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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.

[79] Major Road, Windmill Lane to Leyton Road
east side
... here are Waddington & Alma Streets ...
... here is Maryland Road ...
68 Mansfield William, boot maker
94 Maddiss Mrs Maria, beer retailer
... here is Henniker Road ...
    Primitive Methodist Chapel
102 Brown James, tobacconist
... here is Chobham Road ...
114 Stedman Samuel Walter, beer retailer
124 Mead Andrew Jas, ironmonger
132 Fry Alfred, firewood dealer
134 Plummer Chas, hair dresser
136 Mellows Mrs Marie, wardrobe dealer
138 Marrison Chas, shopkeeper
142 Oram Isaac, boot maker
144 Willmer Charles, chemist
146 Brown Edward, beer retailer
... here is Chandos Road ...
148 Nathan Henry Jerrold
156 Adney William, tobacconist
158 Parker James, greengrocer
... here is Colegrave Road ...
160 Scammell Charles, butcher
178 Royston Jas Henry, draper
... here is Crownfield Road ...

west side
16 Banks Robert, coffee rooms
... here is Waddington Street ...
23 Neale William, shopkeeper
... here are Alma Street & Maryland Road ...
67 O'Lander Edward, greengrocer
... here is Beddingfield Street ...
69 Thompson Mrs Margaret, grocer
... here is Castle Street ...
95 Young John, builder
... here is Beechey Place ...
111 Pollard Albert, shirt & collar dresser
... here is Chobham Road ...
137 Jones Wm H, house decorator
    Baptist Chapel
147 Henley Miss Elizh, draper
... here is Temple Mill Lane ...


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