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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.

[18] Brydges Road, New Town, Henniker Road to Chandos Road
west side
1 Rich Thomas, boot maker
3 Deane Edward Caleb, bag & basket maker
... here is Chobham Road ...
9 Crouch, Son & Co, wholesale shirt makers

east side
... here is Chobham Road ...
2 Hallard Mrs Martha, laundry
10 Tomkinson Miss Emily, girls school
22a Bamford Wm Rd, beer retailer

[19] Buckingham Road, Cruikshank Road to Cemetary Road
north side
11 Fisher James, shopkeeper
15 Houghton Joseph, greengrocer
17 Wilson Mrs Mary Ann, confectioner
21 Stock Sml Thos, provision dealer
... here is Idmiston Road ...
    Jews Burial Ground, Ephraim Samson, supt
... here is Cemetary Road ...

south side
2 Bowman Wm, boot maker
20 Dinmore Mrs Elizh, grocer
... here is Idmiston Road ...
... here is St James Road ...

[20] Burford Road, High Street
east side

    Mayes E & Co, coal merchants
    Clarke W & Son, coal merchants
    Laver William, coal merchant
... footpath to Stratford Market Railway Station GER
    Great Eastern Railway Co's printing & stationery department
    Great Eastern Railway Co (Stratford Market & Goods & Coal Depot,
    Thomas Wm Watts, goods agent & market supt
... here is entrance to Stratford Market ...

west side
1,2 & 3 Rivett Jas, timber merchant
4 & 5 Bendon Jack, fruit salesman
8 Carter Albert, fruit salesman
10 Israel Michael, fruit salesman
... here is Short Road ...
11 Burford Arms, Geo Henry Fennell
12 & 13 Leader Henry, common lodging house
14 Law James, boot maker
15 & 17 Woolf Saml, fruit salesman
16 Jacobs John, fruit salesman
17 & 15 Woolf Saml, fruit salesman
... here is Wharf Road ...
18 & 19 Fox Jn & Co, fruit salesmen
20 Locke James, coffee rooms
21 Russell Edward, shopkeeper
22 Joel John, fruit salesman
23 Lomas Mrs Annie E, tarpaulin maker
24 Badham John Wm, scale maker
32 London George Francis, general shop
... here is Channelsea Road ...
63 Parker George, fruit salesman
37 Ivory Chas J, potato salesman
... here is entrance to Stratford Market ...
    Pillar Letter Box

[21] Buxton Road, Leytonstone Road
south side
64 Laundry Geo R, coal agent
... here is Albert Square ...
104 Hunt Miss Gertrude, dressmaker
108 Bacon Alfred, grocer
... here is Albert Road ...

north side
43 Young Wm Hy, shopkeeper
45 Law Wm, boot & shoe maker
47 Mitchell John, beer retailer
... here is Junction Road ...
49 Barnard Wm Hy, apartments
85 Golledge Miss Mirian, dress maker
91 Sadler Miss Charlotte, dress maker
95 White Edwin John
    Pillar Letter Box
... here is Howards Road ...


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