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Birmingham, Warwickshire 1849 Whites Directory P - W

Warwickshire pub history index

There are around 570 Hotels, Inns, and Taverns listed in the 1849 Whites directory

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Parliament House, Rd. Blissett, 39 Ashted row
Paul Pry, Henry Kemp, 10 New Summer street
Phoenix, (Old,) T. Tustin, 3 Park street, Bull ring
Plough and Balloon, G. Shelley, 270 New Town row
Plough & Harrow, Jas. Hamblin, 18 HighGreat
Plough & Harrow, Ann Dee, Hagley road
Plough & Harrow, Robert Doogood, 131 Hampton street
Plough & Harrow Revived, Henry Burgess, 127 Suffolk street
Plumbers Arms, J.G.Whitfield, 12 Newton street
Private and Commercial Hotel, Misses J. and H. Allen, 11 Old Square
Pump Tavern, T. Wardhangh. 9 Bull ring
Punch Bowl, C. Burbidge, 54 Steelhouse lane
Queens Family Hotel & Railway Refreshment Rooms, R. Bacon, London & North Western Railway Station
Queen, Chas. Hobbins, 39 Howard place
Queen Adelaide, W. Goodman, 42 Hospital street
Queens Arms, Edward Jones, 138 Lionel street
Queens Arms, J. Walters, 212  Bell Barn road
Queens Head, E. Lawley, 192 New Town row
Queens Head Inn, Hy. Price, 153 Camden street
Queens Head. Thomas Ingley, 79 Hockley street
Queens Head, Thomas Clarke, Handworth.vil.
Railway Hotel, Eliz. Beech, 64, Curzon street
Railway Tavern, E. Groves,23,Manchester street
Rainbow, E. Clulee, 160, High street Bordesley
Rainbow& Beehive, J. Reynolds,44, Bullstreet
Red Cow, Henry Simons, 110, Dale end
Red Cow, Thomas Street, 23, Horse fair
Red House Tavern, Edward Martin, 348, New John street, Westreet
Red Lion Commercial Inn, Catherine Birch, 20, Bread street, Church street
Red Lion, William Kingsland, Handsworth vil
Red Lion, William Davies, 2, Bull ring
Red Lion, William Mayner, 6, Bond street, Hampton street
Red Lion, W. Whitehouse, 95, Warstone In
Red Lion, E. Gibson, 199, High street Deritend
Red Lion, Thomas Southall, 63, Suffolk street
Red Lion, Thomas Bryan, 30, Lancaster street
Red Lion, Edwin Onions, 33, Smallbrook street
Red Lion, Frederick Docker, 64, Cheapside
Red Lion, John Shaw, 71, street Martin street
Reservoir Tavern, John Phillips, Eyre street
Rising Sun, William Bates, 1, OlU Cross street
Rising Sun, Henry Tailby, 108, Suffolk street
Rodney, Henry Holder, 89, Coleshill street
Rodney, William John Bracey, 84, Edmund street
Roe Buck, Elias Creed Croft, 10, Cox street
Roe Buck, Julia Rogers, 140, William street
Roe Buck, Jemima Minshull, 60, Broad street Islington
Roe Buck, George Stevenson, Soho hill
Roe Buck, Benj. Burley, 42, Ludgate hill
Roe Buck, Geo. Greensall, 65, Lr. Hurstreetstreet
Roe Buck, Geo. James Bottely, 19, Muor st
Rose, William Jenkins, 68, Edgbaston
Rose & Crown, Thomas Harrison, Trent street
Rose & Crown, Sml. Smith, 25, Great Brook street
Rose & Crown, S. Robinson, 71. Weamanstreet
Rose & Crown, Benj. Pope, 37 Moor street
Rose & Crown, Walter Yates,12 Summer row
Rose & Crown, Mary Hendren, 44, Bread street, Newhall street
Rose & Crown, Geo. Currier, 197, Cheapside
Rose & Crown, J. Raybould, 79 J, Lichfield street
Rose & Crown, John Aston, 19, Whittall street.
Rose & Crown, W.Freeman,135,Brmsgrve. street
Rose & Crown, J. Sweeney. 19,New lnkleys
Rose & Punch Bowl, Jas. Hugnes,41,Bull street
Royal Exchange, J. Wiggan,27, Whittall street
Royal George, T. Hodgkins, 350, Summer lane
Royal Hotel, (Commercial,) F. Dee, 26, Temple row
Royal Oak Inn, Susan Radcliflfe, 82,Barr street
Royal Oak, Samuel Perry, Lozells
Royal Oak, Thomas Williams, Hanover street
Royal Oak, S. Ottingnon, 62, Little Charles street
Royal Oak, John M. Littler, 1, Old Inkleys
Ryland Arms, William Powis, 16 Ryland street
Sailors Return, Sarah Jackson, 2, Watery lane
St Georges Inn, Mary Smith,38, Harford street
St Georges Tav.,E.Groves, 18,Up.Towerstreet
St Philips Tavern, J.Walton, 35, Church street
Salmon, Thomas Watson, 38, Severn street
Salutation Inn, E. Cartwright, 86, Snow hl.
Sampson & Lion,W.Marshall,115,GreatChas.street
Sampson and Lion,Ann Marriott, 45, Hill street
Saracens Head, J. Twist, 20, Edgbaston street
Sea Horse Inn, William Marrian, 20, Buck street
Seven Stars, William Saxelby, 48 Lawley street
Seven Stars, Sarah Mayo, 73, Worcester street
Shakespeare, Hy. Weetman, 185, Livery street
Shakespeare, Thomas Willets, Barker street
Shakespeares Head Inn, John Mousley, 70, Constitution hill
Shakespeares Head Inn, William Edkins, 23, Kenion street
Shepherd & Shepherdess, E. Langley, 69, Heneage street
Shepherd & Shepherdess,T.Wifhnall, Saltley
Shepherd & Shepherdess, Henry Tomlinson, Old Cross street
Ship, Jas. Smith, 70, Steelhouse lane
Ship, Richard Taylor, 148, Camp hill
Sir John Falstaff, W.Hildick, 58, Weaman street
Small Heath Tavern, I. Parsonage, 264 Smallheath
Soho Tavern, George Fisher, Gibheath
Spotted Dog, Thomas White, 1, Meriden street
Stags Head, Eliz. Newham, 80, Summer In.
Spring Gardens, N. Farmer, 15, Floodgate street
Spread Eagle, William Mole, 13, Spiceal street
Stag & Pheasant, A.Hewson,32 Bromsgrove. street
Stag & Pheasant, S. Burton, 24 Woodcock street
Star, Henry Hollyoake, 1, Milk street
Star, Samuel Pike, 114, Dale end
Star & Garter Inn, A.Leeson,70,Great Hmptn. street
Star & Garter Inn, D. Ashmole,58,Nw.Canalstreet
Stone Cross, Robert Owen, 60, Dale end
Stork Commercial Inn,F.&M.Smith,3,O1dsq
Summer Hill Tavern, W.Edmunds,42,Sumr.hi.ter
Sun, William Sutton, 101, Bristol street
Swan Commercial Inn, P. Wakefield, 93, High street
Swan, William Robinson, 24, Weaman street
Swan, John Chapman, Good Knaves end
Swan Tavern, Geo.Vincent, 230, Sherlock street
Swan, John Lowe, Navigation street
Swan-with-Two-Necks, James Archer, 213, Lawley street
Swan-with-Two-Necks, William Davis, 53, High street, Deritend
Swan-with-Two-Necks, William Sheppard, 102, Aston street
Swan-with-Two-Necks, Edward Weller, 8, street Martins lane
Talbot, John Bennett, 10, New Inkleys
Talbot, John Craddock, 16, Digbeth
Tamworth Arms, Alex. Stammers, 5, Moorstreet
Thatched House Tavern and Commercial Inn. Henry Hewson, 47, Duddeston row
Three Crowns Inn, J. Corbett, 82, Suffolk street
Three Crowns, William Jones, 26, Russell street
ThreeCrowns, J .Plevins,221, High street, Deritend
Three Crowns, William Dickin, 109, Steelhouse lane
Three Tuns, David Levi, 13, Smallbrook street
Three Tuns, William Thompson, 37, Snow hill
Three Tuns, Thomas Barns. 32. Digbeth
Three Tuns, George Penn, 162, Livery street
Tiger, James Smith, 47, Church street
Town Hall Tav. Ann & Eliz.Whiles,41, Ann street
Train, Thomas Smith, 160, Great Francis street
Tree Inn (Old,) M. Tookey, 16. Hockley hill
Trees Inn, Thomas Hill, 10, Hockley hill
Turks Head Inn, James Horton, 35, Mount street, Newhall street
Turks Head, Charles Jones, 46, Duke street
Turks Head. Jas. Rennell, Bloomsbury street.
Turks Head, Saml. Stainton, 95, Steelhouse lane
Turks Head, Rowland hill, 27, Lombard street
Turks Head, William Price, 31. Worcester street
Turks Head, Eliz. Harrold, 56, Edgbaston street
Turks Head, Ann Williams, 31, York street
Turks Head, Richard Povey, 28, Lench street
Unicorn, William Johns, 46, Digbeth
Union Family & Commercial Hotel & Posting House, John Machin, 21, Union street
Vauxhall Hotel, G. Stewart, Vauxhall road
Vanxhall (New) or Galton Arms Hotel, Thomas Hale, Bloomsbury
Victoria Tavern, John Athas, Guest street
Villa Cross, Samuel Horne, Heathfield road.
Villa Tavern, John Robbins, Villa street
Vine Inn, Edward Lewis, 97, Carver street
Vine, Watson Langton,77, Great Colmore street
Vine, Sarah Beach, Icknield street, West street
Vittoria Tavern, J. Robotham,35,Vittoria street
Vulcan Tavern, D. Hands,20, Lr. Fazeley street
Vulcan, John Norton, 37, Barford street
Vyse Arms, William Hawksworth,99,Tennant street
Waggon&Horses Inn,H.Vaughan,21 Rustonstreet
Waggon & Horses Inn, Henry Jackaman 29 Adderley street
Waggon & Horses, O. Hancock,14 Edgbaston street
Waggon & Horses, Charles Henry Huskinson, 37 Summer row
Waggon & Horses. J.Williams, 209, Livery street
Waggon & Horses, T. Howell, 23, Edmund street
Waggon & Horses, T. Worley, Hands worth vil.
Warwick Arms, W. Sankey,276. Bradford street
Warwick Arms, Joseph Dunn, 58, Snow hill
Waterloo Tavern, T. Wilkins, 16, Lower Priory
Welch Harp, M. A. Pugh, 32, Bath street
Wellington Tavern, Alfred Robinson, 1, Communication row
Wellington, Edward Swift, 6, Pritchet street
Wellington Tavern, M. H assall,212,Bristol street
Wheat Sheaf, William Davis, 1, Bow street
Wheat Sheaf, Joseph Jerome, 43, Suffolk street
Wheel Tavern, Richard Power, 73, Kenion street
White Hart, William Kestertou, 18, Baggot street
White Hart, James Brown. 24, Sherlock street
White Hart Commercial Hotel, Fras. Barnard. 139, Digbeth
White Hart, John Gibbons, 19, Paradise street
White Horse Commercial Hotel, J. C. Yeomans, 30, Congreve street
White Horse Inn, Rt. Wicks, 203, Livery street
White Horse, Edw.Wild, 107, Steelhouse In.
White Horse, Thomas Berks,250, Great Colmore street
White Horse, J. Stevens,219, NewTown row
White Horse, John Cobley, 21, Church street
White Horse Cellar, John Davenport, 80, Constitution hill
White Horse, Leonard Bower, William street
White House, WilliamDocker, 17, BrickkiIn street, Lancaster street
White House, George Field, 99. Unett street
White Lion, John Wagstaff, 99, Digbeth
White Lion, J. Heath, 144 High street, Bordesley
White Lion, Thomas Hupton, 113, Bradford street
White Lion, J. Smallwood, 46, Navigation street
White Swan Inn, Rd. Drew, 1, Church street
White Swan Inn, J. Davenport, l 18, Hospital street
White Swan, Thomas Tilsley, 17, Summer row
White Swan, John Sheldon, 130, Snow hill
White Swan, E. Lockstone, 10, Canal street
White Swan, Eliz. Harvey, 1 Islington row
White Swan, Matthew Smart, 6, Legge street
White Swan, George Stowe, 34, Water street
White Swan, Joseph Harris, 10, Lt. Charles street
White Swan, James Chatwin, 13, Cross street
White Swan, ( has. Peters, 1, Summer street
White Swan, William Wild, 184 Moseley street
White Swan, T.Mountford, Park road, Nechells. green
White Swan, S. Winchurst, 89, New John street
White Tower, John Lord, 157, Lawley street
Whittington & His Cat, John Thompson, 14 Great Brook street
Winson Green Tavern, E.Buckley,Winsongn.
Woodman, J. Hewson, 15 & 16 Little Ann street
Woodman, Allen Hewson, Cregoe street
Woodman, Harriet Chandler, 5, Easy row
Woodman, William Littlewood, 74, Cottage lane
Woolpack Commercial Inn, Eliz. George, 8, Moor street

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