Plympton St Mary, Devon pub history & London history

A few additions to the pub history of Plympton St Mary, Devon added tonight. I have not got back to 1851 yet, which is the update I was planning to add. I will get there eventually, given enough time.

In the meantime, I have also been updating my London wiki, this is anything to do with London history. Absolutely anything to do with London, and I am currently working through the Roman era, and will be adding details about the London wall, as I decide how to update this relevantly.

As ever, I am getting there slowly, and have probably taken on more than I can manage, but hey ho.

I also had a gas leak in the house today. It was only a minor gas leakm but I am glad I called the emergency number, and it was fixed within two hours – brilliant service, thank you.

Lastly, I have smoked cigarettes for about forty five years, and up to fifty a day. Seriously.

I am now on day eleven of having stopped. The vape is getting used heavily, but I feel good for this. Woohoo! This should extend the lifetime of the pub history updates and London history additions etc.