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Pub history in the UK by county - well, some of them.

#The pub history site began in Essex, then London, and latterly in lots of other areas around the UK.

The areas in London, counties in and around London, and the south east are the major areas researched, but I am always lacking people sending in photographs of any pub, and this is always welcome.

Counties are listed in a random order, as follows:
London Pubs
Bedfordshire Pubs
Berkshire Pubs
Buckinghamshire Pubs
Cambridgeshire Pubs
Essex Pubs
Gloucestershire Pubs
Hampshire Pubs
Hertfordshire Pubs
Isle of Wight Pubs
Kent Pubs
Lancashire Pubs
Leicestershire Pubs
Lincolnshire Pubs
Middlesex Pubs
Oxfordshire Pubs
Suffolk pubs
Suffolk Cosford database
Surrey Pubs
Sussex Pubs

Cornwall Pubs
Cumberland Pubs
Derbyshire Pubs
Devon Pubs
Dorset Pubs
Durham Pubs
Huntingdonshire Pubs
Northamptonshire Pubs
Northumberland Pubs
Nottinghamshire Pubs
Rutland Pubs
Somerset Pubs
Staffordshire Pubs
Warwickshire Pubs
Yorkshire Pubs

Norfolk Pubs

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