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Stratford 1896 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

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History of Stratford in 1896

This is a complete listing from the 1896 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1896. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture. A simple listing of streets on this page links to the relevant street information.

[The number before the road name is purely for my convenience.]

[1] Abbey Lane, High Street
[2] Albert Road, Forest Lane to Howards Road
[3] Albert Square, Forest Lane
[4] Albion Street, 26 bridge Road
[5] Alma Street, 45 Leyton Road, New Town
[6] Amber Street, 16 Salway Road
[7] Angel Lane, Broadway
[8] Angel Place, Leyton Road
[9] Argyle Road, Borthwick Road to Janson Road
[10] Arundel Road, Borthwick Road
[11] Ashlin Road, New Town, 41 Crownfield Road
[12] Avenue Road, New Town, 25 Crownfield Road
[13] Barnby Street, 39 Bridge Road
[14] Beddington Street, New Town, 95 Leyton Road
[15] Biggerstaff Road, 47 Carpenters Road to Warton Road
[16] Blenheim Road, Canhall Road to Devonshire Road
[17] Blyth Road, 16 Carpenters Road
[18] Borthwick Road, Leytonstone Road
[19] Bridge Road, High Street
[20] Broad Street, Martin Street
[21] Broadway, High Street to the Grove
[22] Brydges Road, New Town, Henniker Road to Chandos Road
[23] Buckingham Road, Cruikshank Road to Cemetary Road
[24] Burford Road, High Street
[25] Burtons Court, 11 Broadway
[26] Buxton Road, Leytonstone Road
[27] Campbell Road, Trevelyan Road, Cruikshank Road
[28] Carnarvon Road, 163 Romford Road to Keogh Road
[29] Carpenters Road, 204 High Street
[30] Cedars Road, 3 Water Lane
[31] Chandos Road east, New Town, 195 Leytonstone Road
[32] Chandos Road west, New Town, Chandos Road east
[33] Channelsea Road, Burford Road
[34] Channelsea Road, 339 High Street
[35] Channelsea Square, Channelsea Road, High Street
[36] Chant Square, Broadway
[37] Chant Street, High Street
[38] Chapel street, High Street
[39] Chatsworth Road, Forest lane to Howards Road
[40] Chobham Road, New Town, 159 Leytonstone Road to Leyton Road
[41] Colegrave Road, Major Road to Dunmow Road south
[42] The Crescent, Temple Mills Lane
[43] Crownfield Road, 243 Leytonstone Road to major Road
[44] Cruikshank Road, Howards Road
[45] Cullum Street, Martin Street
[46] Deanery Road, 29 Romford Road to Water Lane
[47] Devon Terrace, 9 Bridge Road
[48] Devonshire Road, Janson Road
[49] Downsell Road, 62 High Road, Leyton
[50] Dunmow Road north, Crownfield Road to Downsell Road
[51] Dunmow Road south, Chandos Road west to Crownfield Road
[52] East Street, 263 High Street
[53] Edith Road, Colegrave Road
[54] Eleanor Road, Vaughan Road to Ham Park Road
[55] Ellingham Road, Crownfield Road
[56] Elm Road, 174 Romford Road to Knox Road
[57] Fairland Road south, Vaughan Road to Ham Park road
[58] Falmouth Street, New Town, Maryland Street to Henniker Road
[59] Ferns Road, 115 Romford Road to the Green
[60] Francis Street, Maryland Point, New Town, 21 Leytonstone Road
[61] Frederick Street, Martin Street, High Street
[62] Gibbins Road, 65 Lett Road
[63] Globe Crescent, Chatsworth Road to Idmiston Road
[64] Gough Road, Trevelyn Road, Cruikshank Road
[65] Great Eastern Road, The Grove
[66] The Green, 139 Romford Road
[67] The Grove, Broadway
[68] Grove Crescent Road, The Grove
[69] Gurney Road, 82 Leytonstone Road to Cruikshank Road
[70] Hamfrith Road, 175 Romford Road to Forest Lane
[71] Henniker Road, Leytonstone Road to Major Road
[72] Heyworth Road, Cruikshank Road
[73] High Street, Bow Bridge to Broadway
[74] Holness Road, Tavistock Road
[75] Howards Road, Gurney Road to Idmiston Road
[76] Hughan Road, New Town, Newton Road
[77] Idmiston Road, Forest Lane
[78] Janson Road, 112 Leytonstone Road
[79] Jupp Road, 1 Lett Road
[80] Keogh Road, 36 water Lane
[81] Lavender Street, Manbey Grove
[82] Lett Road, High Street
[83] Leyton Road, New Town, Angel Lane
[84] Leytonstone Road, from Maryland Point
[85] Livingstone Road, 195 High Street
[86] Louise Road, 23 Water lane
[87] Lucas Road, 542 Abbey Lane
[88] Major Road, Windmill Lane to Leyton Road
[89] Manbey Grove, The Grove
[90] Manbey Park, 131 The Grove
[91] Manbey Road, 8 Manbey Grove
[92] Manbey Street, Manbey Road
[93] Manbey Road, New Town
[94] Marshgate Lane, 66 High Street
[95] Martha Road, Keogh Road
[96] Martin Street, High Street
[97] Maryland Park, Forest lane
[98] Maryland Point
[99] Maryland Road, Leytonstone Road to Leyton Road
[100] Maryland Square, Maryland Park
[101] Maryland Street, new Town, Leytonstone Road to Store Street
[102] New Street, Channelsea Road, High Street
[103] New Providence Street (New Town), Falmouth Street
[104] Newton Road, Chandos Road east to Chobham Road west
[105] Stratford1896Streets/Stratford-NewStreet-ParkAvenue.shtmlNorth Place, 318 High Street
[106] North Street, New Town
[107] Park Avenue, 109 The Grove
[108] Pleasant Row, 31 Angel Lane
[109] Queen Street, Waddington Street, New Town
[110] Ravenstone Road, Borthwick Road to Janson Road
[111] Robertson Road, 3 Warton Road
[112] 104 Romford Road, The Broadway to Railway Bridge, Manor Park - north side in Stratford
[113] 104 Romford Road, The Broadway to Railway Bridge, Manor Park - north side not in Stratford
[114] 105 Romford Road, The Broadway to Railway Bridge, Manor Park- south side in Stratford
[115] 105 Romford Road, The Broadway to Railway Bridge, Manor Park- south side not in Stratford
[116] Rosher Road, Carpenters Road
[117] Ross Road, 45 Abbey Lane
[118] St James' Road, Forest Lane
[119] Salway Road, Angel Lane
[120] Short Road, Burford Road
[121] South Street, New Town
[122] South Street, West Street
[123] Stanley Road, 197 High Street
[124] Station Street, 326 High Street to G E Railway station
[125] Stewart Road, Dunmow Road north
[126] Store Street, Maryland Street, Nwe Town
[127] Stratford Market
[128] Sugar House Lane, 121 High Street
[129] Tavistock Road , Romford Road to Vicarage Road
[130] Temple Mills Lane
[131] Tenby Road, Angel Lane
[132] Trevelyan Road, 50 Cruickshank Road
[133] Union Street, 219 High Street
[134] Union Street, North Street
[135] Vaughan Road, Fairland Road south to Bolton Road
[136] Vicarage Lane, 82 Romford Road
[137] Waddington Road, New Town, Maryland Road to Windmill Lane
[138] Waddington Street, Leyton Road, New Town
[139] Ward Road, 252 High Street
[140] Warton Road, High Street
[141] Warwick Road, 166a Romford Road to Ham Park Road
[142] Water Lane, Romford Road
[143] Well Street, Maryland Point, New Town
[144] West Street, 239 High Street
[145] West Street, New Town
[146] Western Street, Angel Lane
[147] Wharf Road, Burford Road
[148] William Street, Angel Lane
[149] Wiltons Yard, 2a Angel Lane
[150] Windmill Lane, New Town, Leyton Road to Maryland Point
[151] Wingfield Road, 215 Leytonstone Road
[152] Wycliffe Road, Temple Mills Lane

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