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The 1891 listing of around 1400 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London - from the 1891 Post Office Directory,

This excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

I will add links from these pages as I am able; but please help me out here. It is often difficult through the documentation that exists to match an address to a Pub name as much of this is through word of mouth, i.e. a Public House is often known by it's name to the locals, rather than through any record system.

1891 Beer Retailer index

Bacon Alfred, 37 Bevenden Street, Hoxton N
Bailes Frederick John, 46 Duckett Street, Stepney E
Bailey Henry, 53 Salmons lane, Limehouse E
Baker Henry, 567 Old Kent Road SE
Baker John, 27 Peter Street, Southwark Bridge Road SE
Baker Sidney, 12 Lawrence Street, Chelsea SW
Baldwinson Frank, 62 Camden Street, Walworth SE
Ball William Hy, 27 Stoney Street, Borough SE
Balls William, 233 Bow Road E
Bamford Robt Hy, 33 Emma Street, Pritchards Road E
Bannister Arthur, 10 Hatcham Road SE
Barber Mrs Alice J, 26 Chapel Street, Somerstown NW
Barber Hy Gilham, 56 Crampton Street SE
Barber John, 109 Green Street, Bethnal Green E
Barker Wycliffe Ed, 280 Westminster Bridge Road SE
Barnes Charles, 123 Bridge Street E
Barnes George, 57 St Stephens Road, Bow E
Barnes Henry, 11 Chapter Street SW
Barratt Edward, 45 Bowling Green Street SE
Barry Thomas, 33 North Street, Chelsea SW
Bassett Mrs Hannah, 23 West Lane, Bermondsey SE
Bates George, 272 Devonshire Street E
Bates Jonathan, 123 Burdett Road, Mile End E
Batley Wm, 1a Hanover Place, Regents Park NW
Batty Frederick, 49 St Anns Road, Notting Hill W
Batty William, 102 Westminster Bridge Road SE
Bax Hy Rd, 242 Westminster Bridge Road SE
Baxter Alfred Chas, 1 Bridge Street, Mile End Road E
Baxter Charles, 647 Commercial Road east E
Baxter Hy Adolphus, 117 Brandon Street, Walworth SE
Baxter Henry Robert, 283 East India Dock Road E
Baxter Henry William, 805a Commercial Road east E
Baxter William John, 237 Green Street, Bethnal Green E
Bayley Henry, 54 St Anns Road, Notting Hill W
Beaman William, 45 Vauxhall Street SE
Bear Mrs Ellen, 59 Marylebone Lane W
Bedwell Mrs Mary Ann, 17 Remington Street, City Road N
Beech Mrs Mary Ann, 57 Wentworth Street, Whitechapel E
Beeching John, 21 Noble Street, Spa Fields WC
Beer Mrs Catherine Hannah, Orchard Place, Blackwell E
Beer Mrs Eleanor, 7 Poplar High Street E
Behrens Heinrich, 20 Gun Lane, Limehouse E
Beill William, 73 Lefevre Road E
Bell Robert William, 49 Brunswick Place, City Road N
Bell Thomas, 12 South Wharf Road W
Bennett Chas Hy J, 106 St Anns Road, Bow Common E
Bennett James, 10 Collier Street N
Bennett Richard Henry, 39 Lower Chapman Street E
Bentley Alfred, 163 Globe Road E
Bentley Aubrey, 10 Bond Street, Commercial Road SE
Bernstein William, 21 Well Street, Wellclose Square E
Betjeman George Christian, 2 Commercial Road east E
Beyer Edward, 256 Holloway Road N
Biggs Edwin, 679 Old Kent Road SE
Birch John, 15 Wynford Road, Caledonian Road N

Blackett Hy, 16 Henrietta Street, Hackney Road E
Black George, 90 Abbey Street, Bermondsey SE
Blanchard daniel, 8 Green Man Street, Islington
Bloss George, 30 Church Street, Rotherhithe SE
Blow Robert Critchell, 127 Curtain Road E
Blows William, 9 Sidney Street, City Road EC
Boddington William, 107 Robert Street NW
Boddy William Henry, 7 Skidmore Street, Stepney E
Bodkin Wm (exors of), 36 St Leonards Road E
Boldon Walter, 110 Bakers Row, Whitechapel E
Bolland Abraham, 583 Old Kent Road SE
Bolton Mrs Mary, 61 Chrisp Street, Poplar E
Bolton Richard, 700 Old Ford Road, Bow E
Bond Henry, 105 Lower Kennington Lane SE
Bond Janes, 92 Marlborough Road SW
Bond John, 137 Cambridge Road E
Bones Joseph Henry, 102 St Leonard Street E
Booker David Maurice, 87 Rhodeswell Road E
Booth Thomas, 159 East India Dock Road E
Booty John, 29 New Inn Yard EC
Borley Wm Lewis, 228 East India Dock Road E
Bott George James, 7 New Gravel Lane E
Boulter James, 97 Redmans Road, Stepney E
Boustrod Geo R, 83 Clark Street, Commercial Road east E
Bowden James William, 1 Surrey Grove SE
Bowden William George, 55 Grafton Road NW
Bowditch Jas, Triangle, Ruby Street, Old Kent Road SE
Bowles Edwd Lewis, 102 Marlborough Road, SW
Bowley James, 37 Eccleston Place, Pimlico SW
Bowley James Richard, 50 Nairn Street E
Bowley John, 66 Tottenham Road, Kingsland N
Boyd Chas Thos, 250 Green Street, Bethnal Green E
Boyle Mrs Joannah, 4 New King Street, Deptford SE
Boysen Ludvig, 69 West India Dock Road E
Boyton James, 67 Kerbey Street, Poplar E
Bradford Joseph Thomas, 85 St Ervans Road W
Bradshaw George, 20 D'Oyley Street, Sloane Square SW
Bramley H, 6 Herberts Passage, Strand WC
Brand John, 34 Keetons Road SE
Brand Wm, 84 Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Road E
Braund John Joseph, 184 Devons Road E
Bray John, 45 Eastfield Street, Limehouse Fields E
Breithaupt Oscar, 17 Well Street, Wellclose Square E
Brewer John, 59 Felton Street, Hoxton N
Bridges Sidney Ricahrd, 69 Pagnell Street, N Cross Road SE
Bridges William, 473 Bethnal Green Road E
Briggs Geo Hy, 64 North Street, Walworth SE
Briggs William, 23 Stockwell Street EC
Britton Mrs Emma, 18 Liverpool Road N
Broad Alfred, 588 Old Kent Road SE
Broadmeadow Mrs Emma, 57 Cottage Street, Poplar High Street E
Brooke Mrs Esther, 2 Flood Street SW
Brooke James, 46 Boundary Street, Shoreditch E
Brooke Edmnd Dixon, 113 Broadwall Blackfriars SE
Brookes Frank, 19 Manor Street, Chelsea SW
Brookes Walter, 1 Queens Road, Notting Hill W
Brookin Wm Jn, 15 Hague Street, Bethnal Green E
Brown Alfred, 64 New Road E
Brown Christopher, 5 Crispin Street, Spitalfields E
Brown Frank, 33 Woodfield Place, Harrow Road W
Brown Hy, 10 Gainsford Street, Horselydown SE
Brown James, 4 Walpole Road, New Cross Road SE
Brown John, 23 Lant Street, Borough SE
Brown John, 1 & 3 Myddelton Street EC
Brown John Thomas, 21 Alpine Road, Rotherhithe New Road SE
Brown Richard, 3 Maplin Street E
Brown Robert Hy, 47 Park Street, Camden town NW
Brown Samuel Geo, 110 Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Road E
Brown William Charles, 2 & 4 Caledonian Road N
Bryant Mrs Emma, 230 Tabard Street, Borough SE
Bryer George, 27 Hinden Street SW
Bubb Walter, 11 Lower William Street, Portland Town NW
Buck John, 22 Pancras Road NW
Buck Walter, 79 Warner Place, Hackney Road E
Buie Mrs Emma, Oswin Street, St Georges Road SE
Buley Thomas, 535 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Bullen Mrs Charlotte Martha, 228 Devonshire Street E
Bullen James Robert, 39 Upper North Street, Poplar E
Bullen John, 8 New Gravel Lane, Wapping E
Burfield Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Mary Street, Lambeth SE
Burge Mrs Mary Ann, 18 West Ferry Road E
Burgess George, 38 Mile End Road
Burke Patrick, 20 Willis Street, Bromley E
Burmester Charles, 20a Hake Street, Poplar
Burnet William, 80 Aubert Park N
Burnell Mrs Susanna Martha, 314 Essex Road N
Burns James, 25 Rhodeswell Road E
Burns Chas John Hunt, 23 Vauxhall Walk SE
Burr William Archibald, 17 Pancras Street WC
Burroughs Benj, 10 Turville Street, soreditch E
Burrows George, 39 Tottenham Street W
Burrows Geo Joseph, 13 St Leonards Road E
Burton Henry, 19 Rhodeswell Road E
Burton William, 25 St Pauls Road E
Burtwell George Arthur, 183 New Kent Road SE
Burtwell Henry, 68 Pages Walk, Bermondsey SE
Burtwell William, 193 Copenhagen Street N
Bushell Daniel, 62 Wharfdale Road N
Butcher Benjamin, 24 Umberston Street E
Butcher Cornelius, 51 Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth SE
Butcher George, 78 Union Street, Lambeth SE
Butcher John, 59 Bond Street, Vauxhall SW
Butlin Reuben, 137 Brick lane E
Butt Jacob, 91 Lancaster Street, Borough Road SE
Butterfill Geo Thomas, 31 Ben Jonson Road E
Byford Thos, 41 Warner Street, Clerkenwell EC

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