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My sites and domains in August 2019

I have rather too many domain names and web sites, and always struggle to remember what I have. This includes sites which never actually get used. I am already updating this page a few days after creating it.

Now,  on the 19th August 2019.

My main site is now: - a listing of pub history for London and the home counties, i.e. Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex & Surrey. This is my primary site for pub history and covers all of London, and the home counties. - another listing of pubs, but mainly in the Midlands, and anything not in the London area. I also include many areas such as Oxfordshire, and Cambridgeshire; all of the south west of England, berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex etc. It includes Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, and some more northern parts of Lancashire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire etc. I don't cover the entire region, as I don't have the knowledge. - This will be my main site one day! - this is a very google friendly domain, and it hosts a number of pages about Southwark inns - it was an earlier site for pub history, and I moved most of the original content to the sites listed above. I have also just recently moved the Suffolk pubs site, and the Cosford database (by Ray Long) here. - what the name suggests, mostly early coffee houses; quite a good site.

London : is an accessible travel site in London - it still needs updates, but I am visiting every station slowly. I am updating this site every day at present in July 2019, as I visit the stations.   I started this site about the lost rivers of London. I like this site, and now incorporates everything I have on early London street directories, Roman London etc etc. ; and also specifically lists the thousands of LCC workers who were involved in the first world war, with some detail about their service. - this is another site about World War one, some of it is very good. - it is a site rather than a wiki, but I want to add to this massively; and will be brilliant over time. This site is now redirecting, and no longer used, at present!

Blogs : - it's a blog, mostly random, and should be about London - a blog about London pubs.


OLD lost sites : - a spare domain, BUT it's mine, another waste of money ! - a site waiting for something useful. - a personal site, mostly a tree which is now quite old. - now redirecting to - random pub history stuff. - now redirecting to


I think I have listed all of my sites / blogs.


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