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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.


[118] Stratford Market

east side
    Fox John * Co, fruit salesmen
    Newton Jn, fruit salesman
1 Brookbank James Wm, vegetable salesman
2 Robinson Joseph, vegetable salesman
3 Carter Richard, fruit salesmen
4 Hiam Fred, vegetable salesman
5 Wheat Benj, vegetable salesman
6 Morris Harry, vegetable salesman
6 Norman Herbert Robert, vegetable salesman
7 Peacock Mrs Letitia Catherine, potato salesman
7 Bennett Samuel walter, vegetable salesman
8 Wilderspin Alfred, vegetable salesman
9 Bradley & Son, vegetable salesmen
10 Ford Walter, fruit salesmen
10 Adkins Frdk Geo, fruit salesmen
11 Shaw John, potato salesman
    Whiteman David, fruit salesmen
    Moore Harry, egg merchant
    Northfield Chas, potato salesman

west side
    Hall Fredk C, coffee rooms
    Pillar Letter Box
12 Webster Robert Benjamin, vegetable & fruit salesman
13 Anderson Joseph, vegetable salesman
14 Crown Trading Co Lim, vegetable & fruit salesmen
15 bailey William & Henry, vegetable salesmen
16 Negus Wm, vegetable salesman
17 Parker Wm, vegetable salesman
18 Ellison Egbert, potato salesman
18a Goodwin Danl, fruit salesman
19 Kemsley Arthur M, vegetable salesman
20 Fennell Geo Hy, fruit salesman
20 Hale Danl Herbert, potato salesman
21 Fenn Brothers, vegetable salesmen
21 East Anglian Farmers Corporation Lim, , fruit salesmen
    Webster Robert Benjamin, hay & straw salesman (Forage stores & Market stables)
    Weston & Westall Lim, salt merchants
    Porter Thomas & Co, coal merchants
    Rainey Joseph Wm, coal merchant
    Sproul Wm Hy & Co, coal merchants
    Tyne Main Coal Co, coal merchants
    Warren F & Co, coal merchants
    Mayes E & Co, coal merchants
    Laver William, coal merchant
    Tanner C W & Sons, coal merchants
    Stratford Co-operative & Industrial Society Lim, coal merchants
    Clarke W & Son, coal merchants
    Nethercott H & Co, slate merchants
    Patent Victoria Stone Co Lim
    Hiam F & Co, forage contractors

[119] Sugar House Lane, 121 High Street

west side
10 Hodson Harry & Co, color manufacturers
12 Dane & Co, ink manufacturers
    London Chemical Co Ltd
20 Winstone Benjamin & Sons Lim, printing ink manufacturers
22 Wildash & Sons, varnish manufacturers
24 Ward Thomas, iron merchant
26 Usher & Co, printing ink manufacturers
28 Lascelles Wm Henry & Co, concrete building manufacturers
    Burton, Brine & Read Lim, timber merchants

east side
    Harrison Barber & Co Lim, horse slaughterers
17 Stapley Andres, boiler maker
19 Sidney Robt, machinery dealer
21 Blackwell & Co, printing ink makers
23 Johnsone, Cumbers & Son, printing ink makers
25 French Asphalte Co Lim, John Knight, manager
27 Williams & Co (Falcon Landing Wharf)
29 British Ultramarine Manufacturing Co, J H Delfmann, manager


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