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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.


59 The Grove, Broadway
north side
108,110 & 112 Hawkey Richard, house furnisher
114 Griffin Wm A, umbrella maker
116 & 118 Howes Albert, draper
120 Smith Miss Emma Elizabeth, china etc dealer
122 Biggs William, cutler
124 Victoria Wine Co
126 Ellis W H, boot maker
128 Priddis Frank, mantle warehouse
130 Richards Miss Rosa, mantle warehouse
132 Hurry Wm A & James R, undertakers
134 Simmons Wm, gas fitter
138 Grassman Mark, confectioner
140 Crow Wm, watch maker
142 Freeman Hardy & Willis Ltd, boot warehouse
142 Rose Charles Frederick, LDS dentist
... here is Great Eastern Road ...
144 Davis S & Co, sewing machine manufacturers
148 Hutt Mark, house furnisher
150 Rockley J V, pianoforte dealer
152 Lewis & Co, linen drapers
154 Titford William, undertaker
156 Hammond Wm Hy, tailor
158 Preston Stanley R, solicitor
160 The Friary [catholic]
    Cooney Rev Bernard,
    Hermans Rev F Thaddeus.
    Wilson Rev Paschal,
    Doyle Rev Ambrose
    St Francis Catholic Church
162 & 164 Seingier John, milliner & draper
166 Smith John, hosier
168 Clifford William, boot maker
170 Barlow Ernest, confectioner
172 Strickland Charles, baker
174 Matthews Jas & Jn, hatters
176 Fleming, Reid & Co Lim, hosiers
178 Stone Wm G, photographer
... here is Grove Crescent Road ...
180 Sear Thos Hy, confectioner
182 Allin Elias, tailor
184 Knight Hy Jas, watch maker
186 Gitsham John, tobacconist
188 Austin Miss Edith, milliner
190 Reynolds Jn, fancy repository
    Congregational Lecture Hall
196 & 198 Tellar & Goldberg, house furnishers
200 Thomson Frederick John, pawnbroker
202 Cleere George, wine merchant
204 Gravener Chas & Co, hatters
... here is Maryland Point ...

south side
69 Inland Revenue Office (James Southwell, WA Brooks & J M Hue, surveyors of taxes)
71 Inland Revenue & Licences Office (G Hodge & J B Mallinson, supervisors)
71 Johnstone Thomas, credit draper
73 Kenna Mrs Jane, apartments
75 Ellis Alfred John F, insurance agent
77 Coath Walter Yeoman, credit draper
81 Wise George
83 Single Arthur, auctioneer & surveyor
83 Single & Co, leather cloth remnant warehouse
89 Smith William Robert MD, homeopathic physician
91 Cundy John George
93 St Helens House Ladies Settlement, Mrs Crossley, principal
95 & 97 West Ham School Board, Chas Wm Carrell, clerk
101 Craig John Penman, credit draper
103 Roessler F H & Co, cork manufacturers
105 Lane A & Co, blouse manufacturers
107 Ascott Joseph & Co, billiard table makers
109 Chennell Wm, cycle manufacturer
111 Blyth Fredk Wm, optician
... here is Park Avenue ...
    Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
113 Bright Miss Mary, florist
115 Hilder & Ward, picture frame maker
115 King John Thomas Servington Savery, solicitor
117 Broadbent Thos, dairyman
119 Lord Henniker PH, Harry Taylor
... here is Manbey Grove ...
    Baptist Chapel
121 Hosford John S, physician
123 Youngs Joseph & Co, pianoforte manufacturers
127 Carter Miss Annie, corset maker
129 Kennedy & Welply, surgeons
129 Jones Sewing Machine Co Limited
131 Marshall W T & Co, auctioneers etc
... here is Manbey Place ....
133 Young Bros, house agents
    Maryland Point Railway Station GER (Walter Warren, station master)

60 Grove Crescent Road, The Grove

north side

    Congregational Church
2 Charity Organization Society, Miss Orger, hon sec
12 Maynard Miss Blanche, dress maker
14 Fitzgerald Miss Mary, apartments
18 Ward Mrs Louisa, apartments
    Revell Wm (Milton House)
    Kilburn Frank (Millfield House)
... here is Tenby Road ...
38 King John, shopkeeper
... here is Great Eastern Road ...

south side
    Cole E & Co, printers
    St Francis of Assisi Catholic School (boys)
7 Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants
    Mrs Crossley, hon sec
... here is Great Eastern Road ...
29 Wright Wm, photographer
57 Carter Jn, relieving officer (No 1 district) West ham Union


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