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PORTSEA 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders U - Z

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UNDERHILL HUGH, butcher, 39 North street
Valler William, general dealer, 48 Kent street
Vanhear John, photographer, 23 Chapel row
VARNEY JOSEPH, Victory Tavern, wine and spirit merchant, 94 Queen street
Veal James, Ship Anson Tavern, 10 The Hard
Veryaril Thomas, hairdresser, 32 Kent street
Vine Mrs. Hannah, millinery warehouse, 4 Hanover street
Vinicombe James, lodging-house keeper, 29 St. Georges square
Voke Joseph, clothier and general dealer, 5 and 13 Clock street
Voller Henry, boot and shoemaker, 67 Hanover street
Wafer Mrs., Louisa, Royal Naval Rendezvous, Half Moon street
WAINSCOT JOHN, accountant and estate agent, agent to the Western, Manchester, and London Life and Fire Insurance society, office, 4 Union street, p.r., Queen street
Walker, Henry John, architect and surveyor, 2 Union street, p.r., Kingston
Walker Robert, agent to the Imperial Fire Insurance Company, 40 Orange street
WALKER WILLIAM & Co., wholesale and retail lead, glass, oil and color merchants, 125 Queens street
Walker William, agent for the Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance office Wall Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, 51 King street
Walters Lewis, steward H.M.S. Tamar, 32 King street
Ward Mrs. Emma, beer retailer, 79 North street
Warn James, clothier & dealer, Hanover street
Warn John, junr., pawnbroker, 37 Hanover street
Warren George, chimney sweeper, 14 Puds lane
WARREN ROBERT, beer retailer, 35 St. James street
Wateridge Charles, carpenter, Butcher street
Wateridge Charles, beer retailer, 53 Britain street
WATKINS JAMES, currier and leather merchant, 18 Bishop street, and at Ryde, Isle of Wight
WATKINS WILLIAM HENRY, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, and importer, agent for Dublin and Burton ales, 1 & 2 Butcher street, & Palmerston road, Southsea, bonding stores, King street, Portsmouth
Watson Alexander, hair dresser, 19 College street
Watson Isaac, family grocer and provision merchant, 132 Queen street
Watts James, furniture broker, 4 Havant street
Wavell Felix Loney, builder & undertaker, Prince George street
Wavell William, writer H.M. dockyard, Portland street
Way Miss Caroline, ladies seminary, 46 King street
Way Eliza, beer retailer, Kent street
Way Frederick Walter, hon. surgeon to the Royal Portsmouth, Portsea, & Gosport Hospital, 16 Daniel street
Way Richard James, relieving officer for Portsea. Office, Lion terrace, p.r., 46 King street
Way William Augustus, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery, in lower courts, solicitor to the Landport and Southsea, building society, agent to the Globe Fire and Life office, Hanover street.
Way William Ed ward, engraver & printer, 55 Hanover street
Weaver Arthur, beer retailer, 26 North street
Webb Charles, shopkeeper, 14 Bishop street
Wedge Edward, chimney sweeper, 15 Puds lane
Webb Ephraim,beer retailer & marine store dealer, 16 and 47 Kent street
Webb George, butcher, 22 Daniel street
Webb James, ale & stout house, 152 Queen street
Webb Joseph, lodging house, 47 Bishop street
Webber Henry, beer retailer, 35 Bishop street
Webber William, shopkeeper, Portland street
Weeks Mrs. Mary, stationer, toy & fancy warehouse, 69, Hanover street
Weeks William, coal and wood seller, 42 Cross street
Wells Edward M., corn & flour merchant, 167, Queen street
Wendover & Son, cabinet manufacturers, upholsterers and carpet warehousemen, 56 and 7, Hanover street
West Thomas, baker, Orange street
West Thomas, baker and shopkeeper, 47 Cross street
Westbrook Miss Emma, mourning and millinery warehouse, 61 Hanover street
Wheeler Daniel, Old Shakespeares Head, 29 Bishop street
Wheeler Daniel, marine store dealer, 19 and 20 Kent street
Whinall - engineer, 24 King street
Whitcomb: Henry, pawnbroker, 13 College street
White & Co., silk mercers, linen & woollen drapers, and carpet warehousemen, 51 & 52 Queen street
White George, naval and military outfitter, 165 Queen street
White Henry, White Bear Tavern, Queen street
White John, general dealer, 6 St. James street
White, Peter & Sons, curriers & leather merchants, 38 Hanover street, & at 6 Russell street, Landport
White Robert, Butchers Arms, Bishop street
White Weeks, beer retailer, 8C1 North street
White William, haberdasher, 19 Butcher street
White Wm., Manchester Unity Arms, 29 Queen street
WHITE WILLIAM & SON, curriers & leather merchants, 5 and 6 Portland street
Whittle James, Blue Anchor Tavern, 53 Cross street
Wiles John, coal & wood seller, & beer retailer, 29 Butcher street
Wilkins George, pastry cook & confectioner, 142 Queen street
Wilkinson George, bird fancier, 18 St. James street
Williams Mrs. Fanny, lodging house, 44 King street
Williams James, printer, 143 Queen street
Williams John, Ship Leopard tavern, Havant street
Williams Joseph, :dealer in rushes, 45 Union street
Williams Michael James, cabinet maker, 14 St. James street
Williams Owen, inspector for the town of Portsea Improvement Commissioners, 63 Orange street
Williams Thomas, lodging house, 37 Bishop street .
Williams Thomas, beer retailer, Rosemary lane
Williamson Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 18 Kent street
Wills Thomas Pratt, accountant, agent to the Imperial Fire, Provident Life office, and Portsea Island Building society, Southern Counties, 4, Lion place
Wilson Ames, travelling draper, 30 St. Georges square
Wilson William, confectioner, 32 Butcher street
WILLSHER JOHN, builder, carpenter, and beer retailer, Portland street
Winch Miss Jane, milliner, 42 Union street
Windsor Geo., cabinet maker, &c., 37 St. James street
Windsor Thomas, beer retailer, 8 Butcher street
Wing Ralph, butcher, 39 Daniel street
Wink & Co., silk mercers, and ladies outfitters, 112 Queen street
Witham Miss Hannah, beer retailer, Cumberland street
Withers George, marine store and general dealer, 66 Cross street
Wood Mrs. Ann, seminary, 48 Union street
Woodland William, clerk to Admiralty, Somerset house, p.r., 37 Orange street
Woodnutt George, lodgings, 16 King street
Woodroofe Charles William, surgeon to the 2nd Battalion 1st Royals, 20 Lion terrace
Woods George, army saddler & harness maker, 173 Queen street
Woods S., refreshment rooms, 96 Queen street
Woods John, gunner R.N., 28 Cumberland street
Woods William D., fancy repository and LANDPORT. registrar office for servants, 27 ()meg street
Woodthorpe Mrs. Mary, clothier & general dealer, 22 College street
Woodward William, jun., printer, bookseller, publisher, stationer & bookbinder, 17 The Hard,
Wright Adkisson, bill poster, 25 College street
Wyatt Henry, beer retailer, 6 Havant street
Yoell Miss Helen, A., shirt manufacturer, 15 Lion terrace
Youlton William, master rigger, H.M. dockyard, 12 King street
Young Cornelius John, beer retailer, 50 Bishop street
Young Henry, cabinet maker, 41 St. James street
Yule George, Still Tavern, 60 Kent street
Yuly Mrs. Elizabeth, outfitter and general dealer, 42 & 43, Havant street, & 20 College street
ZACHARIAH SERIASKIE, jeweller, goldsmith, silversmith, & watch & clock maker, 45 Queen street,

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