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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.

22 Campbell Road, Trevelyan Road, Cruikshank Road
5 Delaney Geo, mathematical drawing instrument maker

23 Carnarvon Road, 163 Romford Road to Keogh Road

west side
1 Owens Mrs Emma, apartments
3 Pinkney Alfred
5 Bickley Geo, credit draper
7 Mann Arthur Henry
9 Magrath Thomas Carlton
41 Fowler R G
43 Newman Henry
45 Hawker George Richard
49 May Thomas
53 Boddington Josiah
55 Cox John
57 Bacon George
59 Gower Rev Harry Frank [baptist]
61 Gwinn George
63 Gwinn George Taylor
71 Casselton Edmund
73 Burnes Frederick
77 Woodridge Charles
79 Dore Miss
81 Compton Samuel Spencer
87 Girls Training Home, Mrs S Cassell, matron
... here is Keogh Road ...

east side
46 Stollery Ernest
48 Hall William
50 Hatton Robert James
58 Ware Alfred
60 Anderson Joseph
62 Fenn Mrs
64 Carter Albert
66 Mills Mrs
68 Macmillan Miss
70 Maple Thomas
72 Allen Spencer Egerton
74 Bromley Frederick W
76 Stearn Mark
88 Edgley Walter
92 George Edward

24 Carpenters Road, 204 High Street

east side
    Baptist Chapel
1a Symes Albert Eli, builder
... here is Rosher yard ...
1 Watson Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper
16 Malyon Mrs Jane, shopkeeper
... here is Blyth Road ...
17 Carpenters Arms PH, Mrs Ann Symes
... here is Lett Road ...
    Moll F S, perfumery manufacturer
    Young Bros, hay salesmen
    Maskell Henry, cooper
    Great Eastern Railway Co's Goods & Coal Depot
    Izzard Wm Hy, goods agent
    Hammond M & Co, coal merchants
    Smith F & Co, iron buildings manufacturers

west side
    Board Schools
... here is Lett Road ...
71 Preston John, cowkeeper
64 Silverside Hy Joseph, tobacconist
63 Cooper Jn, carman 7 contractor
55 Brown Mrs Ellen, baker
... here is Preston Road ...
54 Mellon Mrs Sarah Ann, shopkeeper
47 Sharod John, greengrocer
... here is Biggerstaff Road ...
46 Johnston Geo, provision dealer
    Ritchie William & Son, jute spinners
    Richmond Gas Stove & Meter Co Ltd, gas stove makers
    Schmidt Conrad W ( F A Glaeser), varnish manufacturer
... here is Warton Road ...
    Fire Alarm Post
    Pillar Letter Box
    Vinolia Soap Co Limited
    Johnsons Saccharum Co Limited ( E H O'Neill, managing director)
    Johnson S H & Co Lim, brewers & electrical engineers
    Linotow Spinning Co Lim
    Boake (A), Roberts & Co Ltd, manufacturing chemists
    Johnson Geo & Son, tallow melters (Channelsea works)
    Glanville & Co, oil refiners


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