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Birmingham, Warwickshire 1852 Slaters Pub history Directory A - F

Warwickshire pub history index

There are around 570 Hotels, Inns, and Taverns listed in the 1852 Slaters pub history directory

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Inns and Hotels
Acorn Inn (Commercial), William Evans, 32 Upper Temple street
Albion, Carrs lane, Edward Bull
Allens Hotel, 11 Old Square, Hannah Marshall
Clarendon Hotel (commercial and family), Temple street, John Clark
Dingleys Hotel, 124 Moor street, Mary Ann Dingley
Falcon Hotel, 71 Newhall street, Joseph Underwood
George Inn (commercial), 142 Digbeth, Hannah Taylor
Hen & Chickens, 130 New street, Francis Smith
Kings Head, Worcester street, Sarah Mayo
Nelson Hotel (commercial), 1 to 4 Spiceal street, Robert Gooden
Plough & Harrow, Hagley road, Edgbaston, Ann Dee
Queens Hotel, Railway station, New Canal street, Robert Dacon
Railway Hotel, Curzon street, Elizabeth Beech
Red Lion, 20 Bread street, Catherine Birch
Royal Hotel (family & posting), Temple row, Frederick Dee
Stork, Old square, Ellen & Mary George
Union Hotel (commercial), 21 Union street, John Machin
Walters Hotel, 117 New street, G Walters
White Hart (commercial), 30 Congreve street, George McDonald
Woolpack, 8 Moor street, Frances Sarah George

Taverns & Public House
Acorn, Oxford street, John Blenk
Acorn, Lichfield street, Edward Corbett
Acorn, 1 Cross street, Joseph Dudley
Acorn, New Inkleys, Benjamin Hitchin
Acorn, 57 Wheeler street, Aston, John McCarthy
Adam and Eve, 201 Bradford street, David Banister
Adderleys Arms, Saltley, Hy Brown
Adelphi Wine Vaults, Livery street, George Field
Albion, 57 Digbeth, Samuel Jannings
American, 71 New Canal street, Jno Read
Anchor, London Prentice street, John Clements
Anchor, 1 Sheep street, James Hill
Anchor, 63 Coleshill street, Louisa Johnson
Anchor, 46 Park street, Isaac Kirby
Anchor, 262 Bradford street, Benj Palmer
Angel, 128 Hospital street, James Tyler
Angel, Sparkbrook, Chas Whitworth
Antelopes Head, 56 Bread street, Charles Bantwell
Ashted Tavern, 102 Henry street, Clara Reynolds

Bank Tavern, 366 New John street west, Ann Penny
Barley Mow, Stafford street, Ann Greaves
Barrel, 50 Snowhill, Mary Bridgewater
Barrel, 11 Inge street, Thomas Johns
Barton Arms, Aston New Town, Samuel Perry
Bath Cottage, Brougham street, Hockley, Edmund Shilton
Beehive, Garbett street, Elizabeth Ketland
Beehive, Soho hill, Handsworth, Jos Silk
Bell, 153 Livery street, John Deakin
Bell, Philip street, Mary Fosbrooke
Bell, Wood street, Edward Grimley
Bell, 115 Dale end, John Mathews
Bell, 78 Steelhouse lane, George Maund
Bell, 19 Prospect row, Thomas Norton
Bell, Bristol street, Edward Reynolds
Bell & Candlestick, 38 Ann street, Charles Godfrey
Bingley Tavern, 14 King Alfreds place, John Little
Birmingham Arms, 71 Hampton street, Ann Corbett
Birmingham Arms, Moat row, Samuel Swinburn
Black Boy, 32 Staniforth street, Henry Nichols
Black Horse, 51 Price street, John Bolt
Black Horse, 222 Ashted row, Thomas Creed
Black Horse, Stratford road, David Edkins
Black Horse, 39 Banbury street, Henry Parker
Black Lion, 82 Coleshill street, John Briscoe
Black Lion, 24 Smallbrook street, Thomas Joyner
Black Swan, 8 Bromsgrove street, George Fulford
Black Swan, 64 Smallbrook street, William Haddleton
Bloomsbury, 127 Heneage street, Joseph Hyde
Blue bell, 79 Suffolk street, William Grindall
Blue Pig, 112 Moor street, William percy Smith
Board Tavern, 38 Aston street, Joseph Barrows
Board Tavern, 94 Steelhouse lane, Elizabeth Williams
Boars Head, 209 Bradford street, Thomas Hopkins
Boat, 52 Suffolk street, John Hadley
Bordesley Park Tavern, 1 Sandy lane, Matthew Gardner
Bowling Green, 79 Holloway head, John Carrington
Box Iron, 27 Fordrough street, William Shaw
Brewers Arms, 27 Bordesley street, Thomas andrews
Bricklayers Arms, 13 Ann street, Henry Bradley Morris
Bricklayers Arms, 94 Great Charles street, William Wharton
Britannia, 26 St Pauls square, William Hamilton
Britannia, 13 Pigott street, Philip Harrop
Britannia, 27 Legge street, William Hawkesworth
Britannia, 286 Summer lane, George Penn
Britannia, 4 Birchall street, Edwardd Richards
Britannia, Great Brook street, John Williams
Brown Lion, 13 Hall street, Jos Dukes
Brown Lion, 28 Horsefait, Jno Hanson
Bulls Head, Pinfold street, John Aspinall
Bulls Head, Birchfield, C Bartlam
Bulls Head, 14 Upper Priory, Robert Baxter
Bulls Head, 23 Prospect row, Thomas Blyth
Bulls Head, 8 Pope street, John Capner
Bulls Head, 85 Moor street, Jno Cooper
Bulls Head, 52 Smallbrook street, William Cox
Bulls Head, 1 Price street, John Fulford
Bulls Head, 21 Old Inkleys, Samuel Harfield
Bulls Head, Wharf street, Frederick Pimm
Bulls Head, 174 Camp hill, Thomas Sutton Reeves
Bulls Head, 111 Pritchett street, William Stokes
Bulls Head, Aston villa, Handsworth, Eleanor Taylor
Bulls Head, 111 Moland street, Frederick wilder

Calthorpe Arms, Bath row, Islington, Sarah Ann Barnett
Carpenters Arms, 78 Hospital street, Henry Smith
Castle, 48 Aston street, Joseph Cooper
Castle & Falcon, 41 Snowhill, William Doughty
Chapel Tavern, 37 Fleet street, Chas Bush
Chapel Tavern, 123 Great Charles street, Thomas Medlicott
Chapel Tavern, 17 Whittall street, Thomas Palmer
Chequers, 84 Park street, Thomas Hands
Chequers, 43 Bell Barn road, Elizabeth Jackson
Church Inn, 22 Great Hampton street, William Bushby
Clarendon Vaults, 7 Temple row, John Chadwick
Coach & Horses, 30 Snowhill, Thomas Barton
Coach & Horses, 40 Upper Dean street, Elias Foster
Coach & Horses, 16 New Meeting street, Neptune Henry Stagg
Coach & Horses, 35 Bell street, Henry Turner
Coach & Horses, Spring hill, William Whitehouse
Coach & Horses, 124 High street, Bordesley, Edwin Wilkes
Colmore Arms, Mill street, Islington, Alfred Minshull
Colmore Arms, Longmore street, George Walton
Commercial, 120 1/2 Great Hampton street, William Thacker
Compass, 142 Alcester street, William Ireland
Compasses, 155 Brearley street, Emma Gilbert
Cossack, Hick square, Novia Scotia street, John Morris
Cottage of Content, St Vincent street, Ladywood, Charles Tidman
Country Girl, 72 Navigation street, John Leeson
Cross, 20 Smallbrook street, William Blackshaw
Cross Guns, 61 Lancaster street, William Adams
Cross Keys, 45 Upper Windsor street, John Culley
Cross Keys, 9 Balsall street, John Harford
Cross Pistols, 86 Slaney street, William hands
Crown, 16 Edgbaston street, Hy Browne
Crown, 31 Lower Tower street, John Coates
Crown, 78 Edmund street, john Hatherley
Crown, Broad street, John Owen
Crown & Anchor, 135 Livery street, Henry Parker
Crown & Anchor, 21 New Thomas street, John Turland
Crown & Cushion, Birchfield, Daniel Brown
Crown & Cushion, Aston New Town, Mary Crab Jesrine
Cup, 179 Livery street, Joseph Hughes

Dartmouth Arms, 15 Dartmouth street, Edward Peters
Darwin Tavern, 46 Darwin street, Benjamin Grove
Dog, 75 Loveday street, Ann Hadcock
Dog & Duck, 40 Sheep street, William Holloway
Dog & Duck, 64 Edmund street, Henry Lloyd
Dog & Duck, 88 Holloway head, Ann White
Dog & Partridge, 42 Birchall street, Joseph Bill
Dog & Partridge, Ellis street, John Harfield
Dog & Partridge, Alcester street, John Hill
Dog & Partridge, Windsor street, Sergeant Pearson
Dog & Partridge, Lea Bank road, Richard Thornton
Dolphin, Bromsgrove street, Frederick Bowyer
Dolphin, 9 Monmouth street, John Currior
Dolphin, 131 Unett street, John Sheldon
Dolphin, 88 Suffolk street, Mary Smith
Dolphin, Coventry street, Samuel Smith
Drovers Arms, 9 Moat lane, Sophia Upton
Duke of Cumberland, 29 Park street, Ann Watts
Duke of Marlborough, 29 Mount street, John Warren Birch
Duke of York, Doe street, Samuel Bradbury
Duke of York, 213 Aston road, Jno Crisp
Duke of York, 13 Duke street, John Evans
Duke of York, 8 Horse fair, Richard Spencer
Dun Cow, 13 Horse fair, Charlotte Horton

Eagle, Mill street, Oozell street, George Ireland
Eagle & Ball, Pen street, John Huskisson
Eagle & Tun, 12 Banbury street, William Ellis
Earl Grey, Pershore road, Hy Weston
Edgbaston Tavern, Lea Bank road, Charles Shaw
Erdington Arms, Erdington, George Hailstone

Farriers Arms, 100 Lichfield street, George Jones
Five Ways, Ladywood, Thomas Pinner
Flag, Howe street, Charles Taylor
Fountain, 93 Cheapside, Rebecca Smith
Fountain, New street, William Wrighton
Fox, 55 Inge street, Emanuel Maiden
Fox, Fox street, Henry Marson
Fox, 14 Fleet street, William Tilsley
Fox & Dog, 46 Lionel street, William Wasdell
Fox & Dogs, 63 Princip street, Rebeca Gray
Fox & Goose, Wards end, William mathews
Fox & Grapes, 16 Freeman street, John Aspinall
Freemasons Arms, 27 Upper Priory, Edward Richards
French Horn, 3 Mary Ann street, Frederick Mealing
Frighted Horse, Soho street, Handsworth, George Bailey

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