Brown Bear, Bow street, Covent garden and the early police station, and licensed victuallers

I know you may find this quite boring, but I tend to delve into some of the earlier records as I find time, and have been working through the Licensed Victuallers association for 1825.

As part of this update, I found a Brown bear listed in Bow street, Covent garden. I next looked at the 1832 and 1842 street directories, I have, but this was not listed. So I thought I would update all of the current pubs at that time, and for that period; to rule this out as being an earlier name for a pub – they do change names a lot.

I next took a look at a very slightly earlier Pigots directory of 1829, and this gave me an address of 33 & 34 Bow street for the Brown Bear. And, interestingly enough there is a police station listed here by the 1842 directory. I wonder if it is a famous police station?

Apparently so. I have now found three entries for the Brown bear, but the history online does not match this with the police station, apart from being at the same address. One brownie point for me.