Brown Bear, Leman street, Whitechapel

The Brown Bear pub was present by 1793 and was re-built in 1830. At 89 Leman Street in 1839, 1841 and 1848; and at 77 Leman Street in 1856 & 1871 census. It was still a pub in 2008, at 139 Leman street; and the building still exists in 2014, maybe even now.

My pub history site notes records of 1802, when Mr Carter was noted in the old bailey proceedings; and many other licensees, including Daniel Zuschlag in the 1880’s, Jacob Schaumloeffel just prior to the first world war, Herbert William Taylor Wells in the 1930’s and Annie Fowler in the 1940’s and 1950’s, etc etc.

That’s it really, I don’t see why wiki should be the top entry for this pub when they have little detailed research on it. Here it is.

Brown Bear, Bow street, Covent garden and the early police station, and licensed victuallers

I know you may find this quite boring, but I tend to delve into some of the earlier records as I find time, and have been working through the Licensed Victuallers association for 1825.

As part of this update, I found a Brown bear listed in Bow street, Covent garden. I next looked at the 1832 and 1842 street directories, I have, but this was not listed. So I thought I would update all of the current pubs at that time, and for that period; to rule this out as being an earlier name for a pub – they do change names a lot.

I next took a look at a very slightly earlier Pigots directory of 1829, and this gave me an address of 33 & 34 Bow street for the Brown Bear. And, interestingly enough there is a police station listed here by the 1842 directory. I wonder if it is a famous police station?

Apparently so. I have now found three entries for the Brown bear, but the history online does not match this with the police station, apart from being at the same address. One brownie point for me.

pub wiki and pub history

I was about to drop the pub wiki site, as I know I have far too many web sites; but at the last minute I decided to renew the domain name. It is actually a good domain name.

I have so many sites, I lose track which does what, and this one is good, I need a big list above my head, in capital letters reminding me what I do. I do pub history, and London history, these are my main criteria; and most of my sites are great, even though I often look at them and think they are far too personalized as to specific people at a building at a specific period in time, usually long before 1940, and sometimes before 1840. Who cares about these old sites?

I am also building a history of the original London wall around the city of London, which could have been built as early as AD 200, although I still think AD 390 is more appropriate. And other stuff, too, all about London.

Most people interested in pubs are the youth, who are only interested in whether a pub is open, and where it is, and what is going on. Is it a decent pub, or serve good food, or worth queuing to get into etc.

If a pub is closed, there are all of the closed pub sites and the random bloggers, and lots of people who can tell you a lot more than I can ever tell you about a pub and its recent history. I concentrate on the pubs that also closed a hundred years ago, and were only open for, say, ten years.

There are also a whole host of sites which have been built about a specific area, and link in some instances to other history sites, and also some of these have long stolen my detail added, why they did this, I will never fathom, they leave themselves open to being known a boring site. I update areas randomly.

Then there are the CAMRA sites, of which many are not bad, e.g. is not bad.

Then there is the pub history society, and I have had a few words with them in the past about removing a link to my site whilst linking to a thief site (scumbag) – enough said.

The point is, my pub history site/s are OK, and my London site is amazing, and I am always working on making anything to do with London better. And I get my free London pass in a couple of months, and will be there every day!

And I also gave up smoking after 45 years, at 30-50 a day. This should extend my days of writing complaints about those who steal my efforts; and never one to keep quiet, as several past employers will endorse, when I told them where to shove it, or words to that effect.

In fact,

Plympton St Mary, Devon pub history & London history

A few additions to the pub history of Plympton St Mary, Devon added tonight. I have not got back to 1851 yet, which is the update I was planning to add. I will get there eventually, given enough time.

In the meantime, I have also been updating my London wiki, this is anything to do with London history. Absolutely anything to do with London, and I am currently working through the Roman era, and will be adding details about the London wall, as I decide how to update this relevantly.

As ever, I am getting there slowly, and have probably taken on more than I can manage, but hey ho.

I also had a gas leak in the house today. It was only a minor gas leakm but I am glad I called the emergency number, and it was fixed within two hours – brilliant service, thank you.

Lastly, I have smoked cigarettes for about forty five years, and up to fifty a day. Seriously.

I am now on day eleven of having stopped. The vape is getting used heavily, but I feel good for this. Woohoo! This should extend the lifetime of the pub history updates and London history additions etc.