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History of Woodford in 1863 Whites Directory

Residents & Commercial Traders in Woodford 1863

Those marked 1 are at Buckhurst hill; 2, at Woodford Bridge; 3, at Woodford Wells; 4, Woodford Green; 5, Chingford road or lane; 6, George lane ; 7, Grove hill; 8, Hall lane ; 9, Snakes lane ; 10, Salway Hill; and 11, in Whitehall road. POST OFFICES at Mr. Thomas Liddle's, in Woodford village ; and at Miss Eliz, Hoye's, Woodford Green, Money Orders are granted and paid at both offices, where there are also Sayings' Banks. They are in the
London North-Eastern Suburban District Delivery, and letters are despatched four times a day. There is a sub post-office at Woodford Bridge.

Many of those without trades or professions attached to their names have places of business in London.

4 Abernethie William, fancy depot
4 Armstrong Azariah, watchmaker
8 Barnard Thomas, farmer
Bates Francis, gent
Andrews Miss
Bates F. professor of music
3 Beale Mr Wm.Hy
4 Beadle Fdk
1 Beath Mr Alex
2 Bellman Ptr.J
9 Bell Mr Saml
10 Birt Mr Henry
9 Benton Hy. farmer
2 Backer Hy
6 Bouoh John, Esq. Rookery
Bown William, parish clerk
11 Bowse Mr
11 Blackie Mrs
7 Brandt Mr Robert
7 Black Mrs
1 Broadhurst Mr Alfred William
Brockhurst Geo, Woodford station master
2 Broome Rev. John, home mission
Brown John, farmer, Hill Farm
Brown Mr John, Woodland Villa
3 Bullock Robert, chemist
4 Burnett Rev. William (Wesleyan)
9 Burrell Mrs
10 Cutts Mrs
7 Burrows Mr John
4 Bulmer Mrs
Caldeoott Adw.Bsq.
Chapman Miss
Caldeoott Mrs, Woodford Hall
4 Carter Henry and Co. grocers, ironmongers, drapers, & outfitters
3 Carter Mr Wm
Casborn Mr John
Chinnery Robt. & Son, plumbers, &c.
4 Chinnery Nathaniel, plumber, <fcc.
Chittock Joseph Gordon,George lane, station master
Clark Joseph, cooper
4 Clarke Rev. Joseph, B.A. curate
3 Clarkson Mr Horace
3 Clarion Miss
4 Crook Mr John
10 Clay Mr Jno.D.
4 Collins Geo. agent
4 Collier Mr Jas.W.
5 Cooper Mr Hy.
Conquest Mrs, Hall Cottage
7 Croft Mrs, and Charles P. surgeon
11 Croft Thomas, painter, &c.
Cunliffe Edward, Esq. Salway House
8 Davis Thomas, dairyman
4 Davis Mr Thos. Edw.
Davis Ts W.
7 Davison John, architect
Davy Charles, Esq. Woodford Bridge
9 Desvignes Mr Thos.
3 Delf Miss
3 Dodgson Mr Wm
4 Dixon Mrs
2 Dowling Edward, farmer

11 Dowell Mr Jph.
4 Dunster Ts.
2 Easton Thos. veterinary surgeon
9 Eckford Mary Ann, news agent
4 Egg Rev. Edw. Thos. (Indepdt.)
Ellis Jph. Smith, Esq. Buckhurst hill
2 Franchi Anty.Geo. estate agent,&e.
3 Francis Mr David J
4 Fidlin Miss
9 Freese Mr Jno.W.
11 Garrick W.M.
Gardham John Wm.Esq.Monkhams
11 Georgacapula Mr Alexander
3 Giekie Mrs Sarah
4 Gelson Miss
3 Goldsmith Wm. fly, etc owner
11 Goode Mr John Richard
2 Greaves William B.
9 Goward Mr Hy.
3 Gurson Mr Wm.
3 Green Mr Samuel
4 Grant Mrs
1 Hallett Mr Richard
3 Hallett Mr Selby, and Mr Henry
9 Hardy Mr Wm.Edw.
Haslett Wm.
4 Harmer Anty. Dorian, chemist.&e.
4 Harvey Mr Wm.
3 Hawkins Jno.
6 Hewett George, Esq.
4 Howard Rd.Esq.
4 Hill Mrs Eliz.
7 Hopkins Mr M. S.
8 Holloway Mr Wm.
5 Holmes Wm.
3 Hooper Mrs, and John, Esq.
7 Hooper Mr James, Grove crescent
4 Hoye Miss Elizabeth, postmistress
3 Humphreys Mrs
5 Major Mr Geo.
Jackson Mr Geo.
1 King Mr Jas.
2 Jones John, marine store dealer
4 Jones James, bookseller, etc
4 Jordan William, carrier to London
3 Kaye John, proprietor of " Kaye's Worsdell's pills," Prospect Mall
6 Kemsley Joseph, farmer
4 Kemp Mr Wm.
Kidd Mr Abel
7 Kirk Mr Wm.
7 Lewis Jph. C
4 Kirkby Miss F.
Kidd Mr Joseph
10 Knowles Mr J.
Lancaster Miss
4 Lowe Thomas and Henry, builders
6 Lucas Joseph, farmer
2 McAvoy Mr Philip
McNamara Arthur, mail contractor
Mann William, Esq. Churchhfield
3 Martin Joseph, coach builder
1 Millington Mr Alexander Brooks
10 Moore Mr John
Morgan Miss
4 Morter Misses M. & E. & Mr Geo.'
3 Mullen Alfred, music professor
4 Newman Edw. stationer & hairdsr.
2 Noble George, Esq. ThirlbyHouse
10 Noble Geo. Rd. auctioneer, architect, insurance agent, etc
4 Noble, Robert, dairyman
4 Norton Simpson Esq. Eagle House
Norton Wm. Hebeler,solr.& London
4 Nunn Mrs
4 Norton Mrs
2 ParkerWm.Esq.
7 Parnell Misses
Parker Frederick, poulterer
9 Payzo Mr Rd.
9 Peerlee Geo.R.
4 Peachey Mr G.
Peace Pp. carrier
Peckham Mr Daniel, Epping New road
3 Pentridge Wm. hairdresser, etc
3 Peppercorn Mrs
11 Platten Mr T.W
4 Perry James, stone mason
Phillips Rev. Wm. Parr, B.A, rector
4 Piper Thos. builder, Woodford House
11 Poole Mr John
Powell Mr Thos.
3 Prescott Mr Jas.
4 Ramsden Wm
3 Read Mr Thos.
4 Rutherford Mrs
Reynolds Mr Robt.B.
I Rendell Rt.
9 Rudd Mr Ohas. and Mr Chas. Hy.
Sabine William, architect, Epping road
4 Sacker Wm. Hy. tinner & brazier
4 Sammons Mr Thos.
11 Salter Hy.
Saunders John, Esq.
Schwinge Mr Diederich
4 Scott Mr Jaa, jun.
11 Searl Rd.
2 Scott Mr Jas.
4 Selle Fdk. Edw.
Sewell John, farmer, Claybury
Single Washington, Esq. Grove
3 Skelton Mr Rd.
8 Smith Mr Jno.
4 Smith Daniel, farrier
4 Spicer Jas.Esq. Harts
Spong Mrs
Stock Frederick, farmer
4 Triggs Jas. gent.
11 Tozer Alfd.
Turner Mr Chs.Rd. |
8 Vidler Orldo.
2 Unwin Mr George & Mrs
3 Vigne Thos. Godfrey, Esq. Oaks
2 Waller Rev. Chas. B.,M.A.,incumbent of St. Paul's
Watkins James, farmer, Great Gales
4 Watson Thomas, whitesmith, etc
9 White Mr Rt.
4 White Chas.G
Whitehurst Chas. Esq. Churchfields
4 Whiting James, poUce sergeant
1 Willament Simon, gent.
4 Williams Mr John
4 Williamson Thomas, Esq.
5 Willis Ann, cowkeeper
9 Wilson Mr Geo.C.
11 Wildman J.B.
2 Wilson Chs.Edw.&Co.trimming manfrs
Winckworth Lawrence Henry, Esq. Tbe Grove
Witherby Miss
Wolhgemuth Mr Joseph
4 Wulff Mr Hy.Jas.
9 Young Mrs Ann
4 Zimmerman Mrs Elizabeth
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