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Aston (Duddeston) 1911 census summary

Dis 1
39 Cardigan Street, The Junction, Cameron - Grand Junction
84 Cardigan Street, PH, Cook
87 Cardigan Street, The Victoria, Doyle
58 Howe Street, Hen & Chickens, Wood
52 Curzon Street, Liverpool Arms, Checketts
64 Curzon Street, Railway Hotel PH, Harrison
12 Penn Street, Eagle & Ball, Payne

Dis 2
36 Great Brook Street, PH, A E Gadd - Barracks Tavern
14 Great Brook Street, PH, not a dwelling - Whittington & Cat
121 Lawley Street, PH, J McNaughton
103 Lawley Street, PH, B Green - Seven Stars

Dis 3
23-25 Vauxhall Road, PH, Chaplin
Vauxhall Road, Adelaide Arms, Charman
24 & 25 Northumberland Street, Gordon
28 St James Place, PH, Fairbrother
148 Lawley Street, PH, Hughes - Anchor Tavern

Dis 4
82 Vauxhall Road, Hope & Anchor, Griffin
56 Vauxhall Road, Globe Inn, Messenger

Dis 5
28 Henry Street, PH, Garratt - Ashted Tavern
39 Ashted Row, PH, Bloor - Parliament House
52 Ashted Row, PH, Reeves - Dog & Partridge
12 Lawley Street, PH, Rotton - Swan with Two Necks
66 Ashted Row, PH, Roberts
128 Great Brook Street, PH, Walters - Army & Navy

Dis 6
137 Bloomsbury Street, Licensed Beerhouse, Parker
45 Bloomsbury Street, Licensed Beerhouse, Finch
112 Frances Street, Licensed Beerhouse, Coley
178 Heneage Street, The Grapes, Stokes
115 Great Lister Street, Lister Tavern, Jowitt
117 Great Lister Street, Highland Laddie Beerhouse, Marrin or Marner
1 Godwin Street, The Pelican Beerhouse, Price
100 Lupin Street, L V, Johnson - St Matthews Tavern

Dis 7
109 Heneage Street, Britannia Beerhouse, Dale
Heneage Street, Bloomsbury Tavern Beerhouse, Dunn
115 Ashted Row, Clock Tavern, Lloyd

Dis 8
1 Bloomsbury Street, Junction Tavern, Lee
30 Spooner Street, Fountain Inn, Bradbury
Erskine Street, Midland Tavern, Sawtell

Dis 9
126-130 Dollman Street, Locomotive Inn Beerhouse, Jowell
114 Inkerman Street, Beerhouse, Hope - Britannia
129 Inkerman Street, Off Licence, Tracey
133 Inkerman Street, Off Licence, Webb

Dis 10
1 Inkerman Street, Victoria Inn, E A Pitt
9 Alma Crescent, Off Beerhouse, Wagstaff
61 Cathcart Street, Off Beerhouse, Wood

Dis 11
103 Saltley Road, The George Inn, Dawson
1 Cato Street, Manor Arms, Rourke
49 Cato Street, Duddeston Hall Inn, Boaler

Dis 12
57 & 58 Great Francis Street, Union Inn, Wilkinson

Dis 13
178 Great Francis Street, Prince of Wales inn, F Worralls
201 Great Francis Street, Train Tavern, R Osmond

Dis 14
71,73 & 75 Saltley road, Warwick Castle Inn, Elsmore
146 Bloomsnbury street, The Bulls Head Inn, Griffiths
40 Duddeston Mill road, The Railway Inn, Dare
88 Bloomsnbury street, The White Swan Inn, Stubbs
26 Duddeston Mill road, The Fountain Inn, Forrester

Dis 15
[between 94 & 99] Holte street, PH, not a dwelling
[between 103 & 109] Holte street, PH, Henson
Holte street, PH, Brettler
26 Woodcock street, PH, Bird - Stag & Pheasant
222 Ashted row, PH, Wheeler - Old Black Horse
48 Heneage street, PH, uninhabited
31 Henry street, PH, Howard
69 Henry street, PH, A Croft

Dis 16
130 Dartmouth street, Beerhouse, Bowsher
108 Dartmouth street, Beerhouse, Void & Uninhabited
13 Lister street, PH, Farrell
58 Woodcock street, Beerhouse, Green
85 & 86 Legge street, PH, Checkitts - White Swan
8 & 9 Prospect row, Beer & wine house, Newton
4 Prospect row, Beerhouse, Howell
72 Duke street, Beerhouse, Marshall
10 Gosta green, Beer House, Richardson
23 Aston road, PH, Harper - Albion inn
49 Aston road, PH, Southern - New Peacock

Dis 17
62 Aston road, Beer House, Gibbs
196 1/2 Aston road, Beer House, Eggison
200A Aston road, Licensed House, Arnold
213 Aston road, Licensed House, Biddulph

Dis 18
181 Aston road, The Lamp, Kemp
187 Aston road, White Hart, Cartwright
17 Bracebridge street, PH, Gregory - Vine inn
47 Bracebridge street, Off Licence, Ireland
1 Miller Street, Crown Inn Beerhouse, Braines
49 Miller Street, Off Licence, Richards
65 Miller Street, Off Licence, Fiddian

Dis 19
234 Cromwell street, PH, Ashton
204 Cromwell street, Off Licence, Boyce
41 Cromwell street, PH, Mrs Humphries - White Hart
20 Cromwell street, PH, Drew
175 Scholefield street, Off Licence, Kelsey

Dis 20
70 Rocky lane, PH, F Hunt
37 Rocky lane, Off Licence, Richardson
143 Cromwell street, Black Horse, Higginbotham
64 Rupert street, The Nelson Inn, J Wark
164 Cromwell street, Royal Duke, Bowerman

Dis 21
79 Cromwell street, Cromwell Arms, Edmund
158 Scholefield street, The Justice, Payne
97 Scholefield street, Freeholders Arms, Surman

Dis 22
60 Scholefield street, Eagle Inn, Mary A Evett
29 Scholefield street, Lamp Tavern, James Dare
199 Bloomsbury street, Unicorn Inn, Edward Shaw
209 Bloomsbury street, Brewery Tavern, Josiah Stanley

Dis 23
150 Bloomsbury street, Turks Head, Allport
342 Bloomsbury street, Bee Hive Inn, Lewis
157 Nechells place, Britannia Inn, Jordan
1 Freeman road, Off Licence, Goice

Dis 24
Cato street north, Albion Inn, C F Chillingworth
72 Saltley road, Station Inn, Mrs S A Davis
[130] Saltley road, Sportsman Inn, C R Chapman
Freeman road, Stork Inn, F W May

Dis 25, 26
58 Nechells Park Road, Sailors Return, Brookes - Soldiers Return
68 Nechells Park Road, White Swan, Iliff
100 Nechells Park Road, PH, Evans
41 Trevor street, Albion Inn, Wassell
130 Mount street, Plume of Feathers, Teale

Dis 27
58 Aston Church Road, Jenny Lind, T Edwards

Dis 28
122 Cuckoo road, Off Licence, Capella
62-64 Cuckoo road, Cuckoo Tavern, Hill
165 Argyle street, Shop & Off Licence, Evetts

Dis 29
208 Nechells Park Road, Nechells Park Hotel, Russell
211 Nechells Park Road, Off Licence, Hughes
67 Chattaway street, Off Licence, Chappell
358 Long acre, Off Licence, J Hudson

Dis 30
307 Nechells Park Road, Villa Tavern, Krebs

Dis 31
75 Holborn Hill, The White Horse, Farmer
342 Nechells Park Road, New inns, Jordan
381 Nechells Park Road, White Hart, Ward

Dis 32
1 High Park street, The Flag, Hughes
19 Thimble Mill Lane, Red Lion, Ellis
51 Thimble Mill Lane, Rolling Mill Tavern, Cox
72 Long acre, PH, Bowen - Prince of Wales
51 Railway Terrace, PH, Preston

Dis 33
85 & 87 Rocky Lane, Rocky Lane Tavern, Neale
119 Rocky Lane, Royal Exchange, Pearson

Dis 34
225 Dartmouth street, Grand Junction, Jones
255 Dartmouth street, Queens Head, Smith

Dis 35
125 Adams street, PH, Humphries
29 Lord street, PH, Holmes
256 Great Lister street, PH, Whitehouse - New inn
272 Great Lister street, PH, Littley

Dis 36
163 Dartmouth street, Globe Tavern, Tomlinson
173 Dartmouth street, Old Green Man, Bates
1-3 Great Lister street, The Raven, Naden
255 Heneage street, Rising Sun, Blocksedge
244 Heneage street, Old Brewery PH, Harris
61 Dartmouth street, The Globe, Hill

Dis 37
221 Windsor street, PH, Gateley - Cross Keys
21 Proctor street, PH, Darby - Britannia
233 Great Lister street, PH, Trott
237-238 Great Lister street, PH, Nally
31-32 Great Lister street, PH, Void & Uninhabited

Dis 38
Rupert Street, Rupert Arms, Jowitt
Great Lister street, Old Nelson, Troman
208 Great Lister street, Queens Head, Duckitt
192 Great Lister street, Bell, Uninhabited
93 Great Lister street, Royal Oak, Silk

Dis 39
106 Willis street, Sportsman, Mansell
25 Coleman street, White Lion, Short
196 & 197 Heneage street, Fountain Inn, Woodley

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