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Stratford 1902 Post Office Trade Directory Street Listing

History of Stratford in 1902

Stratford street index

This is a complete listing from the 1902 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Stratford in 1902. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture.

[127] Waddington Road, New Town, Maryland Road to Windmill Lane

    St Pauls Church
... here is Alma Street ...
... here are David & Waddington Streets ...
25 Whitmarsh William, beer retailer
50 Waddington Arms PH, Albert Phillips
52 Fryer James Geo, shopkeeper

[128] Waddington Street, Leyton Road, New Town

north side
6 Magrath Edward Jn, shopkeeper
8 Martin Thomas, greengrocer
... here is Major Road ...
... here is Queen Street ...
... here is Waddington Road ...
82 Stephens Wm J, shopkeeper

south side
7 Thorogood Noah, carman
... here is Waddington Road ...
... here is Well Street ...

[129] Ward Road, 252 High Street

south side
1 to 15 Streimer Morris & Co, wholesale confectioners
27 Saffell William, farrier
    Kenwin & Co, wax manufacturers
43 Pedler Geo James, shopkeeper

north side
William James & Sons, soap manufacturers

[130] Warton Road, High Street

... here is Robertson Road ...
... here is Preston Road ...
22 Knock Thomas, greengrocer
24 Bailie Ferdinand Paul, shopkeeper
    Jenson & Nicholson, varnish etc manufacturers
    Schleicher Otto, grease manufacturer
    Bee & Co, chemical manufacturers
    Rice George, fur skin dresser
    Palmer & Co Lim, oil & candle manufacturers (Victoria Works)
    New Lea Valley Distillery Co Lim, grain distillers
    A J Carden, managing director

[131] Warwick Road, 166a Romford Road to Ham Park Road

east side
25 Spurgeon John S, grocer
... here is Alice Road ...
    Pillar Letter Box
27 Rippin Samuel, beer retailer

west side
28 Butcher Miss Kate, dress maker
54 Dexter Mrs Charlotte, dress maker

[132] Water Lane, Romford Road

west side
9 Roderiques Mrs
11 Savill Ebenezer
    Robins James
    Board School
    Board School (Water Lane Deaf Centre)
... here is Manbey Street ...
19 Manbey Arms PH, Mrs Florence Emily Folkman
21 Swain Alfd, pianoforte tuner
33 Ellis Robert, hair dresser
39 Wilson Wm & Co, undertakers
41 Littlefield & Wilson, fancy drapers
... here is Manbey Grove ...
43 Elliott & Sons, dairymen
57 Newland John James
61 Stagg Charles Wm, builder
... here is Manbey Park ...
    Maryland Point Station, GER

east side
    West Ham Public Library (A Cotgreave F R Hist S, chief librarian)
4 Kadwell Miss Hannah, shopkeeper
6 Dugwell Miss Emily, toy dealer
8 Ilott John, oilman
    Pillar Letter Box
... here is Cedars Road ...
10 Ward Albert, beer retailer
12 McMicken Martin, butcher
14 Hawkridge Robt, news agent
16 Trust Thos B, boot maker
16 Chorley Mrs Elizabeth, tailoress
18a Andrews John, confectioner
18 Johnson & Grimwade, drapers
... here is Louise Road ...
... here is Keogh Road ...
42 Webber Geo, athletic outfitter
... here are Railway Bridge GER & Forest Lane ...


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