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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.

[17] Broadway, High Street to the Grove

north side

... here is Martin Street ...
2,4,6 & 8a, Leavey George H & Co limited, clothiers
8 Freeman, Hardy & Willis Lim, boot & shoe makers
10 Salmon & Gluckstein Lim, tobacconists
10 White Alf, refreshment rooms
12 George PH, Mrs Elizabeth Bristow
14 Page John & Co, clothiers
16 & 18 Lipton Limited
20 Wilson & Whitworth Lim, printers & stationers
    Essex Times & Romford Telegraph
    Walthamstow Express
    Stratford Express
    Wilson & Whitworth, proprietors & publishers
22 Priddy Samuel, draper
24 Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd, in connection with Days Metropolitan Drugs Co Limited, chemists
26 Dunn & Co, hatters
28 Banes Arthur Alex, solicitor
28 London & Provincial Bank Limited (branch)
... here is Angel Lane ...
30 Angel PH, Briggs & Son
32 Stone & Roberts, butchers
34 Carlish Charles, tailor
36 Kings Head Tavern, Briggs & Son
38 Singer Manufacturing Co
40 & 42 Hay George, baker etc
44a,44,46,48,50 & 52 Williams & Thomas, linen drapers
54 Boardman Clement & Sons, china & glass warehouse
56 Rabbits & Sons Limited, boot warehouse
58 to 70, Boardman Clement & Sons, drapers & furnishing warehouse
72 Wood Alfred, watch maker
    Pillar Letter Box
74 to 92, Roberts J R Stores Limited
94 Steddall Edward, mantle warehouse
96 Roberts J R Stores Limited
98, 100 & 102 Young & Marten Lim, builders merchants etc
104 Coach & Horses PH, Samuel Higgs

south side
1 Rose Henry, butcher
3 & 5 Younger Walter, wholesale provision merchant
7 Volland Robt, pork butcher
9 Kennedy J B, surgeon
11 Lunesi Luigi, confectioner
... here is Burtons Court ...
13 Old Black Bull PH, Albert Edward Fielder
15 & 17 Hay George, confectioner
19 to 25, Horwood Josph, ironmonger
27 Davis William J, refreshment rooms
29 Cowl & Co, solicitors (Town Hall Chambers)
29 Brocklebank Arthur Edward, accountant (Town Hall Chambers)
29 Bonallack & Sons, carriage builders
    Town Hall Chambers:
    Law accident Insurance Society Ltd (East London branch)
    Fowler Robert George, solicitor
    McIntyre & Co, yeast importers
    West Ham Fire Brigade, E Smoth, chief supt
    Town Hall:
        West Ham Corporation Offices
            F E Hilleary LL D, town clerk;
            G E Hilleary MA, deputy town clerk
            Charles Saunders MB, medical officer of health
            F E Harris, borough treasurer
            J G Morley AMICE, MSI, borough engineer
            Hilleary Frederic Edward LLD supt registrar of West Ham Union
        Pillar Letter Box
... here is West Ham Lane ...
31 Swan Hotel, Wm Maddams
33a North Metropolitan Tramways Cos Stables
33 Cousens Jn Wm, coffee rooms
35 Woodman George & Frank, auctioneers
35 Attwater & Lisll, solicitors
    Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society (branch)
    W H Haines, dist man
37 Cowles Charles, dentist
    Cowles Hector Chas, dentist
39 Cameron Frederick B & Co, coal merchants
39 Blott Arthur, solicitor
39 Griffin Walter, ticket writer
41 Scott H R & A, stationers
43 Woodward William John, electrical engineer
43 Essex Amateur Trotting Club ( Geo N Finlay, sec)
45 Stratford Provident Dispensary (Rd B Gorsuch)
47 King of Prussia PH, Richd Bennett
49 London & County Banking Co Limited (branch),
    Octavius Blunden Doherty, manager
49a Hilleary Fredk Edward, LL D, solicitor & town clerk etc
49a Hilleary George Edward MA, solicitor & deputy town clerk & boro coroner
49a Hilleary Leicester Mount MA LL M, solicitor
49a West Ham Registration District for Births, Marriages & Deaths,
    Fredk E Hilleary LL D, supt registrar;
    Robt Jas Gooch, dep supt registrar
51 Berger Gustav, hair dresser
53 Skillan William, tobacconist
55 Rowe & Maw, solicitors
55 Living Chas & Son, surveyors
    Stratford Empire Music Hall, Sam Gething, manager
59 Grogono Walt A MD, surgeon
61 Hay George
63 Banes Mrs Caroline, dairy
65 Young & Marten Limited, timber yard
    St Johns Church
... here is Romford Road ...


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