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The 1910 listing of around 1300 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London

from the 1910 Post Office Directory, this excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

London 1910 Beer Retailer index

Hagon Francis Henry, 121 Bow Common Lane E
Hague Mrs Annie Maria, 61 Chrisp Street, Poplar E
Halford George, 39 Georges Road, Holloway N
Hall Albert, 59 Turner Street, Commercial Road east E
Hall Alfred Chas, 297 Southwark Park Road SE
Hall Stanley, 61 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green E
Hall Thomas Ridley, 52 Peacock Street SE
Hallpike Frederick Julius, 50 Rephidim Street, Weston Street SE
Hambleton Thos, 9 Snows Fields, Bermondsey SE
Hammett Arthur Edward, 47a Pardoner Street, Tabard Street SE
Hammond George, 6 Spring Row, Crown Place, Kentish Town NW
Hammond Jas, 52 Kipling Street, Long Lane SE
Hammond James, 11 White Lion Street N
Hammond Wm Hy, 27 Raven Row, Whitechapel E
Hancock Fredk Jas, 11 Bath Street, London Road SE
Hand John, 67 Green Street, Bethnal Green E
Handley Fredk Wm, 13 South Grove, Mile End Road E
Hansford John, 34 Wynsford Road N
Hardiman Edward, 1 Arlington Street EC
Harding Francis Wm, 27 & 29 Brady Street E
Harding James, 21 Brownlow Street, Dalston NE
Hargrave Walter H, 5 Montpelier Street, Walworth SE
Harrington Herbert Thomas, 149 Long Lane SE
Harrison Geo Hugh, 24 New King Street, Deptford SE
Harrison Miles, 103 Allerft Road, Kentish Town NW
Hart Fredk, 239 East Street Walworth SE
Hart George Wm, 16 Tarn Street, New Kent Road SE
Hart William, 186 Drayton Park N
Harvey William, 25 Rhodeswell Road E
Hasler Arthur Edward, 8 & 10 Stanworth Street, Bermondsey SE
Hasty Richard, 127 Curtain Road EC
Hatch Walter John, 174 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Hatcher Humphrey, 95 Anthony Street, Commercial Road east E
Hattersley Herbert Victor, 43 Ralph Street, Union Road, Borough SE
Hawkes Charles, 137 Cambridge Road E
Hawkins Alfred, 4 Angrave Street, Dalston NE
Hawkins David, 8 New Gravel Lane E
Haydon Wm Robt, 346 East Street, Walworth SE
Haynes Edwin Thos, 27 Denmark Street, Soho WC
Heasman George Henry, 19 Rhodeswell Road E
Hedges Edwin Edward, 10 Graces Alley, Wellclose Square E
Heinsen Walter Samuel, 103 Grange Road SE
Hemmings Mrs Edith, 18 King John Street, Stepney E
Henderson Edward, 361 Portobello Road W
Henry William Arthur, 7 Wandsworth Road SW
Hepsworth Henry, 17 Pancras Street WC
Herbert Chas Joseph, 117 Neate Street, Camberwell SE
Herring Alfred Hy, 110 St Stephens Road, Bow E
Herring Chas Herbert, 83 Neate Street, Camberwell SE
Hewing Mrs Annie Maria, 254 High Road, Kilburn NW
Hewitt Henry, 25 Star Road, W Kensington W
Hewitt Wm Thomson, 524a Kingsland Road NE
Hewlitt Chas Fredk, 336 Kennington Park Road SE
Hews John, 254 Hackney Road NE
 Higgens Thomas Philip, 10 Ferdinand Street, Chalk Farm Road NW
Higgins Albert George, 73 Lefevre Road, Bow E
Higgins George Hy, 46 Queensdale Road, Notting Hill W
Higgins Henry George, 45 Ford Road, Bow E
Higgins John, 27 Cobden Street, Poplar E
Higham Charles, 70 Blythe Road, W Kensington W
Hildreth Charles James, 21 Church Street, Chelsea SW
Hill John, 25 Douglas Street, Deptford SE
Hill John John, 3 Shorter Street, Wellclose Square E
Hill Richard Truman Ford, 81 White Horse Lane E
Hills Silas, 42 Dean Street, Commercial Road east E
Hinton Charles, 158 Hoxton Street N
Hobney Joseph Thomas, 7 New Tyson Street, Bethnal Green E
Hodgson Frederick, 17 Pennyfields, Poplar E
Hodsdon John ,95 Essex Road N
Holbrook Mrs Emily, 460 Bethnal Green Road E
Holladay Henry, 490 Old Kent Road SE
Holland William, 740 Old Ford Road Bow E
Holleyman Mrs Ellen, 118 Old Church Road, Stepney E
Hollington Henry, 95 Columbia Road e
Holloway Ge Leister, 418 Southwark Park Road SE
Holloway Henry, 125 Blackfriars Road SE
Holmes Charles Edwin, 331 Edgware Road W
Holmes George, 412 Liverpool Road N
Holmes John Henry, 246 York Road N
Holmes Thomas, 762 Old Kent Road SE
Holt Joseph, Bush Road, Rotherhithe SE
Homan Alfred, 21 Bridge Street, Mile End E
Homan Frederick, 1 Sudbury Street, Lambeth SE
Homes Alfred, 10 Roman Road N
Hood Arthur, 152 Shadwell High Street E
Hope Mrs Harriet Elizabeth, 71 Adolphus Street, Deptford SE
Hopley George Frederick, 9 & 10 Bazon Street, Lambeth SE
Hopwood Jn Hy, 44 Maroon Street, Limehouse Fields E
Houghton Frederick Ernest, 242 Camberwell Road SE
Houghton Frederick James, 421 Old Ford Road, Bow E
House William, 193 Hackney Road NE
How Joseph William, 28 Barnslet Street, Bethnal Green E
Howard Charles, 5 Queensland Road N
Howard Mrs Ellen, 68 Canal Road, Mile End E
Howard Robert, 68 Church Street, Bethnal Green E
Howe George Rich, 33 Woodfield Place, Harrow Road W
Howell Alfred, 8 & 10 Lambeth Upper Marsh SE
Howell Samuel, 91 Lancaster Street, Boro Road SE
Howett Mrs Mouiouna, 68 Warner Place, Hackney Road NE
Howey Edward, 183 Copenhagen Street N
Howlett Henry A, 186 Upper Kennington Lane SE
Huber Daniel, 18 Lower Chapman Street E
Hudson Mrs Annie, 29 White Horse Street E
Huggins Edward William, 104 St Anns Road, Notting Hill W
Hughes Henry, 49 Warham Street, Kennington SE
Hughes Joseph Cameron, 41 Heedworth Street, Kennington SE
Hughes Matthew William ,312 Hackney Road NE
Hulkes William Jas, 8 Casket Street, Bethnal Green E
Humbles Joseph, 262 Wick Road, Hackney NE
Hume Sam, 133 Blackfriars Road SE
Humphrey John Henry, 254 Mile End Road E
Hunt Edward, 121 Haggerston Road, Dalston NE
Hunt Reuben, 44 Upper Chapman Street E
Hunt Richard John, 109 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Hurst Leonard, 39 Collingwood Street, Three Colts Lane E
Husk Walter A, 242 Westminster Bridge Road SE
Hyne Thomas, 157 Goldsmiths Row NE

London pub history directory.

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