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Stratford 1912 Trade Directory

History of Stratford in 1912

Stratford History index

Private Residents
[Marked thus * letters through Forest Gate]

*Abrahams Joseph, 190 Romford Road
Achembach Max, 27 Borthwick Road
Algar Henley, 79 Carnarvon Road
Alington Rev Chalres Winford MA (priest in charge, Holy Trinity, Trinity College Mission), Oxford Road
*Allen Robert Hugh MD CM, 322 Romford Road
Allen Spencer E, 72 Carnarvon Road
Allen Thomas BA (head of Laymens House, Trinity College, Oxford Mission), 60 Romford Road
Allin Ellis, 11 Hamfrith Road
Anderson Joseph, 60 Carnarvon Road
Ashley Herbert Ernest, 190 Chobham Road
Backhouse Edward Jn, 23 Chobham Road
Bacon Josiah Thos, 16 Borthwick Road
Baird William, 55 Borthwick Road
Balshaw William, 55 Borthwick Road
*Bamford Mrs, 237 Romford Road
Banfield Rev James Hawkey (Baptist), 50 Hamfrith Road
Banner Miss, 163 Romford Road
Barker Joseph, 239 Leytonstone Road
Barnes Rev Peter (vicar of St Columba), St Columbas vicarage, Ravenstone Road
*Barrett Herbert Roper, 318 Romford Road
Barrs Jn Harry, 136 Leytonstone Road
*Barton Chas Arth, 198 Romford Road
Barton Miss, 38 Hamfrith Road
Bayley Joseph, 33 Borthwick Road
*Baynes William, 283 Romford Road
*Bendix David Carl, 371 Romford Road
Bendon Jack, 11 Water Lane
Bennett Richard, 144 Romford Road
Bishop Rev George Harry Th AKC (assistant curate of St Columbas), 44 Borthwick Road
*Blake James, 193 Romford Road
Blumenstock Conrad, 43 Borthwick Road
Boardman Clement, The Cottage, water Lane
Bonnefin Fernand Henri, 243 High Road
Boswell Chas Peter, 4 Gurney Road
*Bothwell Alexander, 211 Romford Road
*Boulton James, 267 Romford Road
Bowman Charles A, 35 Romford Road
Boyden Robert Geo, 88 Carnarvon Road
Braine Henry walt, 25 Hamfrith Road
Brennan Frank DíA, 47 Hamfrith Road
Brown Thomas, 83 Carnarvon Road
*Brunner Leonhard Friedrich, 279 Romford Road
*Bruton Joseph, 227 Romford Road
Buchan J G, MB, CM, 9 Romford Road
Buchan Peter MD, 9 Romford Road
Buck Albert Edwd, 42 Carnarvon Road
Bulstrode Rev Edward Gordon BA (curate of St Columba), St Columba vicarage, Ravenstone Road
Burke Ulick Joseph, 267 High Street
Burren Arthur, 90 Carnarvon Road
Bushell William Hy, 20 Hamfrith Road
Bussey John, 177 Romford Road
Byford John, 88 Romford Road
*Campbell James, 216 Romford Road
Carr Ralph, 13 Water Lane
Carter Albert, 77 Carnarvon Road
*Carter Thomas, 230 Romford Road
Cartland Mrs, 148 Romford Road
Casselton Hedley, 71 Carnarvon Road
Chavap Jacques, 49 Carnarvon Road
*Cheetham Sydney W, 233 Romford Road
Church James Edwin, 49 Borthwick Road
Churchley John Hy, 152 Romford Road
*Clark Mrs, 289 Romford Road
Clayden Miss, 2 Gurney Road
Clogg Henry, 17 Hamfrith Road
*Cockerell George, 210 Romford Road
Coghlan Miss, 53a Romford Road
Cook Samuel, 67 Borthwick Road
Copley Fredk Thos, 158 Chobham Road
*Cossington John, 287 Romford Road
Coverley George C, 98 Romford Road
Cowles Charles, 37 Broadway
Cowles Hector Charles, 37 Broadway
*Crabtree Alfred Thos, 219 Romford Road
Creaser Frederick, 66 Carnarvon Road
Crosby Thomas, 52 Hamfrith Road
Cummings Arthur Pollard, 134 Leytonstone Road
*Cundy John George, 182 Romford Road
*Cundy Mrs, 261 Romford Road
Dalton Mrs, 66 Romford Road
*Daniel Walter, 255 Romford Road
Daybell William, 94 Romford Road
*Dayus Fredk Herbert, 229 Romford Road
*de Coverley Walter Roger, 221 Romford Road
de Nys Adrian, 41 Borthwick Road
*Derby James, 174 Romford Road
Diggins George A, 50b Romford Road
Dixon John Wm, 108 Janson Road
Docksey Frederick, 166 Romford Road
Dorton John, 49 Hamfrith Road
*Downes Joseph Lockhart MB CM, 269 Romford Road
Dumbell Major, 51 Hamfrith Road
*Duncomb Fredk, 239 Romford Road
*Dunn Frederick John, 351 Romford Road
*East Mrs, 364 Romford Road
Edwards Arthur, 86 Romford Road
Edwards Edward M, 162 Romford Road
Elliott William, 64 Carnarvon Road
Escreet William, 9 Hamfrith Road
Evenett Mrs, 65 Borthwick Road
Fairlie Thomas, 74 Romford Road
*Farish James Peter, 168 Romford Road
Fasson Rev Cahrles Herbert Murray BA {assistant missionary Trinity College Mission), Trinity College Mission, Oxford Road
Fehrenbach Rev Gregory {Catholic), The Friary, The Grove
Fenn Mrs, 62 Carnarvon Road
Fennell George Hy, 73 Carnarvon Road
Freguson Rev William Henry MA (vicar of St Pauls), St Paulís vicarage, 18 Maryland Square
Field James, 56 Gurney Road
*Fielder Robert, 197 Romford Road
*Fisher Capt Thos, 236 Romford Road
Fitzgerald Rev Maurice (Catholic), The Friary, The Grove
Flindell William, 39 Romford Road
*Flynn Mrs, 247 Romford Road
Fone John, 25 Borthwick Road
*Ford Robert Giles, 314 Romford Road
Francis William, 64 Leytonstone Road
Frazer James Hogg, 42 Chobham Road
*Freeman Louis, 365 Romford Road
*Fry Mrs, 349 Romford Road
Fryer Mrs Bickleigh, 1 Vaughan Road
Fuller John, 164 Romford Road
Gander James, 76 Romford Road
*Gerard James, 223 Romford Road
*Gilbert Thomas, 240 Romford Road
Giles James L, 57 Borthwick Road
*Gladding Miss, 217 Romford Road
Glover Richard, 55 Romford Road
Godfrey Philip, 26 Hamfrith Road
*Good Edward, 234 Romford Road
Goodson Wm Hy, 60 Leytonstone Road
*Gordon Rt C T, 395 Romford Road
*Gosney Oswald MA (vicar of St Matthews), St Matthews vicarage, 207 Romford Road
*Greco Walter, 271 Romford Road
Green T F, 143 Leytonstone Road
Gunner William, 39 Borthwick Road
Gunnett Henry, 11 Borthwick Road
Gwinn Alfred Llewelllyn, 63 Carnarvon Road
*Hackwell Wm Thos, 337 Romford Road
Hall Arthur, 45 Borthwick Road
Handcock Fred, 16 hamfrith Road
Harcourt John Chas, 82 Romford Road
*Harnack Ernest Hy, 225 Romford Road
*Harrill Henry, 291 Romford Road
Hatton Robert Jas, 50 Carnarvon Road
Hawkey Geo Richard, 45 Carnarvon Road
Hay George, 61 Broadway
Hay James, 9 Water Lane
Heaton James, 14 Hamfrith Road
Herbert Henry, 40 Hamfrith Road
Hermans Rev Thaddeus (Catholic), The Friary, The Grove
Hill Frederick, 14 Birthwick Road
Hilleary Frederic Edward LLD, 187 Romford Road
*Hodges Alfred, 220 Romford Road
Holden James, 173 Romford Road
Holdsworth James Joseph, 30 Hamfrith Road
Holford Mrs, 160 Romford Road
*Hone George Jas, 176 Romford Road
*Hooper Mrs, 275 Romford Road
Hopkins William, 23 Hamfrith Road
Hornsey William J, 191 Romford Road
Hosking George Jn, 189 Romford Road
House Joseph, 4 Borthwick Road
Howard Ebenezer Hy, 2 Buxton Road
Howe Thomas, 43 Carnarvon Road
Israel David, 150 Romford Road
Israel Mrs, 49 Romford Road
Jackson Frank B, 19 Borthwick Road
*Jacobs George Saunders, 195 Romford Road
James Henry, 34 Hamfrith Road
Jenner Edward Jn, 53 Borthwick Road
Josephs Joshua, 69 Borthwick Road
Joyce Rev Wm Josiah, 31 Deanery Road
*Kendon Edwin, 246 Romford Road
*Kerry George, 256 Romford Road
Key Rev Frederick John MA (vicar of St Johns), 18 West Ham Lane
Lane Alfred, 41 Romford Road
Latham Rev Samuel Boyes L Th (curate St pauls), 13 Chobham Road
Lavell Ernest Fredk, 10 Vicarage Lane
Lawrence Lewis, 37 Romford Road
Leask Miss, 45 Hamfrith Road
*Lee Mrs, 273 Romford Road
Legge Rev Hugh MA (curate of St Johns), 13 Water Lane
*Levick Christopher, 203 Romford Road
Liedtke Arthur, 74 Carnarvon Road
Linwood Arthur, 44 Hamrith Road
Litten Henry, 51 Vicarage Lane
*Lloyd Edward Thos, 363 Romford Road
Lloyd William Jn, 300 Romford Road
Lockyer John James, 12 Hamfrith Road
Lomas Joseph, 12 Hamfrith Road
Lomer H G, 415 High Street
Loveless Charles, 166a Romford Road
*Lowe William, 316 Romford Road
McCarthy Mrs, 39 Hamfrith Road
*MacDonagh Jas Saml, 235 Romford Road
McDonald Miss, 42 Hamfrith Road
McGhee Rev Albert (Catholic), The Friary, The Grove
McLachlan Duncan, 80 Romford Road
*Marsh John, 263 Romford Road
*Maskell Horace, 285 Romford Road
Mattison John Christopher, 81 Carnarvon Road
Medcalf William, 92 Carnarvon Road
Meech Mrs, 146 Romford Road
Merriday Herbert, 63 Borthwick Road
*Miles John M, 310 Romford Road
Miller Mrs, 70 Carnarvon Road
Moll Mrs, 31 Borthwick Road
Moss Arthur, 18 Hamfrith Road
Muench John, 58 Hamfrith Road
Mursaleen Caja Galam, 167 Romford Road
Mustoe Edward, 68 Carnarvon Road
Nichols Henry, 77 Chandos Road
Nickelson Thomas, 241 Leytonstone Road
Nicoll P J S, 2 Romford Road
Nordheim Charles, 50c Romford Road
Onions Rev Ernest Layton (curate St John the Evangelist), 29 Deanery Road
Pagan Archibald, 51 Romford Road
*Palmer Miss, 172 Romford Road
Paskerville Joseph, 5 Vaughan Road
*Patterson Chas Hy, 353 Romford Road
Perry George T, 46 Hamfrith Road
*Phillips Herbert Adcock, 216a Romford Road
Pilkington C Avondale, 3 Vaughan Road
Pomeroy Frank L, 47 Romford Road
*Poupard C G, 295 Romford Road
Purkiss Henry, 140 Romford Road
Quiney Frederick, 37 Borthwick Road
Raker David, 23 Romford Road
*Randall E B, MD, 367 Romford Road
*Ray Miss, 293 Romford Road
*Retallack-Moloney Joseph Henry, 199 Romford Road
Rivett Alfred, 47 Borthwick Road
*Roberts Mrs, 215 Romford Road
Rockwell Hy Fredk, 10 Hamfrith Road
*Rose Henry Tracey, 306 Romford Road
Rowland Hy Fredk, 10 Hamfrith Road
*Rowland Thomas, 224 Romford Road
*Russell John H, 362 Romford Road
St Hill Miss, 93 The Grove
*Salmon Alfred, 345 Romford Road
*Salmon Mrs, 249 Romford Road
*Savage David, 277 Romford Road
Scholes Rev Thomas (Catholic), The Friary, The Grove
Scott Hy Robinson, 59 Borthwick Road
Scrivener Hy Edwin, 65 Carnarvon Road
Sedgewick Miss, 13 Hamfrith Road
Servante Rev Charles William (vicar of Christ Church), Christ Church vicarage, 217 High Street
Shute George Bert, 33 Romford Road
Sibley William, 22 Hamfrith Road
Simpson Mrs, 64 Romford Road
Single Arthur, 83 The Grove
Smith Rev Vincent AKCL (chaplain West Ham cemetery), 32 Hamfrith Road
Smith George, 48 Carnarvon Road
Sneesby Rev George (Baptist), 61 Bolton Road
Sparkes Rev Francis Ernest LTh (curate St pauls), 49 Chobham Road
Spurgeon Joseph, 27 Hamfrith Road
*Stables Mrs, 180 Romford Road
Stapleton Joseph John, 142 Romford Road
Stearn Mark, 76 Carnarvon Road
*Stephens Daniel, 281 Romford Road
*Stern Fredk A S, 343 Romford Road
Stevens Ernest, 48 Hamfrith Road
*Stevenson Jas Rd, 253 Romford Road
Stockdale John, 59 Romford Road
*Stocker Chas J, 335 Romford Road
Stollery Ernest, 46 Carnarvon Road
Symes Albert Eli, 28 Hamfrith Road
*Tabuteau Augustus William, 228a Romford Road
*Tatum Reuben William, 214 Romford Road
Taylor Mrs, 41 Carnarvon Road
*Thelford Mrs, 361 Romford Road
Thirtle james Wm LLD MRAS, 23 Borthwick Road
*Thomas Daniel, 265 Romford Road
*Thomas Owen, 357 Romford Road
*Thompson Arthur Henry MD BS, 294 Romford Road
Thompson Claude, * Hamfrith Road
*Thornton J A, 573 Romford Road
Thornton Mrs, 43 Hamfrith Road
*Todd Arthur, 259 Romford Road
Tottingham James, 57 Carnarvon Road
*Trenaman Alfred Theophilus, 205 Romford Road
Troup George A MD CM DPH, 2 Romford Road
*Tucker Edwin, 244 Romford Road
Turner Mrs, 183 Romford Road
Vile Charles, 161 Leytonstone Road
Walshe Rev Jerome (Catholic), The Friary, The Grove
Walters Arthur, 368 Romford Road
Ware Miss, 58 Carnarvon Road
Watson Harry Muir MB, 14 Leytonstone Road
Watson James, 60 Hamfrith Road
*Watson Joseph, 347 Romford Road
Watson Wm Edward, 51a Romford Road
Watton Mrs, 31 Romford Road
*Weakley Sl Joseph J, 369 Romford Road
*Webster Charles Henry, 257 Romford Road
*Welply Louis, 355 Romford Road
Whatlin Robert, 2 Borthwick Road
Whitchurch Mrs, 13 Borthwick Road
Whitefield James, 59 Carnarvon Road
*Whitelock James, 320 Romford Road
Whitten Samuel, 179 Romford Road
*Williams Charles, 359 Romford Road
Williams Owen, 154 Romford Road
Wills Robt Jas, 229 Leytonstone Road
*Wilson George, 243 Romford Road
Wilson Geo Fredk, 46 Leytonstone Road
Wilton Mrs, 158 Romford Road
Winny Charles Thos, 70 Romford Road
Winny Henry C, 13 Romford Road
Wire John Benj, 35 Borthwick Road
Wiseman Walter, 100 Gurney Road
Wright Gilbert, 51 Borthwick Road


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