thomas Joseph, 2 Eppingdale Villas, Borthwick Road
Willson Joseph, 356 Romford Road
Willy Frederick, Elm Villa, Deanery Road
Wilson Rev George MA [Presbyterian], 31 Ham Frith Road
Wilson Spencer, 193 Romford Road
Wilton Leonard, 158 Romford Road
Winny Henry O, 13 Romford Road
Wire Alfred Sidney, 54 Borthwick Road
Wire John, 34 Borthwick Road
Wise Andrew, Isley House, Caernarvon Road
Witherick Joseph Francis, 79 Buxton Road
Wood Alfred, Lynton House, Manbey Grove
Wood Thomas, 18 Richmond Gardens, Romford Road
Woodhatch Albert W, 9 Argyle Road
Woolridge Charles, 1 Bexley Villas, Caernarvon Road
Wrighey Rev Bede [catholic], Grove Crescent Road
Wright Alfred G, 283 Romford Road

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