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[Marked thus * letters through Forest Gate]

TN - telephone number

Early closing day, Thursday

*Abbott Bros, dairymen & cow keepers, 303 Romford Road
Ablett John, undertaker, 82 Vicarage lane
Abrahams A E Limited, advertising contractors, 73 Romford Road
Acworth William George, manager to London & Provincial Bank Limited, 28 Broadway
Adams & Gay, grocers, 52 Holness Road
Adams Archibald R, undertaker, 145 Leytonstone Road
Adams William Thomas, plate glass insurance agent, 7 Ravenstone Road
Addis William Edward, grocer, 21 Leytonstone Road
Adkins Frederick George, fruit salesman, 10 Stratford Market
Agosini Augustus, confectioner, 13 Leytonstone Road
Aiano Henry, wire worker, 228 High Street
Ainsworth Elizabeth (Mrs), news agent, 81 Leyton Road
Albion Bacon Co, bacon factors, 16 Angel Lane
*Albon Mrs Lydia, farrier, 272 Romford Road
Alcock Agnes (Mrs), beer retailer, 83 Leytonstone Road
Alderson John & Sons, rope & twine manufacturers, 53 Marshgate Lane
Aldham Albert, shopkeeper, 21 Heyworth Road
Alexander William Murray, wardrobe dealer, 207 Vicarage Lane
Alexandra Hotel & Restaurant (Miss Adelaide Alice Lewis, manageress), 377 High Street TNís 630 & 441 East
Alexandra Laundry Co, 8 & 197 Leytonstone Road
Allen & Co, disinfectant manufacturers, 191 Romford Road TN 443 Stratford
Allen George, beer retailer, 70a Keogh Road
Allen Gertrude (Mrs), draper, 15 Crownfield Road
Allen Hy John, farrier, 18a Maryland Road & 298 High Street
Allen John, dining rooms, 38 Leytonstone Road
Allen May (Miss), teacher of music, 36 Chobham Road
*Allen Robert Hugh MD CM, physician & surgeon, 322 Romford Road
Allin Ellis, tailor, 182 The Grove
Alment Edward & Co, manufacturing chemists, 234 High Street
Alter Harry, tailor, 3 Maryland Point
Anderson Granville, confectioner, 24 Romford Road
Anderson Joseph, vegetable salesman, 13 Stratford Market TN 121 Stratford
Angel Lane Drug Stores, 34 Angel Lane TN 651 East
Angier Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, 109 High Street
Anicell Salvatora, greengrocer, 47 Lett Road
Appleford Alfred, coach builder, 1 Windmill lane
Appleton Edward & Sons, bird dealers, 127 Leyton Road
Appleton John William, fishmonger, 77 & 79 Leyton Road
Appleton Sidney, removal contractor, 70 Leytonstone Road
*Apps Caroline (Mrs), boot repairer, 272 Romford Road
Archer B, surveyor of taxes (Stratford No 4 district), 71 The Grove
Archer George, fried fish dealer, 68 Angel Lane
Archer Robert Sidney, grocer, 63 Crownfield Road
Argent James Henry, beer retailer, 348 & 350 High Street
Argent Nicholas, beer retailer, 31 Angel Lane
Argent Thomas, shopkeeper, 2 South Street, New Town
Armstrong Florence (Mrs), typewriting office, law Accident buildings, Broadway
Army & Special Reserve Recruiting Depot (Lieut G D Hall, recruiting staff officer), 20 & 22 Grove Crescent Road
Artzt Joe, hair dresser, 62 Leytonstone Road
Ascott J & E, billiard table manufacturers, 11 Martin Street TN 509 Stratford
Ascott J sen & Co, billiard table manufacturers, 107 The Grove TN 557 Stratford
*Ascott Lewis, Rising Sun PH, 528 Romford Road
Ashdown Thomas, Kings Head Tavern, 36 Broadway
Asher Robert, boot repairer, 119 Angel Lane
Ashford & Davis Limited, watch makers, 72 & 74 Broadway TN 412 Stratford
Ashley Herbert Ernest MRCS Eng LRCP Lond, physician & surgeon, 190 Chobham Road
Atkins William, house decorator, 170 Chandos Road
Attle James, grocer, 182 Vicarage Lane
Attwater & Liell, solicitors, City Bank Chambers, Broadway TN 302 Stratford
Attwater Walter Jones, solicitor, City Bank Chambers, Broadway & clerk to magistrates for Beacontree division of Essex & at County Justices Court, great Eastern Road
*Attwell Alfred, oilman, 380 Romford Road
Avenue Press Limited, printers, Manbey Road
Avery W & T Limited, scale makers, 282 High Street
Axton George Thomas, tobacconist, 28 Leytonstone Road
Aylott William B, grocer, 107 Vicarage Lane
Ayres James, grocer, 20 Bridge Road
*Ayton Robert, undertaker, 252 Romford Road TN 216 Stratford

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