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Landport 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders A - B

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Abbott Charles James, furniture broker, 70 Lower Church path
Abbott Henry, boot and shoemaker, 79 Arundel street
Abelhauser Charles, florist, 20 Buckland
Abraham Thomas, beer retailer, 64 Charlotte street
Absolom James shopkeeper, Church street
Adams Mrs. Mary, butcher, 46 Central street
Adams William J., cooper, 42 Commercial road
Addison George, wine and spirit merchant, Buckland
Ahronsberg Isaac, jeweller, silversmith, and watch and clockmaker, 161, Commercial road
Aldridge Mrs. Martha, straw milliner, 46 Fratton street
Alford Alfred, sugar boiler, 5 Lake road
Allen James Hipped, builder, Buckland road
Allen Miss F., Bird in Hand, 100 Commercial road
Allen Thomas brewer and shopkeeper, Kingston road, Buckland
Allen Thomas, steward H.M.S., 1 Victoria street
Allen William, botanist, 68 Spring street
Allen William, boat maker, 98 Kingston road, Buckland
Allen William, beer retailer and carpenter, 16 Bow street
Alley Henry, Royal Oak tavern 170 Lake road
Allnutt Joseph Fenn, surgeon, Herbert street., Commercial road
Alsford William Henry, boot and shoe maker, Lower Church path
Anerson Alfred, fruiterer, 128 Commercial road
Anderson John, station master L.S.C., 68 Upper Arundel street
Anderson John Lovegrove, brewer, New Town brewery ; p. r., 259 Commercial road
Anderson William, beer retailer, Upper Church path
Andrewartha William, agent to the General Unity and Endowment Association and Life Assurance, 77 Upper Arundel street
Andrews James, beer retailer, Charlton street
Apps John, umbrella maker, 35, Clarence street
Arnold John confectioner, baker, &c., 119, Commercial road
Arthur James grocer and tea dealer, 163, Commercial road; p.r., 28, St. Georges square Portsea
Artlett square, gilder and photographer, 305, Commercial road
Ash Robert William inspector of shipwrights H. M.s Dockyard, 18, Commons street
Aslett John, linen draper, Whaltham street
Aspinall George, The Horse and Groom, 20, Greetham street
Atkey Mrs. Jane, furrier, Fratton street
Atkey John, fishmonger, 69; Russell street
Attwood Edward, provision merchant, 221 & 223, Lake road
Ayers William B.., beer retailer, 4, Commercial place
Ayling Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, 283, Lake road
Ayling William, builder, Baker street
Backhurst Thomas, builder and contractor,. Church street
Basckshell Win., pawnbroker, 3, Meadows street
Baigent Jas., wood dealer, 27, Crasswell street
BAILEY CHARLES, brewer, Golden Bell brewery, Charlotte street
Bailey James, Duke of Richmond, 77, Russell street
Bailey Mrs. Mary Ann, beer retailer, 37, Upper Arundel street
BAILEY THOMAS, timber, slate & iron merchant, 35 & 36, Commercial road ; p.r., No. 85
Bailey Thomas, beer retailer, Kilmiston street
Baker Mrs. Charles, milliner, 66, Spring street
Baker John, woollen draper, hatter, and outfitter, The Cloth Hall, 168, Commercial road, and at 42, Russell street, Southsea ; and linendraper &c., 231 & 233, Commercial road ; and p. r., 251
BAKER THOMAS, plumber, painter, glazier, and picture frame maker, 14, Great Charlotte etreet
Baker William, grocer, &c., Church path ; p. r. 105, Crasswell street
Baker William H., beer retailer, Church street
Baker William Sanders, chemist and druggist, 17, Commercial road.
Baldy John Alfred, engineer, iron & brass founder, Commercial road ; p. r., 28, Victoria street
Ball Henry, grocer, Fitzroy street
Ball William, dispensing chemist & druggist, 65, Russell street
Bampton William, greengrocer, 12, Little Charlotte street
BANNING GEORGE, family grocer, agent for the Liverpool and London Fire Insurance Company, 269, Commercial road
Banyer George, beer retailer, Gilford street
Barber Benjamin, boot and shoemaker, 47, Arundel street
Barber Richard, superintendent of police, Police station
Barlow Henry Enoch, beer retailer, Lower Church path
Barnard Henry, newsagent, 163, Lake road.
Barnes Edward, greengrocer, 44, Spring street
Barnes Henry H., naval instructor, North End, Kingston
Barnes Miss, dressmaker, &c., 326, Commercial road
Barnes Joseph, gilder, paperhanger, and house decorator, 121, Commercial road
Barnett James, greengrocer, 51, Victoria street
Barnett Mrs., dressmaker, 54, Arundel street.
Barney Mrs. M., beer retailer, Upper Arundel street
Barrett George, fruiterer, greengrocer, &c., Fratton street
Barrett George, fruiterer, &c., 73, Charlotte street
Barrington Mrs., greengrocer, Montague street
Bartholomew Henry, beer retailer, 38, Charlotte street
Bartholomew Miss S. J., dressmaker, Stamford street
BARTLETT JAMES, provision merchant, Kingston cross
Bartlett Richard Pool, inspector of shipwrights 11.M.s Dockyard; Fratton road
Bartlett Wm., Sussex Arms, St. Thomas street
Barton Isaac, Nine Elms, 81, Commercial road
Bascombe Edmund, baker, 274, Commercial road
Bascombe Edmund, inspector of shipwrights, H.M.s Dockyards, 5, Church street
Bastable Elisha, baker, 162, Commercial road, and at Hyde park road, Southsea
Baxey John, cooper, 17, Church road
Bayne George, cooper, 166, Commercial road.
Beach George, baker, &c., 45, Thomas street.
Beach John, baker and grocer, St. Johns street
Beach The Misses, milliners, 23, Paradise street
Beaton Edward, greengrocer and purveyor, 357, Commercial road
Beaton William, beer retailer, 46, Charlotte street
Beckingham John, shopkeeper, 30, Greetham street
Bedbrook James Albert, linen draper, 3 & 4, Buckland road
Bedbrook Mrs. Mary, furniture broker, 11, Commercial road
Medbrook -Miss Sarah R, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 332,, Commercial road
Belt James, chemist and druggist, 151, Commercial road
Bennett Joseph Peter, baker, 18, Little Charlotte street
Berman Lewis, provision merchant and tobacconist, Sydenham terrace, Fratton
Bernoulirs. Elizabeth, Berlin wool repository, 217, Lake road
Berry William, shopkeeper, 64, Conway Street. Bewsey Job, boot and shoemaker & leather seller, 14, Russell street
Bewsey Joseph, boot maker, 25, Charlotte street
Bickerton Mrs. Charlotte, stationery and fancy warehouse, 58, Arundel street
Bignell Charles, butcher, Fratton street
Bilton George, The Monarch, 2, Charlotte street and Commercial road
BILTON WI1,LIAM, wholesale boot manufacturer, 9 & 11, Russell street
Bird William, furniture broker, 19 and 21, Arundel street
Birley Mrs., miller, Union mill, Mile end
Bishop James John, timber merchant and ironmonger, Commercial road, Kingston
Bishop Joshua, baker, 14, Telegraph street
Blackman James, beer retailer, St. Marys road, Kingston
Blackman William, academy, 93, Fratton street
Blake Edward, timber merchant, Flathouse road
Blake William, builder, Nuffield place, Kingston
Blanchard John, beer retailer, 98, Surrey street
Blanchard William, beer retailer, 207, Lake road
Blessley Robert A., family grocer and cheesemonger, &c., 62, Commercial road
Body John, shopkeeper, Delhi street, New Fratton
Boghurst Thomas George, Air Balloon tavern, Kingston
Bolch Robert, beer retailer, Buckland Bolkinghorn William, greengrocer, 143, Lake road
Bolton Mrs. Louisa, shopkeeper, Gunner street
Bolton Thomas, greengrocer, 69, Arundel street
Bolton William Henry, wardrobe dealer, 80, Arundel street
Bone Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Curtis terrace, New Fratton
Banner George, greengrocer, Church path
Booker James, builder, 536, Commercial road
Booth George, Conway Arms, Conway street
Borney Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, Lords street
Bound John, eating house, 57, Commercial road
Bowden Thomas, shopkeeper, Northam street
Bower John Henry, watchmaker and tobacconist, 297, Commercial road
Bowles John, commercial academy, Commercial road ; p. r., 23, Lake road
Boxall & White, shoeing and jobbing smiths, North end
Boxall William, smith, Kingston cross
Boyce Miss Mary, groce; and tea dealer, 32, Charlotte street
Boyce Robert, confectioner, 37, Rnssell street
Brannen John, furniture broker, 18, Russell street
Braxton Henry, potato merchant, Terwick street, Lake road
Brickwood Mrs. Ann, beer house, Dorset street
Brickwood Thomas, Suffolk Arms, 227, Commercial road
Bridle James, pawnbroker, 62, Charlotte street
Bridle William, beer retailer, 28, Spring street
Bright George, The Royal Standard, Lion Gate road
Bright Mrs. Jane, brewer, 67, Upper Church path
BRIMBLE & ALLAINE, stay and crinoline manufacturers, 30, 32, & 34, Spring street, and at 16, Old Change, London ; Mr. George Ward, manager
Brixey George, Terminus tavern (next Railway station), Commercial road
BROOKS JAMES, stationer and paper bag manufacturer, 15, Russell street
Broughton. George, toy warehouse, 207, Commercial road
Brown & Co., brewers, maltsters, and spirit merchants, Eden brewery ; John James Holloway, manager, Great Charlotte st.
Brown Mrs. Ann, blacksmith, 20 Surrey street
Brown Sinclair, greengrocer, 59 Lake road.
Brown Thomas, outfitter, 191 Commercial road
Brown William, butcher, 15 Charlotte street
Brown William, North End pleasure gardens, Kingston
Bruce Miss Isabella, school, 22, Abercrombie street
Bryant George, Birmingham warehouse, 277 Commercial road
BUCK JAMES EDWIN, saw and mechanical tool manufacturer and cutler, 2, Russell street
Buckle John, toy dealer and newsagent, 331 Commercial road
Buckler George, baker and grocer, 26 Russell street
Burge Henry S., toy and stationery warehouse, 35 Russell street
Burgess Cornelius, greengrocer, &c., 49 Charlotte street
Burgess Henry, St. Clair's House academy, Buckland road
Burn William, beer retailer, 50 Charlotte street
Burry William, Blacksmiths Arms, 94 Commercial road
Burt John, family dispensing chemist, Kingston cross
Burt Thomas, ironmonger, Queen street, Portsea ; p. r., Crescent house, Kingston
Burton Edwin Fuller, linen draper, &c., 172 Commercial road
Bushnell George, coach builder, Commercial road
Bussey James W., butcher, 213 and 215 Commercial road and 81, Arundel street
Butcher George, carpenter, 29 Arundel street
Butcher James, tailor, 71i Charlotte street
Butler James, mast and block maker, and shipsmith, 472 Commercial road
Butler James, beer retailer, 494, Commercial road
BUTT HENRY SIMPSON, pork butcher and bacon factor, 17, Charlotte street
Butt Thomas, pork butcher & bacon factor, 29 & 31 Charlotte street
Buxey William, fruiterer & greengrocer, Railway View
Buxey William John, beer retailer, Upper Arundel street
Byerley Mrs. Caroline, grocer, Rudmore road, Kingston
Byerley Isaac, contractor, 8, Osborne terrace Commercial road

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