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History of Upminster in 1863 Whites Directory

Upminster 1863 Whites Directory

UPMINSTER, a pleasant scattered village, on the western side of the Ingerbourn rivulet, and partly on an eminence, 3 1/2 miles E.S.E. of Romford, is surrounded by several handsome mansions, with beautiful pleasure grounds and plantations. Its parish contains 3157A. IR. 8P. of fertile land, and 1342 inhabitants, of whom about 300 are in CORBETSTYE hamlet, about a mile S.E.; and 80 in the small hamlet of HACTON, nearly a mile S. of the church. Mrs. Branfill, of Upminster Hall, a large brick mansion, with pleasant grounds, on an eminence a mile south of the church, commanding extensive prospects, is lady of the manor of Upminster Hall, which was anciently called Waltham Hall, from its being given by Earl Harold to Waltham Abbey. It was a retiring place for the abbots, who had a chapel and cemetery adjoining the hall, where human bones have been dug up. John Jackson, Esq., is lord of the manor of Gaines, which had a large and elegant seat, half-a-mile south of the church, but the house was pulled down, and the park and grounds sold in lots many years ago. On part of the estate, the late Rev. George Clayton erected a handsome house, in the Tudor style, in 1847-8, at the cost of about 7000, called Great^ Gaines House. He was a popular Independent minister, and died in July, 1862, aged 79 years. Hacton House, a large brick mansion, with a finely-wooded lawn, is the seat of the Rev. Richd. Battiscombe. The Church (St. Lawrence) is an ancient fabric, with an ivy-mantled tower, containing three bells, and crowned by a wooden spire. It was thoroughly repaired, and a gallery erected, in 1847. A handsome screen separates the nave and chancel, and in the latter is a richly-carved stone font. The rectory, valued in KB. at 26.13s. 4d., and in 1831 at 960, is in the patronage of the trustees of the late J. R. Holden, Esq., and incumbency of the Rev. Philip M. Holden, who has a good residence. The tithes were commuted in 1842 for 1052 per annum. Here is an Independent Chapel, built in. 1800, and repaired at the cost of .130, in 1847. Here is a National School, built in 1851; and a British School, erected in 1857. Thos. Frith, in 1610, gave to this parish a yearly rent-charge of 4. 10s., out of land called Cockhides, in North Ockendon; 12s. to be paid for a sermon, etc, on St. Mark's day; and  3.18s. to be distributed in weekly doles of bread among the poor. The Rev. Dr. Derham, a learned and pious divine, was rector here from 1689 till about 1740.

Marked 3 are in Corbetstye; 4, in Hacton; 5, on the Common; and the rest in Uyminster Village, or where specified.
POST OFFICES at Rt. Lee's, Upminster; and at Wm. Smith's, Corbetstye. Letters via Romford.

4 Agar Mrs
Boyce Miss S.
Alliston William, bricklayer
Attwell Eliz. Jane, boarding school
Battiscombe Rev. Richd. M.A. rector of Southmere (Norfolk) ,Hacton House
Bowden Edw. Rawlings, schoolmaster
Branfill Mrs Eliza Ann, Hall
Clayton Mrs Rebecca Mary, Great Gaines House
3 Collings John, basket maker
Cooper Misses
Cross Mrs Eliza
Cox Capt. Pp. Zach. Harwood Hall
Groat Mr Joseph
3 Price Mrs A.
Hammond William, Esq. Bow Villa,
3 Hawkins Mr Alex. High House
Holden Rev. Pp. Malancthon, rector
Hook Edward, bricklayer, etc
Johnson Thos. Esq. Great Gaines
Kettlewell John & Wm. gent. New Place
3 Knightbridge Chas. James,butcher
Livermore Mrs Mary
Madgin Rev. Henry, (Independent)
Oxley Jesse, tailor and parish clerk
Pool Samuel, gardener
3 Potten Charles, shoemaker
Rowe George, shoemaker
Rowe William, draper, etc
Skinner Miss, schoolmistress
3 Smith Wm. coach builder & wheelwright
Soanes Temple, Esq. Hill House
Surridge John, Esq. Oak Place
Tabrum Wm. M.D. and surgeon
Wardell James Rainford, Esq.

Bell Inn, Henry Day
3 George Inn, George Idle
3 Huntsman & Hounds, Chas.Conway
5 Shepherd and Dog, Wm. Oliver
4 White Hart, Alse Morris


Christopher P.
Oxley George F
Westley W. W.


Battin George
May lsc. & builder
3 Sarrell Eliz.

5 Crosse John
Eldred Joseph
3 ELDred John
3 Warner Thos.

Cook John
Drnry James
3 Potten Oharles
Rowe George


Bowman John
3 Sarrell George
Wilson Thomas


Abraham Thos..
5 Pinchon David

Alexander Thos
3 Alston Thomas
4 Bright Richard
3 Oircuit Thomas
3 Eve Geo, Fox P H
Harwood Thos
5 Hawkins David
Joslin Henry
5 Laird J. W
5 Manning1 Jas
Manning Wm S
3 Parker Mrs A
5 Pinchon David
3 Price Hannah
5 Pinchon Lydia
3 Price Richard, and butcher
Shuttleworth A
3 Turner Thos
3 Wright Jas Alfd

Appleby Emma
Batson Israel
3 Clarke Richard
3 Lee Robert
Rowe William
3 Sarrell Eliz

Flack Ambrose
Oxley Jesse

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