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Stratford 1912 Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1912

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Stratford (or Stratford Langthorne), the ford of the street or Roman way from London to Colchester, within the Northern division of the Parliamentary borough of West Ham, and also included in the municipal and county borough of West ham, is a suburb of London, and lies on the east side of the navigable river Lee and on the Great Eastern railway, whence the Colchester; the Cambridge; the Blackwall and North Woolwich, the Woodford and the Tilbury and the Southend lines of railway diverge: there are three stations, viz., Stratford Central station, Stratford Market and Maryland Point. It is 3 miles from Shoreditch, and in the Bow County court district, West ham union, and in the rural deanery of West ham, archdeaconry of Essex and diocese of St Albans. It is in the Eastern Metropolitan postal district, and within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court and Metropolitan Police, and is united to Stratford le Bow, in Middlesex, by a bridge over the river Lee; tramways are laid down from the Broadway to Aldgate and from the Broadway to Leytonstone and along the Romford Road. Stratford, formerlyincluded in the local board district of West Ham, is now a ward of the municipal borough of West Ham, created June 1886.
Under the powers conferred by a Local Act of 1898 the Borough council of West Ham have acquired the horse tramways in the borough, which have been converted into electric tramways, and are now worked by the Council.
St Johns is an ecclesiastical parish, formed August 20, 1844 from the mother parish of West Ham; the church situated in the centre of town, where the main road from the east of London diverges towards Romford and Leytonstone: was built in 1834 as a chapel of ease to the parish of West Ham, and became a parish church about 1859; it is a building of stone and brick in the early English style, and was erected at a cost of £23,000; of which £18,000 was raised by subscription, and the remainder advanced on security of the rates; the church consists of chancel, nave, aisles, north and south porches and an embattled western tower with pinnacles, containing a clock and one bell. The site was given by the 4th Earl of Mornington, then Tylney Long Wellesley Pole, esq (d, 1857). of Wanstead, and T Humphreys esq. , lords of the manor: in 1909 the church was redecorated and a reredos erected at a cost of £750; there are sittings for 1,000 persons. The register dates from the year 1859. The living is a vicarage, so constituted in 1868, net yearly value £320, with residence in West ham Lane, in the gift of the vicar of West Ham, and held since 1904 by the Rev Frederick John Key, M A of St Peters College, Cambridge, who is also chaplain to the West ham and East London hospitals. The area is 180 acres; the population in 1901 was 15,114.
Christchurch is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1852 from the mother parish of West Ham; the church, situated in High Street and erected in 1851, is a building of stone in the Decorated style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, north porch and an embattled western tower with pinnacles and spire containing one bell. The register dates from the year 1852. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £300, with residence, in the gift of the Simeon trustees, and held since 1878 by the Rev Charles William Servante. The area is 405 acres; the population in 1901 was 11,235.
Holy Trinity, Trinity College, Oxford, Mission church, situate in Oxford Road, and erected 1884, is an edifice of red brick, with sitting for 500 persons. The Rev Charles Winford Alington MA of Trinity College, oxford, has been priest in charge since 1906.
St Aidans Mission, Ward Road, and the Institute at 210 Romford Road, are attached to Christ Church. The Rev William Owen Thomas BA of St Davids College, Lampeter, is curate in charge.
St Stephens Mission church, in Cedars Road, is a building of iron, seating 350 persons, and is served by the clergy of St John the Envangelists.
St Columbas, WANSTEAD SLIP, in the rural deanery of Walthamstow and Leyton, is an ecclesiastical district formed in 1895 from the mother parishes of West Ham and Wanstead; the church, situated in Janson Road, and erected in 1894, at a cost of £7,500, is a structure of red brick with Bath stone dressings, in the Gothic style, designed by Me E P Warren, architect, of London and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, side chapel and two western porches; it will seat 811 persons. The register of baptisms dates from 1888, and of marriages from 1895. The living is a vicarage, so constituted in 1895, net yearly value £270, with residence in Ravenstone Road, in the gift of the Bishop of St Albans, and held since 1895 by the Rev Peter Barnes. The area of the parish is 124 acres; the population in 1901, 11,166; present estimated population 13,000.
St Matthews is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1897 from the mother parish of West ham; the church, situated at the corner of Vaughan and Dyson Roads, and built in 1896 at a cost of £6,000, is a structure of brick, with flint stone dressings, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south and east porches and a turret containing 8 tubular bells; there are sittings for 650 persons, The register dates from 1896. The living is a vicarage, so constituted in 1897, gross yearly value £350, with residence in Romford Road, in the gift of trustees, and held since 1909 by the Rev Oswald Gosney MA of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The population in 1901 was 8,973.
The Catholic church of St Francis of Assisi, in Grove Crescent Road, erected in 1868 at a cost of £6,000, is a structure of brick in the Italian style, with a small tower over the porch containing one bell; there are 400 seats.
There are also Congregational, Baptist, primitive Methodist, Welsh Calvanistic Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist chapels, and a Reformed Protestant church.
The Jews Burial Ground is situated in Buckingham Road, and covers an area of 11 acres.
The Town hall, situated in the Broadway, Stratford, and erected at a ost of £20,000, is a building of stone and brick in the Italian style, from designs by Messrs L Angell and J Giles, and was opened July 7th, 1869 by Sir T S Western, 2nd bart (d, 1877) lord lieutenant of the county. In 1886 the building was greatly enlarged and entirely redecorated; the large hall on the first floor will hold 1,000 people and has retiring rooms attached: there is also a minor hall or Council chamber on the ground floor. The façade towards the Broadway, 102 feet in length, has two principal storeys, from which in front of the entrance is projected a colonnade of rusticated work, rising into a spacious balcony supported on columns and terminating in a balustraded parapet, with groups of statuary; above this is a supplementary storey similarly treated : to the right of the main building is a well proportioned tower 100 feet in height, crowned by a coved domical roof, supporting a small turret and vane: the principal front is of stone, the portico and other portions being adorned with polished columns of red granite: this building is occupied by the officers of the corporation, the town clerk, engineer, surveyor and medical officer of health; on the west side is a fire brigade, and a building has been erected at the back for the use of the inspector of nuisances and staff, and includes a residence for the superintendent of the fire brigade.
In 1881, a stipendiary magistrate was appointed for the parish of West Ham. The Court House, situated in West Ham lane, in the rear of the Town Hall, and erected by the then local board, was opened November 9th 1886; and is a building of picked stone brick work, relieved with brick quoins and stone cornices and dressings, from designs by Mr Lewis Angell, architect, and comprises a court room, magistrates and clerks offices and retiring rooms, solicitors and public waiting rooms, lavatories and caretakers apartments, together with offices for the police and cells for the prisoners.
The Territorial Force stationed in Stratford comprises the 2nd East Anglian Brigade Royal Field Artillery, the East Anglian (Essex) Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery, and the East Anglian Divisional Transport and Supply column Army Service Corps.
The Martyrs’ Memorial, erected in St Johns churchyard in 1879 by public subscription “to perpetuate the principles of the Reformation and to commemorate the deaths of 18 Protestant martyrs, burned in this neighbourhood for the pure faith of Jesus Christ”, is a hexagonal structure of stone and terra cotta, in the Early English style, raised on a similarly shaped platform of four steps; each of the six sides is surmounted by a boldly projecting canopy, supported on clustered shafts, and above all rises a ribbed spire, terminating in a finial, encircled by a crown, the whole being 65 feet high. One of the sides is adorned with a sculptured panel reproducing a plate in Foxe’s Martyrology, representing the burning of 13 of these martyrs at Stratford, on the site of the present churchyard, on Saturday, June 27th, 1556; the remaining sides bear inscriptions including the names, ages, social position and date of execution of all the martyrs commemorated; Mr J T Newman was the architect.
The Fire Brigade Station is in the Broadway.
On the river Lee are flour mills, chemical and artificial manure factories, soap and candle works, varnish and paint works and vesta and match manufactories. A market for vegetables, fruit, roots and straw has been established by the Great Eastern Railway Company, adjoining the Stratford Market station, and warehouses and sidings have been constructed for the development of the trade in vegetables from the Eastern Counties.
The West ham Municipal technical Institute, Public Library and Museum, situate in Romford Road and Water lane, was erected in 1897-8 at a cost of £105,000 and towards the cost of the museum the late Mr J Passmore Edwards gave the sum of £4,000. The institute was opened by Mr Edwards in October, 1898, but in October, 1899, a fire broke out and partially destroyed the building, which was restored and reopened in October, 1900.
The Cistercian abbey of Stratford Langthorne was founded here by W Montfichet in 1134 and dedicated to St Mary and All Saints;, the abbot was a lord of Parliament, and the income at the Dissolution was £573 15s 6d. : there are slight remains of the building at the Abbey Mills, sufficient to interest the antiquary. George Edwards, the naturalist, was born here 3rd April, 1693 and was buried here on 23rd July, 1773.
Stratford New Town, formerly called Hudson’s Town, is a part of Stratford, adjoining the Great Eastern railway station. In this district are the works of the Great Eastern railway, employing upwards of 3,000 men.
St Pauls, Stratford New Town, was formed into an ecclesiastical parish from the mother parish of West Ham, September 12, 1865; the church of brick in the Decorated style, consisting of apsidal chancel, nave, aisles and a turret containing one bell; there are sittings for 1,250 persons, half of which are free. The register dates from December 10th, 1864. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £415, with residence, in the gift of the trustees, and held since 1902 by the Rev William Henry Ferguson MA of St Johns college, Cambridge, who resided at 18 Maryland Square. The area is 236 acres, the population in 1901 was 14,289.

There is a Presbyterian Church of England in the Leytonstone Road.

Official Establishments, Local Institutions etc
Postmens Office, martin Street – F A Jonas & A J Noot, overseers. Box cleared at 7,8.30, 9.5, 10.5 & 11.5 am & 12.20, 1.5, 1.15, 3.15, 4.15, 5.30 (5.55 late fee ½ d for country & 1d for foreign & colonial mails), 6.15, 7, 8 & 9pm & 12 midnight (Saturdays excepted) on week days; Sundays, 12 midnight
Post, M O & T & Telephonic Express delivery Office (branch), 413 High Street – George Buck, postmaster. Open 8am to 11pm; Sundays, 8.30am to 10pm; savings bank & money order business closes 8pm. Box cleared for dispatch, 8.30, 8.50, 955 & 11.5 am & 12.15, 1, 3.5, 4.15, 5.30, 5.50 (late fee for country ½ d foreign & colonial 1d) , 7, 8, 9 & 12 midnight.
Post & M O Offices: - (& T) 137 Romford Road – Charles William Curtis, receiver; 157 Leytonstone Road – E Davies & Co, receivers; 64 High Street – Robert Canham, receiver; (& T) 271 High Street – John Lines, receiver; 9 Leyton Road – George Clements, receiver; 117 the Grove – Thomas Broadbent, receiver;50 Romford Road – Mrs Evans, receiver; 37 Vicarage lane – Thomas M Nickelson, receiver; 61 Crownfield road – E S Scarborough, receiver; 178 Major Road – James H Royston, receiver;

County magistrates for Becontree Petty Sessional Division
Johnston Andrew esq DL Forest Lodge, Woodford Green NE, chairman
Howard Ellioe esq DL Ardmore, Buckhurst Hill, vice chairman
Aitchison William Kinghorn esd, Wilnett Lodge, Goodmayes, Ilford
Bailey Benjamin esq 33 Coventry Road, Ilford
Baker George esq, Marryatts Lodge, Snaresbrook Road, Leytonstone NE
Beal Edmund John esq, Claremont, 30 Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea
Bethell Sir John Harry MP, Park House, Blake Hall Road, Wanstead NE
Bethell Thomas Robert esq, The Firs, South Woodfor
Bodger John Adams Guy esq, 72 Cranbrook Road, Ilford
Buxton Edward North esq DL, Knighton House, Buckhurst Hill
Carter Henry John esq, 8 Inverness Terrace, London W
Chapman Mark esq, Llanarth, Bushwood, Leytonstone NE
Clarke Joseph John esq, 29 Prospect Hill, walthamstow NE
Curwen Spedding esq, North Street, Plaistow E
Davis Edward James esq, Broomhill, Vicarage Road, Leyton
East Joseph Thomas esq, Woodford Road
Forbes William Patrick esq, The Chilterns, Grove Park, wanstead
Fortescue Nathaniel esq, Hainault, The Drive, Chingford
Garrett Lieut-Col Edmund CB VD, Belmont, Chigwell, Chigwell Row
Glenny William Wallis esq, Cecil House, Barking
Godlee Theodore esq, Whips Cross, Walthamstow
Green Wm Walt esq, Plasket Lands, New Wanstead NE
Griggs William Peter esq, 7 The Drive, Cranbrook Park, Ilford
Harrison Arthur Lister esq, Elmhurst, South Woodford
Hewett Robert Muirhead esq, Roden Lodge, Barking
Holden James esq MICE MIME, Hermon House, Hermon Hill, Wanstead NE
Hutty William Alfred esq, 367 High Road, Leyton
Jones Robert esq MD, The Asylum, Claybury, Woodford Bridge
Kemsley Walter John esq, Ivy Lodge, Woodford Green
Lever Sir Arthur Levy bart, 20 Hans Crescent SW
Linder Chas esq, St Just, Powells Road, Buckhurst Hill
Mallinson William esq, The Limes, 208 Shernhall Street, Walthamstow
Musgrave Christopher George esq, Mosborough, Lemna Road, Leytonstone
Pearce James Stanley esq, Clements, Snaresbrook NE
Philpot Thomas esq, Kef, Holcombe Road, Ilford
Roberts Sir John Reynolds, Salway Hose, Woodford Green
Robinson Thomas George esq, Brancepath, Whitehall Road, Woodford Green NE
Rowlands W W esq, 29 Poppleton Road, Leytonstone
Savill Philip esq, Woodlands, Chigwell Row
Souster jas Henry esq, Brooklands, Holcombe, Ilford
Stroud Robert esq, Barley Hall, Ilford
Tabrum Burnett esq, Meads, Brentwood
Trumble John esq, 540 Romford Road, Forest Gate
Tyler William esq, Westwood House, Palmerston Road, Walthamstow
Ward Richard esq, Hyde, High Road, Leyton NE
Williams Wm, Varco esq, Langtons, Hornchurch, Romford
Wise Charles Henry esq MD, Dunheved, 11 Orford Road, Walthamstow
The Chairmen, for the time being, of the barking, East Ham, Leyton, Walthamstow, Wanstead, Ilford & Woodford Urban District Councils are ex-officio magistrates.
Clerk to the Magistrates, W J Attwater, Court house, Great eastern Road, Stratford E
Deputy Clerk, L W Liell, City Bank chambers, Broadway
Petty Sessions are held at the Court house, Stratford, daily at 9.30 am except sat at 11am
The following places are included in the petty sessional division: - Barking, Canhall, Dagenham, Ilford, Leyton, Walthamstow & Woodford

West ham Distree Committee
The committee, consisting of 16 members of the Corporation, 12 from the Guardians & 7 persons experienced in the relief of distress, was formed in October 1905.
Meetings are held at the Town Hall, Stratford, usually on the 3rd Friday in each month.
Chairman, Councillor William Crow JP
Vice Chairman, Joseph Gilbey
Secretary, H Leonard Hunphreys
Offices, 29 Broadway, Stratford E

Royal Naval Recruiting Office, 73 The Grove
Officer in charge, Lieut Edward Duffett RN

Territorial Force
2nd East Anglia Brigade Royal Field Artillery; head quarters, Artillery House, Stratford Green; Commanding, Lieut-Col W S Duff; Orderly Officer, 2nd Lieut A R Duff; Adjutant, Capt J W Povah RA; Mediacl Officers, Major G A Troup MD, RAMC (T F) & Capt W D Watson RAMC (T F); Chaplains, Rev A H W Seally (T F) & Rev J H G Spilsbury (T F); Brigade-Sergt-Major D Miller RFA instructor
2nd East Anglian Brigade Royal Field Artillery Ammunition Column, Artillery House, The Green, Capt R A Hatton, commanding
1st Essex Battery Royal Field Artillery; head quarters, Artillery House, Stratford Green; Major V E Castelton, commanding; Capt S G Hall, second in command; Battery-Sergt-Majors E Brown & H Farrant RFA instructors
East Anglian (Essex) Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery (with its Ammunition Column); head quarters, Artillery House, Stratford Green; Major S E Wood, commanding officer; Capt H Jolly, second in command; Capt G B Daubeny RA adjutant; Sergt-Majors Welsh & Hodges, instructors

Army Service Corps
East Anglian Divisional Transport & Supply Column, Essex Brigade, Bay Lodge, The Green; Capt F P P Soper, transport officer; Capt W T C Rust, supply officer; Sergt-Major J Nash, instructor

Public Establishments
Borough Theatre & Opera House, High Street, Mrs C Ellis Fredericks, proprietoress
County Weights & Measures Office (Metropolitan District), County Court House, great Eastern Road, Herbert Clerc Card, chief inspector (also inspector under the “Food & Drugs Act”, “Explosive Act” & official Sampler under “Fertilisers & Feeding Stuffs Acts”); Assistant, Charles Henry Baxfield
Customs & Excise & Licences Office, Deanery Road (Customs & Excise & Licences), W H Whitbread, surveyor, 1st district; officers, Geo Fox, 1st station; Thomas Saunders, 2nd station; J J O’Rourke, 3rd station; F M Costeloe, 5th station; J P Tinney, surveyor, 2nd district; officer, J W Mackie, Cannhall District. Surveyors (Inland Revenue), F W Waggett, No 1 District; H G Cole, No 2 District; T G F Charter, No 3 District; B Archer, No 4 District; S H Smythe, No 5 District
Inland Revenue Land Valuation Department, 29 Romford Road, P Wontner Smith
Jews Burial Ground, Buckingham Road, Benjamin Morris Jones, resident superintendent
London County Councils Pumping Station, Abbey lane, Robert Thomlinson, superintendent
Metropolitan Police Station (K division), Romford Road, The force stationed here consists of 2 inspectors, 14 sergeants & 100 constables
Mortuary, 93 West ham lane
Passmore Edwards Museum & The Essex Museum of Natural History, Romford Road, William Cole FLS, curator
Stratford Empire (Theatre of Varities), Broadway, Moss Empires Limited, proprietors
Theatre Royal, salway Road & angel lane, Mrs C Ellis Fredericks, proprietress
Town hall, Broadway, henry Edward dear, keeper
West Ham Corporation Public Baths (R Scott, engineer & manager; John Shaw, deputy supt), Jupp Road
West ham Fire Brigade Station, Broadway, E Smith, superintendent. The force consists of 1 chief superintendent with a staff of 4 officers, 33 men & 7 coachmen; there are 3 fire stations & 4 escape stations, distributed as follows:- No 1 station (Stratford) with 2 steamers, 1 motor pump, hose cart & horsed escape; No 2 Station (Barking Road ) with a steamer, hose cart & horsed escape; No 3 Station (Silvertown) with a steamer, a manual, hose cart & horsed escape; No 4 Station (Forest Gate) horsed escape & hose cart; No 5 Station (Balaam Street, Plaistow), motor hose tender & escape; No 6 Station (Freemasons Road, Canning Town) hose cart & escape.
West ham & District Provident Dispensary (branch of the Metropolitan Provident Medical Association ), 53 West Ham Lane, F H Bonnefin MRCS Eng LRCP Lond, W Lawson LRCP & S Edin & J H Frazer MRCS Eng LRCP Lond medical officers; H C Cowles LDS Eng hon dental surgeon; Charles H Warren, 5 Lambs Conduit Street, London WC, hon sec
West Ham Municipal Technical Institute, Romford Road, John R Airey MA BSc principal; Henry A Cutting, chief clerk.
West ham Public Library (Central), Water lane, Chas Whitwell, librarian

Public Officers
Clerk to West Ham Local Pension Committee, A W Bottomley, 29 Broadway
Collector of Kings Taxes, Arthur Single FSI, 85 The Grove
Coroner for West Ham Borough, George Edwd Hilleary MA, Town Hall, Broadway & 49a Broadway
Inspector of Weights & measures for West Ham County Borough, Edward James Dixon, 7 Chapel Street
Medical Officer, No 2 District & Public Vaccinator, East Ham District, West Ham Union, Charles Joseph Stocker LRCP Lond, MRCS Eng, 335 Romford Road, Forest Gate
Medical Officer, West ham (part of) District & Public Vaccinator, West Ham District, West ham Union & Police Surgeon K Division, Eric Walter Grogono MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond, 9 The Broadway; 171 Romford Road & 216 High Street
Medical Officer, No 17 District, West Ham Union, Sidney Richard Nicholls MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond, 235 Leytonstone Road
Superintendant Registrar, West Ham Union, Alfred hall; deputy, Robert james Gooch; office, 49a Broadway
Registrar of Births & deaths, Stratford Sub-District, West Ham Union, Albert Wm Sayer, 48 manbey Grove
Registrar of Marriages for West Ham Union, Albert William Sayer, 48 manbey Grove
Relieving Officers, West ham Union, No 1 District, E P Shaw, 7 Water Lane; No 17 District, J C Carroll, 2 Chobham Road
Veterinary Inspector under the “Diseases of Animals Acts” for Beacontree District, Michale henry Comerford MRCVS, 339 High Street

Places of Worship, with times of services
St John the Evangelist, Broadway, Rev Frederick John Key MA vicar; Rev Ernest Layton Onions, Rev Charles Robert Bartram Th K C & Rev William Josiah Joyce Th K C & Rev George Albert Sweatman BA curates; 8 & 11 am & 6.30 pm ; wed 8 pm
Christ Church, High Street, Rev Charles William seravnte, vicar; 11 am & 6.30 pm; wed 8 pm
Holy Trinity (Trinity College Oxon Mission), Oxford Road, rev C W Alington MA in charge; Thomas Allen, head of laymens house, 60 Romford Road; 10.30 & 11.15 am & 6.30 pm; daily, 7.30 pm; holy communion, 7.15 am; wed 7 am; tues, thurs, fri & sat 8 am
St Aidens Mission Church, Ward Road, rev William Owen Thomas BA, curate in charge; 11 am & 6.30 pm; wed 8 pm; fri 11 am
St Columba church, Wanstead Slip, Rev Peter barnes, vicar; Rev George harry Bishop Th A K C & Rev Edward Gordon Bulstrode BA curates; 8, 10.15 & 11.15 am & 7 pm; wed 8 pm; other days 7.30 pm; holy communion 7.15 am; matins 9.30 am
St Matthews church, Vaughan Road, Rev Oswald Gosney MA, vicar; 11 am & 3.15 pm & 6.30 pm; wed 8 pm
St Pauls church, Maryland Road, New Town, Rev William Henry Fergusin MA, vicarl Rev Francis Ernest Sparkes L Th & Rev Samuel Boyes latham L Th, curates; 11 am & 6.30 pm; wed 8 pm
St Stephens church, Cedars Road, served by the clergy of St John the Evangelist; 11 am & 6.30 pm
St Marks Mission church, Windmill lane, served by the clergy of St Pauls; 11.30 am & 7 pm; wed 8 pm
St Matthews Mission church, Vicarage Lane; 7 pm
Catholic Church of St Francis of Assisi, Grove Crescent Road, rev Gregory (guardian), Jerome (vicar), Thaddeus, Albert, Maurice & Thomas OFM; 8,9,10 & 11 am & 5,30 pm; daily 6.30. 7 & 8 am & 8 pm
Trinity Presbyterian Church of England, Leytonstone Road, Maryland Point, Rev Donald Ross; 11 am & 6.30 pm; wed 7.45 pm
Baptist, Carpenters Road; 11 am & 6.30 pm; mon & thurs 7 & 8 pm; other days 8 pm
Baptist, Gurney Road, rev H D Tooke; 11 am & 6.30 pm; mon, wed & sat 8 pm
Baptist, Major Road; 11 am & 6.30 pm; thurs 8 pm; sat 8 pm
Baptist, The Grove, Rev George Sneesby; 11 am & 6.30 pm; wed 8 pm
Congregational, The Grove, Rev Alfred Jabez Palmer; 11 am & 3 & 6.30 pm; thusr 7.30 pm
Francis Street Mission Hall, North Street, Maryland Point, S Gage, city missionary; 7 pm; thurs 8 pm
Holy Trinity Mission Room, 48 Crownfield Road; 10.15 am & 7 pm; wed 7 pm
London City Mission, North Place, High Street, William Murray, missionary; 3 & 7 pm; wed 7.30 pm
Railway Men’s Mission Hall, Chobham Road; 3 & 7 pm
St Johns Mission School Room, Chant Square; 11 am & 8,30 pm; wed 7 pm
St Paul’s Mission Hall & Parish Room, Chandos Road; 7 pm; wed 7 pm
St Paul’s Mission Hall, Ashlin Road, New Town, served by the clergy of St Pauls; 7 pm; thurs 8 pm
St Paul’s Mission Hall, Leyton Road; 7 pm; wed 8 pm
St Stephen’s Mission Room, Cedars Road; 11 am & 6.30 pm
Salvation Army Citadel, 27 Angel Lane; 7 & 11 am; 3 & 6.45 pm; daily 8 pm
Spiritualists meet at Workmen’s Hall, 27 Romford Road; sun 7 pm

Public Elementary Schools
An education committee of 27 members was formed for the borough of West Ham in 1903
Offices, 95 The Grove, Stratford
Chairman, W R Hughes MA
Clerk, Frederic Edward Hilleary MA LLD

Abbey School, Abbey Lane, built in 1880, for 533 boys, 488 girld & 589 infants; average attendance, 334 boys, 333 girls & 303 infants; J I Morrell, master; Miss M Scott, mistress; Miss F G Beer, infants mistress
Bridge Road, built in 1854 for 420 boys, 420 girls & 530 infants; average attendance, 379 boys, 356 girls & 313 infants; E Stollery, master; Miss F Jewis, mistress; Miss L H Brand, infants mistress
Carpenters Road, built in 1884, for 420 boys, 360 girls & 538 infants; average attendance, 352 boys, 280 girls & 287 infants; E Wadeson, master; Miss L S O’Dell, mistress; Miss A Gray, infants mistress
Channelsea Road south, built in 1872, for 159 boys, 95 girls & 156 infants; average attendance, 118 boys, 82 girls & 94 infants; G Cole, master
Chapel Street (mixed), for 105 boys & girls & 32 infants; average attendance, 72 boys & girls & 33 infants; Mrs Soar, mistress
Colegrave Road, built in 1882 for 333 boys, 333 girls & 456 infants; average attendance, 286 boys, 324 girls & 320 infants; H L Lewis, master; Miss E M Berry, mistress; Miss E S walker, infants mistress
Maryland Point, built in 1880, for 442 boys, 417 girls & 476 infants; average attendance, 380 boys, 385 girls & 320 infants; F C Blackburn, master; Miss A H Woods, mistress; Miss A L Randall, infants mistress
Salway Place, built in 1862, for 354 boys, 244 girls & 305 infants; average attendance 263 boys, 225 girls & 252 infants; Chas E Spinks, master; Miss J Hannah, mistress; Miss M E Blackburn, infants mistress
Water Lane, built in 1897, for 440 boys, 440 girls & 490 infants; average attendance, 447 boys, 384 girls & 340 infants; George Bush, master; Miss Amelia Pittman, mistress; E Hambleton, infants mistress
Water Lane (Deaf Centre), built in 1900, for 36 children; Miss D Leonard. Mistress
St James, St James Road, for 254 boys & girls & 204 infants, average attendance, 214 boys & girls & 174 infants; Charles Payne, master; Miss Rice, Mistress
St Johns, Chant Street, for 197 girls & 302 infants; Miss A G Way, mistress; Miss A Schlottler, infants mistress
St Pauls, Maryland Road, for 500 boys, 230 girls & 353 infants; average attendance, 352 boys, 167 girls & 255 infants; henry Heather, master; Miss tait, mistress; Mrs Allen, infants mistress
Catholic (St Francis), The Avenue, for 221 boys; average attendance, 164; R W Burton, master
Catholic (St Francis), Park Avenue, The Grove, for 147 girls & 109 infants, average attendance 158 girls & 56 infants; Miss S Tudgay, mistress
Catholic (St Patrick’s), Lett Road (infants), for 200 children, average attendance, 126; Miss C Brady, mistress

East Ham Express, 20 Broadway, Wilson & Whitworth Limited, proprietors; published wed & sat
Essex Times, 20 Broadway, Wilson & Whitworth Limited, proprietors; published wed & sat
Stratford Express, 20 Broadway, Wilson & Whitworth Limited, proprietors; published mon, wed & sat
Walthamstow Express, 20 Broadway, Wilson & Whitworth Limited, proprietors; published sat

Railway Stations
Central, Station Street & Angel Lane, William Hussey Ketcher, station master
Maryland Point, Frederick Gibbs, Station master
Stratford Market, High Street, H J Hotson, station master

Electric cars run from Broadway to Canning Town, via Plaistow; to Green Street, Upton Park, via Portway; to High Street, east Ham, via Portway & Plashet Grove; to Connaught Road, Silvertown, via Plaistow & Custom House every few minutes; to Bow Bridge, to Ilford, Leyton & Leytonstone every few minutes

Motor omnibuses to Seven Kings, Ilford, Leytonstone, Shepherd’s Bush, West Kilburn, Putney & Willesden, every few minutes
Carriers to London – Carter, Paterson & Co Limited, Messrs Pickfords Ltd & London Parcels Delivery Co Limited


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